Perr Schuurs Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Perr Schuurs Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Perr Schuurs’ Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

To keep things clear, we have here — a breakdown of his Life Story, from his early days to when he became famous. To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his boyhood to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Perr Schuurs Bio.

Perhaps you first heard his name at the time Liverpool began monitoring the Ajax defender to fill up the shoes of injured Virgil van Dijk — (during the start of 2020/2021 EPL season). But maybe you haven’t read his life story. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Perr Schuurs Childhood Story:

For Biography Starters, he bears the nickname ‘The New Virgil van Dijk’. Perr Schuurs was born on the 26th day of November 1999 to his father, Lambert Schuurs and mother, Monique Schuurs in the small city of Nieuwstadt, Netherlands.

The Dutch footballer is the only son out of three children (a boy and two girls) born to his parents. Monique, his mum, appears to be in her late 40s while Lambert, his dad, in his 50s.

Growing-up Years:

Perr Schuurs spent his childhood in his native village of Nieuwstadt, alongside his two sisters — Demi and Fleau. As a last-born child or baby of his family, Perr grew up seeing every member of his brood living a healthy lifestyle, one that makes sports inclusion possible. Such a lifestyle was the earliest sign which ignited his destiny.

Perr Schuurs Family Background:

What a great household the Centre back comes from! Like Eden Hazard’s family, everyone in Perr’s household has a history or involve themselves with a top sport. His dad (Lambert), in the first place, is a legend of handball and once an ultra-long distance running. His mum Monique was also into sports – Maze.

Lambert and his wife Monique never forced their professions into their children. They allowed Fleau, Demi and Perr to embrace the sport of their choice. While Perr choose football, his eldest sister Demi went into Tennis. Last but not least (Fleau Schuurs) took up her dad’s profession.

What a sporting family. Demi (left) plays Tennis, Perr (middle) plays football and Fleau (right) plays handball.
What a sporting family. Demi (left) is into Tennis, Perr (middle) is football and Fleau (right) does handball.

Perr Schuurs Family Origin:

The Centre back hail from Nieuwstadt, a small city with less than 3088 people. In this hamlet, households refer to themselves as one extensive family. Interestingly, where Perr Schuurs’ family comes from (Nieuwstadt) serves as a border crossing between Netherlands and east of Germany.

Perr Schuurs Football Story — Career Discovery:

Early on, the head of the family (Lambert Schuurs) devised a plan that would lead to his children continue living the family’s dreams when he and his wife (Monique) retire from sports.

One blessed day, Lambert took Perr and his sisters (when they were very young) to a sports hall in Sittard, a city in the Netherlands.

Perr was two years old — Lambert recalled. He could barely walk but knew how to deal with the ball. He naturally developed the talent of sports.

In fact, talent discovery didn’t just happen to Perr. At the court, Fleau got a date with destiny as she (that blessed moment) fell in love with handball and did agree to follow her daddy’s footsteps — to become a handball player. Demi did embrace Tennis as well.

As little Peer grew up to a toddler, he saw himself consuming so much of his family’s sporting mentality. Even thou he took a different sporting path, the humble boy learnt a lot from his sisters and father whom he considers his idols.

Early Career Life – Getting Public Recognition at an early age:

At the tender age of four, the enthusiastic kid got himself at the youth academy roster of FC Ria, an old Football team in his village. There he started as a striker, after which he got picked up by a bigger team, Fortuna Sittard, at 10.

Perr’s football and non-footballing qualities were very rare as a child. He was a kid who showed outstanding leadership qualities in public speaking.

We have proof of his childhood bravery. To begin with, here is a piece of video evidence — the moment he spoke about his future to a large audience. Perr spoke in front his parents and family members.

From that moment of his Perr’s speech, every family who attended the event knew he was going to make it big in his career life.

Perr Schuurs Biography — The Road to Fame Story:

Subsequently, the rising star saw himself making serene progress through the Fortuna Sittard age groups. While there, Perr changed positions, first a defensive midfielder. After his coach observe the way he grew very fast and taller (6ft 3 inches height), the youngster was then shipped to centre defending- just before his academy graduation.

For six seasons, Perr helped them become champions on four occasions. At the age of 17, he was made captain of Fortuna Sittard by his coach and trainer, Sunday Oliseh (a former Nigerian coach and footballer). At that time, he juggled the game with his education — taking his final exams at Dacapo College in Born – a town in the Netherlands.

Focusing on education and football never deterred his performance on both sides. As a captain, Perr guided his team in lifting his fourth trophy. The accolade promoted them to the second-highest tier of football in the Netherlands.

The memorable last game with Fortuna Sittard:

After a spectacular breakthrough with an, an emotional period came when Perr had to say his goodbyes. This was coming when there was interest from Europe’s top clubs (Ajax, Bayern, Dortmund etc) who chased his signature.

The truth is, there was no better place to say goodby than in the village where he grew up. Did you know?… Perr’s final match with Fortuna Sittard was an away game against FC RIA (his boyhood academy). In his team’s favour, the game ended with a final score at 0-10 (won by Fortuna).

After the match, and in the presence of his Perr Schuurs’ parents, family members and village people, the emotional lad left the field with flowers in his hands and tears in his eyes. What a way to say goodbye to Fortuna. Despite defeating his hometown academy – FC RIA (0 – 10), their fans still circled around him to get his autograph.

Perr Schuurs Success Story:

After a failed negotiation with Liverpool, the youngster (in 2018) chose his dream club Ajax — often viewed by many as a breeding ground for local and international talents. In less than a year,  Perr Schuurs became seen as ‘the new De Ligt’ of Ajax. He was labelled as the type of CB who is composed when one-on-one with attackers, comfortable on the ball, reads the game well.

As at the time of writing his Perr’s Schuurs Biography, his defensive prowess has earned him a selection for the Dutch National Team. In addition, he is now (again) being chased by top coaches in European football.


Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp will, no doubt, will have a battle on his hands to get Perr. This comes after the club has had numerous discussed with his parents to allow their son to fill in the space left by an injured Virgil van Dijk. Whichever happens, Perr will surely have the blessings of Ajax. The rest, as we say, is now history.

Who is Perr Schuurs’ Girlfriend?

Behind the successful footballer, there is a glamorous WAG — who is his wife to be. Roos Wijnands is Perr Schuurs girlfriend.

Both are madly in love with each other and guess what?… they began dating since their childhood years. Behold, Roos Wijnands and Perr Schuurs during their early teenage years (age 12). According to Perr, this was the location they met and their meeting was love at first sight.

What does Perr Schuurs’ Wife (Roos) to for a living?

According to her Facebook profile, she works at Wijnands Bouwmaterialen. I did search for the word ‘Wijnands Bouwmaterialen’ on google and found out it is a building material company. It is a family company owned by her parents.

Just like Perr, his wife to be — Roos is also a blonde. She has a sweet look, twinkling eyes and has grown to be extremely beautiful.

In August 2017, Perr Schuurs’ Girlfriend celebrated both her seventeenth birthday in a grand style. Roos Wijnands is 20 as at when we wrote her boyfriend’s Bio. This implies that Perr is a few months (less than a year) older than his girlfriend. He is likely to propose and marries her soonest.

Perr Schuurs Personal Life:

Getting to know his activities off the pitch would help you get a better picture of the Long Shot Taker. Hence the question… Who is Perr Schuurs?

First, when he is away from football, he focuses on his studies. Like Kai Havertz, Per is very serious about mixing his career with education. Again, he likes to do fun things with his wife to be, friends and family. Perr is a Polite, tidy and sociable young man with a very homely attitude. Thanks to Roos Wijnands, he gets grounded and enjoys being at home with her.

Perr Schuurs Lifestyle:

The defender tries his best to avoid the glossy magazines noticeable by a handful of an expensive house (mansions), cars etc. Perr Schuurs parents and girlfriend ensures he keeps an anti-flash attitude.

Despite keeping him grounded, both lovers still find time to enjoy life at popular seasides and tourist destinations. Judging by his earnings, Perr Schuurs has a net worth of approximately 3.5 million Euros.

Perr Schuurs Family Life:

With a household where everything revolves around winning, it is easy to guess how close-knitted they are. In this section, we’ll tell you more truths about Perr Schuurs’ parents and the rest of his family members.

Facts about Perr Schuurs’ Mother:

As her daughter (Demi) once said, her mum (Monique) is the driving force of the family. She is a retired maze specialist who once excelled in the puzzle sport. Presently, Monique is proud to be among few mothers who have raised sporting children (Demi, Fleu and Perr).

Keeping her maze of sports asides, she does focuses more on arranging everything for everyone such as laundry and other forms of home-keeping. For Lambert’s wife, life is now all about keeping the family bond.

Facts about Perr Schuurs’ Father:

Born on the 15th day of October 1962, Lambert Schuurs is a retired ultra-long-distance runner and handball pro with 312 international caps to his name. He is, presently the assistant coach of Limburg Lions, a handball team in the Netherlands. Below is the proud father of three during his playing moments.

As the pioneer of sports in the family, Lambert was responsible for instilling the love of sports to his children – giving them the freedom to choose their destinies.

As a father and former top athlete, he closely follows the sports activities of all his children to date. Lambert loves to manage his son’s career in a simple way, and he is careful not to make critical comments to the media.

Lambert is the kind of dad who allows his children to handle some aspects of their career themselves without getting help from agents. In his words…

“While Perr was in the academy, I allowed him to be left alone as much as possible and that he does not sit around the table with agents on a daily basis. I try to check that, also to make sure he has both feet on the ground.”

About Perr Schuurs’ Sisters:

For the Dutch footballer, having Demi and Fleu is like having two best friends you can’t get rid of. The siblings, pictured below, are his two sporting sisters. They all have the same sporting blood flowing through their hearts.

Meet Perr Schuurs' Sisters, Demi (left) and Fleau (right)
Meet Perr Schuurs’ Sisters, Demi (left) and Fleau (right).

Perr Schuurs’ sister Fleau is into handball at a professional level at Sittard. Demi, on the other hand, is a tennis player who once ranked No12 in the world via doubles (March 2020 stats). She has three WTA tournaments in her cabinet and lives more away from her family because of her occupation, which involves travelling a lot.

Perr Schuurs Untold Facts:

Fact #1: The Early Liverpool Story:

In the 2018/2019 season, Perr travelled to English superpower to have trials. This was even before he got into Ajax. Did you know?… Liverpool prepared a rigid trial for him by calling Steven Gerrard out of retirement so Perr could face him to determine his fate.

After he won the battle against the Steve-G, Liverpool offered him £900,000-a-year salary. Sadly, further negotiation with Perr Schuurs’ parents broke down. This was before Lambert and Monique decided their son should go play for Ajax.

Fact #2: FIFA Stat:

For his young age, Perr has got a decent FIFA stats. He is two points above Ryan Gravenberch, his fellow countryman and teammate. Judging from his potential, Perr is a FIFA excellent wonderkid every Career Mode manager must buy.

Fact #3: Salary Breakdown and Earning per seconds:

TenureSalary in Euros (€).
Per Year€2,519,838
Per Month€209,987
Per Week€48,384
Per Day€6,912
Per Hour€288
Per Minute€4.8
Per Second€0.08

Did you know?… the average citizen in the Netherlands would need to work for 1 year and 3 months to make his weekly wage of €48,384.

Since you started viewing Perr Schuurs‘ Bio, this is what he has earned.


Fact #4: Religion — a Christian?

After our research, we realize Per Schuurs’ family name hasn’t been found in the Bible, Torah and Quran. Hence, we’ve ruled out the possibility of him being raised a Christian and there is no sign of any religious beliefs.


From the onset, Perr Schuurs’ parents did plan to have a healthy and successful sports family. The household’s routine has never changed and today, Lambert and Monique are proud to know that Perr, Demi and Fleu are living their dreams.

The Biography of Perr Schuurs teaches us to understand that focus, determination and consistency is the key that holds success. This was all evident in his career highs and it has now resulted to top European clubs (inter and Milan) rivalling Liverpool for the Ajax Defender.

Thank you for staying with us this long on Perr’s Memoir. Kindly reach us if you notice something that doesn’t look right in our article. Otherwise, place a comment on what you think about the footballer. For a quick glance on Perr Schuurs Bio, use our wiki table.

Wiki InquiriesBiography Facts
Full Name:Perr Schuurs.
Age:21 years and 1 months.
Date of Birth: 26 November 1999.
Place of Birth:Nieuwstadt, Netherlands.
Nickname:The New Matthijs de Ligt.
Parents:Lambert Schuurs (Father) and Monique Schuurs (Mother)
Siblings:Fleau Schuurs (Elder sister) and Demi (Immediate elder sister).
Position in Family:Position in Family:
Height in Feet and inches:6 feet 3 inches
Height in meters:1.91 m.
Father's Occupation:Retired Handballer.
Mum's occupation:Retired Maze professional.
Sisters occupation:Fleau plays handball and Demi plays tennis.
Playing position:Centre-back.

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