Nico Schlotterbeck Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nico Schlotterbeck Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nico Schlotterbeck Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Marc Schlotterbeck (Dad), Susanne Schlotterbeck (Mum), Family Background, Brother (Kelvin), etc.

More so, the Lifestyle, Personal Life, Net Worth, and Girlfriend of the Waiblingen native.

In summary, we present you with the full Life History of a fast-rising German centre-back.

This is the story of a young lad who was considered a failure in sports before turning his life around to become an excellent defender.

Our version of Nico Schlotterbeck’s Biography begins from his boyhood days in Waiblingen to when he became famous. It also includes his success story, relationship and family life.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his childhood to adulthood gallery — a perfect summary of Nico Schlotterbeck’s Bio.

The biography summary of Nico Schlotterbeck. Behold his Life and Rise Story.
The biography summary of Nico Schlotterbeck. Behold his Life and Rise Story.

You and I know he is a specialist in handling aerial duels. Moreso, his sliding and standing tackles are top-notch in the game.

However, many fans haven’t read about his Life Story, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Nico Schlotterbeck Childhood Story:

Starting off, he bears the nickname Schlotti.

Nico Schlotterbeck was born on the 1st day of December 1999 to his father, Marc Schlotterbeck, and mother, Susanne Schlotterbeck. The talented German defender’s birthplace is Waiblingen, Germany.

Nico Schlotterbeck is the youngest of two children born of the union between his parents, pictured with him below. You would agree with me that he has inherited the handsome look of his father.

Meet Nico's father, Marc Schlotterbeck, and mother, Susanne Schlotterbeck.
Meet Nico’s father, Marc Schlotterbeck, and mother, Susanne Schlotterbeck.

Growing Up Days:

The young lad was raised alongside his brother, Keven, at the town of his birth. Back then, he lived as a carefree child who hardly surrendered to challenges and saw positivity in his activities.

Interestingly, Nico enjoyed so much protection from his elder brother and other family members.

He was the last-born child, and everyone treated him like gold – a feat that created so many enjoyable childhood memories.

One good thing about his growing-up days was the scarcity of mobile phones. Because Nico and Keven had no access to a phone, they never had to struggle with distractions from games and internet activities.

Keven (L) and Nico (R) grew up loving soccer with their whole heart. They even passed through the same academy while growing up.
Keven (L) and Nico (R) grew up loving soccer with their whole heart. They even passed through the same academy while growing up.

In a nutshell, the boys spent most of their time playing football. They were so passionate about sports that it didn’t matter if it was raining or sunny – they still played soccer to their heart’s content. 

As little kids, we often played ball in the garden, while dreaming of becoming a professional football player.

Very few children are able to fulfil that dream, and it was incredible that we both made it.

Nico Schlotterbeck Family Background:

Growing up in an exotic home and driving flashy cars was never the case for his household before he became a successful athlete. Yes, Nico Schlotterbeck comes from a middle-class family background.

His parents were working-class citizens who diligently carried out their job to make ends meet.

The Schlotterbeck family members are known for their great affinity for football. They spent a lot of money to ensure Nico and his brother got into a soccer academy.

One of the most notable successful athletes in the family is Niel Schlotterbeck (Nico’s uncle).

His skills and career achievements were a huge encouragement to all the younger kids who aspired to become veteran players. 

Nico Schlotterbeck Family Origin:

By virtue of his birth, the centre-back holds German nationality. Our research about his heritage shows that his father and mother are both citizens of Germany. Thanks to his ancestry, Nico can feature in his country’s national team.

Where in Germany does Nico Schlotterbeck come from?

The defender is a native of Waiblingen – a town in southwest Germany. It is located in the centre of the densely populated Stuttgart region, known to be the hometown of Jamal Musiala.

The map shows the Stuttgart region where his hometown is located.
The map shows the Stuttgart region where his hometown is located.

Nico’s place of origin is home to over fifty-five thousand inhabitants. One of the historic tragedies that almost destroyed the athlete’s birthplace happened in 1634. Sadly, Waiblingen expressed a war that lasted for 30 years.

The town was almost wiped out when Imperial and Spanish troops sacked the city after the Battle of Nördlingen.

Many natives of the town lost their lives in the war. Moreso, the stories from back then have been passed down to the town’s descendants.

Fast forward to the present time, you will immediately be delighted by Waiblingen’s appealing scenery.

The town comprises beautifully renovated half-timbered houses arranged in groups. The picture below gives an insight into Nico’s place of origin.

Behold the beautiful birthplace of the youngster.
Behold the beautiful birthplace of the youngster.

Education and Career BuildUp:

When Nico came of age, his parents enrolled him in school to gain a proper education. He was the kind of student that pays attention to even the slightest detail.

A rare childhood photo of Nico. Back then, he was a cute and gentle kid in elementary school.
A rare childhood photo of Nico. Back then, he was a cute and gentle kid in elementary school.

Hence, Nico was studious and created a balance between his studies and extra-curricular activities. There weren’t too many mobile phones during his primary school days to distract him from studying.

Moreso, neither Nico nor his brother, Keven, had access to any PlayStation until they clocked 14. Hence, they had so much free time to play football after school without worrying about any sort of distraction.

Nico Schlotterbeck Biography – Football Story:

From his childhood days, the power header played soccer for fun. Like many German prodigies, he wished he could make it to the level of his most revered idols.

Thankfully, his father was also devising a means to help his boys play professional football. So he had to first convince Nico’s mother that their children had the potential to succeed in sports.

Afterwards, Marc enrolled Nico at SG Weinstadt, a local academy in their community. He believed his son would enjoy the blast of success if he started his expedition from the grassroots.

The Defender’s First Challenge:

It was quite difficult for Nico to adjust to the organised nature of playing football with so many rules. Before joining the academy, the young lad enjoyed every moment he spent competing against his brother and friends. 

But at the academy, his routine was different. He had to complete some prerequisite exercises before he was allowed to kick the ball. This entire scenario got his mom (Susanne Schlotterbeck) worried.

She believed it was best for her son to focus on his studies than go through such rigorous training. Moreso, Nico was around 5 to 7 years old when he joined the sports Academy.

His Uncle’s Intervention:

The debate of whether the defender should continue at the Academy lingered too long between his parents.

Thankfully, his uncle, Niels Schlotterbeck, soon agreed to train him at his soccer academy – thus ending his parents’ argument.

Nico saw himself shuffling between SG Weinstadt and his uncle’s academy for a few years, where he recorded substantial growth. He improved not only in his skills but also in his mental and physical prowess.

Nico Schlotterbeck Early Career Life:

By the time the centre-back clocked 8, his dad knew he was ready for a level-up in his training.

Hence, he had Nico join the same youth academy (VfB Stuttgart) where Antonio Rudiger had his early career development.

His early career days at Stuttgart kickers.
His early career days at Stuttgart kickers.

The German prodigy was eight years old when he joined the club and spent seven years developing with them. All his time spent at Stuttgart didn’t present him with the most palatable experiences.

Sadly, he wasn’t like Julian Draxler or Toni Kroos, who had an easy-going early career life. Nico had it rough from the start and couldn’t win the favour of his coach. Hence, he ended up on the bench on match days.

The Failed Stint at VfB Stuttgart:

As Nico grew older, his improvement became visible to all his family members. However, his coaches didn’t consider him suitable to stand in the line of defence for his youth team.

Hence, they didn’t give him the chance to play in the U15s for half a year, nor promote him to the U16.

Despite Nico’s lack of playing time at the club, he never once blamed his coach but considered the ordeal his fault.

Nico Schlotterbeck Biography – Road to Fame Story:

In 2014, the long passer was loaned to VfR Aalen, which was initially managed by Ralph Hasenhuttl. He joined the club with high hopes of gaining relevance in the football world.

Although Nico’s uncle (Niel) and his parents considered this step a setback, he continued to work on his potential. It took him only a year to switch to the youth team of Karlsruher SC in 2015. 

His days at Karlsruher SC saw him improve his prowess.
His days at Karlsruher SC saw him improve his prowess.

Perhaps his move to the German club will see him succeeding like one of their academic product – Sead Kolasinac. At Karlsruher, Nico gradually gained the recognition of his teammates and coach.

His defensive prowess soon became top-notch. He defended aggressively that you might think you were watching Mats Hummels in his youth days. 

Nico became quite exceptional at winning air duels, and it was his routine to score with a header from set pieces. His improvement became the delight of his father, Marc Schlotterbeck, and mother, Susanne Schlotterbeck. 

Nico Schlotterbeck Biography – Success Story:

As his performance became the talk of the town, the power header moved to SC Freiburg, where he was united with his brother, Keven Schlotterbeck.

His breakthrough in football came as he debuts in the Bundesliga on the 9th day of March 2019.

Featuring in top tier league gave him a great sense of accomplishment.
Featuring in top tier league gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

The likes of Joachim Low, Çağlar Söyüncü, etc, succeeded at the club. At Freiburg, Nico made about 42 appearances and scored four goals before being sent on loan to Union Berlin. His contract with the new team is meant to keep him in Berlin till 2023.

Apparently, the exceptional performance of the defender didn’t go unnoticed by his country. In September 2021, Nico received his first call-up to Germany’s senior national team under the management of coach Hansi Flick.

The news came as one of the biggest surprises of his career. Indeed, he is grateful to his entire family and acquaintances for standing with him until he recorded this milestone.

One of the happiest moments of his career as he debuts for Germany.
One of the happiest moments of his career as he debuts for Germany.

Nico’s meteoric rise to stardom became a story that many fans find difficult to comprehend. However, his performance reflects the result of his hard work while pursuing his dream. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nico Schlotterbeck Girlfriend:

There is always a particular attention given to athletes’ relationship life, and the defender is no exception. Nico’s fans have dedicated their time to uncovering the identity of his life partner.  

Their ever-growing curiosity about the centre-back’s love life has resulted in two basic questions. Viz;

Who is Nico Schlotterbeck dating? Does he have a Girlfriend/Wife or is he single?

Who is the princess that melts his heart at the moment?
Who is the princess that melts his heart at the moment?

Nico has no interest in following the trends of many superstars who show off their girlfriends on social media. He enjoys keeping his relationship matters private.

During an interview in early 2021, the talented icon disclosed that he moved in with his girlfriend following his loan spell at Union Berlin. This proves that he isn’t single at the time of publishing this Biography.

Perhaps now is not the time for him to garner the world’s attention on his pretty damsel. Nonetheless, we are certain that he is having a great time with his girlfriend.

Personal Life outside football:

What does Nico Schlotterbeck do outside football?

To begin with, the long passer is an individual with a humble personality. He is often cheerful and doesn’t talk much about his achievements. A few years back, Edmund Becker, who was head of Karlsruhe academy, told ka-news;

 “I was clear that Nico would go on to establish himself as a top professional, but he has always remained down-to-earth and still maintains contact with us.”

One of his favourite hobbies outside the football pitch is travelling. Yes, the defender enjoys going on vacations during the holidays.

He’s got the habit of posting pictures of his enjoyable private life on his Instagram page. Below is a glimpse of one of his visits to the seaside with his friends.

He loves travelling to different places with friends, especially locations with beautiful sceneries and nice relaxation centres.
He loves travelling to different places with friends, especially locations with beautiful sceneries and nice relaxation centres.

Nico Schlotterbeck Lifestyle:

Despite earning an enormous salary from his club, the promising athlete still maintains a low key lifestyle. Notwithstanding, he’s got a good sense of dressing like his compatriot, Joshua Kimmich.

You would hardly find Nico Schlotterbeck flaunting exotic cars or expensive mansions. It is his principle to keep his information about his assets on low-key – away from the media’s attention.

Nico Schlotterbeck Family:

Football has been nothing but a household business for the centre-back. The truth is, Nico’s family has produced soccer professionals over the years.

Thanks to the support of his uncle and parents, Nico received the right motivation to excel in his career. In a feat to show how much his family and friends’ presence mattered to him, he bought tickets for many of them to attend his game.

I had to get between 35 and 40 tickets for my loved ones. I’m proud that they support me like that.

In this section, we shall reveal more intriguing facts about every member of his family, starting with his dad.

Nico Schlotterbeck’s Father:

Raising two superstars in soccer is one of the tedious tasks that Marc Schlotterbeck has accomplished. Back in the day, Nico’s dad also played football. However, he didn’t succeed in the game like his brother (Niel).

Do you know?… Marc Schlotterbeck had to bury his dream of becoming an excellent player because of a severe injury. The entire ordeal happened when he was just 18 years old.

Nico’s father shared the field with his uncle, Niel, before illness took over. Their rivalry would have seen them improve like Nico and Keven if Marc hadn’t gone through his past ordeal.

A rare photo of his father, Marc Schlotterbeck. Of course, Marc is proud of his children's achievements.
A rare photo of his father, Marc Schlotterbeck. Of course, Marc is proud of his children’s achievements.

Prior to his illness, Marc was an exceptional in the youth team. His future was as promising as his brother’s and he worked himself to the bones to improve drastically.

It only took three months of being hospitalised to see his aspirations crumble before his eyes. Perhaps that brief illness remains one of his worst nightmares to date.

One interesting fact about his playing style is that Marc is right-footed, while his sons are both left-footed.

How did Nico Schlotterbeck’s Father manage his sons’ career?

Marc and his wife, Susanne, have always supported their sons in all they do. However, they had a challenge in deciding whose match to watch in the weekends when both boys featured in different clubs.

Sometimes, Nico’s dad would be present at his game, while his mom would make herself available at his brother’s game. They kept on shuffling their schedule until Keven and Nico found themselves in the same club.

Hence, their parents could visit both brothers at once. At the time of compiling this Biography, Marc and his wife lives in the native town of Beutelsbach.

About Nico Schlotterbeck’s Mother:

The one person who utilises every available resource to attain optimum satisfaction in the Schlotterbeck family is Susanne. She is Nico’s Mother and has showered him with unconditional love since his childhood days.

Indeed, his mother (Susanne Schlotterbeck) has a beautiful smile.
Indeed, his mother (Susanne Schlotterbeck) has a beautiful smile.

As expected, Susanne Schlotterbeck has played the role of a mediator between her sons. There were raging moments when both boys would be entangled in a duel until their mom intervened.

Looking at Nico’s personality, you would agree that Susanne raised him well. Thanks to her evergreen life lessons, her cute kid has grown into a responsible young man with a great sense of morality.

About Nico Schlotterbeck’s Brother:

His home is always lively, thanks to the jovial nature of his older sibling, Keven. Apparently, Nico’s brother is two and a half years his senior, and he also inherited the athletic potential that runs through their family.

He is a professional footballer as well. It was easier for the promising athletes to improve their prowess in their childhood days. Nico was always motivated to meet up to the standard of his brother.

Meet Nico Schlotterbeck’s Brother, Keven. He's quite committed to his endeavour on the pitch.
Meet Nico Schlotterbeck’s Brother, Keven. He’s quite committed to his endeavour on the pitch.

One fun fact about the two brothers is that they are both left-footed and are similar in size. Nonetheless, each of them is very different in their playing style and personality.

My brother is rather the calmer one. I sometimes tell him that he has more self-confidence, that he can show a little more of himself.

Nico Schlotterbeck’s Grandmother:

We know that a mother’s love for her kid is unconditional. But the love of Grandmoms can not be overemphasized, and Nico has basked in the undying affection of his grandmother.

Nico Schlotterbeck’s grandma is Helga Keller, and she is one of his most devoted fans. Of course, she never forgets his birth, defends him in front of his parents, and she enjoys feeding him to the brim when he was a kid.

Meet his grandmother, Helga Keller. She is his most committed fan at the moment.
Meet his grandmother, Helga Keller. She is his most committed fan at the moment.

Now that he is all grown up, all Helga Keller could do is support him from the sidelines. She was in the stadium on the day Nico made his senior international debut.

It was quite a beautiful sight to see his grandma cheering on him from the crowd. Funny enough, Helga was good at analysing each player’s performance after the match and it blew everyone’s mind.

About Nico Schlotterbeck’s Uncle:

The most prominent member among his relatives is Niels Schlotterbeck, his Uncle. Being born on the 12th day of March 1967, Niels had an adventurous childhood with Nico’s dad. They were ambitious and sought to attain fame via football.

Although Marc had to quit soccer along the line, his brother, Niel, ensured he fulfilled their dreams. Hence, Nico’s uncle became an established player that everyone looked up to in his hometown.

Do you know?… Niels Schlotterbeck featured in about three of the teams that groomed Nico into a fine footballer. He was exceptional in playmaking and had total control of the midfield during his career days. 

After his retirement, Niels opened a special school for young footballers. His academy contributed to the growth of Nico and Keven, who found solace there. Apparently, Nico’s uncle is one of his biggest motivations.

The boys are having a nice time out with their uncle, Niel Schlotterbeck.
The boys are having a nice time out with their uncle, Niel Schlotterbeck.

About Nico Schlotterbeck’s Relatives:

The power header has two cousins who are also footballers. Their names are Niel ​​Marvin Zimmermann and Marcel Zimmermann.

While Niel Marvin features for SV Fellbach in the Verbandsliga Württemberg, his brother Marcek plays for FSV Waiblingen in the Landesliga.

Aside from his two cousins playing top-class amateur football, there has been information about his remaining relatives. However, his grandfather is as devoted to supporting him as his grandmother.

Untold Facts:

To round up our Life Story of the defender, here are some fascinating truths about his Biography.

Salary Breakdown And Net Worth:

Nico is not having the best of his career at the moment. We believe that his potential is more needed in top-tier clubs around Europe.

If he eventually finds himself at Borussia Dortmund (the likely club to sign him in 2022), then his earnings may experience a huge outburst.

Do you know?… Nico Schlotterbeck’s contract with Freiburg nets him an annual Salary of €240,000. That’s quite little compared to what the likes of Thilo Kehrer and Florian Wirtz are receiving.

As of 2022, the defender’s earnings have placed his Net Worth below €1 million. Check out Nico Schlotterbeck’s salary breakdown in the table below.

TENURE/EARNINGSNico Schlotterbeck Freiburg Salary in Euro (€)
Per Year:€240,000
Per Month:€20,000
Per Week:€4,608
Per Day:€658
Every Hour:€27
Every Minute:€0.5
Every Second:€0.01

Comparing His Salary to the Earning of an Average German:

From the analysis of his earnings displayed above, Nico receives a weekly wage of €240,000. Meanwhile, the average annual salary of citizens in Germany is about €47,700.

Hence, an average German will have to work for 5 years to make what Nico receives in a year. Below is how much the athlete has made since you started reading his Biography on Lifebogger.

Since you started viewing Nico Schlotterbeck‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Nico Schlotterbeck Tattoo:

He is like Karim Adeyemi, who has shown no interest in body art. Since his playing career skyrocketed to the limelight of German football, Nico has not considered getting a tattoo.

He is quite sceptical about body arts and prefers to leave memories and achievements on the pages of his heart. No one knows if he would later change his mind to ink one or two arts on his body, eventually.

FIFA Stats:

According to his 2022 ratings, Nico has quite a handful of potential up his sleeves. What we see him do on the pitch at the moment is just a fragment of what he could accomplish should he unleash his prowess at its peak.

His rating is proof that he has the potential to reach the level of elites like Mats Hummels. Check out his 2022 FIFA stats in the image below.

His 2022 FIFA stats shows defensive awareness, Standing Tackle, Strength, Interception and Heading Accuracy as his most valuable assets.
His 2022 FIFA stats shows defensive awareness, Standing Tackle, Strength, Interception and Heading Accuracy as his most valuable assets.

Wiki Summary:

The table below provides summarized information on Nico Schlotterbeck’s Biography. It gives you the ability to read through the Defender’s profile as fast as possible.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Nico Schlotterbeck
Date of Birth:1st day of December 1999
Age:23 years and 10 months old.
Place of Birth: Waiblingen, Germany
Father:Marc Schlotterbeck
Mother:Susanne Schlotterbeck
Brother:Keven Schlotterbeck
Uncle:Niels Schlotterbeck
Cousins:Niel ​​Marvin Zimmermann and Marcel Zimmermann
Grandmother:Helga Keller
Net Worth:€1 million (2022 Stats)
Annual Salary:€240,000 (2022 Stats)
Height:1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)


In summary, Nico Schlotterbeck was born on the 1st day of December 1999 to his parents, Marc and Susanne Schlotterbeck. He grew up with his older brother, Keven, in a close-knitted family. 

Nico gained exposure to soccer at a very tender age. Moreso, his father (Marc), once played football alongside his uncle, Niel Schlotterbeck. Hence, it was easy for him to learn the basics of the game quite early.

Indeed, his journey to success was filled with many hurdles and rejections, which he overcame along the line. Rather than pointing fingers at his coaches and superiors when things go bad, Nico often blamed himself.

This attitude helped him establish a rule that he is responsible for his rise and fall. Hence, the German youngster broke through his misfortune to establish himself as one of the finest defenders in recent times.

After following his brother’s footsteps, Nico became even more successful in his endeavours. He is always grateful for all that Keven has thought him since their early days.

Thanks for reading to the end of our article on Nico Schlotterbeck’s Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts. Kindly stay tuned to enjoy more German football stories from us.

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