Dusan Tadic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Dusan Tadic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Lifebogger presents the Full Story of a Serbian Football Legend best known by the nickname The Denigrator“.

Our Dusan Tadic Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis involves his early life, family background, life story before fame, rise to fame story, relationship, and personal life.

Yes, everyone knows about his tactical intelligence as an attacking midfielder. However, not many fans have read a concise version of Dusan Tadic’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Dusan Tadic Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For starters of his Biography, Dusan Tadic was born on the 20th day of November 1988. He was born to his mother, Marija Tadić, and father, Petar Tadić, in Bačka Topola, Serbia. Below is a photo of his lovely parents.

Meet Dusan Tadic's Parents. His Dad, Petar Tadić and Mum, Marija Tadić.
Meet Dusan Tadic’s Parents. His Dad, Petar Tadić and Mum, Marija Tadić.

Dusan Tadic’s parents; Petar and his beloved wife Marija started life as farmers and were comfortable operating a middle-class family household.

Despite being born in Serbia, Dusan’s family have their ancestors from Hungary. Today, the people of Hungary constitute over half of the population of Bačka Topola in Serbia.

Growing up, Dustan never looked into picking a career in agriculture, forestry, fishing or Mining. He saw football as his escape route. Dusan started out by playing local football with his brother and friends.

As a boy, he idolized Thierry Henry, and he had a soft spot for Arsenal. 

Those evenings spent in the local fields clearly paid dividends, as he was among a few selected after a successful trial with his local football team, TSC Bačka Topola.

Dusan Tadic Biography Facts – Early Career Life:

Tadić grew up honing his skills within the youth ranks of his hometown’s club AIK Bačka Topola. He had a pleasant childhood experience at the club and remained their best player throughout the age groups.

The early career years of Tadic.
Tadić polished his skills in AIK Bačka Topola’s youth ranks, standing out as their top player through the age levels.

It was the wish for every young footballer to dream of playing in bigger clubs, and little Dusan wasn’t an exception.

Like many young players, Dusan aspired for bigger clubs. In 2006, his drive led him to Vojvodina, a prominent club in Serbia's Novi Sad, near his Bačka hometown.
Like many young players, Dusan aspired for bigger clubs. In 2006, his drive led him to Vojvodina, a prominent club in Serbia’s Novi Sad, near his Bačka hometown.

His determination led to an acquisition by another youth team, Vojvodina, in the year 2006. Vojvodina is a football club located in Novi Sad, the second largest city in Serbia and the administrative centre in his Bačka hometown.

“Novi Sad is a really beautiful city, and the club is really nice. It is one of the best youth academies in Serbia.” ” Dusan once said… 

Dusan Tadic Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Young Dusan soon took the next career step in Vojvodina’s youth development, which saw him earning a professional contract with the club.

Behold the Rising Star, a young Dusan Tadic, during the early stages of his blossoming football career.
Behold the Rising Star, a young Dusan Tadic, during the early stages of his blossoming football career.

While playing for Vojvodina, he gained both national and European recognition, especially when playing for top-flight teams like Atlético Madrid.

Such European exposure showed his impact on his team. In addition, Dusan saw himself leading his team into two Serbian Cup finals in the 2006–07 and 2009–10 seasons. This feat got scouts from Europe, placing him on their watching list.

At the age of 20, Dustan already had his first goal at the 2009–10 UEFA Europa League. At the end of that season, he found himself in FC Groningen in the Netherlands.

Dusan Tadic Bio – Rise to Fame:

Dusan didn’t just start scoring goals as soon he landed in the Netherlands. He was literally an assist king.

Did you know?… Dusan once got a European award for the third-highest number of assists in Europe in the 2010–11 season. He was behind Lionel Messi (25 assists) and  Mesut Özil (26 assists).

This recognition got teams interested in him, and a transfer to Twente came in 2012. While at the club, Dusan aspired to play in the premier league.

Seeing the path taken by Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in moving to his beloved Arsenal motivated his choice for Southampton FC. Tadić became the first signing under Ronald Koeman on 8 July 2014.

Ironically, his first goal for Southampton became a winning goal against Arsenal in 2014.

This feat ignited his willingness to see his 4-year contract through with the Saints whose fans were already in love with him thanks to their Dusan Tadic chant. Watch chant video below;


National Rise to Fame:

Two years later, Dusan became the most important footballer in his country, and this led to a national award (Best Serbian footballer 2016).

“An Important day for me. A moment to remember”, Dusan once said as he received his Serbian footballer of the year award.

Saving the Saints from Relegation:

Asides from his national award, Dusan also became a record-breaker for the Saints as he once won the Premier League record for the most assists (4) in a single match.

Sadly in the final year of his contract, Dusan saw himself and his teammates struggling to keep the club in the premier league.

This was the moment he vowed on wearing only pants if a premier league stay was ensured. Finally, it happened. Dusan Tadic fulfilled his promise after winning the relegation battle.

In June 2018, Dusan moved on with Erik ten Hag‘s Ajax, where he continued to shine. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dusan Tadic Wife (Dragana Vukanac) and Child:

The Ajax Legend is one of those footballers whose romances escape the scrutiny of the public eye simply because his early love life is drama-free.

Dusan, in the year 2013, got married to his beloved wife, Dragana Vukanac.

Introducing Dragana Vukanac, the wife of Dusan.
Introducing Dragana Vukanac, the wife of Dusan.

As of 2018, the couple has been blessed with three children, namely; Vasily, Veljko, and Tara.

Five years from 2018 and still counting, the marriage of Dusan and Dragana has been very stable, and there are no rumours of divorce or separation.

The secret to their marriage is highly attributed to Dragana Vukanac, who many have described as a very lady.

Dragana Vukanac has done everything within her powers to encourage her husband Dusan. She might not be as beautiful as other footballers’ WAG, but she definitely has her self-styled approach to making her man happy.

Dusan knows for sure that at least one of his children will ever follow in his footsteps.

Personal Life:

Getting to know Dusan Tadic’s personal life surely helps you get a complete picture of him. Starting off, he is handsome and has a typical Alvaro Morata Spanish look.

Tadic is very relaxed in a way that is almost disarming. He has a placid demeanour which suggests that nothing is big enough to irritate or ruin his mood.

Away from football, Dusan often finds himself on the basketball court with close friends. Just like football, he also follows the Basketball League of Serbia.

Speaking about the NBA, Dusan is a fan of the Lakers, and his favourite basketballer is LeBron James.

Untold Facts:

The Blood Story:

“It is hard to watch your child lying in a pool of his blood.”Dusan’s mum Marija was crying and screaming at home, “I could not calm her down, in the end, she had to drink Bensedin to relieve her fears” 

Tadic’s father Petar told Serbian newspaper SportBlic. That statement happened after his son received a challenge from Wales’ left-back Taylor.

As seen from the video below, it was a horrible moment that brought fear to all members of the Dusan Tadic Family, including his parents, who were in their home in Backa Topola watching the match.

“Instead of a “prison sentence” Taylor did not get a yellow card, and Joe Ledley and Garrett Bale even smiled wickedly,” said Dusan’s dad.

Immediately after the incident, Dusan’s father, Petar, and some of his relatives wanted to sit on the first plane flight to Cardiff for a showdown with the Welsh football authorities and possibly beat Taylor.

In fact, as Tadic was treated, his concerns weren’t about the pains or blood gushing down his nose, BUT to his wife and kids, which he continuously looked at him in tears as he watched them.

All the pressure and nerves from Dusan Tadic’s family became calm after his father placed a call two minutes after the match to assess the situation.

I ask him, “How’s your nose? and told him about my plans for a showdown” And my son said: “Let go dad, don’t come to Wales. My injury will be healed”.

Former Serbia coach Muslin later spoke to calm his dad, saying he had asked Dusan to be taken off the pitch, but he refused, stressing that his warrior son had to continue the game.

“He told me that I have a son who is a real warrior in the field.” said Petar.

Pronouncing his Name:

Had you known?… English people had pronounced his first name incorrectly throughout his stay with the Saints. Tadic himself is not offended by that. Instead, he often laughs and says that “Dushan” is the right way to say his name.

Fact Check:

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