Quincy Promes Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Quincy Promes Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Quincy Promes tells Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Wife, Children, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In logical terms, we present you the Footballer’s journey from his early days, to when he became famous. To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his cradle and rise gallery — a perfect summary of Quincy Promes’ Bio.

The Early Life and Rise of The Money Wolf.
The Early Life and Rise of The Money Wolf.

Yes, everyone knows he is supremely talented with an eye for pace and scoring goals. However, only a hand few of football fans consider our Quincy Promes Biography, which contains the story about the Ajax stars’ arrest on a serious stabbing incident. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Quincy Promes Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “The Money Wolf.” Quincy Anton Promes was born on the 4th day of January 1992 to his mother (a housekeeper) and father (an ex-footballer) in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He came to the world one of two sons born to his lovely Surinamese parents found here.

Meet Quincy Promes Parents. Image Credit- Instagram
Meet Quincy Promes Parents.

Although born in the Netherlands, Quincy Promes has his family origin from Suriname, a South American country and former colony of the Netherlands. NOTE: This is the country -the following footballers; Clarence Seedorf, Edgar Davids and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink came from.

Quincy Promes Family Origin:

His parents in addition to many Suriname families were among those who migrated to the Netherlands throughout the early 1990s because of the tough economic situation in the South American country. Also to note, the people of Suriname have their family roots from Sub-Saharan Africa with lots of them with West African ancestry. See below a map that helps explains Quincy Promes Family roots.

Quincy Promes Family Roots Explained. Image Credit- ULC
Quincy Promes Family Roots Explained.

Early Years:

Qunicy Promes grew up alongside his brother who little is known about in Amsterdam, Netherland. He didn’t come from a wealthy family background. In fact, his parents were like other migrants in the city who did menial jobs and never have the best education for a decent white-collar job. Early on as a child, Promes wasn’t interested in the newest collections of toys as gift form his parents, only a football which he was contented with.

Quincy Promes began playing the ball right from the moment he could walk. Image Credit- Twitter
Quincy Promes began playing the ball right from the moment he could walk.

Quincy Promes Education and Career Buildup:

According to research, the best age to acquire football education is from 6 to 10. For Promes, it began right from the moment he could walk, all thanks to his dad who made efforts to continue living his football dreams through his son. Promes dad who was a former amateur footballer in Suriname before he migrated to the Netherlands. Having a football-loving person for a dad, it was easy for Promes to fall in love with the beautiful game.

Qunicy Promes Mum wasn’t okay with his football: In order to continue living football dreams of his dad, Promes early on agreed with his dad, that he was going to be a footballer. He was over-zealous in the mission to become a pro, a feat which saw him play football in the morning, afternoon and evening.

This development didn’t augur well with his mother who was concerned with her little Promes not studying enough, staying out so late without remembering to do his homework and house chores. As a result, Promes would sometimes be grounded by his mother. Getting tamed indoors by her didn’t stop his ambitions from becoming a pro.

The Early Years of Quincy Promes. Image Credit- Instagram
The Early Years of Quincy Promes.

Early Career Life:

The joy expressive his family members including his mum who earlier had doubts about his career had no bounds when Promes passed Ajax trials and got himself enrolled with his local club. While in the academy, Promes idolized Ronaldinho. However, his dad continued to be his most important role model, one who was with him all through his early years with Ajax.

Quincy Promes Early Life with Football. Image Credit: Instagram
Quincy Promes Early Life with Football.
As Quincy Promes continued to mature, he saw himself settling well into life with the Academy. He was the outgoing kind of kid- a sort of a leader who presided over his team affairs. Below is a piece of video evidence of the brave kid as he performs his leadership duties with Ajax TV.

Quincy Promes Biography- Road to Fame Story:

When The Going Got Tough: At the time he was 16 years, Quincy Promes’ began to get into all kinds of troubles with the club’s management. Ajax accused him of exhibiting bad behavior, a development that threatened his academy graduation and stay at the club. Sadly, in the year 2008 (still aged 16), Promes’ contract with Ajax was terminated and he was told to leave the club as a result of what was termed “Bad Behaviour”.
Almost Quitting Football: Being rejected from Ajax caused so much pains that Promes thought of quitting football. It took the effort of his parents (especially his mum) to persuade him to go back to football, making him understand that- The best teacher was Failure. Promes soon realized it was okay to make mistakes and this helped him grow up to become a better person.

Moving On: Promes got another club- HFC Haarlem where he played for a year before the club went bankrupt. Just before the bankruptcy, he sought an escape by attending trials with FC Twente who allowed him to join their academy.

FC Twente proved to be the right step for him as he secured academy graduation and a callup to the reserve team. Learning from his past, Promes began to show great maturity both on and off the pitch. In the same season, his matured behavior saw him getting awarded captain of Jong FC Twente by Dutch legend and coach, Patrick Kluivert. He later progressed on loan with Dutch club named ‘Go Ahead Eagles‘ where he met Erik ten Hag and became his best player. Little did Promes know his loyalty would make Erik ten Hag (future Ajax coach) would be the man to get him back to Ajax, the club of his dreams.

The Money Wolf and Erik ten Hag worked together for a season at Go Ahead Eagles.
The Money Wolf and Erik ten Hag worked together for a season at Go Ahead Eagles.

The Big Decision: Despite the maturity thing, Promes was determined to play well, get better offers and negotiate for big monies. Dreaming that big, his teammates would play jokes, calling him the “Money Wolf“. After scoring 11 goals for FC Twente and another 13 for loan-bound Go Ahead Eagles football club, Promes’ merits began to attract a host of European clubs.

Quincy Promes Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

Beautiful things began to come his way. First, Promes got a call from the Dutch national team. Secondly, his negotiations with Spartak Moscow triggering a big-money move as he had always dreamt of. Many people questioned Promes’ choice for Russia they rumored MONEY was No:1 factor for him and not Football. This saw him re-claiming the name “The Money Wolf“.

Life in Russia: Promes left for Russia at such a young age, with the mind-set of proving his critics wrong. While in Russia, he made a statement to his wealth before field performance. As regards showing off his wealth, Promes made videos where he showcased expensive clothes, the things he bought with monies coupled with a media lift to his penthouse. This further raised doubts on the minds of fans whether Promes could handle life as a football player. After some thoughts about his behavior coming back to hunt him, Promes decided to delete all videos, going back to focus on his career.

Promes had a good beginning to his Russian career as he picked up a number of goals and delivered a number of good assists. The skillful pacy winger with a growing maturity became the most talented player in the Russian top flight as he won several league player of the month awards. Silencing his critics, Promes went on to become the highest goal scorer in the league. His goals helped Spartak Moscow win the Russian premier league (2016-2017), the Russian Super Cup (2017) and a 2 time player of the year award.

The Dutch's Rise to Fame Story- He won everything there is to be won in Russia.
The Dutch’s Rise to Fame Story- He won everything there is to be won in Russia.

Rather than crumble, the football genius grew from strength to strength, moving to Sevilla and later Ajax, where he has paid back his dues. At the time of writing, Quincy Promes is currently among the endless production line of amazing footballers who are reviving Dutch football after the country’s 2018 World Cup qualification failures. The rest, as they say, is now History.

About Quincy Promes Wife and Children:

With his Rise to Fame in football, it is certain that lots of football fans, especially female admirers must have wondered if Quincy Promes has a girlfriend or whether he is single and still searching.

Who is Quincy Promes Girlfriend?... Is he still single and searching?... Image Credit- Instagram
Who is Quincy Promes Girlfriend?… Is he still single and searching?…

There is no denying the fact that Quincy Promes handsome looks, maturity, coupled with his career honours wouldn’t make him a better boyfriend and husband (which is currently is at the time of writing). Behind the successful footballer, there exists a glamorous wife. Promes is married to his wife (pictured below) and together, they have three kids- two girls and a boy.

Their third child, named Noakin, was born on 8 May 2017, just shortly after Spartak Moscow was confirmed as league champion.
Their third child, named Noakin, was born on 8 May 2017, just shortly after Spartak Moscow was confirmed as league champion.

Did you know?… Quincy Promes’s wife gave birth to his first son and third child (Noaquin Given Promes) on the 8th of May 2017. This new family member came just after Spartak Moscow’s league champion trophy winning.

Just like his earlier behaviors, Quincy Promes’ marriage has had some turbulence in recent times. Once upon a time, Promes was brought into the scrutiny of the public eyes when he got arrested for beating his wife in June 2018. He was released on bail, while the investigation continued.

Personal Life:

Getting to know Quincy Promes Personal Life off the pitch would help you get a complete picture of his personality.

Off the pitch, Promes spends time with his best friend- Memphis Deplay. Even thou they play in two different countries (at the time of writing), the pair often speak with each other daily. NOW, what do these two have in common?… The answer is Music and Tattoos.

Getting to know his Personal Life off the Pitch.
Getting to know his Personal Life off the Pitch.

Did you know?… Promes once released a bizarre new rap single with international compatriot Memphis Deplay. Wearing large expensive gold chains, their rap video began with the pair sitting and laughing on a luxury Rolls Royce before putting their jewelry on top of the car. Memphis Depay began rapping before the much more animated Promes took over from his best friend. Below is a piece of evidence- The video.

More so on Quincy Promes Personal Life, he has a natural likeness for Russia– the biggest country in the world which made him get the best of his career. In winter, Promes has seen cities covered in frosty white coats of snow, making every view quite special and unique. In other natural places he visited, the snowy scenery (as observed below) is positively enchanting- just another reason why he has fallen in love with Russia.

Personal Life Facts away from football- His view and experience with Russia. Credit- Twitter
Personal Life Facts away from football- His view and experience with Russia.
Lastly is his personal believe that Russian football fans are not racist. Quincy Promes Family got the best out of Russia throughout their entire stay, while he played for Spartak Moscow. The footballer neither did his parents encountered racism despite the popular belief that racism is natural in the county.


Quincy Promes Lifestyle facts would surely help you get a complete picture of his perceived living standard. Making lots of money through football transcends into an exotic lifestyle easily noticeable by his flashy Mercedes car pictured below.

Quincy Promes LifeStyle- He drives an exotic car
Quincy Promes LifeStyle- He drives an exotic car.
Also on lifestyle, deciding between practicality and pleasure is presently not a difficult choice for Promes. The always good-looking footballer is not only noted for his excellence on the pitch but the ability to buy expensive watches and live his seaside dreams.
Quincy Promes LifeStyle- Inquiries on what he spends his monies on. Image Credit- Instagram
Quincy Promes LifeStyle- Inquiries on what he spends his monies on.

Quincy Promes Family Life:

The development of footballers like every other child needs the help of family members, especially both parents, Quincy Promes parents have stood for him, helping them get where he is today.

Promes at the time of writing reside in Amsterdam with his wife, their three children, his parents and brother. Having integrated into Dutch society, his family members are presently reaping the dividends of having their very own (the breadwinner) forging his family’s own part towards financial independence, all thanks to a successful football career. Promes sees his mum as his backbone and the one who motivated him the most to get back to football when he was sacked by Ajax.

Quincy Promes appears to be more closer to his mum than his dad. Image Credit- Instagram
Quincy Promes appears to be more closer to his mum than his dad.

Quincy Promes Untold Facts:

Fact #1: Arrested for Sabbing a Family Member:

Around Mid December of 2020, news brokeout about the Footballer doing the unthinkable. According to Telegraaf, Qunicy Promes was arrested for stabbing a family member. The alleged incident took place during a family gathering at his ware house in Abcoude, on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

After a heated argument in a shed, Promes is said to have stabbed the victim with a knife, resulting in a serious injury. The intervention of Promes family members ensured that the injuries sustained by the victim didn’t get even very severe.

Qunicy Promes stabbing event happened around July 2020 and it is unclear why the family member reported the issue towards the end of 2020. The Dutch Footballer might facing up to four years in prison if found guilty.

Fact #2: Rubbing Shoulders with Busta Rhymes:

This symbiotic relationship between football and what we may broadly term ‘rapping’ has existed for a long time and Quincy Promes has recently been upping his game. After busting into the hip-hop scene, his personality in entertainment has seen him rubbing shoulders with some of the greats in the industry such as Busta Rhymes.

Quincy Promes Love for Rapping has seen him rubbing shoulders with Busta Rhymes. Image Credit- Instagram
Quincy Promes Love for Rapping has seen him rubbing shoulders with Busta Rhymes.

Without a doubt, Quincy Promes is an inspiration to the growing list of the greatest rapping footballers from the past and present.

Fact #3: A-Z of Quincy Promes’ Tattoos:

With all the cash that comes with him being a worldwide superstar, Quincy Promes doesn’t hesitate to litter his body in tattoos. He as many tattoos- on his back is tattooed the ‘Egyptian Pharoah“. On his front side contains all sorts of tattoo writeups which reflects his past life.

Understanding Quincy Promes Tattoo- His Back and Front side. Image Credit- Twitter and Instagram
Understanding Quincy Promes Tattoo- His Back and Front side.

Among all his Quincy Promes tattoos, the most eye-catching body art is that which represents his initials, stylishly written as ‘QPand positioned at the back of his head.

Quincy Promes Tattoo- His Head and Hand Collection. Image Credit- Twitter
Quincy Promes Tattoo- His Head and Hand Collection.

Fact #4: Meeting Pele:

He had an Encounter with Brazilian Football Legend, PeleWhile a little boy, Quincy Promes parents helped their son in getting his full enrolment into Ajax who in turn gave him the opportunity to meet the King of Football- “Pele“.

Quincy Promes once had an encounter with Pele. Image Credit- Twitter
Quincy Promes once had an encounter with Pele.

Before getting face-to-face with the Brazil Legend, Quincy Promes doubted himself a bit, thinking of what to tell or ask someone who was part of the history. Metting Pele was like meeting someone from a book.


While reading Quincy Promes’ Bio, we realize the god of soccer did blessed him with natural talent since his cradle years. With the help of his parents and family members, he survived the times of career trials and tribulations.

Sadly, it pains fans to know that the former Sevilla player is accused of stabbing a family member and arrested at the time of updating his Biography. We sincerely hope he doesn’t spend four years in the Netherlands prisons.

Thanks for reading Quincy Promes’ Biography Facts. At LifeBogger, we strive for accuracy and fairness. If you find something that doesn’t look right, please share it with us. Otherwise, let’s see your comment about the Dutch footballer. We’ll always value and respect your ideas.

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