Nicolo Barella Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nicolo Barella Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nicolo Barella Biography tells Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Girlfriend turned Wife (Federica Schievenin), Children (Rebecca, Lavinia and Matilde), Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In simple terms, we present you with a concise history of Nicolo Barella. We portray his life journey, from the early days, to when he became famous. To whet your autobiography appetite, here the footballer’s childhood to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Nicolo Barella’s Bio.

The Biography of Nicolo Barella - Childhood days to when he became Successful.
The Biography of Nicolo Barella – Childhood days to when he became Successful.

Without a shred of doubt, you and I know he is one of Europe’s Finest Players. Despite this accolade, we realize that only few fans are acquainted with the Life Story of Nicolo Barella. We have prepared it and it is quite interesting. Without much ado, let’s begin.

Nicolo Barella Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, fans call him by the nickname “The Transistor Radio”. Nicolo Barella was born on the 7th day of February 1997 to his father, Luca Barella, and mother in Cagliari, Italy. The Italian came to the world as the oldest of two children born of the union between his parents who are seen here.

Meet Nicolo Barella's Parents - Mr and Mrs Luca Barella. Have you noticed the close resemblance with his Dad?
Meet Nicolo Barella’s Parents – Mr and Mrs Luca Barella. Have you noticed the close resemblance with his Dad?

The young lad enjoyed spending quality time with his cute little sister (Martina). Back in the days, little Nicolo would often babysit her whenever his mother was busy with the house chores. Behold, the gallery of a perfect brother-sister bond. Both siblings (Nicolo and Martina) as seen here, cherished each other during their childhood years.

As children, Nicolo and Martina were best of friends.
As children, Nicolo and Martina were best of friends.

Growing Up Days:

As a little boy, the midfielder was glued to his father, who shared a mutual interest in football. On the other hand, his mother didn’t like the idea that he had given his 100% attention to soccer. Apparently, she wanted him to play basketball. However, Barella’s mom had to change her intension in the ensuing days as she supported him in his endeavours.

Nicolo Barella Family Background:

Interestingly, the young Italian did not experience a rough childhood. Thanks to his middle-class family, Barella never had to worry about his welfare. In fact, his parents fed him well and had him attend a quality soccer academy in their vicinity.

Nicolo Barella Family Origin:

Apparently, his place of birth is the capital of the island of Sardinia, which is known for its diverse Art Nouveau architecture.

Nicolo Barella Family Origin
Their origin is traced back to the capital city of Cagliari. It’s an Island which is about 414km far from Italy.

Do you know?… Barella’s hometown is a nice spot for tourism. Due to its proximity to the coast, it has a fantastic Marina area that is full of restaurants, rolling promenades and shops. What’s more?… His place of origin is home to the ancient Roman Amphitheatre.

Take a look at the Marina area (L) and ancient Roman Amphitheatre (R) in Cagliari.

Nicolo Barella Football Story (Early Days to Fame):

The playmaker started his career journey when he clocked three and a half years. Back then, his father enrolled him at the Gigi Riva Football School, where social aspects and education are as important as the game of soccer itself.

Nicolo Barella in his Childhood. The little boy could fell his destiny calling him at this age.
Nicolo Barella in his Childhood. The little boy could fell his destiny calling him at this age.

With a humble heart, the little kid made lots of efforts to blend with his peers. However, his major setback lies in the fact that he was a shy boy. Hence, Barella never cared to ask his favourite professional stars for their autograph.

Nicolo Barella Early Career Life:

By the time he was done celebrating his ninth birthday, his academy acknowledged that he was ready for the next phase of his life’s journey. Hence, they had him join Cagliari Calcio youth team in 2006.

Nicolo Barella Early career life

Of course, his promotion sparked a glimmer of hope in the hearts of his parents, who believed Barella was born to excel in football. For the next nine years, the midfielder trained tirelessly to perfect his dribbling skills and improve his stamina.

Nicolo Barella Bio — Road to Fame Story:

When the Italian player turned 18, his team’s coaches could not turn a blind eye to his football prowess. As a matter of fact, many scouts were already drawn to his flair on the pitch. In a quest to retain their young prodigy, Cagliari handed Barella his professional debut in a match against Parma in May 2015.

Nicolo Barella road to fame

After a few months of shocking the world with his clean tackles and ball composure, he was sent on loan to Como in the Serie B. His subsequent career days saw a phase of a financial outburst. Hence, the playmaker became wanted by Inter Milan while Man United watched his performance progression.

Nicolo Barella Bio — Success Story:

Fortunately, he left the Serie B side to join Inter Milan on a year-long loan deal (with an obligation to buy at the end of that period) in July 2019. There he formed a formidable partnership with Marcelo Brozovic. No doubts, his influence in Milan’s team established him as a trump-card weirded in the arsenal of Antonio Conte.

As I write this Bio, Barella has already fulfilled the wishes of his parents by featuring for his country’s national team. Also, his exceptional and humble trait has compelled Milan to seal the latter part of their deal with him. Hence, the tackler will be in action for the Nerazzurri until June 2024.

About Nicolo Barella Wife – Federica Schievenin:

Certainly, the talented dribbler considers his girlfriend turned wife as the best thing to hold on to in life. Yes! Barella has taken a farther step in his relationship life as compared to his compatriot, Alessandro Bastoni – who is still single as of January 2021.

As I write this Life Story, the midfielder’s baby mama, Federica Schievenin has said Yes to the big question. Interestingly, the love-birds got married on the 2nd of July 2018 at Villa D’Orri, which is 20 kilometres from Cagliari.

Nicolo Barella and Federica Schievenin's Wedding.
Nicolo Barella and Federica Schievenin’s Wedding.

Do you know?… Nicolo Barella’s wife is 7 years older than him. What’s more? The couples have a striking interest in motorcycles like Daniele Rugani. As of the year 2021, Barella and his wife are parents to three adorable children, namely Rebecca, Lavinia and Matilde. Here is a glimpse of the adorable family.

Nicolo Barella children
There is no better feeling than his beautiful household. Nicolo poses with his wife (Federica) and kids – Rebecca and Lavinia. Matilde is also spotted.

Personal Life Facts:

What makes the gifted Italian star thick? First and foremost, his persona is a blend of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Having a great sense of honesty and openness makes it easy for Barella to bond with his teammates. Also, he’s got a boisterous nature which gives off a lively aura anywhere he goes.

There were times when Barella’s mother wondered if he really is the shy kid she raised. Whenever the midfielder is free, he usually takes his wife, Federica, and some family members for a walk on snowy days.

Nicolo and Federica enjoy cold weather travel destinations.
Nicolo and Federica enjoy cold weather travel destinations.

Lifestyle and Net Worth:

With his annual Salary of €4.6 Million (2021 Stats), Barella has purchased an expensive house which has a first-class interior design. Of course, his assets will also include some exotic cars which are left unmentioned on the pages of his social media account. As I write this Bio, Nicolo Barella has an estimated Net Worth of €4 Million (2021 Stats).

He has a cool house with a beautiful interior design.
He has a cool house with a beautiful interior design.

Nicolo Barella Family Facts:

Guess what?… The tackler was once offered a transfer deal by Chelsea in 2019. However, he rejected the offer due to Family reasons. The truth is, he holds his menage’s opinion in high regards. In this section, we present you with details about his entire household.

About Nicolo Barella’s Father:

Throughout his life journey, the experienced tackler does not see his dad as an anchor that holds him back. But he considers his father, (Luca Barella) as a guiding light whose love shows him the way to success. It was Luca who had his son enrol in a soccer academy at a very young age.

Luca is the backbone of his son's soccer expedition.
Luca is the backbone of his son’s soccer expedition.

About Nicolo Barella’s Mother:

Left to his mom, Barella would have ventured into playing basketball instead of football. However, when her son chose soccer over every sport, she ended up supporting his career. Certainly, Barella’s mother always tries to do what’s best for her child, no matter the consequence.

Nicolo Barella mother
Meet his Barella’s mom. She has often supported his decision since he was a little boy.

About Nicolo Barella’s Siblings:

The Italian icon has a beautiful younger sister who bears the name Martina Barella. No doubts he has showered his only sibling with excessive love since they were little kids. Till date, Barella and his sister continue to support each other in their personal endeavours.

Nicolo Barella siblings
His younger sister, Martina, is one of the reasons he never had a boring childhood.

About Nicolo Barella’s Relatives:

In as much as his family is proud of his achievement in the Italian league, there has been no information about his grandfather and grandmother. As I write this Bio, nothing has been said about Barella’s uncles, aunts and distant relatives.

Nicolo Barella Untold Facts:

To wrap up the Transistor Radio’s Biography, here are a few facts about him that would help you get a complete knowledge of his Life Story.

Fact #1: Nicolo Barella Salary Breakdown and Earnings Per Second:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds (€)
Per Year€4,600,000
Per Month€383,333
Per Week€88,326
Per Day€12,618
Per Hour€526
Per Minute€8.8
Per Second€0.15

Research shows that an average Italian citizen will have to work for 12 years to earn what Barella receives in a month.

We’ve strategically put up an analysis of his salary as the clock ticks. Find out for yourself how much Barella has earned since you came here.

Since you started viewing Nicolo Barella’s Bio, this is what he has earned with Inter.


Fact #2: Reason for Nicolo Barella Nickname:

Because of his loquaciousness, Barella tends to be more of a joker during training sections. Hence, his teammate gave him the nickname “the transistor radio”. However, his talkative nature changes whenever he steps into the pitch.

Fact #3: Nicolo Barella Religion:

Apparently, he is amongst the players who are passive in talking about their faith. However, he is a Christian who has ensured that he upholds the teachings and code of conducts of his religion.

Fact #4: Love for Pets:

Perhaps you didn’t know that Barella and his wife have got a thing or two for dogs. In fact, the couples have a dog which they so much cherish. Sometimes, the tackler uploads images of him and his pets on social media.

Nicolo Barella pets

Fact #5: Nicolo Barella Tattoos:

The prolific midfielder also loves inking. As I write this Biography, Barella has inked about three tattoos on his body. The most notable amongst his tattoos is the one on his left shoulder. It has the inscription; Minhas Familia e a Minha Vida, which means My Family and My Life.

Nicolo barella tattoos

Fact #6: FIFA Ratings:

There are many sports analysts who compare Barella’s playing style to that of Steven Gerrard. Interestingly, his dribbling, Ball Control, and stamina have earned him an overall rating of 81 with a prospect to get to 88 soon. No doubts, he is a formidable player anyone can use in their favourite video game.


Despite his mother’s suggestions, Barella still knew what he wanted to do with his life. Hence, he followed his dream and today he has become a talent to reckon with in one of the top European league.

It behoves us to commend the courage of his parents, who ensured he never lacked all the gadgets he needed for his soccer endeavours. They have shown that a little act of kindness can become the biggest motivation a child might need from his family.

Thank you for reading our Nicolo Barella Life Story. Kindly contact us if you find anything that doesn’t seem right with our article. Also, behold a summary of his Biography in the wiki table below.

Biography Inquiries Wiki Answers
Full Name:Nicolo Barella
Nickname:The Transistor Radio
Age:24 years and 2 months old.
Place of Birth:Cagliari, Italy
Father:Luca Barella
Siblings:Martina Barella
Wife:Federica Schievenin
Children:Rebecca, Lavinia and Matilde
Annual Salary:€4.6 Million (2021 Stats)
Net Worth:€4 Million (2021 Stats)
Height:1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)

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