Nick Pope Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nick Pope Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nick Pope Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Bridget Pope (Mum) and David Pope (Dad), Family, Love Life (Girlfriend/Wife Facts), Net worth, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

Simply put, our article portrays significant events in the life of the English goalkeeper, starting from his formative ages (when he was young) to when he became very popular.

Nick Pope Biography - From his Boyhood days to when he became famous.
Nick Pope Biography – From his Boyhood days to when he became famous.

Yes, everyone knows him for his quick reflexes and solid catches. However, not many have read Nick Pope’s Biography, which is quite educational. Now, without further ado, let’s proceed.

Nick Pope’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his nickname remains “The Wall.” Nicholas David Pope was born on the 19th day of April 1992 to his mother, Bridget Pope and father, David Pope, in the English town and civil parish of Soham in England.

One of the earliest known childhood photos of Nick Pope.
One of the earliest known childhood photos of Nick Pope.

Nick Pope Family Origin:

The shot-stopper is a bonafide citizen of England. Results of research carried out to determine Nick Pope’s family background indicate that he is 50-60% English, like most citizens of western England.

Guarding the net with English pride: Nick Pope represents the heart and soul of western England on the pitch.
Guarding the net with English pride: Nick Pope represents the heart and soul of western England on the pitch.

Early Life and Growing up Years:

Are you aware that he wasn’t really into football during his childhood moments at Soham? He never fancied going for training or going to see football games with his parents.

“He used to hide under his bed saying, ‘I hate football, I’m not coming. We had a devil of a job getting him out into the car'”

recalls Nick Pope’s parents of his early life.

Nick Pope Family Background:

Fortunately for the youngster, his parents were well-to-do middle-class citizens with interests in agriculture. They were also passionate lovers of football.

As such, it was natural for them not to give up on the sporting potential they saw in him. Nick Pope’s parents appear look-alike and full of life even in their old age.

Nick Pope's middle-class parents had interests in Agriculture.
Nick Pope’s middle-class parents had interests in Agriculture.

Nick Pope Goalkeeping Story:

By the time he was 7, Nick Pope’s parents had ensured he was a season ticket holder for Ipswich FC. Nick Pope was active in the sport when he had his education at West Suffolk College and King’s Ely.

In no distant time, he saw himself playing for The Blues under sevens and had dreams of making it big in the game.

Young Pope at the time he joined Ipswich FC - at the age of 7.
Young Pope at the time he joined Ipswich FC – at the age of 7.

It was at Ipswich that the football genius spent most of his youth. At 16, Pope had already risen through the club’s ranks like most of the lads that he started his journey with.

Nick Pope Biography – Road To Fame Story:

However, Ipswich didn’t consider the goalkeeping talent good enough for promotion to the next level. As such, they released him, a development that was very heartbreaking to him.

“Ipswich academy released me at 16. They were my boyhood club. Was a very devastating experience, a feeling that I can never forget.

Such a thing can get one low on confidence and self-belief, which is everything one really needs to play football, so it was a difficult time for me,”

said Pope.

Fortunately, the then-teenager was quick to move on. He began studying at West Suffolk College.

The college had links to the non-league club – Bury, which Pope joined and was quick to establish himself as their choice goal-stopper.

Nick Pope Biography – The Success Story:

“The wall” joined League 1 team Charlton Athletic on the 24th of May 2011 after being spotted by scouts during Bury Town’s 2–1 win over Billericay Town.

He made no fewer than 33 appearances for them, a feat which sent him on loan to a number of clubs (Harrow Borough, Welling United, Cambridge United, Aldershot, York City) between 2011 -2016.

At the peak of his loan spells, Pope joined newly-promoted Burnley in 2016. He made his Premier League debut in September 2017 against Crystal Palace (1-0 win).

It wasn’t long before he got called to be a part of the England squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Fast forward to when I wrote this bio, Pope is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League.

In fact, he was close to winning the Premier Golden Glove award for the cleanest sheets but was narrowly beaten by Manchester City’s stopper Ederson Morales by just one game.

The rest, as they say, is history.

About Shannon Horlock – Nick Pope Lover:

Moving on to the relationship life of The Wall (his nickname), not many know that the goalie is dating Shannon Horlock, who is the daughter of a former footballer (a Machester City midfielder), Kevin Horlock.
There isn’t much being said about when the lovebirds met and began dating. However, we are aware that Kevin Horlock is a very supportive girlfriend.
She was even present in the stands in Russia to support her better half during the 2018 World Cup.
There isn’t doubt that the lovebirds who have no sons or daughters out of wedlock would definitely take their relationship life to the next level anytime soon.
Meet Nick Pope's girlfriend Shannon Horloc.
Meet Nick Pope’s girlfriend, Shannon Horloc.

Nick Pope Family Life:

Family arguably comes before and after football for goalies, and our profile of interest is not an exception. We bring you facts about Nick Pope’s parents, siblings and relatives.

About Nick Pope Father:

Nick Pope’s father, David is an accomplished farmer. He was in the sustainable business of mechanised farming for no fewer than 41 years.
David even had a tractor which he remembers young pope and his brother Josh playing with at any opportunity that they got.
David was big on farming for decades.
David was big on farming for decades.

About Nick Pope Mother:

Bridget is the mother of the impressive goalie. She is a former school teacher at King’s Ely school, where Nick is believed to have been a student. Like David, Bridget is supportive and shares a close bond with her son.
Bridget did work as a teacher for a long time.
Bridget did work as a teacher for a long time.

About Nick Pope’s Siblings:

The Burnley legend has a brother known as Josh. Josh is a talented goalkeeper who plies his trade for Soham at the period of writing.
He is said to have the capability of doing well at a higher level than where he is at the moment.
However, the switch to top-flight football might not come easy for him as age is no longer on his side.
Nick Pope’s parents are equally proud of both Josh and Nick’s success. They couldn’t have wished for any other career for their sons.

About Nick Pope’s Relatives:

Away from the goalkeeper’s immediate family, details of his ancestry are unknown, particularly as it relates to his maternal and paternal grandparents.
In addition, not much is documented about Nick Pope’s uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Nick Pope’s Personal Life:

“The Wall” has a rich life outside the dimensions of football courts, and there is a lot that can be said of his rare calm personality outside the game.
Many attest to the fact that he is energetic, assertive, independent and open to revealing facts about his personal and private life.
Aside from spending a good time with family and friends, Nick Pope loves watching movies, travelling, and enjoying video games, among other interests and hobbies.

Nick Pope Lifestyle:

Let’s move on to how he makes and spends his money. Are you aware that he has a net worth of 12 Million Euro the moment of writing this bio?
Pope made the bulk of that wealth from the lucrative wages and salaries that come with playing top-flight football.
He does also have a steady stream of income flowing from endorsements. As such, there is no doubt regarding his capability of having posh cars in the garages of his expensive house in England.

Nick Pope Facts:

To wrap up our goalie’s bio, here are some untold facts about the English shot-stopper.

Fifa 2020 Rating:

Pope has a fair overall FIFA rating of 80 points out of a potential 81. However, fans of the goalkeeper have been clamouring that he deserves better than Jordan Pickford.
Do you think so? What about Dean Henderson? Both have potential ratings of 84 and 87 points, respectively.
80 is quite fair, but he deserves better.
80 is quite fair, but he deserves better.

Nick Pope Religion:

Pope is not big on religion and has so far kept his social media handles devoid of religious association. However, the odds are greatly in favour of him being Christian, given that his last name is – Pope.

Nick Pope Education Background:

Unlike most football geniuses, Pope has a rich educational background. He was first a pupil of King’s School in Ely and went on to study briefly at West Suffolk College.
Subsequent academic pursuit saw Pope read sports science, among other courses at the University of Roehampton.

Nick Pope Salary Breakdown:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarning in Pounds (£)Earning in Euros (€)Earning in Dollars ($)
Per Year£1,820,000€2,015,286$2,404,975
Per Month£151,667€167,940$200,414
Per Week£35,000€38,755$46,250
Per Day£5,000€5,536$6,607
Per Hour£208€230$275
Per Minute£3.47€3.8$4.6
Per Seconds£0.06€0.07$0.08

Since you started viewing Nick Pope‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.

The financials above reveal that a person who comes from an English middle-class family would need to work for approximately five years and two months to make Nick Pole’s yearly salary with Burnley (2020 stats).

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Nick Pope’s Biography.

Biography Inquiries Wiki Data
Full NameNick pope
NicknameThe Wall
Date of Birth19th day of April 1992
Place of BirthThe town of Soham in England
Playing PositionGoalkeeping
ParentsBridget (mom), David (dad).
SiblingsJosh (brother).
GirlfriendShannon Horlock
HobbiesWatching movies, travelling, playing video games as well as spending quality time with family and friends.
Salary2.1 Million Euro
Net Worth12 Million Euro
Height6 Feet, 3 Inches.


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