Trinity Rodman Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Trinity Rodman Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Trinity Rodman Biography tells you Facts about her childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother (Michelle Moyer) and Father (Dennis Rodman), Family Background, Siblings – DJ Rodman (Brother) and Alexis Caitlyn Rodman (Half-sister).

Additionally, her Relationships – Boyfriend (Riley Majano, Chris Kuzma), Relatives – Shirley and Philander Rodman (Grandparents), Uncles, Aunts, Cousins etc.

This memoir about Trinity Rodman also gives facts about her Family Origin, Religion, Education (Corona del Mar High School, JSerra Catholic High School), Ethnicity, Hometown, and so forth.

Not ignoring the sports woman’s personal Life and Lifestyle, LifeBogger will provide details of her Zodiac, Net Worth, and Salary with Washington Spirit, an American professional soccer club.

In a nutshell, we present the Full History of Trinity Rodman. This is the story of a hardworking and strategic damsel who, despite being the daughter of five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman is putting her name in the spotlight in a sport outside her father’s stardom.

At 18, the fierce player made history as the youngest American to pull up (five minutes after subbing on) in her NWSL debut at the 2021 Challenge Cup.


Our version of Trinity Rodman’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of her childhood years. Next, we’ll explain her ethnic heritage and early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how the Washington Spirit player rose to become the highest-paid player in the league.

LifeBogger is excited to whet your appetite for autobiographies as you Peruse Trinity Rodman’s Bio. To do that, let us present you with this photo gallery that tells the sports competitor’s story. From her early years in the foot game to the moment she became a force to reckon with in women’s soccer.

Trinity Rodman Biography - From her childhood to the moment she became famous.
Trinity Rodman Biography – From her childhood to the moment she became famous.

Conversely, you may be familiar that she is a forward player for the Washington Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) as well as the United States women’s national soccer team, an American professional soccer player.

Nonetheless, even after years of researching American female football players, we found a knowledge gap in Trinity Rodman’s biography. Indeed, only a few fans have seen an in-depth version of her bio, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Trinity Rodman Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, her full name is Trinity Rain Moyer-Rodman. Her birth occurred on the 20th day of May 2002 on a beautiful Monday to her. She is the daughter of her mother (Michelle Moyer) and her father (former professional basketball player Dennis Rodman).

Also, the dashing athlete was born in the United States, in Newport Beach, a coastal city in southern Orange County, California. Additionally, Trinity Rodman’s birth took place amid the existence of her two siblings, DJ Rodman (Brother) and Alexis Caitlyn Rodman (Half-sister).

Next, let’s introduce you to Trinity Rodman’s parents. Her Amazing Mum and her Dad, whose continuous push and hard work, saw to it that the full potential of their Versatile soccer star daughter came to fruition.

Meet Trinity Rodman's Parents - Mother and Father.
Meet Trinity Rodman’s Parents – Mother and Father.


Trinity Rodman spent most of her childhood in the coastal city of Newport Beach, known for its upscale lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and sunny weather, which also happens to be her birthplace. She grew up with her father (Dennis Rodman), mother (Michelle Moyer) and brother (DJ Rodman).

For the Lady Champ growing up in California, I meant plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, beach volleyball and many other sports, especially football and basketball.

Trinity was heavily involved in sports and was a standout athlete in soccer and basketball. Besides, the professional footballer was born into a family of football lovers. So, it was no surprise that she developed an interest in sports at a tender age.

Subsequently, throughout her childhood, Rodman got surrounded by the media due to her father’s fame. Despite this, she remained grounded and focused on her own goals and ambitions, suggesting a level of independence and a willingness to forge her path.

In interviews, she spoke about her admiration for her father’s work ethic as a toddler and how he inspired her to pursue her passions.

A strong sense of drive marked Trinity Rodman’s childhood and determination. These traits have likely served her well as she has pursued her athletic career and worked to establish herself as a top star in the sports world.

An early childhood photo of Trinity Rodman with her brother (DJ Rodman).
An early childhood photo of Trinity Rodman with her brother (DJ Rodman).

Trinity Rodman Early Life (Football):

The fact that her household members were predominantly sportspersons caused Trinity Rodman to get drawn toward becoming an athlete. As such, Trinity Rodman, like Alexia Putellas, participated in various sporting events in her hometown and among her peers.

Her diligence and encouragement from her household propelled her into athletics. Moreover, Trinity Rodman also demonstrated strength for Sports in general and recognized the fact on time.

Undoubtedly, her father and brother were professional basketball players. However, despite her success on the basketball pitch as well as in other sports, she eventually decided to focus on Football.

However, while there were expectations for her to excel in basketball, Rodman’s natural inclination towards soccer became her solace. Although she did give basketball a try, it was her older brother DJ who had a more significant influence on her.

According to Rodman, her father never played soccer, but her brother did, even though he didn’t enjoy playing with his feet.

“It was amusing because I wanted DJ to like soccer just as much as he wanted me to like basketball, but we both knew it wasn’t going to work,” she says with a chuckle. DJ is currently playing basketball at Washington State.

Comparatively, her talent got quickly recognized by her household members. Her mother and sister encouraged her to pursue her dream to be a professional soccer player.

The future US Soccer star started playing Football at four. And the said sport, soccer, “felt like home” to her when she was seven or eight.

Trinity Rodman Family Background:

The dashing female star was raised in a family of athletes. Her father, Dennis Rodman, is a former professional basketball player. Also, her brother is an American college basketballer for Washington State Cougars of the Pac-12 Conference.

Meanwhile, her mother, Michelle Moyer, is an actress and model who has appeared in films such as “Boogie Nights” and “Any Given Sunday.”

Undeniably, Rodman belonged to a wealthy home, and her parents could take good care of their home and provide for the house’s needs lavishly. Besides, according to starsoffline, her father sat comfortably on a net worth of $10 million.

Trinity Rodman Family Origin:

Our Lifebogger profile, Trinity Rodman, hails from a suburb (Newport Beach) in the coastal city of southern Orange County, California, United States.

The city is home to many upscale shopping and dining options, which would have provided a fun and glamorous backdrop for a child growing up there.

Trinity Rodman’s family has diverse origins. Her father, Dennis Rodman, is African American and was born in Trenton, New Jersey, and he grew up in a large family in Dallas, Texas.

Meanwhile, her mother, Michelle Moyer, is of European descent and was born and raised in California. Additionally, her siblings are also of mixed heritage, with their father being African American and their mother being of European descent.

Imperatively, Trinity Rodman is of American nationality, and her family is diverse and reflects the multicultural makeup of the United States.

Despite their different backgrounds, they have supported Trinity in her athletic pursuits and shaped her into a talented and driven athlete. Following is a photograph that explains the roots of the outstanding Trinity.

This map aids your understanding of Trinity Rodman's cultural roots.
This map aids your understanding of Trinity Rodman’s cultural roots.


From the details stated, Trinity Rodman is of mixed ethnicity and American of African descent. Since she juggles between assuming an American nationality, her dad’s African roots, and her mum’s European heritage.

Evidently, in terms of cultural activities, her hometown, Newport Beach, has always had a thriving arts scene, with a range of galleries and theatres showcasing local talent.

Trinity Rodman Education:

Regarding studies, her hometown also has several highly regarded schools. They include public schools like Corona del Mar High School in the Eastbluff neighbourhood of Newport Beach, California, which Trinity attended initially.

Concurrently, the school provides a robust academic foundation, as well as access a range of extracurricular activities such as sports teams.

Nevertheless, She moved to another School after attending one year as a freshman at her former school.

Likewise, her next school is JSerra Catholic High School, a private, coeducational Catholic high school located in San Juan Capistrano, California. However, she did not play for that school.

Career Build-Up:

Trinity Rodman’s career as an American professional footballer took off thanks to her passion and natural talent for the sport, despite having an experienced basketball player, father and brother.

Emphatically, her independence and self-reliance led her to carve her path as an athlete. Initially, Rodman had committed to playing collegiate soccer for the UCLA Bruins, an intercollegiate varsity sports team of the University of California at Los Angeles.

However, her older brother convinced her to join him at Washington State University, where she got set to play for the Cougs, the school’s athletic team.

Unfortunately, her freshman season got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and she did not play any matches in college.

Throughout her career buildup, Rodman has demonstrated a solid commitment to her athletic pursuits, taking risks and following her path.

Moreover, her natural talent for sports became honed through years of hard work and dedication. As she continues to develop her skills and make a name for herself in sports, it is clear that Trinity Rodman has a bright future ahead of her.

Trinity Rodman Biography – Football Story:

Despite never playing a college match, she boldly turned professionally during her teenage years.

Particularly, at just 18 years old, Trinity Rodman made history. She emerged as the youngest player ever to be drafted in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). 

Before her draft, Rodman had never set foot in Washington, DC. However, on the 10th of April, 2021, she established her professional debut during a 2021 NWSL Challenge Cup match. She made an immediate impact by scoring a goal within five minutes of being subbed.

Trinity competed in all four of the Spirit’s matches during the Challenge Cup. She also assisted the game-winning goal Ashley Sanchez scored during the team’s 1–0 victory against Racing Louisville FC on the 15th of April.

The Spirit finished fourth place in the East Division with a 1–2–1 record. During the 2021 NWSL season, Rodman emerged as the Spirit’s second-highest scorer with seven goals.

At 19 years old, Rodman has made a name for herself as a shining star in women’s soccer. She is known for her speed, technical skill, and goal-scoring ability.

Trinity Rodman Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Trinity Rodman has proudly represented the United States across multiple national teams, including the senior, under-20, and under-17 groups.

She showcased her skills at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup of 2018 in Uruguay, where she played 165 minutes and made one assist.

In 2020, Rodman played a pivotal role in the United States’ success at the 2020 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship, scoring nine goals.

Her impressive performance earned her a nomination for the U.S. football Young Female Player of the Year award that same year, though she didn’t win. However, Rodman clinched the award in 2021, cementing her status as a rising star in women’s soccer.

Trinity Rodman Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Trinity Rodman was awarded the NWSL Rookie of the Year and included in the NWSL Best XI on the 17th of November, 2021.

The following month, she was honoured as the United States Soccer Young Female Player of the Year. She capped off an incredible rookie season in the NWSL with 7 goals.

On the 2nd of February, 2022, she signed a contract extension with the Washington Spirit. It will run until after the 2024 season and include an option for 2025. According to reports, the new contract made Rodman the highest-paid football player in the history of the NWSL.

Afterwards, in January 2022, Rodman was invited to the senior national squad’s camp for the first time. She then made her national team debut in February, 2022, in a 0-0 draw with the Czech Republic at the tournament.

Moreover, she scored her first goal on the 12th of April, 2022. It was in a friendly match against Uzbekistan. Also, marking her third national team appearance.

In June 2022, Rodman became named to the United States roster for the 2022 CONCACAF W Championship. Lastly, on the 13th of August, 2022, the rising star was nominated for the Ballon d’Or Féminin award. Alexia Putellas and Karim Benzema emerged tops that year.

Is Trinity Rodman single?:

The Lady speedster is dating her high school sweetheart, athlete Riley Majano. Although they are rarely seen together in public. There is rumour that their love has blossomed over the years into best friends and caring companions.

Apparently, the couple has been together for over three years. Trinity Rodman’s boyfriend, Riley Majano, attended Lee University, a private Christian university in Cleveland, Tennessee, where he played basketball and studied business management.

He is a couple of inches taller than Trinity and weighs 195 pounds. He hailed from San Juan Capistrano, Caifronia. Riley is on Twitter and has a personal account on Instagram.

Similarly, Majano has documented those occasions on his Instagram account, and you can see in the screenshot below that Rodman has remarked on it as “My baby.”

Regardless, Trinity has not yet shared any intimate moments on social media, nor has she talked openly of her affair.

Although, the athletic couple appears to have attended a few events, including prom together. Additionally, Together they celebrated valentines day 2021. trinity took it to her Instagram with a post where she wrote a caption. However, their affair came to end.

Trinity's Valentine post for her former boyfriend in 2021.
Trinity’s Valentine post for her former boyfriend in 2021.

Forthwith, she got into a relationship with NCAA star Chris Kuzma, and the couple share a strong bond. They often display their affection for each other publicly, as Trinity did recently on the internet.

More about Trinity Rodman’s Boyfriend – Chris Kuzma:

Meanwhile, her heartthrob is making a name for himself as a player on the NCAA Division I men’s basketball team, Loyola Greyhounds. Despite being only 20 years old, he is already an accomplished athlete and has shared glimpses of his skills on the court.

Notably, Trinity is proud of her boyfriend’s achievements and has been cheering him on as he continues to excel in his sport. As a couple, they are making a name for themselves and achieving success together.

While Chris is focused on basketball, Trinity is also pursuing her own ambitions and preparing to achieve glory for her country. It’s clear that this power couple is unstoppable and determined to succeed both individually and as a team.

Trinity is proud of her boyfriend, Chris Kuzma's achievements and cheering him always.
Trinity is proud of her boyfriend, Chris Kuzma’s achievements and cheering him always.

Personal Life:

The Sensational forward is young, beautiful, dynamic, and passionate. Trinity has been playing soccer since she was four years old, so she is lively, enthusiastic, active, and fit as a fiddle.

She has a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall and weighs roughly 58 kg (127 lbs). Though she has acquired a small amount of weight and grown in height as her adolescent years conclude. Dark eyes and curly golden hair complement her attractive and well-toned physique.

Trinity Rodman uses major social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep in touch with her fans. We know her on Instagram as ‘trinity_rodman,’ and she has over 161K followers.

Her Instagram has pictures of her games, friends’ gatherings, and personal events in her life. Similarly, she has over 12.7k followers on Twitter @trinity_rodman. Unlike on Instagram, Rodman tweets more sporting highlights than private messages on Twitter.

As previously said, she has her own blue-checked YouTube account where she uploads travel Vlogs and other videos of family and friend gatherings. Her closest friend is her teammate, Ashley Sanchez.

Furthermore, the star athlete does not have any tattoos and detests smoking. Undoubtedly, the Taurus Zodiac is bent on keeping fit and has a workout schedule to maintain his stamina. Trinity shares the same zodiac as these famous footballers. They include David Beckham (England), Kaka (Brazil), Xavi Simons (Netherlands), Beth Mead (England), etc.

Trinity Rodman’s career takes up much of her time and attention. However, it is common for athletes to have hobbies and interests outside of their sport. So, her hobbies include Swimming, Basketball, and of course, Playing and watching Football matches. She also loves pets and enjoys taking Ice Cream.

A summary photo of Trinity Rodman at leisure.
A summary photo of Trinity Rodman at leisure.

Trinity Rodman Lifestyle:

Notably, the American professional forward player, as of February 2022, is the highest-paid player in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Her dedication and diligence have paid off, and she is considered one of the top strikers in the country.

With her accolades, the sports lady is reaping, in abundance, the dividends of her labour. It is a matter of time before seeing a substantial rise in the influx of more money.

Furthermore, with her considerable wealth, she is able to indulge in the beautiful things in life and enjoy the luxuries befitting her status. As a renowned celebrity player, she can easily afford opulent mansions, lavish vacations, exquisite dining experiences, and luxurious cars.

As a professional soccer player, Trinity Rodman can access various vehicles her team or sponsors provide. In addition, the dashing athlete lives comfortably in a luxury apartment in Paris, France.

Trinity Rodman’s Car:

She feels incredibly blessed and grateful for the opportunities she has had so far, and is excited for what the future holds. Particularly, at the young age of 19, Trinity Rodman was able to purchase the truck of her dreams – a Ford Raptor. 

The Ford Raptor is designed for off-road use and comes equipped with four-wheel drive. Plus, a mid-travel suspension system, all-terrain tires, and the most powerful engines available in the F-150/Ranger lines.

The truck also features wider fenders and a unique grille with “FORD” lettering. This high-performance vehicle comes with a price tag starting at around $53,000.

Despite the cost, Trinity is thrilled with her purchase and looks forward to hitting the road and exploring new adventures in her dream truck.

At the young age of 19, Trinity Rodman was able to purchase the truck of her dreams - a Ford Raptor.
At the young age of 19, Trinity Rodman was able to purchase the truck of her dreams – a Ford Raptor.

Trinity Rodman’s Family Life:

The Amazing female footballer has achieved plenty of success in her professional career. She could only have come this far with the full support of members of her household, which has helped her emerge as the global star she is today.

Trinity Rodman continues to appreciate her parent’s encouragement, including the guidance of other family members who made her childhood worthwhile. Follow along to learn about the members of the African American soccer player’s home and Family Life.

A lively family photo of Trinity Rodman.
A lively family photo of Trinity Rodman.

Trinity Rodman Parents – Father (Dennis Rodman):

Dennis Keith Rodman’s birth occurred on the 13th of May 1961 to Shirley and Philander Rodman Jr. in Trenton, New Jersey.

He is a former American professional basketball player famous for his exceptional defensive skills and rebounding abilities. Again, he is arguably the best rebounding forward in the National Basketball Association (NBA) history.

He was nicknamed “the Worm” and played for various NBA teams. He played for the Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, and Dallas Mavericks. The  Celebrity father initially started as a small forward before shifting to a power forward.


When Rodman was a child, his father left the family. He eventually settled in the Philippines. According to his father, Dennis Rodman has about 28 siblings on his father’s side. But then, Dennis has claimed to be the oldest of 47 children.

After his father’s departure, his mother, Shirley, took on multiple jobs to provide for the family, working up to four positions simultaneously.

Trinity's Dad, Dennis Rodman is famous for his defensive skills and rebounding abilities.
Trinity’s Dad, Dennis Rodman is famous for his defensive skills and rebounding abilities.

In his biography titled, “Bad As I Wanna Be”, published in 1996, Rodman expressed his feelings towards his father, saying, “I haven’t seen my father in more than 30 years, so what’s there to miss … I just look at it like this: Some man brought me into this world. That doesn’t mean I have a father.” He only reunited with his father in 2012.

Similarly, Dennis was also not present while his daughter Trinity and her siblings grew up, and he left them to be raised solely by their mother. Nonetheless, Trinity’s connection to her famous father has undoubtedly given her an edge in the sports world.

A loving photo of Trinity, with her famous father, Dennis.
A loving photo of Trinity, with her famous father, Dennis.

Dennis Rodman’s Children:

His first affair was with Annie Bakes. With whom they both had a Daughter named Alexis. Annie had met Dennis in 1987 in a club in Los Angeles. After this, they started dating and married in 1991 in South Lakes.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, as they got separated in 1992. Alexis Rodman’s mother, Annie Bakes, divorced Dennis because he forced her to do different abortion for him.

Also, she implied that the famous basketball player gave her STDs during their marriage. After his marriage with Annie Bakes collapsed, Dennis Rodman has been with many women.

This includes the NBA star known as Madonna, his second wife (Carren Electra), Michelle Moyer, and so on. Dennis Rodman married his second wife, Carren Electra, a model in Las Vegas, in 1998. Unfortunately, the union ended a year later, in 1999, without a child.

Also, he married Michelle Moyer for the 3rd time in May 2003. The union birth Dennis Rodman with two children named Dennis Junior and Trinity Rodman. The marriage also ended in 2012.

Trinity Rodman Parent – Mother:

After divorcing Dennis, Michelle Moyer raised Trinity and DJ mainly as single parents and was firmly convinced that her daughter would become a professional soccer player.
Michelle reminisces about how Trinity’s passion for soccer was evident from a young age.

“I vividly remember her elementary school days, where she displayed an intense and unwavering commitment to the game,” Michelle shared with The Guardian over the phone.

Michelle Moyer raised Trinity and DJ mainly as single parents.
Michelle Moyer raised Trinity and DJ mainly as single parents.

“She would often come off the field in tears, wondering why no one else was putting in as much effort. Trinity would run up and down the field tirelessly, just as she does today, because she got always accustomed to giving her all when others were not.”

According to Trinity, even though her mum is not a sportsperson, she is her role model. The youngster refers to her mother, Michelle, as her support system in everything in life, her best friend and her rock.

A happy picture of Michelle Moyer with her two children.
A happy picture of Michelle Moyer with her two children.

Trinity Rodman Siblings – Brother (DJ Rodman):

His full name is Dennis Thayne “DJ” Rodman Jr. He was born on the 25th of April 2001 in California. Playing for the Washington State Cougars in the Pac-12 Conference, he is a college basketball athlete from the United States.

Before this, he attended both Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California, as well as JSerra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano, California, during his high school years.

DJ Rodman and Trinity share a strong bond, having lived together since childhood and being raised by their single mum, Mitchelle.

He significantly influenced the football career choice and success of Trinity Rodman, his younger sister. The duo kept themselves company during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Trinity Rodman Siblings – Alexis Rodman (Half-sister):

On the 28th of September, 1988, Alexis Caitlin Rodman was born to Annie Bakes and Dennis Rodman (Trinity’s father). The Lady was born before her mother divorced Dennis Rodman.

Alexis Rodman has remained silent and kept her life away from the public. Dennis Rodman’s other children are vocal and active, unlike her father. Rumours have it that her mother remarried a man named Vincent.

Good enough, a beautiful rapport exists between Alexis and Trinity. Hence Caitlin never fails to express her support for the fierce forward player.

Trinity's half-sister, Alexis Rodman with their father.
Trinity’s half-sister, Alexis Rodman with their father.

Trinity Rodman Relatives:

The dashing American player had lots of extended family members. She has Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces and Grandparents. Shirley and Philander Rodman, Jr. are her paternal grandparents.

Her granddad is an Air Force enlisted member who later fought in the Vietnam War. According to her father, Dennis Rodman, he is the oldest of 47 children. Hence, Trinity should have about 46 Uncles and Aunts put together.

A collage of Trinity's grandma, Shirley Rodman with Dennis Rodman.
A collage of Trinity’s grandma, Shirley Rodman with Dennis Rodman.

Trinity Rodman has two notable aunts, Debra and Kim. Dennis Rodman, her father, shared that his mother was more invested in the basketball careers of his sisters, who are considered more skilled than he was and would ridicule him when he accompanied them.

Growing up in an all-female household left him feeling “overwhelmed”. Debra and Kim went on to achieve great success in basketball, becoming All-Americans for Louisiana Tech and Stephen F. Austin, respectively. 

Untold Facts:

In the final section of the global soccer star’s Biography, we’ll unveil more truths you might need to learn about the Washington Spirit forward. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Trinity Rodman Salary & Net Worth:

She earned a lot of money throughout her career as a successful soccer player, and her primary source of income is professional soccer. She has made headlines after signing a four-year contract extension with the Spirits, with an option for a fifth season in 2025.

According to the Washington Post, the new four-year deal is said to be worth $1.1 million. Rodman became the highest-paid player in NWSL history as a result.

Trinity’s annual earnings will amount to $281,000, which is higher than the $250,000 salaries of Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, two prominent United States women’s national team superstars.

In 2021, the Washington Post reported that Trinity Rodman signed a three-year contract with the league. The agreement included a base salary of $42,000, housing, and bonuses comparable to what other players in the NWSL were earning.

However, according to Octagon Soccer, Rodman’s agency, her salary was the highest in the league’s history. The Spirit could pay Rodman above the league’s maximum salary by using allocation money, a spending allowance exceeding salary limits and team budget caps.

Many speculate Trinity will soon emerge as a star for the USWNT and reach the heights of Morgan and Rapinoe. Trinity also manages a monetized YouTube channel under her name, contributing to her income.

Trinity Rodman FIFA:

The football rookie who earned the title of the 2021 NWSL Rookie of the Year has demonstrated exceptional performance and consistency in her playing techniques. According to FIFA 23, her overall rating is 83, and her potential rating is 91.

Trinity Rodman has a 4-star skill move rating and prefers shooting with her right foot. Per her FIFA rating, her superior strengths are her skills (just like Rose Lavelle), movement (similar to Mallory Swanson), and power.

Even the most skilled player can enhance their performance since there is always scope for improvement. Therefore, work must improve her awareness, interceptions, and aggression and witness progress in these areas.

Trinity Rodman has a 4-star skill move rating and prefers shooting with her right foot.
Trinity Rodman has a 4-star skill move rating and prefers shooting with her right foot.

Trinity Rodman Religion:

Like many public figures, her religious belief is widely undiscussed in the media. Trinity Rodman has kept information about her religious affiliation private.

As a professional athlete, she is likely focused on her career and may prefer to keep her personal beliefs confidential.

However, from history, she belongs to a long line of Christians who believe and work according to the Christian faith. They may be Catholics. Little wonder her mum sent her to a Christian school, JSerra Catholic High School.

Trinity Rodman Books:

Like her father, Dennis Rodman, who authored two books – “Bad as I Wanna Be” in 1996 and “I Should be Dead by Now” in 2005, Trinity Rodman has also taken up writing.

Her debut book, “Wake Up and Kick It”, is a children’s book published in collaboration with Adidas. Unlike a typical bedtime story, the book aims to inspire young readers to pursue their passions and dreams.

Rodman hopes that the narrative will not only encourage children to strive for their goals but also teach them how to navigate obstacles and challenges that come their way.

Speaking to Ebony, the soccer star expressed her joy at the possibility of her book motivating future generations to pursue their dreams. Also helping them achieve their objectives, emphasizing the importance of perseverance.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Trinity Rodman’s Biography.

Full Name:Trinity Rain Moyer-Rodman
Famous name:Trinity Rodman
Date of Birth:20th day of May 2002
Age:(21 years and 0 months)
Place of Birth:Newport Beach, California, United States
Biological Mother:Michelle Moyer
Biological Father:Dennis Rodman
Brother:DJ Rodman (Dennis Thayne "DJ" Rodman Jr)
Sister:Alexis Caitlyn Rodman (Half-sister)
Boyfriend:Riley Majano
Notable relative(s):Shirley and Philander Rodman, Jr. (paternal grandparents), Debra and Kim (Aunt).
Profession:Professional Footballer
Major teams:So Cal Blues, Washington State Cougars, Washington Spirit, and the United States National team.
Jersey Number:2 (Washington Spirit)
Education:Corona del Mar High School, JSerra Catholic High School
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Taurus
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight:58 kg (127 lbs)
Net Worth:$1,000,000
Ethnicity/Race:African American


Trinity Rodman, daughter of NBA legend Dennis Rodman and his third wife, Michelle Moyer, was born on the 25th of May 2002, in Newport Beach, California. Despite her father’s basketball background, she was drawn to soccer at a young age.

She played club soccer for the SoCal Blues, where she scored the game-winning goal in the national championship final in 2018.

She also played high school soccer at JSerra Catholic High School. So, was named the 2019-2020 Gatorade National Girls Soccer Player of the Year. Rodman committed to playing college soccer at Washington State University in 2020.

She joined for the NWSL draft in early 2021. And So, was selected by the Washington Spirit with the second overall pick. Rodman emerged as the youngest player ever drafted into the NWSL at 19 years old.

Rodman made her professional debut in May 2021 against the Orlando Pride and scored her first professional goal a few weeks later against the North Carolina Courage.

She has shown incredible potential as a player, impressing fans and coaches alike with her speed, technical skill, and goal-scoring ability.

Rodman has also represented the United States in international fixtures. She played in the 2018 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup against Uruguay. Also, helping the team win the 2020 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship by scoring nine goals on her own.

They nominated her for the US 2020 Soccer Young Female Player of the Year. Afterwards, she won the same honour in 2021.

In addition to her soccer career, Rodman has authored a children’s book titled Wake Up and Kick It. With her early success in the NWSL and international fixtures, Rodman has the potential to become one of the biggest successes in women’s soccer in the years to come.

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