Dennis Praet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dennis Praet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

The Biography of Dennis Praet tells you facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Members, Relationship, Net Worth and Lifestyle.

Simply put, this Bio brings you into knowing everything about the Belgian professional footballer, starting from his formative years to when he became very popular. Now, behold his past life and rise.

Dennis Praet's Biography - Behold, his early days and extraordinary rise.
Dennis Praet’s Biography – Behold, his early days and extraordinary rise.

Yes, you and I know he, alongside players like Youri Tielemans and Leander Dendoncker, are Belgian footballers with Premier League blessings.

Nevertheless, you’ve applauded him for his style of play- excellent technique and vision.

Also, from a global standpoint, we realize that few football fans have considered reading the full piece of Dennis Praet’s Bio, which we’ve prepared for you. Now, without further ado, let’s begin with his life story.

Dennis Praet Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Belgian footballer bears the nickname ‘Denny’. Dennis Praet was born on the 14th day of May 1994 to Belgian Parents, in the capital city of Leuven in Belgium.

The Midfielder is the first out of two children (a boy and a girl) born out of the union between his dad and mum. Young Dennis grew up alongside his kid sister, whom he is very fond of.

Meet young Dennis Praet alongside his sister.
Meet young Dennis Praet alongside his sister.

Growing-up Years:

The Football Genius enjoyed the earliest of his life in his birth city of Leuven, a university city that is known as the world’s largest beer brewer.

Early on, Dennis was fond of playing football as a kid and had the desire to convert his passion into a sustaining career.

Dennis Praet Family Background:

The truth is, there was no obstacle standing between the youngster and his childhood dreams. In fact, Dennis Praet’s Bio has no tales of rag to riches journey because he hails from a middle-class family.

Dennis Praet Family Origin:

We all know he is a bona fide citizen of Belgium. Going deep into his background, there is more to where he comes from.

Results of research carried out to determine Dennis Praet’s family origin indicate the high likelihood of Flemings ethnicity.

This is the Netherlandic-speaking ethnic group that dominates much of Northern Belgium.

Dennis Praet Football Origin:

Young “Denny” was only five years of age when he began training with his local boyhood club SJV Motbroek.

Pictured below (left), the young lad played for several local teams that include Stade Leuven (2000-2002) and OH Leuven (2002-2003).

Dennis Praet's in his Childhood. He is pictured far left.
Dennis Praet’s in his Childhood. He is pictured far left.

Early Years in Football:

By the time the football prodigy was 10 years of age, he secured a place at Genk football academy.

It was with the club that Dennis spent most years of his youth career developing himself in the same system that produced Divock Origi, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne.

Dennis Praet Biography – Road To Fame Story:

At the peak of his early career with Genk, the then-teenage sensation had several good teams seeking his signature.

They include Arsenal, Lille, Ajax and Anderlecht. However, Praet snubbed the big names and lent his signature to Anderlecht- the club his family supported.

Family made the youngster choose Anderlecht.
Family made the youngster choose Anderlecht.

The decision to join them was borne out of two more reasons. First was Anderlecht’s good reputation for promoting young talents.

Secondly was the fact that Dennis Praet’s parents were serious about their son completing his education in Belgium.

At that time, there was a need for dad and mum to get other options in case football didn’t work out.

Dennis Praet Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

Fortunate for the young midfielder, there came higher hopes for himself and his family. Rise to fame began when Dennis made his first-team debut for Anderlecht in 2011.

He helped them to three consecutive league title wins. What’s more? Our very own Praet began collecting honours, of which his favourite was getting the 2014 Belgian Golden Shoe.

After winning six trophies in Belgium, the young lad felt the time was up for him to look for greener pastures abroad. He departed for Sampdoria, where he also did well to impress.

Fast forward to the time of writing Dennis Praet’s Biography, the Belgian is smoothly plying his trade at Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester City, a club which he has won the heart of their fans. Paret’s good track record is a sign that English fans are yet to see the best of him. The rest, we say, is history.

Who is Dennis Praet Dating?

Could this be Dennis Praet's Girlfriend or Wife?
Could this be Dennis Praet’s Girlfriend or Wife?

First off, the successful footballer has been spotted with someone, and the picture above is proof. However, for most fans, his love life seems not too clear.

The truth is, his alleged girlfriend or wife, pictured above, is likely to be his little sister.

Personal Life away from Football:

Moving on to life away from football, Did you know that his teammates, friends and associate can attest to a number of likeable facts about his personality?

They include his accommodating persona, fun-loving disposition, unwavering passion and uncompromising ambition.

Dennis Praet’s Lifestyle:

During football holidays, Denny surely knows how to put his monies to good use. The Belgian’s favourite gateways for vacation are the southern Caribbean Sea’s Dolphin Academy and Thailand’s Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary.

He certainly loves to have life at the fullest, outside football.
He certainly loves to have life at the fullest, outside football.

Dennis Praet’s Net Worth:

With over nine years of professional experience, Dennis has made quite a fortune. Results from research estimate his net worth to be around 19 million euros. A breakdown of his Leicester city salary justifies this figure.

TENURE/SALARYEarnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)Earnings in Euros (€)
Per Year£3,906,000$5,194,492€4,399,537
Per Month£325,500$432,874€366,628
Per Week£75,000$99,741€84,476
Per Day£10,714$14,249€12,068
Per Hour£446$594€503
Per Minute£7.4$9.9€8.3
Per Second£0.12$0.16€0.13

As observed above, the major source of Praet’s wealth is the wages and salaries that he gets from playing top-flight football.

Dennis Praet’s Car:

Cars are important, especially for him. Dennis does crave for expensive cars and likes to pose with them. As observed, the midfielder’s favourite Auto brand is none other than BMW.

BMW is one of Dennis Praet's favorite car type.
BMW is one of Dennis Praet’s favorite car type.

Dennis Praet’s Family Life:

Family is not just important to football players but are everything to them. Here, we bring you facts on his dad and mum. Also, facts about the midfielder’s siblings and relatives.

About Dennis Praet’s parents:

The closeness the midfielder has to home is responsible for not making him look shy from admitting to being a family man.

In fact, Praet did once reveal that – as a young boy -the closeness to his mum and dad made him turned down an offer to live with a guest family in Genk.

Instead, Dennis preferred shuttling between his family home at Leuven and Genk which were 70km apart.

The development reveals Dennis Praet’s parents – though still largely unknown – shares a close bond with him and were his pillar of support. Meet the head of the Praet family- no other than his father.

Meet one of Dennis Praet's parents- his Dad.
Meet one of Dennis Praet’s parents- his Dad.

About Dennis Praet’s Sister:

For the Belgian, having a kid sister who he is fond of is one of the secrets to boosting his mental health and self-esteem. Unlike his parents, she appears to be the only member of his family to have appeared on his Instagram page.

About Dennis Praet’s siblings and relatives:

The Midfielder is yet to make mention about having a sister or brother.

Neither are details of his ancestry known particularly as it relates to his paternal and maternal grandmother. In addition, not much is known about Praet’s aunts, uncles and cousins.

Dennis Praet Untold Facts:

Our writeup on “Denny” would be imperfect if we don’t fulfil the requirements of this heading.

As such, we bring you a few facts about the Fox Man with a view to helping you get a complete picture of him.

Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

This is what Dennis Praet has earned with Leicester since you began viewing this Page.


Did you know?… a full-time employee in Belgium earning 3,558 euros per month would need to work for around 9 years and one month to make Praet’s monthly pay with Leicester.

FIFA Gamers’ Perception:

Dennis Prayet’s profile show he has a poor overall rating of 77 FIFA points. Truth is, these 2020 stats don’t reflect his real-life capabilities.

FIFA gamers believe the Technical Dribbler is underrated and he deserves an 80/83 point.

Dennis Praet’s Religion:

Like most footballers, he is yet to give inkling or exhibit actions that can give insights into the kind of religion that he practices.

Yes, his name signifies he comes from a Christian family but we certainly need more than a name to establish whether or not he is even a believer.

Starting Leicester with someone else’s boots:

According to the Guardian, Dennis signed with the club an hour before the deadline forgetting his boots in Italy.

Brendan Rodgers wanted him to play Leicester’s first game (just a day or two after he signed), so he has to use someone else’s boot.

Biography Summary:

Full NameDennis Praet
Date of Birth14th day of May 1994
Place of BirthLeuven in Belgium
Playing PositionAttacking Midfield
HobbiesSwimming, playing pool, travelling and spending good time with his family and friends.
Net worth19 Million Euros
Height5 feet, 11 inches.


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