Mary Fowler Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Mary Fowler Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts
Mary Fowler Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Mary Fowler’s Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Nido Fowler (Mother), Kevin Fowler (Father), Family Background, Siblings- Brothers (Seamus and Caoimhin), Sisters (Ciara and Louise), etc.

This memoir about Mary also describes her Nationality, Ethnicity, Salary Breakdown, Hometown, Religion, Education, Net worth etc. In addition to the athlete’s Tattoo, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Family Origin.

Lifebogger tells the tale of a young girl who comes from a fitness freak family. The primary focus is the middle daughter of “Fowler’s five children.” This household is very popular in Cairns, where almost all its residents love them.


Mary Fowler’s Biography begins by unveiling unforgettable childhood events in her life. Next, we’ll explain Boio’s early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how the forward rose to be among the best Aussie female athletes.

We aim to whet your autobiography appetite as you read Mary Fowler’s Biography piece. Thus, let’s show you this photo gallery that tells the story – from her early childhood to fame. Indeed, the versatile midfielder has come a long way.

Behold Mary Fowler's Biography- From her early childhood to the Forward in International League.
Behold Mary Fowler’s Biography- From her early childhood to the Forward in International League.

Yes, everyone knows the diva who has been dubbed the “next big thing” in Australian soccer. Fowler is one of her siblings to make it to the international level with Manchester City. Her impeccable ability to deliver her teams has made her an icon in sports.

Nevertheless, we realised a knowledge vacuum while preparing reports about Australian Soccer stars. Only a few dedicated followers were familiar with Mary Fowler’s Biography. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Mary Fowler Childhood Story:

For biography starters, her full name is Mary Boio Fowler. She was born on the 14th of February 2003 to her parents – Nido Fowler (mother) and Kelvin Fowler (Father), in Cairns, Australia.

The footballer’s birth occurred precisely on a blessed Wednesday evening. Mary Fowler’s siblings are four in number in addition to her, making them five in the home.

Now let’s introduce you to Mary Fowler’s parents, her father, Kelvin and her mother, Nido. They are the ones who, through their hard work, supportiveness, and encouragement, ensured that their daughter’s full potential came to fruition.

Meet Mary Fowler's loving parents, Nido (Mom) and Kevin (Father), with their daughter.
Meet Mary Fowler’s loving parents, Nido (Mom) and Kevin (Father), with their daughter.

Growing-Up Years:

As mentioned above, Mary Fowler’s siblings are four: Seamus and Vino, Ciara and Louise. Her hometown is a great place to live if you want a natural life.

Mary Fowler’s family members spent a lot of time outdoors. She enjoyed visiting the colourful coastal areas. In addition to playing at the beaches with her sister, brother, and close friends.

Behold Mary Fowler's Siblings from the oldest to the youngest one.
Behold Mary Fowler’s Siblings from the oldest to the youngest one.

More so, she comes from a city dominated by Christian. Hence, Mary was born a Christian and has remained in the faith until this writing.

Mary Fowler’s Early Life:

Trinity Beach in North Queensland was where the whole sport began. It was 24 mins from Mary Fowler’s hometown and her family’s regular spot. Before we continue here is the childhood photo of the young girl.

Here is the young Australian soccer queen in her childhood period.
Here is the young Australian soccer queen in her childhood period.

The hang-out corner was a grass-hilled area with sand and surf spots. This place was the bedrock of Mary Fowler’s siblings and her parents. And they would all pack into the van to go there each day.

Any resident of that area would always look forward to the Fowler Five as they came there daily. Mary Fowler’s parents cooked dinner and let their kids do their homework on trinity beach. And this act became a daily ritual, so much so that Boio grew her love for outdoor activities.

Fitness was Mary Fowler’s family’s watchword. And that was why her father took them to the beach to get first-hand experience with nature. Activities like staying glued to the tv set or phones were not the life Kelvin Fowler wanted for his kids. Nonetheless, it was the sole reason he relocated his household to Australia.

Mary Fowler Family Background:

The Australian International forward players’ amazing parents are Nido Fowler and Kevin Fowler. Mary Fowler’s dad left the shores the Dublin from his house of ten siblings after getting married to his wife in Papua New Guinea.

Kevin Fowler is a gifted runner. Who was even awarded a scholarship to a US college? And Mary Fowler’s father was also a backpacker. But as a job, he began coaching his kids before it grew to include other children.

But, Mary Fowler’s mother, Nido, was a domestic worker. And at the same time joined the family on their fitness journey and the outdoor lifestyle. There are few details of her parents’ occupations. But her family belongs to a middle-income earning household. In spite of their not-too-rich status, they sacrificed a lot to ensure their children’s dreams come true.

Mary Fowler Family Origin:

Kevin Fowler is a core native of Dublin in Ireland, Europe. While Mary Fowler’s mother comes from the South-Western Pacific in Papua New Guinea. And the footballer was born and bred in Cairns, Australia.

The map explains a lot about Mary Fowler's Family Origin.
The map explains a lot about Mary Fowler’s Family Origin.

The Manchester City midfielder is of Australian Origin through naturalization. How well do we know Cairns? Situated in Far North Queensland, it is a thriving city. The Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest are in this area.

Mary Fowler’s Ethnicity:

Boio’s ethnicity is mixed. Her father is from Ireland, and her mother is from Papua New Guinea. So the forward is biracial lineage like Mallory Swanson, Kadeisha Buchanan, etc.

Mary Fowler Education:

As the saying goes, learning is the best gift to a child. Mary Fowler’s parents took those words very dear to their hearts. Thus, they chose the Trinity Anglican School for their daughter, Boio.

Fowler is an alumnus of the TAS education centre.
Fowler is an alumnus of the TAS education centre.

The future Manchester City forward was a very bright student. So much so that Mary’s favourite subject was math, as she enjoyed problem-solving equations.

Apart from statistics, the athlete was also a great lover of Biology and other subjects that deal with nature. Fowler agreed she would have become a Zoologist if football hadn’t worked out. Hence, combining the schedule Mary Fowler’s parents already had in sports with her early training was easy.

Career Build-Up:

Notably, the young Aussie came from a family that took fitness seriously. But how did football come into the lineage? It was because of Mary Fowler’s brother, Caoimhin, also known as “Quivi”.

One of the teachers in school told Mary Fowler’s Father to make good use of his son’s high energy. And that was what Kevin did, and he put not just Quivi but the other kids.

Although, Boio was not keen on football at first. But just like Megan Rapinoe‘s sister influenced her to become a footballer, Mary Fowler’s brother built his younger one interest in the game.

Soon in the small town of Cairns, Mary Fowler’s family grew up a football legacy. Ciara also joined in the sports; the household built each other’s talent through coaching and training.

Mary Fowler Biography – Football story:

After seeing the zealousness of her brother, Mary joined him with her other siblings. Unlike how other footballers began their careers in an academy, Mary Fowler’s family chose another route. And that is undergoing all training and nutrition themselves.

The young rookie began from Saint FC and at the same time join in her school team. Just as earlier stated, the Fowler Five were always together. One or two of Mary’s siblings were always on the pitch whenever there was a soccer match.

Boio was so good that other parents would complain to the coaches about her performance. It was more like the little girl was a threat either to the same sex or the opposite. How far the Cairn born would go in this game was no stopping.

Thankfully, Mary Fowler’s parents always chose their kid’s goal over theirs. And that was why they always trained in the front yard or any other available position.

Mary Fowler Bio – Road to Fame Story:

The Aussie came from the small town of Cairns, so her talents were on a smaller scale. Fowler was only famous in her birthplace, so breaking out to an international audience was difficult.

In addition, there were many complaints from parents who were unhappy with how she played. According to them, it was not proper to put a girl among boys even though they were older than her. It was enough to make Mary Fowler’s mother, Nido withdraw her daughter from sports.

However, despite all the unacceptable opinions of what a female should engage in, Fowler got her first club debut at Adelaide United with her sister. Soon after, the young damsel joined the French League 1, the Montpellier HSC, after a sealed deal of three years.

Unsurprisingly, the middle child of Kevin and Nido (Mary Fowler’s parents) had no problem breaking out from her teen career. In May 2021, Boio was named the ESPN Under 21, representing the next generation.

She was named to ESPN’s 21 Under 21, an international list of footballers representing the next generation of talent, in May 2021. Before then, in 2018, the rising football prodigy was called up to serve her country in the Tournaments. This made her one of the youngest players for the Matildas at just 15 years.

Mary Fowler Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Two years later, the English FA WSL Manchester City got a four-year deal with the attacking dynamo. This was a very outstanding achievement at such a young age. Fowler got her dream platform way earlier than any of her siblings.

Mary Boio Fowler joins Manchester City on a new career journey.
Mary Boio Fowler joins Manchester City on a new career journey.

Besides, the prolific forward would be playing alongside Rose Lavelle and Lauren Hemp. At the same time, Boio joined the Australian team for the 2019 and 2020 FIFA Cup. And this time, she eagerly awaits the 2023 women’s match to bring home the trophy as they did in February.

According to one of her coaches, he describes the young girl as one of the greatest weapons in women’s football. Mary is being compared with the mighty likes of Sam Kerr and Trinity Rodman. And the rest is history, they said.

Who is Mary Fowler Dating?

The Aussie footballer is a very reticent young lady. And thus, she has revealed little about her love life. The Cairns native has been so lip sealed about her partner or relationship.

However, her fans respect her decision not to bring her private affairs to the public. While they await when the world learns about Mary Fowler’s boyfriend, none is in the picture yet.

Instead, the young football sensation is using her time to build a profitable career. And Mary Fowler’s family is her love, including her brothers and sisters, who are dear to her heart.

Personal life:

Well, the rising star of Australian soccer is an ambivert person. People could call her a quiet or loud girl depending on the occasion and the surrounding. So who is she outside the pitch?

Firstly, Mary Fowler’s zodiac is Aquarius. She shares the same sun sign with Nichelle Prince and Alexia Putellas. Thus the energetic and skilled soccer player lives on her terms without the influence of others. And it also shows the reason for her kind spirit and heart to others.

Did you also know that Mary is a Polyglot? Just like Amadou Onana, Dejan Kulusevski, Miralem Pjanic and Gianni Infantino. Because she speaks over two languages- Dutch, German, French, etc. Fowler is a great lover of art, animals and paintings. Probably the talented Australian striker would be a great scientist without soccer.

When the Manchester City striker isn’t making her opponents tremble on the pitch, she is a sweet soul outside of her career. Her hobbies are what she engages in her spare time and caring for herself.

Mary Fowler Lifestyle:

The creative forward has been one of the exciting talents from her country. Now she has been called to the Australian senior women’s team and is ready to live up to her hype.

Mary Fowler’s Salary can buy her a comfortable house, eat the best foods, and ride a custom-designed car. But the soccer queen isn’t a braggart. Thus, all those stuff is private. However, spending time with her loved one is her goal.

Here are images of Mary Fowler’s family vacation. Despite being an adult, the outdoor life her father always loved never left the children.

The intense love for nature and its surrounding never left the young athlete.
The intense love for nature and its surrounding never left the young athlete.

Comparatively, with her achievement and hard work, the Manchester City forward bountifully reaped the fruit of her hard-earned labour. But given Boio’s commitment to her group, it won’t be long before we start to notice a boost in the amount of money flowing into her account.

Mary Fowler Family Life:

We can see from this woman’s story that she accomplished success in her career. Moreover, the Australian prodigy came this far with the backing of her family. As you can see, they are in the image to show their loyalty.

Behold Mary Fowler's Siblings and her Parents supporting one of their own.
Behold Mary Fowler’s Siblings and her Parents supporting one of their own.

The Manchester City Forward appreciates her parents and siblings helping her achieve her dream. So without wasting let us introduce Mary Fowler’s Family members and get more details about them.

About Mary Fowler’s Father:

Kelvin Fowler is the dad of the dynamic midfielder. He is the type of man that supports the dream of his children.

Here is Kevin Fowler, who gave his children nature and the world of fitness.
Here is Kevin Fowler, who gave his children nature and the world of fitness.

Mary Fowler’s father has been a football-loving person. And during Boio’s early years, she watched him train with her older brother, Quivi. It was that sight that moved her spirit to the sports.

From someone without assistance to further his passion, Mary Fowler’s dad made sure his dreams came through in his kids. Kevin never discriminated as she was a girl; instead, he helped her multiply.

About Mary Fowler’s Mother:

The sports lady’s mum, Nido Fowler, is also a native of Papua New Guinea. And just like her husband, she is a sport-loving person. In fact, reports show that Mary Fowler’s mother was the one that first noticed her daughter’s talent in soccer.

You can see the beautiful smile on Mary Fowler's mother, Nido.
You can see the beautiful smile on Mary Fowler’s mother, Nido.

The dazzling star’s mum is always in full support. Nido encouraged and spurred her into becoming the incredible talent she is today. Overall, Mary Fowler’s mother can be described as supportive, caring, and motivating.

About Mary Fowler’s Siblings:

The young gun making waves in the Women’s Super League has a brother named Caoimhin and a sister named Ciara. In addition, Mary has two additional siblings, Seamus and Caoimhin. And together, they made the “Fowler five”.

The Fowler Five always represents the family.
The Fowler Five always represents the family.

About Mary Fowler’s Sisters:

Louise and Ciara have represented the Australian youth national team. Just like their sister they too are making headlines in their club. This is one of the period the matildas won a trophy for their team in the photo.

Louise and Ciara holding their honour.
Louise and Ciara holding their honour.

About Mary Fowler’s Brothers:

While Seamus and Caoimhin are players for the Ireland team. Thanks to their father’s Nationality. After all, from infancy, their dad had a healthy routine of outdoor life. And the result is that all his kids are athletes with great potentials.

Mary Fowler's Brothers are also soccer players.
Mary Fowler’s Brothers are also soccer players.

When a father takes the growth of his offspring’s very serious the results unfolds later. What seemed like a joke has brought Mary Fowler’s family in the map of soccer worldwide.

Untold Fact:

Significantly, this is the last section of Mary Fowler’ Biography. This section will tell you some facts you might need to learn about Manchester City. Let’s start without wasting a whole lot of your time.

Mary Fowler’s Salary and Net Worth:

Boio is currently signed to Manchester City, and her work rate has impressed the coach and the entire team. Without a doubt, her contribution is immense.

The Forward dubbed the “next big thing” in Australian soccer, is among the wealthiest female players. According to a Business insider, Mary Fowler’s net worth is $5 million. As with her four-year contract with Manchester City, we expect the Cairns-born star to earn $440,000 annually.

Mary Fowler’s FIFA Rating:

The prodigious talent who has already made her mark on the world stage has an overall rating of 74 and a potential of 89. She can shoot with both legs, like Marc-Andre ter Stegen, which has given her an advantage over her competitors.

The Australian Star shows great qualities on her profile.
The Australian Star shows great qualities on her profile.

From her FIFA Rating, we can see that her greatest strength is in dribbling and ball control. Also, Fowler’s speed and acceleration are good. So far, the forward isn’t performing poorly today, but there is always space for improvement.

Mary Fowler Religion:

Following the record, Boio grows up in Cairns, Queensland. Christians dominate the area, and her family is not an exception. In addition, her name, “Mary”, has a biblical origin. So the Australian forward is a Christian.

Mary Fowler’s Tattoo:

The Manchester City and Australian national team standout has no inks on her body. Like Ashley Hatch and Alessia Russo, who have no tattoos, this forward is also like that. Maybe in the future, Mary would need to get a drawing of her art on her body.

Wiki Summary:

The table shows facts about Mary Fowler’s Biography at a glance. 

Full Name:Mary Boio Fowler
Date of Birth:14th  February 2003
Place of Birth:Cairns, Australia.
Age:20 years and 3 months old.
Parents:Nido Fowler (mother) and Kelvin Fowler (Father)
Siblings:Seamus and Vino, Ciara and Louise.
Father's Origin:Ireland
Mother's Origin:Papua New Guinea
Playing Position (2023):Forward and Midfielder
Height:5 foot

End Note:

Mary Boio Fowler was born on 14 February 2003 to her parents – Nido Fowler (mother) and Kelvin Fowler (Father), in Cairns, Australia.

The Soccer player comes from a family of four siblings- Seamus and Vino, Ciara and Louise. Her hometown is a great place to live if you want a natural life.

Although born an Aussie, she grew up in Holland. Boio is the second child of the house but a first daughter. Mary Fowler’s Father ensured his kids were raised aside from technology but with nature. And thus, he made his children love art, hiking and all outdoor activities.

Mary Fowler’s brother was the reason she got into soccer. Vino was the first one in the family to become a footballer before others followed suit. Soon enough, the children in the household all became field athletes.

The Biracial midfielder started her journey in the small town of Cairns with Saints FC and Leichhardt FC. Before progressing to Adelaide with her sister Louise. Boio’s first club career came with French Ligue 1 club Montpellier HSC.

And finally, Manchester City gave her a four-year contract. Mary Fowler’s Australian nationality also made it possible for her to represent her country. And eagerly, the young starlet prepares for her role in the 2023 Women’s FIFA Cup.


We value you are taking some of your time to read Mary Fowler’s biography on LifeBogger. As we frequently publish stories and details of Australian soccer players, we focus on authenticity and fairness.

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