Geyse Ferreira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Geyse Ferreira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Geyse Ferreira Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Family Background, Parents- Maria Cristina Gomes da Silva (Mother), Mr Ferreira (Father), Siblings (Aline, Geovanne, Gisele, Alisson, and José Willamy), etc.

LifeBoggers reveals details about her Ethnicity, Brazilian Family Origins, Education, Religion, etc. We will also provide the forwards Personal Life, Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Salary Breakdown.

Simply put, this Bio gives the complete History of Geyse Ferreira. We will tell you the story of the girl who vowed to bring her family out of poverty. This is the life of a child who would do anything to make sure she made her mother smile and be free of suffering.


We start Geyse Ferreira’s Bio by telling you information that occurred during his childhood and early life.

Following, we will unveil details about her football journey with her first clubs, Corinthians and Madrid CFF. And finally, explain how the Maragogi made a big move to Europe to achieve success in football.

LifeBogger aims to stir your autobiography appetite as we interest you in reading Geyse Ferreira’s Bio.

Thus, we have put together this photo album that gives the early life and rise of the Barcelona Femení. Surely she has come a long way in her football journey.

The Biography of Geyse Ferreira – From her early career years to the moment of Fame.
The Biography of Geyse Ferreira – From her early career years to the moment of Fame.

Yes, everyone knows the Striker as the 2018/19 Taça de Portugal winner. Two years later, the Brazilian footballer won the Pichichi Trophy and the South- American women’s championship.

We found a knowledge gap in our unending quest to tell you stories about Football forwards. Only a few fans have read the complete version of Geyse Ferreira’s Biography. Without wasting time, let’s begin.

Geyse Ferreira Childhood Story:

For biography starters, she uses the nicknames “Geyse” and “Pretinha”. Geyse de Silva Ferreira was born on the 27th of March 1998 to Maria Cristina Gomes da Silva (Mother) and her father, Mr Ferreira, in Maragogi, Brazil.

The Brazilian striker is the second child of 6 children of her parent’s marriage. There have yet to be any public photos of Geyse Ferreira’s mother and father. But we are sure they have played a great role in her success.

Meet Maria the woman who put a smile on her daughter's face.
Meet Maria the woman who put a smile on her daughter’s face.

Growing-Up Years:

Geyse Ferreira grew up in Maragogi, Brazil. And her family is made up of Maria Cristina “Cris” Gomes da Silva (mother) and her siblings – Aline, Geovanne, Gisele, Alisson, and José Willamy.

Maragogi is a city in Alagoas. The inhabitants are mostly Christian, and Geyse Ferreira’s family is no exception. Pretinha is not just a football lover but also a lover of Christ. Her calm nature is a hallmark of her faith.

But sadness lurked despite how beautiful it was growing with her brothers and sisters. Careful research shows that Geyse Ferreira’s father was an abuser. Thankfully, it wasn’t sexual, but he physically did harm to his wife.

We can only imagine how Geyse Ferreira’s mother must have endured all the years of harm. What about the effect it had on the kids? It was another story to tell. Nonetheless, because of this, she became a single mum as she left her husband.

So just like Kadeisha Buchanan, Geyse grew up with a single parent. Obviously, the struggles and challenges wouldn’t have been easy, but Maria gave her children her all.

Geyse Ferreira’s Early Childhood:

The love for sports came into play in the streets of Maragogi. According to Geyse Ferreira’s mother, her daughter was not used to traditional girl toys. Pretinha started her first football game with her friends on the street.

At first, Maria Cristina “Cris” Gomes da Silva was not pleased with her child’s football games. It didn’t make sense to her because, initially, it was thought to be a sport for men only. So why was her girl so involved in a dangerously injury-prone field?

So Geyse Ferreira’s mother tried all she could for the Brazilian to stop the game. After many failed efforts, she gave up and started giving her all her support. Yet, no other of Pretinha’s siblings were interested in sports. So the young girl was the only one who loved football.

Geyse Ferreira Family Background:

Pretinha’s mother, Maria Cristina Gomes da Silva, was a daycare worker. In addition, she had another job as a street sweeper with little payout.

Geyse Ferreira’s mum sponsored the career needs of her kids alone. She supported her daughter and gave her what she needed.

While Geyse Ferreria’s father was a fisherman before leaving the family. So even when he was with his wife and children, the feeding and caring were nothing to write home about.

LifeBogger can imagine the stress and harsh conditions, Geyse’s mother must have gone through. Indeed, being a single parent is very hard and comes with many challenges.

No doubt, the condition of Geyse Ferreira’s family moved her to work harder. And the sole reason was to lift her home off the shackles of poverty.

Geyse Ferreira Family Origin:

The Female soccer player comes from a beautiful city in Alagoas called Maragogi. The Reports show that Geyse Ferreira’s parents are natives of the same town. Here is a Brazilian map showing where the forward’s birthplace.

Behold Geyse Ferreira's Family origin.
Behold Geyse Ferreira’s Family origin.

The athlete shares the same Brazilian nationality as stars like Vitor Roque and Endrick Felipe.

Maragogi is known for its attractive Sandy beaches on the city’s eastern coast. The beaches attract both locals and visitors at sunset for drinks and socializing. They are also famous for the first trial running sports competition.

Geyse Ferreira’s Ethnicity:

Pretinha’s family roots are of part of the South- American descent. And those make up the minority group in Maragogi according to the 2007 census. So she is Brazilian.

Geyse Ferreira Education:

So far in our research, there was no documentation on the name of the school the talented star attended. Geyse Ferreira’s mother’s low income could not cater to her education. Or the money available was for her career.

Nonetheless, we know Maria could have wished for her daughter to be a great scholar. So if there was no cash for formal education, the young girl must have been home-schooled. And this is an appropriate option in their financial case.

Geyse Ferreira Biography – Football Story:

The young girl played Futsal for two years in Pernambuco. It is a football game smaller than a pitch but mainly indoors. After a brief stint in Futsal, she switched to football. Before finally playing for União Desportiva Alagoana (UDA) at the academy level in Brazil.

After some time, Pretinha made her first debut in Corinthians on March 2017. She played 27 matches with nine goals before moving to Spanish League for the next season. But, before that, the athlete was called to the 2015 Copa do Brasil de Futebol Feminino. It was her country’s national team.

Pretinhas' early football career.
Pretinhas’ early football career.

Geyse was on her way to being one of the essential female stars in clubs and at the international level. Yet, what were the challenges that the forward faced? Keep reading.

Geyse Ferreira Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Coming from a background with no money, the attacker was bound to face challenges. And one of them is the need for resources to develop her skills. Geyse’s talent came to light after she had moved from her small town in Brazil.

If the Marorogo native hadn’t left for Europe, she would have been confined to the small space of her hometown. Or, maybe, Ferreira could have gotten another skill and given up football.

Thankfully it didn’t have to get to that extent. As in the 2018 season, Pretinha joined the South American U-20 Women’s Championship. In addition to becoming the player of the tournament with Taça de Portugal.

Meet the 2018 trophy winner as she wields it gleefully.
Meet the 2018 trophy winner as she wields it gleefully.

The financial background of an individual is often a huge factor in success. But this Brazilian starlet has shown that money is insufficient to make fame. Nothing was stopping Geyse from being a beast on the pitch.

Geyse Ferreira Biography – Rise to Fame:

The 2020 season brought a new dawn of light for this football queen. In January, Madrid CFF got a deal with the forward. Although there were losses, Pretinha’s records were very impeccable. The Marorogi native had 20 league goals winning her Pichichi title with Asisat Oshoala.

Asisat and Ferreira awarded their Pichichin Awards. Source: CloudNine Sports.
Asisat and Ferreira awarded their Pichichin Awards. Source: CloudNine Sports.

Geyse became the first South American female to achieve honours in the Spanish league. By the 2022 season, Barcelona Femení welcomes their new team with a two-year contract.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup team in Brazil now includes the star of the Primera División. And also went for her national team in 2021, she believes, Cup. Two years later, Ferreira won the Copa América Femenina: 2022 trophy.

This is how a winner showcases her cup with pride. Source: Instagram @geyse_ferreira
This is how a winner showcases her cup with pride. Source: Instagram @geyse_ferreira

At the time of writing Geyse Ferreira’s Biography, she is one of the strongest female forwards in football. According to Fiminisa, the Brazilian striker can’t wait to continue more goals as she prepares for the 2023 World Cup. And the rest is history, they said.

Who is Geyse Ferreira Dating?

The Brazilian forward lives a very private life. So much so that there are only thirteen photos of her on her Instagram account. And a careful search reveals that she might not be in a relationship.

Yet, since she is silent about who the man in her life is, that phrase is a lost story. But maybe Geyse Ferreira’s boyfriend or girlfriend could be a footballer like her. Or is Pretinha just enjoying the bliss of being single like Kadeisha Buchanan? And at the same time, sticking with the love of her siblings.

Personal Life:

So what does a Brazilian striker do when she is not on the pitch? Well, she creates time for other activities in her life. She is a social type and loves to hang out with her friends. However, the photo shows that Geyse da Silva Ferreira loves to have- time with nature.

Geyse loves to spend off-work hours in the sea with nature. Source: Instagram @geyse_ferreira
Geyse loves to spend off-work hours in the sea with nature. Source: Instagram @geyse_ferreira

If there is something that Pretinha’s fans love about her, it must be her feisty and creative persona. And all thanks to Geyse Ferreira’s Aries zodiac sign. This made her an independent giver who always wants to see others happy; that is how to describe this.

Did you know that the Brazilian shares the same sun sign as Leah Williamson, Jadon Sancho, and Sergio Ramos?

Geyse Ferreira Lifestyle:

The Barcelona Femeni has no trace of an extravagant lifestyle. She is not a materialistic type. She keeps her wealth private and focuses on helping her family as much as possible. Going through her social media photos, you will see her dressed in only a few luxuries.

But, when it comes to Geyse Ferreira’s family, she keeps them above her needs. Especially when she recalls the effort her mother, Maria, put into getting her to where she is today. Daily Mail reveals that the striker bought a house for her household. This gesture shows that the footballer is forever grateful for their hard work.

Geyse Ferreira Family Life:

The word home and family are very dear to the heart of the Maragogi native. And at all times, she has used her little resources to ensure they become comfortable as they did for her in her early career. So let’s get to know about Ferreira’s members.

About Geyse Ferreira’s Father:

The head of the house left a memory in the heart of his kids. And it is not a good impression that Mr Ferreira gave to his children. He didn’t set a better example for his family; maybe Geyse’s father regrets it.

Geyse Ferreira’s dad was an abuser. And would regularly inflict injuries on his wife. He probably would have extended it to his children if Maria hadn’t left with the kids. If the fisherman by profession has turned a new leaf and sought help, it is not known.

About Geyse Ferreira’s Mother:

Maria Cristina “Cris” Gomes da Silva is her children’s life heroine. Every day we meet women like this who would sacrifice all to shield her kids, even from the wrath of the man who fathered them. And Gyese Ferreira’s mother is the leading example.

Geyse Ferreira's mother beside her footballer child.
Geyse Ferreira’s mother beside her footballer child.

She never broke her spirit, even when it meant working two jobs for long hours with little pay. You can imagine how her footballer daughter is very grateful for her sacrifices. And is doing all she can to make sure she is comfortable. Indeed, Maria is a sweet mother.

About Geyse Ferreira’s Siblings:

The memories the athlete’s brother and sisters gave her will remain untouched. And they are Aline, Geovanne, Gisele, Alisson, and José Willamys. Yet we are sure they are always behind their sister.

But, reports show that none of Geyse Ferreira’s siblings is in football or other sports. But despite the various life profession, the six brothers and sisters all stick together like glue.

Untold Facts:

As we conclude Geyse Ferreira’s Biography, this section reveals more details about the Barcelona teammate. Let’s get started.

Geyse Ferreira’s Religion:

Having grown up in a locality dominated by Christians, she is a staunch believer in her faith. Through her humility on and off the pitch, one will know that Geyse has a spiritual upbringing. Her cheerful giving also shows that she believes in the bible verse, “Givers never lack”.

Geyse Ferreira’s Tattoos:

The Brazilian starlet has drawings on either side of her arms. On one arm is the word family with her mother’s name. While the other side is scribbling what she holds dear to her heart.

The Tattoos of the forward on one side of her arm. Source: Instagram @geyse_ferreira
The Tattoos of the forward on one side of her arm. Source: Instagram @geyse_ferreira

Are Jesus Ferreira and Geyse Related?

Jesus is a Colombian who plays for FC Dallas in the MLC. Just like how Kadeisha and Tajon Buchanan bear the same surname, it is the same for these two players. They are only connected for their talents, but they aren’t siblings.

Wiki Summary:

The table shows all the facts to know about Geyse Ferreira’s Biography.

Full Name:Geyse de Silva Ferreir
Nicknames:Geyse" and "Pretinha"
Date of Birth:the 27th of March 1998
Place of Birth:Maragogi, Brazil.
Age:25 years and 2 months old.
Parents:Maria Cristina Gomes da Silva (Mother) and her father, Mr Ferreira
Siblings:Aline, Geovanne, Gisele, Alisson, and José Willamy.
Father's occupation:Fisherman
Mother's Occupation:Daycare worker
Playing Position:Forward
Height:5′ 4″

End Note:

The Brazilian starlet Geyse de Silva Ferreira was born on 27 March 1998 to her parents- Maria Cristina Gomes da Silva (Mother) and her father, Mr Ferreira, in Maragogi, Brazil.

Also, the striker is the second child of 6 children of her parent’s marriage. Geyse Ferreira’s siblings are Aline, Geovanne, Gisele, Alisson, and José Willamy. And they all grew up together in Maragogi in Brazil.

Geyse Ferreira’s family faced a tragedy when her parents divorced. And it was because her father was abusive to her mother, Maria. Before they went their different ways, the head of the house was a fisherman, while her mum was a cleaner.

In her father’s absence, Geyse Ferreira’s mother took over caring for the house. At that, Maria Cristina “Cris” Gomes da Silva got another job as a daycare worker. No matter how much she tried, it was barely enough for around six children in the home.

Despite the struggles, the young Brazilian started her football journey in the streets of her hometown. Geyse Ferreira’s family worked together to care for her needs and what she needed. Her first success came when she joined the Centro Olímpico and Corinthians.

While writing Geyse Ferreira’s Biography, she won the Copa América Femenina in 2022. With the Pichichi and the South American U-20 Women’s Championship Top Scorer and Player of the Tournament 2018.


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