Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known by the Nickname; ‘The Beast’. Our Nemanja Matic Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities but few considers Nemanja Matic Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, lets Begin.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Early Life

Nemanja Matic was born on the 1st of August, 1988 in Sabac, SFR Yugoslavia by Dragan Matić (father) and Biljana Matić (mother) who were both athletes.

Matić is of Macedonian descent which was part of Yugoslavia and today’s Serbia. His parents were childhood survirors of World War II. Both Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia was once unified as Yugoslavia.

He grew up along side his brother, Uros both of whom inherited athleticism from their parents.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Youth Career

Young began his career at age five (1993) with Vrelo football club which was at that time coached by his own father who laid the foundation for his smooth career takeoff of his first son. At age 10, Matic’s parents allowed him to take a bold step which saw him leaving home to face a career without his dad’s interference. Obrenovac 1905 was his first destination in the year 1999.

“[Leaving home] was difficult for me because I was just 9,” he added. “It was also a big step from my youth career in Serbia. It was not so close to my hometown so I couldn’t come back every weekend and when you are just a boy of 9, you can feel the pain. Later on, things became normal. Football remained my work and I enjoy it. The support from my family helped. My dream of wanting to play football somewhere became a success”

He later successfully continued his youth career at 3 different youth football clubs namely  Red Star Belgrade, Obrenovac 1905, Red Star Belgrade, Partizan, Jedinstvo Ub. This happened between 1997 to 2005. The earlier suport of his dad was key to his success at these clubs. Matic was known for training very hard and also being the best player for all above mentioned clubs. The year 1997 to 2005 was known as the years he grew very tall.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Professional Career

His brilliant performance was noticed by Kolubara, where he got the beginning of his professional career in the year 2005. He played in the club for three years, but didn’t manage to get a place in the first eleven, making only 16 appearances. So unfortunate for the young lad who felt his career would finally come to a stand still.

Instead of been stucked in his misery, he initiated his transfer to Slovak club Košice in 2007 which favored him. Also, while living in the country, he also received the Slovak citizenship.

Indeed, time spent with the club turned to be very fortunate for the player, as the coach considered him to be a very potential player and let him on the field very often. In total, the Serbian made 70 appearances and amassed four goals in two seasons for the squad. His die-hard attitude led Chelsea FC scouts knocking in his door steps. Chelsea was seriously in-search for a Makalele replacement at that time.

Precisely in 2009, scouts from Chelsea got interested in Matić. In the summer 2009, a two-year contract was signed. His start to life at London club wasn’t very successful, as he appeared only sporadically as a sub.

In his words, “I was very young,” he recalls. “In my position that time were big players, Ballack, Lampard and Essien. I came here injured – I was four months out – so it was difficult for me. The Premier League is not easy for young players because it is very hard, very tough.”

“From a Slovakian team to come to the Premier League is not easy. For me it was like a dream, but I was young and it was a good experience.”

Matic was very happy to find out that he would be loaned to Vitesse. There was an accommodation between Chelsea and Vitesse by which some footballers from London club can get a workout at the academy of Dutch club during a season.

Nemanja spent the 2010/2011 season with the temporary club, netting two goals in 27 matches. In his words, ‘In Portugal I used to play against small players and I won every ball. It was more easier for me than in the premier league that had taller players.’

It was in Portugal that his career was transformed, by coach Jorge Jesus.

In the summer 2011, the Serbian footballer decided to take a strong decision in his life. The quest to never be a loanee.

Matic made a transfer to Benfica. Thou unhappy being used as a bait by Chelsea to get David Luiz, he felt satisfied in leaving the club. He joined the first team immediately and featured in 95 matches and scored 9 goals for the Portuguese club in just three seasons. While playing for the club, Matic saw the unbelievable. His team facing Chelsea in the Europa League final. Even thou his team loss narrowly, he made sure he dealth with David Luiz. This made Chelsea to rekindle their interest in him, this time promising to make him a first choice player.

It all happened in January 2014 when Chelsea made a shocking move to get the Serb back to the squad and paid €25 million for him. The rest, (even his move to Manchester United) as they say, is history.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Family Life

Namanja Matic come from a rich family background of Athletes. His parents Dragan and Biljana made their country proud in sports. Matic’s dad was a professional footballer, having played for FK Macva Sabac in the 1980s in Serbia.

Matić’s younger brother, Uroš, is also a professional footballer who plays for Danish champions F.C. Copenhagen as at time of writing. Uros’ career path has been similar to that of his brother as both pairs got trained by their father and went their seperate ways.

The Story of Uroš Matic.
The Story of Uroš Matic.

Once upon a time, the midfielder became very excited by the prospect of facing his brother’s Chelsea team in the Champions League. It was the younger Matic who ended up in defeat.

When Nemanja Matic clashed with Brother, Uroš.
When Nemanja Matic clashed with Brother, Uroš.

Uros once tried to catch up with Nemanja’s success but failed and still get stucked in his brother’s shadow. He sees his elder brother as someone who is living the dream.

In his words; ‘Nemanja may be my brother but i’m my own player realising my own kind of dream at fc copenhagen. I think I can find a really good position here in this club and to make a big name for myself” he told Goal.

Both pairs spend holidays together with their best friends ‘a football’ by their sides.

The Happy Brothers- Namanja and Uroš Matić.
The Happy Brothers- Namanja and Uroš Matić.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Relationship Life

During his first spell at Chelsea, a time saw much difficulties, Matic decided to give his personal life a chance. He met and fell in love with Aleksandra Pavić who also comes from his country of origin.

In his words; ‘My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade Aleksandra to marry me’. Both pairs had a secret wedding in 2010.

Matic weds Aleksandra.
Matic weds Aleksandra.

Nemanja Matic’s marriage to Aleksandra indeed brought success to his career. She gave him the necessary encouragement he lacked. She is no doubt his pillar and his motivator. Both have shared several successful moment together.

Aleksandra Pavić celebrates with her husband.
Aleksandra Pavić celebrates with her husband.

Nemanja and Aleksandra marriage have received its blessing. They both have a son.

The Matic Family.
The Matic Family.

Below is a picture of them looking in an estate agent as they prepare to relocate from London to Manchester.

Nemanja Matic and the Love of his Life.
Nemanja Matic and the Love of his Life.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Paying off his Village Depts

He is known for his generosicty back in his Sabac home town in Marcedonia, Serbia. He has helped his village pay back its old dept.

Nemanja Matic Pays off Village Dept.
Nemanja Matic Pays off Village Dept.

Matic have also given out to his old club Obrenovac 1905. He donated a museum to the club.

Nemanja Matic Donates Museum to Old Club.
Nemanja Matic Donates Museum to Old Club.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Reuniting with The Special One

Matic was delighted to be reunited with his former boss Jose Mourinho.

In Jose Mourinho’s words; “I would like to thank him for his desire to join us because without that, it would be impossible to have him here. I am sure our players and supporters will love him. A big welcome to our new number 31.”

In Matic words;  “I am delighted to have joined Manchester United,” he added. “To work with Jose Mourinho once again was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. This is a very exciting time for the club and I am looking forward to playing my part in creating more history for this great club.””

Jose Mourinho and Nemanja Matic’s love for each other is second to none.

The Bond between Nemanja Matic and Jose Mourinho.
The Bond between Nemanja Matic and Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho saw a green light in his chase for Matic after noticing Antonio Conte’s defensive midfield interest lying more on Tiemoure Bakayoko, N’Golo Kante.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Getting help from an old friend

Matic is welcomed to his first training session by another former Chelsea player –Juan Mata who showed him around and helped him settle down.

Nemanja Matic reunion with an old friend.
Nemanja Matic reunion with an old friend.

Both Matic and Mata shared close friendship during their spell at Chelsea FC.

Nemanja Matic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Car Choice

Finally on things about Matic is his car choice. For every clubs he goes, he chooses to have at least a car that has the same colour as the club’s jersey. This is the case for both Chelsea and Manchester United as seen below.

Matic's car choice to match club colours.
Matic’s car choice to match club colours.

He is a lover of Mercedes when it comes to driving bigger vehicles.

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