Jannik Vestergaard Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Jannik Vestergaard Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Jannik Vestergaard tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend turned Wife, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we present you with a concise Bio of Vestergaard from his early moments, to when he became famous. To give you a taste of the engaging nature of his Memoir, here is a pictorial summary of his life progression.

Jannik Vestergaard Life Story
Jannik Vestergaard’s life story.

Yes, everyone knows he is one of the tallest CBs to have played in England. More so, he has been rated by BBC Readers as one of the top 10 players of 2020/2021 Premier League season. Despite the accolade, we realize that only a few fans have read his Life Story. To serve you better, we’ve prepared his Memoir and without further ado, let’s begin.

Jannik Vestergaard Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his nickname is “Veserguard”. Jannik Vestergaard was born on the 3rd day of August 1992 to his mother, Wiebke and father, John at the town of Hvidovre, located in the suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Big Dane is the only son of three children born of the union between his loving parents. Behold, Jannik’s look-alike Dad and beautiful mum. They appear to be in their early 50’s.

Jannik Vestergaard Growing-Up Days:

The Danish player has two sisters (Anna and Marie) whom he spent most of his early years with. As a Boy, he did love football (and nothing else). In fact, every one of his family could sense he was special from the moment he was born. Behold little Jannik and his loving mum and sisters.

He grew up alongside two sisters Anna and Marie
He grew up alongside two sisters Anna and Marie.

Did you know?… Jannik’s love for soccer earlier raised questions than admiration for two reasons. First, his parents (Wiebke and John) and two sisters (Anna and Marie) were all into music. Secondly, his height favoured extremely popular Danish sports – basketball and handball.

Jannik Vestergaard Family Background:

Thanks to his household’s profitable interest in music, the family lived and fared comfortably as middle-class citizens. We have photos of the then kid having fun at amusement parks among other memorable moments. Hence, he wasn’t a poor child.

Childhood photo of Vestergaard with his sister Anna at an amusement park
Childhood photo of Vestergaard with his sister Anna at an amusement park.

Also, there was no pressure on Vestergaard to jump on the music bandwagon as his parents admirably watched him become passionately involved in football. Lest we forget, his granddad and uncle and cousin were footballers before him.

Jannik Vestergaard Family Origin:

No doubt, the Danish player’s name might not give you German vibes when pronouncing it. Although, some of his ancestors have their roots from West Germany – precisely Krefeld.

Did you know?… one of Jannik Vestergaard’s parents (his mum Wiebke) is German while his Dad (John) is pure Danish. Results from our research indicate he has German roots via matriarchy.

Jannik Vestergaard Untold Career Story: 

Did you know that Denmark star was only four when he took his first steps in competitive football with the local club Vestia BK? When the time became right, Jannik then moved to a more renowned side – Bk Frem.

Certainly, getting the best training could only come with the biggest Danish academy. So in a bid to get a bigger challenge, Jannik Vestergaard’s parents did push for their son to have trials at FC Copenhagen. Thankfully, he gained admission there.

Early Years in Football:

It is worthwhile to note here that the footballer used to be a midfielder and attacker during his early moment in football. As Vestergaard got taller and taller, they made him step back from forward and midfield roles until he ended up as a defender. Here is little Jannik (back then) as he smiles.

The defender's growth sprut made problems for him during his early career
His growth spurt made him change roles during his early moment in professional football.

At the peak of his career with Copenhagen, the football prodigy hit a growth spurt such that his body could not adapt to the game. Thus, the 15-year-old began losing interests in football — no thanks to being forced to sit on benches.

Jannik Vestergaard Biography — Road To Fame Story:

Fortunately, the teenager didn’t give up on football but joined rival club Brondy on his own initiative. At this time, Jannik Vestergaard’s parents had agreed for their son to drop out of school so he can focus more on the game. Ironically, it was when he was playing in a city derby against his ex-club FC Copenhagen that a scout from 1899 Hoffenheim noticed him.

When the scout observed Jannik a few weeks later during an indoor game at Linkenheim, he confirmed his faith in his capabilities and had him signed to the club. For the first time, Jannik Vestergaard’s family members were stunned to see their beloved leave them for another country. Thou it was all for good.

Again, the defender’s latter time at Hoffenheim wasn’t rosy. At 22, Vestergaard had a stagnated performance with doubts if he would ever get to fulfil his football dreams. Just when all hopes seemed lost, Werder Bremen came seeking his services in 2015.

Everything seemed to shock him at Hoffenheim including Less playtime
Everything seemed to shock him at Hoffenheim including Less playtime.

Jannik Vestergaard Success Story:

It was at Bremen that the Great Dane had the best of his rise in football such that he did admit later that Werder Bremen’s boost saved him.

“I’ll always be very grateful to Werder. They put faith in me when interested clubs were hardly lining up for me.”

Again, when he joined Borussia Mönchengladbach from Werder, he began hitting top form. In no time, Big Veserguard was already courting interests from top English clubs. As papers put it, Jannik Vestergaard did establish himself as a lynchpin of the Mönchengladbach defence.

Signing for Southampton was a dream come true for the defender
Signing for Southampton was a dream come true for big Veserguard.

When he eventually joined Southampton in 2018, it didn’t take long before he began drawing comparisons to Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk for reasons not far off his commanding presence in the air. To tell the truth, Jannik Vestergaard’s height (1.99 m or 6.6 feet) plus hard work has pushed him from a near-zero to an undoubted hero.

Fast forward to when LifeBogger did produce his childhood story and biography, he has established himself with The Saints as another successful Danish talent — just like his compatriot Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. The rest, as they say, will be history.

Who is Jannik Vestergaard Wife? 

There is a blondie that has been in Veserguard’s life before 2009. She has been with the defender since his youth days — even before he was at Brondy. Thus, she must have shared in the Big Dane’s travails and minor triumphs until his breakthrough with Southampton.

This photo of the couples was taken in 2009
This photo of the couples was taken in 2009.

Her name is Pernille Vennike, and she is Vestergaard’s wife. Like Martin Braithwaite, Jannik decided he would get married once he is fully settled – professionally.

The lover and his then-girlfriend walked down the aisle in 2018 and have been together, living every moment of their happy thereafter with a son (born 2019) to share in their joy. Behold a photo of Vestergaard’s wife smiling joyfully alongside her husband on the occasion of their wedding.

Jannik Vestergaard and his wife Pernille Vennike were married in 2018
Jannik Vestergaard and his wife Pernille Vennike were married in 2018.

Jannik Vestergaard Family Life:

There is a set of people who don’t define their relationship with him by what he does on the football pitch. They only need him to be the man he is and not the football player the world sees him as. They are the Vestergaard family!

Behold the Vestergaards family
Behold the Vestergaards family.

Here, we bring you more facts about Jannik Vestergaard parents and siblings. In addition, we will outline facts about his relatives.

Facts about Jannik Vestergaard’s Father:

John is the name of the Great Dane’s dad. He is a onetime professional musician, specifically a pianist who studied economics at the University. The supportive dad is of Danish family origin and reportedly met his wife (Vestergaard’s mom – Wiebke) in Copenhagen at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. There, both fell in love while they were studying to become professional musicians.

Facts about Jannik Vestergaard’s Mother:

Wiebke is the name of the Veserguards mom. She was born in 1967 at Krefeld, West Germany. Wiebke has German family roots and has an extensive career in the music industry as a cellist. In fact, as at the age of six, Jannik’s mum started playing the cello at a German local music school.

Super mum, Wiebke was a member of the European Union Youth Orchestra from 1986-1989. The veteran musician has been employed by Copenhagen Phil since 1991.

Thanks to her, Vestergaard once had the option of turning up for the German national team. Instead, he decided to join Denmark because his mother agreed it was in the best interests of his profession.

Facts about Jannik Vestergaard Siblings:

The Great Dane’s two sisters Anna and Marie are his biggest fans and only siblings. Although the duo looks identical, they were born years apart but share a very close bond. Check out the height difference between Jannik and his sisters.

Meet Jannik Vestergaard sisters.
Meet Jannik Vestergaard sisters.

About Jannik Vestergaard Relatives:

To speak of the defender’s ancestry particularly his paternal grandparents is akin to sailing uncharted waters. However, we can confidently report that his maternal grandfather Hannes Schröers is a former German professional footballer with an extensive history with West Ham United.

Have you seen this old photo of Vestergaard grandfather as a West Ham player
Here is Vestergaard grandfather as a West Ham player?

Similarly, Vestergaard’s uncle Jan Schröers and cousin Mika Schröers were also footballers for Bayer 05 Uerdingen and Borussia Mönchengladbach respectively. In the meantime, there aren’t records of the defender’s maternal grandmother while his uncle, aunts, nephews, and nieces are not yet known.

Jannik Vestergaard Personal Life:

In the words of the Southampton Legend:

“I love football and everything about it, but it’s not the No1 thing in my life.”

Widely known as a friendly giant, Vestergaard is a soft-spoken individual. He is one of the nicest people you will ever come across and still regarded as very humble by people not even in his income class.

Are you big on Instagram? You will have no worries getting likes and comments on your post if you have Vestergaard following you. Also, Google Translate got nothing on the defender who has a good command of English, his country’s language and German.

Isn't he the perfect gentleman
Isn’t he the perfect gentleman?

They say time does change people but the 6 feet tall player hasn’t changed a bit of his likeable nature. He is still a down to earth smart chappy that teammates will forever not shy from describing as a friend.

Activities that make up his list of hobbies and interests include reading, American football, vacationing, watching movies and spending good time with family and friends.

Lifestyle and Net worth:

Having read much of our content on the life and rise of Veserguard, it will be easy to believe that the best way to amass a net worth 15.8 Million Euros before the age of 30 is to tread his paths yeah?

You can achieve the same financial breakthrough as the defender even if football is not your line of trade. But you should be able to earn an annual salary of £3,120,000 and a weekly wage of £60,000 like he currently does.

There’s a lot of needs you can satisfy with such huge earnings, including getting yourself a pleasant house in Winchester, England. Also, you wouldn’t mind getting yourself an all-weather exotic car just like Vestergaard did with the car below.

Behold the football genuis car covered in snow
Behold the football genius car covered in snow.

Facts About Jannik Vestergaard:

To wrap up our engaging article on his childhood story and bio, here are little-known or Untold truths about him.

Fact #1 – Southampton wage breakdown and Earning Per Seconds:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year£3,120,000
Per Month£260,000
Per Week£59,908
Per Day£8,558
Per Hour£357
Per Minute£5.95
Per Second£0.09

We’ve strategically put up an analysis of Jannik Vestergaard’s earnings as the clock ticks. Check out for yourself how much he has made since you came here.

Since you started viewing Jannik Vestergaard’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Truth be told, Big Veserguard is among the top Danish Football players who earn lots of monies abroad. Did you know?… the average Dane who earns 750 euros per week need to work for 80 weeks (1.5 years) to meet up Jannik’s weekly wages at Southampton.

Fact #2 – Religion:

Vestergaard dad’s name is John while his sisters bear the name Anna and Marie. In addition, has once met with the Bishop of Rome and Pope Francis. What more do we need to give him a Christian tag?

Fact #3 – FIFA 2020 Rating:

An overall rating of 77 points with a potential of 78 doesn’t look good on Vestergaard. Even if a lot of fans might want to believe that the rating is fair, we know a part of them screams above 83. The truth is, Jannik’s game does place him on the same level as Kasper Schmeichel (84).

Fact #4 – Pet:

Players like Vestergaard make a celebrity out of pets particularly dogs. It’s hard not to observe that he has a serious-looking doggie named Brady. We suggest he should name it Buddy, given that they are almost inseparable.

A rare photo of Vestergaard flying with his dog Brady
A rare photo of Vestergaard flying with his dog Brady.

Fact #5: Saddest Moment of his Southampton Days:

Remember the Southampton (0)-(9) Leceister match of the 25th of October 2019? If you do, then you probably know the worst day and the biggest loss of the defender’s entire professional career.

Fact #6: His Southampton Debut ended in Blood:

No doubt, people say Welcome to the Premier League! — for a reason. Jannik’s EPL debut saw his parents and family members holding their breath. In case you have forgotten, the Southampton new boy was CAUGHT OFF GAARD and did suffer a bloody nose on his first day at work in England.

In Conclusion:

Thanks for reading this informative piece about the Giant Dane. Jannik Vestergaard’s biography inspires us to believe that the road to success is not always smooth, but at last, it always assures us a profitable end if only there is hard work. No doubts, Jannik Vestergaard is loyal to Southampton FC and he is already considered a Saints legend.

It behoves us now to commend the Jannik Vestergaard’s parents for their support to his career in words and deeds. Even when he told his family his intentions to drop out of school they stood by him, whispering:

“Chase your dreams, follow your passion and you can always come back if it doesn’t turn out the way you dream. You can go back to school.”

At lifebogger, we take pride in delivering childhood stories and biography facts with accuracy and fairness. If you observe anything that doesn’t look right, do well to contact us or leave a message below. To get a quick grasp of Jannik Vestergaard’s Bio, here is his Wiki table summary.

Wiki InquiriesBiography Facts
Full Name:Jannik Vestergaard.
Age:28 years and 3 months old.
Date of Birth:3rd day of August 1992.
Place of Birth:The town of Hvidovre in Denmark.
Parents:Wiebke (mom) and John (father).
Siblings:Anna and Marie.
Wife:Pernille Vennike.
Children:A son as of November 2020.
Hobbies:American football, vacationing, watching movies and spending good time with family and friends.
Net Worth:15.8 Million Euros (2020 stats)
Heigh in Feet:6 feet, 6 inches.
Heigh in meters:1.99 m.

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