Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known by the Nickname; ‘Young Old Man’. Our Anthony Martial Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life, love life and many little known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his goal scoring abilities but few considers Anthony Martial biography story which is quiet interesting. Now without further adieu, lets begin.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Early Life

Anthony Joran Martial was born on the 5th day of December 1995 in Massy, Essonne, France by migrant parents, Mr and Mrs Joran Martial. He is the last son and last born of his family of only two elder brothers and no sister.

Martial was born a catholic. As a child, he had a shy and quiet personality. More so, he was a television addict. The Sagittarius born footballer is of Guadeloupean descent. His family and that of Thierry Henry (his idol) had close relationship thanks to their similar origin. In fact, Martial’s birthplace of Massy is only a short distance from Henry’s hometown of Les Ulis.

Martial as a little boy got interested in football, thanks to his mentor (Thierry Henry) whose family was well acquainted to his. The close proximity and relationship among both families prompted healthy mentorship and a smooth start to Martial’s career. It was Anthony Martial’s parents who made the first push after recognizing football was the best route for their 3 boys instead of advancing their education. They made inquiries as regards getting Martial’s elder brothers into football followed by a career start for Martial himself.

Truly, Anthony Martial childhood story was more about a dream which was centered around  following Thierry Henry’s footsteps. He started his career in the junior ranks of CO Les Ulis, where Thierry Henry also started his illustrious career. He was a promising kid whose reputation soared very high at domestic levels thanks to his superb performances.

Martial spent his youth career with French seventh division outfit CO Les Ulis, before sealing a move to Olympique Lyonnais at the age of just 14. This was a partnership moment with Alexandre Lacazette and Bafetimbi Gomis. However, Martial’s excellent potential at Lyon became so obvious again. This led Monaco to pay €5million for his signature. (The rest they often say is history).

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Family Life

Anthony Martial came from a family of migrant who moved from Guadeloupe to France to make a better living. Guadeloupe is an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea. Upon migrating to France and in a bid to break the jinks of poverty, his family explored different options for themselves and their kids. For them, it was getting ordinary jobs to feed and survive. Football was seen as the only way out for their kids.

From a professional angle, Anthony Martial’s father (Joran) is much closer to his children as he manages their careers.

Anthony Martial’s Dad

Anthony Martial’s mother (Audrey) makes herself more available from the emotional point of view. There provides mothely supports for her sons. Martial at most times prefers to visit his mum to enjoy her home-cooked meals. However, their is something different.

It’s been revealed that  Anthony Martial’s level of introversion is a concern for his family especially his mum. According to Midfield General report, his mum is only vaguely aware of him.

She however performs the that part of a good mother who doesn’t relent but tries to be there for him especially at trying times.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Relationship Life

Anthony Martial’s Relationship life is one filled with many stories. Starting off, he is often referred to as a Love Rat. Anthony Martial met beautiful Samantha Henela Jacquelinet when he was seventeen. Both fell in love and got married just after weeks of seeing each other. Samantha saw him through by supporting him during the rise of his career.

“After training, I like to come home and find (Samantha). I am very homely and love her to be all around me.”

The lovely couple looks awesome together and they often get noticed in public places together. Their marriage has been blessed with two daughters namely, Peyton and Toto. Martial is a caring father who loves to be with his daughters.

Despite Martial’s love for Samantha, the ugly part of his Sagittarius nature tends to unveil it self thus making him to be called ‘Love Rat‘. Several allegations of seeking excitement, and adventure elsewhere have led to shakeups in his home thus leading to a dissolution of his marriage. This came when his Samantha started suspecting him of having extra an marital affair.

This is what he didn’t own up to until he was caught. Before the incident, his loyal fans saw him as one with a gentle/quiet/shy image, not gay and above all, one who only focuses on his family and successful future ahead instead of a cheat.

It was Footballlive and Brila who alerted that Martial was caught pants down by Samantha.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: What Really Happened

As far as Anthony Martial’s relationship issue is concerned, this is what was reported. The woman he cheated ON (Samantha), his ex wife indirectly and smartly teamed up with the woman he cheated WITH (X Factor wannabe Emily Wademan) to wreak revenge on him. This was what led to an outright split up from childhood sweetheart Samantha.

Anthony Martial Relationship Life

Sun Reports indicated that Samantha reached out to Emily through Snapchat and WhatsApp in an effort to indirectly befriend her after stealing her contact from Martial’s phone. This happened after a source told her of her husband’s infidelity with Emily. She had to disguise herself as Anthony Martial’s wife while reaching Emily on social media. Her aim was to get enough information about her husband’s relationship with her. Emily fell for it and gave out all what Samantha needed to know. This was what led Martial to be caught pants down with Emily in a French hotel.

Samantha praise Emily’s response to her inquiries and tagged her as a genuine friend. They have both found comfort in each other despite Samantha revealing her true self to her. Both have also labelled Anthony Martial as an awful human being.

Reason for Samantha gathering of ammunition from Emily is obvious. According to observers, ‘she is doing that so she can get every last penny (divorce monies) out of Anthony for their daughter well keep.’

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Life after Divorce 

Anthony Martial Life After divorce was something that almost ruined his career if not for intervention from the special one. Mourinho and his staff were so concerned that Martial was losing his focus that talks were held to help the youngster ­rediscover his mojo. This led to parental intervention. Anthony Martial’s parents had to moved in with him to help save his Manchester United career.

Their aim was to help him recover from his dispirited life after breakup with wife. Even Louis van Gaal noticed his family issues during his time with the club.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: How He Moved On

The Anthony Martial Love Story got another twist  following his divorce with ex wife. This time, he moved on with another. Finding love again is still seen as a miracle to many fans.

Anthony Martial love story got a comeback boost when he fell in love with Melanie DaCruz. This happened after splitting up from his wife who still finds it difficult to drop her watch dog guard on her ex husband’s affairs.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Clashing with Ex Wife

Recently after Anthony Martial found love again, there was another war of words between Samantha and Melanie Da Cruz.

The spark for the fallout was on the day of Peyton’s second birthday which is on June 10 (Note: Peyton is Martial’s first daughter). According to Great Goal Reports, Martial attended his daughter’s birthday party, and he took Melanie Da Cruz with him. Later that night, Samantha posted the following messages on SnapChat.

“The 7 longest days of my life. But it was worth it. I have to go to court, to fight for my daughter’s custody. You really don’t respect me Melanie Da Cruz. You convinced and got the father of my child to attack me for our daughter’s custody. Now i know you’ve got a lot of nerve!. Thanks for the scene your caused at the birthday. Really, you are crazy.”

Base on public views, it wasn’t Martia’s plan to attack her.

101 GreatGoal Report have also indicated that Melaniw Da Cruz have once gotten into a fight with Martial because he once smiled at his ex wife Samantha. She’s got her eyes on her man and wound’t want his mistake to repeat itself in any form.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Brothers

Eldest Brother: Dorian Martial is Anthony Martial’s elder and biggest brother. He is the first son of the Martial family. Also the first who got into football.

Interms of personality, Dorian is naturally biased by nature. Rather than play down the pressure as you might expect, he’s arguably put even more pressure on brother Anthony by saying he has the quality to captain both United and France one day. He sees his youngest brother as one with a young age but matured mind. No wonder Anthony Martial is nicknamed ‘Youngest Old Man’.

According to Dorian, “Tony cost Manchester United up to £57.6million because he will be their future captain and even that of France. He has all the qualities needed to be the captain of both teams. He has always been a natural leader right from age 6 despite being the last child of the home. My little brother isn’t someone who will shout at all the players around him. He doesn’t need to because he speaks with his incredible skills. If if notice, he acts like a talisman with unique ego and personality on the pitch. He doesn’t know the meaning of the words ‘Fear and pressure’.’ This is the view of the man who probably knows him better than any other person.

Anthony Martial immediate elder brother’s name is Johan Martial. He was born on the 30th of May 1991 (4 years older than his younger brother, Anthony) in Massy. He is a French football player who plays for Maccabi Petah Tikva as at time of writing.

He was once under the  France youth international who have earned caps with both the under-18 and under-19 french team. He was also part of the players who won the UEFA European Under-19 Championship.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Record

World Most Expensive Teenager: Anthony Martial was only 19-year-old when he was acquired by United for £36m. This has made him the world’s most expensive teenage footballer. His transfer was one that rocked French football. Kilian Mbappe is the only teenage footballer who have dominated French media more than Martial has. Peharps one who could break the record.

Anthony Martial Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: House

His simple looks and personality reflects his choice for a home.

Anthony Martial’s House

Anthony Martial lives in a road side Bungalo.



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