Michael Obafemi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Michael Obafemi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Michael Obafemi’s Biography details you info on his Childhood Story, Family Life, Parents, Love Life (Girlfriend & Wife), Lifestyle, Networth and Personal Life. In the nutshell, we provide you with a full picture of his Life Story, beginning from his early years to when he became famous.

Yes, everyone knows his Michael Obafemi’s family name reminds one of Obafemi Martins– that Nigerian forward known for thunderous pace. However, not many have read Michael Obafemi’s Biography which reveals a lot about him. Now, without further ado let’s begin.

Michael Obafemi Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he is nicknamed “Mica.” Michael Oluwadurotimi Obafemiwas was born on the 6th day of July 2000 at the capital city of Dublin in Ireland. The Irish footballer was born to his mother, Ms Bolajoko Oredein and to a little known father.

Michael Obafemi Family Origins:

First and foremost, the striker is a bonafide citizen of Ireland. However, the results of research carried out to determine Michael Obafemi family origins indicate that he is of Yoruba ethnicity.

This ethnic group dominates most part of western Nigeria. By implication, Michael Obafemi’s parents are Africans and of Nigerian roots. The footballer himself is Irish and has Nigerian blood flowing through his veins.

Michael Obafemi Growing Up Years:

Did you know that the football genius was still very young when his father and mother moved to England? It was at the country that a 4-year-old Obafemi began playing football with his older brother Afolabi Obafemi.

“We regularly did play football outside my house on the concrete. Our practice include kicking balls against our neighbour’s fence until we get a telling off,”

notes the striker of his early beginnings in football.

Michael Obafemi Family Background:

The truth is, he didnt come from a super-rich family but middle-class. While at England, Michael Obafemi’s parents took up residence at Chingford. The area is a suburban district in North East London. Michael Obafemi’s dad and mum did ensure that he was well taken care of. Thus, he grew up happy like most kids in the North East London neighbourhood.

How Career Football Began for Michael Obafemi:

When the time was right, the destiny of the football enthusiast began calling. Back then, Michael Obafemi’s parents deemed it necessary to give his passion a productive direction. As such, they saw to his enrollment for training at boyhood club – Ryan FC in Chingford.

Michael Obafemi Early Years with Chelsea, Arsenal and Watford:

The youngster’s development at Chingford was rapid such that he went on to spend other periods of his career buildup in a variety of football academies. The academies include Chelsea, Arsenal and Watford.

Michael Obafemi Childhood Story- He had his career buildup at a number of football academies.
Michael Obafemi Childhood Story- He had his career buildup at a number of football academies. 📷: Twimg.

At the peak of Obafemi’s youth career at Watford, the footballer is known to have found the back of the net 11 times in a single match. Thereafter, he was released by the club at the young age of 14.

Michael Obafemi Biography – Road To Fame Story:

After the football prodigy’s release from Watford, he took a year out of the big game in order to reflect on whether he really wanted football as a career sport or not. He did also think of a number of career paths he could tread if football didn’t go well. As loving as they are, Michael Obafemi’s parents were there to console him at that trying time of his life.

Upon making his decision, the 15-year-old sat with his mom to share his plans for the future with her. Obafemi’s mom gave him her full support, urging him to give 100% of his efforts to the sport. Thanks to the parental advice, the Irish footballer went back to his old hobby.

Michael Obafemi LifeStory – The Rise To Fame:

It wasn’t long before the football prodigy joined Leyton Orient in 2015 for a one year stint. He later signed for Southampton in 2016. He went on to make his professional debut for the Saints in January 2018 during a 1–1 draw with Tottenham Hotspur.

With the debut, Obafemi became the second-youngest player to make a Premier League appearance for Southampton after Luke Shaw (17 years and 116 days old). Months later in December 2018, Obafemi became Southampton’s youngest scorer in the Premier League after he scored his first goal for the Saints in a 3–1 victory at Huddersfield.

Since then, he had made a name scoring against big clubs- the most recent was tarnishing Man United’s hopes of reaching the league’s third position after the 2019/2020 COVID-19 pandemic football resumption. It only a matter of time before he becomes a regular and then, we see big clubs begging for his signature. The rest, as they say, is history.

Michael Obafemi- Girlfriend, Wife, Single, Married, Children?

Football talents have over time become big on keeping their love life private. As such it is difficult to tell who is Michael Obafemi’s girlfriend or if he actually has a wife.

The player who is yet to be seen with any lady that can be called his girlfriend or wife is striving hard to be the best that he can be in top-flight football. Notwithstanding, it might not be long before we see photos of him with a pretty lady.

Michael Obafemi Family Life:

Having a supporting household has no doubt been the biggest driving force of motivation in the life of the Irish footballer. Here, We bring you facts about Michael Obafemi’s parents and siblings. We will also outline facts about his ancestry. Now lets begin.

About Michael Obafemi’s Parents:

First but not least, not much is known about Obafemi Michael’s dad. However, we do know that his mom Ms Bolajoko Oredein is one of his biggest fans. She has always been there for the striker and was present to watch him make his senior debut for Ireland national team when he was only 18 years of age.

What’s more? Bolajoko Oredein makes it a point of duty to come for every one of her son’s game regardless of whether he is on the bench or not.

About Michael Obafemi’s Siblings:

Afolabi Obafemi is the striker’s brother. They grew up playing football together and were both at Leyton Orient youth ranks before their careers took different directions. Afolabi’s career is a less illustrious one. He majorly played in lower leagues before landing at Wingate & Finchley, in the Isthmian League Premier Division. Here is Afolabi Obafemi.

Meet Michael Obafemi’s brother Afolabi. 📷: Thejournal

About Michael Obafemi’s Relatives:

Away from the striker’s immediate family, details of his ancestry can be traced to Nigeria and not Ireland. This is particularly as it relates to his maternal and paternal grandparents. In addition, Obafemi’s uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Personal Life Facts:

Let’s move on to “Mica’s” life outside training and tormenting defenders. Did you know that there is a consensus whenever friends, family and teammates are asked to describe his persona?

They attest to the fact that Obafemi is a likeable person who is creative, resilient, emotionally intelligent and ambitious like individuals whose Zodiac sign is Cancer. He loves swimming, travelling, watching movies, spending quality time with family and friends among other interests and hobbies.

Lifestyle Facts:

Getting to know how the footballer wealth and how he spends his monies off the pitch would surely help you get a better picture of him.

Michael Obafemi’s Net Worth:

At the time of writing his Bio (2020), Did you know that his annual salary is a whopping sum of 600,000 Euro (525,000 Pound)? This places Michael Obafemi’s net worth at 1.7 Million Euros. Now, let’s tell you how the striker makes and spends his money.

There is no rocket science as to how Obafemi amassed his wealth because football as we know it is a popular sport. In fact, the money he gets from endorsement is enough to maintain his exotic cars and to keep an expensive house running.

Michael Obafemi’s Facts:

Our writeup on “Mica” (his nickname) would be imperfect if we don’t fulfil the requirements of this heading. As such we bring you a few facts about the striker with a view to helping you get a complete picture of him.

Fact #1 – FIFA 2020 Rating:

Obafemi has a very poor overall FIFA 2020 rating of 67 points. Such rating does not speak well of his status as a Striker. Fans are definitely not happy with the development and have been making calls for his upgrade.

Fact #2 – Trivia:

Only a few persons are aware of the fact that Obafemi’s birth year – 2000 is significant for a number of technological events. The World’s largest Ferris Wheel or Observation Wheel (The London Eye) was opened in 2000. It was also the same year that the Dot Com Bubble Bursts and thousands of DotComs went bust.

Fact #3 -Religion:

Obafemi is a Christain. In fact, a visit to his Instagram page will convince you that he is a believer, particularly when you view a video of the striker’s skill set compilation. The caption of the video is a popular bible verse which reads – “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”


Biography Inquiries Wiki Data
Full NameMichael Oluwadurotimi Obafemi
Date of Birth6th day of July 2000
Place of BirthDublin in Ireland
Playing PositionForward
ParentsMs Bolajoko Oredein (mother)
SiblingsAfolabi Obafemi (brother).
HobbiesSwimming, travelling, watching movies as well as spending quality time with family and friends
Height5 feet, 7 inches
Net Worth1.7 Million Euro
Salary600,000 Euro per annum


Thanks for reading this insightful writeup on Michael Obafemi’s biography. We have no doubt’s that his life story has given you lessons on the need to give your all to whatever you are passionate about. Did you come across any inaccurate or unfair sentence in the course of perusal? If yes, please do well to contact us or leave a message in the comment box.

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