Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known by the Nickname; ‘little bean. Our Juan Mata Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts bring to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities but few consider Our Juan Mata Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, lets Begin.

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Early Life

Juan Manuel Mata García was born on the 28th day of April 1988 in Villafranca Montes de Oca, Spain by Juan Manuel Mata Sr. (father) and Marta Garcia (mother).

Juan inherited his name from his father, Juan Manuel Mata Rodríguez who wanted his son to replicate his lifestyle and career as a footballer. Mata’s dad was also a small stature footballer during his time. His family never had the physique of a footballer. They forced their way through and had a long history of silencing and proving critics wrong. This was why Juan Manuel Mata Rodríguez wanted his son Juan Mata to follow suit.

Juan grew up in the town of Ocn de Villafranca, Burgos which at some point never felt comfortable for his dad due to lack of football opportunities for youths. At age 5, his dad migrated him from the town other named Oviedo (North West Spain) where he got football opportunities. Mata was quick to settle and start playing football there. He was a humble and hardworking child who respects his parents and followed their plans for him. Mata’s love for football grew intensively at Oviedo. His parents felt happy for their son and would allow him to take his football even to his bed.

Juan Mata Childhood Photo

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Rising to Fame

As Mata puts it, “I spent the rest of my childhood at Asturias, in Oviedo having fun and feeling more and more attracted by this sport that would eventually become my life’s passion.”

The Principality of Asturias, a region of northwest Spain, is known for its rugged coast, mountains, religious sites and medieval architecture. It was a breeding ground for footballers and above all, a home for football scouts all over Spain.

Juan Mata Childhood Glory Days

Real Oviedo was the first club of Juan Mata where he learned to play football professionally. Mata got the nickname ‘Little Bean’ for being the smallest and deadliest in his team. He single-highhandedly led his team to winning major championship as a kid.It took no time before Juan grew to having the adult facial looks we know of today.

Young Juan Mata

As he puts it in his Biography website titled, JuanMata8; “Real Madrid knocked at my door when I was 15 years old in 2006. I played four seasons for the club’s academy. I made my debut as a professional player with Castilla in the Second Division, soon after turning 18”. The ‘Little Bean’ was tagged as the main man in the the Real Madrid’s youth academy, La Fabrica. His best moment came when he single-handedly led his team to the Spanish Juvenil Cup title. 

Young Juan Mata at Madrid

Victory for Juan Mata led to Spanish club circling around him like sharks. It also meant pressure for him as regards the push to the Real Madrid senior team. However, he didn’t get the chance to play for the senior Real Madrid team because of their great Galaticos who were irreplaceable at that time. The likes of Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham and other football greats did not pave way for Juan Mata to get into the senior team.

Having observed his fustration to get into the Real Madrid senior team, his dad made the final move to pull him out of the club by deliver him to the hands of numerous scouts to compete for his signature. It was Valencia CF who finally got the opportunity to sign him.

Mata made 174 appearances and notched up 46 goals for Valencia. In the summer 2011 Arsenal made a good offer to Valencia in regard to Juan Mata but it was Chelsea that managed to sign the Spaniard in August 2011. Juan became the leader of the London club and was voted the best player of the team in 2012 and 2013. However, Mata fell out with the new manager Jose Mourinho and was looking for a new club in the season 2013/2014. Manchester United needed creativity in midfield and signed the Spaniard for 44 million euros in January 2014. The rest as they say, is now history.

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Family Life

The Juan Mata Family has its history from Burgos Spain. He was born into a football family who have a long history of proving people wrong. People who criticize their size and inability to show physicality in physical sports. They have grown in helping one another including their offspring to become relevant in football.

Juan Mata’s dad

Mata’s dad helped him in his career achievement. He was even more small statured and shorter than his son. He was a professional striker for Burgos CF in the 80’s and 90’s.


Juan Mata always credits his beloved dad for his successful life and always shares his happy moments with him and the rest of his family.

Juan Manuel Mata Rodríguez currently acts as Mata’s agent, becoming FIFA-registered in the process.

Juan Mata’s dad and agent

MOTHER: Juan Mata’s mother, Marta Garcia had hid herself from the media for private reasons. She is rumored to be the one in the picture below.

Juan Mata Mum (Rumored)

She is quite older than his dad. Juan Mata’s mum has been a full-time house wife all her life. One who hardly socialize, instead, providing house-hold support for her husband and kids.

Beloved Sister: Juan has a beloved sister and childhood best friend named as Paula Mata. Paula Mata is without doubt his biggest supporter who never cease to pray for his beloved little brother to excel in his career. They’ve been best friends since their childhood days.

Juan Mata’s Sister-Paula Mata

Even in their adult, both still find time to share time together and never forgetting and letting go their childhood friendship.

Juan Mata and Paula (Sister) having a great time together

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Relationship Life

Is Juan Mata Married?…The answer is No. He is currently unmarried but enjoys his arelationship with his beloved girlfriend Evelina Kamph.

Juan Mata’s Girlfriend- Evelina Kamph

His girlfriend, Evelina is a well know social media celebrity who has a huge list of fans. Both Mata and his girlfriend are not currently in mood to get marriage as at time of writing.   Juan Mata’s relationship life is synonymous to that of Marcus Rashford, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Davide Zappacosta. Very Much different and opposite to Karim Benzema and Raheem Sterling.

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Loved by Hollywood Celebrities

Juan Mata was thrilled to observed his meekness and gentleness is very much loved by even Holywood Celebrities. Among many, it was Hollywood star Julia Roberts that coudn’t resist having a picture with the Midfield mastero.

Juan Mata and Julia Roberts

Roberts who is best known for her role in acting has become a bold admirer of the Spanish star. She never fails to get the chance to watch him in action.

The Hollywood A-lister visited Old Trafford with her husband and three children to watch Juan Mata play against West Ham. Her kids also had a kickaround with Wayne Rooney’s children on the pitch after the game.

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Footballer and Scholar

Mata is not only good on the field, he is also an academic genius. Juan Mata has two degrees. One in Marketing and another in Sports Science.

He started studying Marketing at the Camilo José Cela University while playing for Valencia. He later continued his studies through an online programme owned by the Technical University of Madrid. This earned him a Degree in Sports Science. After his training and matchdays, Juan Mata prefers to read and make private academic research.

Juan Mata is a quick learner. He studied English and learnt it within a year having know his career path would lead him to playing for an English club. When he joined Chelsea, he never had difficulties in conversing with his English mates unlike team Spanish team mates did. Especially the likes of Diego Costa.

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Hobbies 

If you follow Mata on any of his social media networks, you’ll observed that he really loves loves travelling and sight seeing.

The Spaniard confesses that his love for travelling began when he was young, when he used to backpack around Spain in his free time.

Without doubt, Mata is obsessed with travelling. He has also found a new love in  photography. This he does whenever he  tours places.

Juan Mata Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:A Tennis Star

Mata is an avid tennis fan and considers tennis superstar, Rafael Nadal to be the greatest Spanish athlete. Both are sports greats and great friends as well.

Juan Mata and Rafa Nadal


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