Lauren James Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Lauren James Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Lauren James Biography tells you detailed Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Nigel James (Father), Emma James (Mother), Family Background, Boyfriend, Siblings – Brothers (Joshua James and Reece James), Sister (Chanelle James) Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

The Life Story of Lauren James also unveils facts about her Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Salary Breakdown, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, Net Worth, Salary Breakdown, etc.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full history of Lauren James. This is the story of a girl born into a football family.

She grew up playing with boys, especially her brothers, not knowing it was preparing her for her future career. 

We’ll give you the story of Lauren, a Rising footballer from a great sporting family.

A youngster who follows in the footsteps of her brother, Reece James, to become a shooting star.

According to her dad, “Lauren James and her brothers usually play for hours in the field and their backyard.” 

The young champ and her brother Reece during their growing-up years.
The young champ and her brother Reece during their growing-up years.


LifeBogger’s version of Lauren James’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events about her boyhood years.

Then, we’ll proceed to tell you facts about the forward’s footballing days. Finally, we’ll explain that pivotal moment that helped the English professional footballer become a global celebrity. 

We hope to whet your appetite for autobiographies as you read Lauren James’s Biography.

To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells Lauren’s story. From her childhood to the moment of fame, she has come a long way.

Lauren James Biography - From her childhood to the moment she became famous.
Lauren James Biography – From her childhood to the moment she became famous.

Yes, everyone knows Lauren is the famous sister of Reece, the Chelsea FC Right back. Fans also know that Lauren won the FA Women’s Championship Player of the Month in September 2018. Also, James won the North-West Football Awards women’s Rising Star, 2020. 

While writing stories about Jamaican descent, we found a knowledge deficit. The truth is, not many fans have read Lauren James’s Biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Lauren James Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the athlete bears the nickname – Lauren. And her Full Name is Lauren James. The Striker was born on the 29th day of September 2001 to her Mother, Emma James, and Father, Nigel James, in London, England. 

Lauren James arrived in the world as the third child out of four children. Two boys-(Joshua James and Reece James) and one girl-(Chanelle James). All children were born to the marital union between their Dad, Nigel, and Mum, Emma.

Now, let’s introduce you to Lauren James’s Parents. Nigel and Emma never gave their daughter the riches of the world but the support and discipline she needed as a person and a player.

Meet Lauren James's Parents. His Father's name is Nigel James, and His Mum is Emma James. 
Meet Lauren James’s Parents. His Father’s name is Nigel James, and His Mum is Emma James. 

Growing-Up Years:

The formal Arsenal player spent her childhood years alongside her siblings. Joshua James (firstborn), Reece James (Secondborn), and Chanelle James (Last born). Interestingly they all loved football and were born into a sports family.

The adorable photo of Lauren, her brothers, and her father before the birth of the baby of the house, Chanelle James. 
The adorable photo of Lauren, her brothers, and her father before the birth of the baby of the house, Chanelle James. 

The baller values the company of her siblings, especially that of her brother, Reece. According to James, her childhood moments with him were memorable.

They usually play together at the park and in their backyard. Also, they are both Chelsea fans and watched the champions league together.

Lauren’s childhood was a strange mixture of joy, love and innocence. James developed into a bright, endearing, and content child with talent.

She always wanted to play football, just like her brother Reece and has a positive outlook on life. With her father’s help, she became a professional footballer.

Lauren James Early Life:

The athlete’s first encounter with football came when she was very young. Back then, Lauren played behind her family’s house.

Because her father made sure she and her brothers played at the park and in their backyard, making it difficult for her not to love football. 

According to the striker, when she was growing up, she only played football with males, just like Asisat Oshoala.

Lauren James says her career actually began in the field in Mortlake, London, where she chased after her two older brothers.

The Early Football Journey of Lauren James.
The Early Football Journey of Lauren James.

Also, as a child, she was a Chelse fan and always dreamed of playing in the club.

Then she idolised Didier Drogba because of his style of play and always wished to play like him. She was able to actualise that dream with her father’s help and her first coach.

Lauren James Family Background:

First of all, the Forward comes from a sporty family. Research shows that most of Lauren James’s family (her father and brothers) have a career in football.

Nigel James played football before becoming a successful UEFA-licensed football coach. 

The formal Manchester United striker is neither from a wealthy nor low-income family. We classify Lauren James’s family as middle class based on her parental income range. See the family picture below. 

Here are the photo collections of Lauren James’s family.
Here are the photo collections of Lauren James’s family.

Lauren James Family Origin:

For starters, the ex-Arsenal striker holds British nationality. Regarding where Lauren James’s family comes from, our research point to London.

The baller was born in London, England. However, the athlete has two nationalities, Jamaican (through her father) and British. 

The capital of both England and the United Kingdom is London. It has a metropolitan population of almost 13 million. Also, it is the most populated city in the UK.

In addition, London is also a premier metropolis that leads the way in a range of fields, including banking, the arts, tourism, etc. This is a map to help you understand Lauren James’ family origins. 

This map helps you understand where the Forward comes from.
This map helps you understand where the Forward comes from.

Lauren James Ethnicity:

Starting off, she has Jamaican origin through her father, Nigel James. However, the majority of black people in Jamaica are of African descent.

However, the colour of Nigel James’ skin shows he has African ancestry. Overall, the black population in Jamaica is diverse and has a rich cultural heritage.

Lauren James Education:

There is no publicly available information on her formal schooling or academic credentials in terms of education. Yet before she attended her first club Academy, we think her parent gave her an elementary education. 

Based on our research, Lauren James attended Whitton School in Whitton, London. Lauren enjoyed multitasking back then, holding a book in one hand and a football in the other, just like her brother.

Career Buildup:

The youngster began playing football in her backyard and neighbourhood. According to Lauren, I only ever played football with boys when I was growing up.

Her career started in Mortlake, London, where she began chasing her two older brothers.

With the help of her father, a coach, and her two elder brothers, Joshua and Reece, she could play. James has always followed in their great footsteps.

Sometimes Nigel puts a stake for the best scorer and best players among his kids behind his house.

The striker often finds getting the ball from her siblings difficult, but she never gives up. Also, Reece never gave her an opportunity to get the ball because she is a girl.

She had to pick things up quickly to keep up with her brothers and avoid being left out. But the franticness of playing with her sibling gave her useful abilities.

Lauren James Biography – Football Story:

Right from the age of six years, her dad had been teaching her many drills. She began participating in sessions with Chelsea’s U10 girls’ team when she was seven.

Because she was so young, she could not participate in the team’s competitive games.

Also, her father ran the neighbourhood squad, which was Lauren’s determining factor.

Playing alongside Reece and the likes of Conor Gallagher, James refined her raw ability. Also, it developed a gild of resilience that only a few girls her age possessed.

Lauren James Bio – Road to Fame Story:

After being counted by Arsenal at 13, she trained with the boys’ team. However, she started training with the senior team after two years of arrival. According to Lauren in an interview;

 Playing against boys was harder. When they first saw you, they asked, “Why is there a girl training with us?”

Yet, after a few weeks, they realized what I could do. I’ve always felt comfortable playing with kids my age. You don’t really consider being young when you’ve been doing it your entire life.

On 29 September 2017, James made her debut for Arsenal in the 2017–18 season. Eventually, the London-born became the second-youngest player in Arsenal’s history to make their debut.

Lauren James' early years in Arsenal
Lauren James’ early years in Arsenal

However, her amazing journey slowed when James had to wait behind a group of seasoned senior players.

There is a saying when football drives you, everything else seems to come to a complete stop without it. James was overwhelmed by the setbacks and became impatience.

Transfer to Man United:

The net-burster moved to Manchester after being enticed by the club’s initiative and the chance to play regularly.

Many were surprised by her move to Manchester United and Arsenal’s decision to let go of their greatest academy graduate in the summer of 2018.

On August 19, she made her Manchester United debut in a 1-0 League Cup triumph over Liverpool. Also, James contributed four goals to a 7-0 league victory over Crystal Palace on April 20th, 2019.

Lauren James Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

On December 16, James penned her first professional contract with Manchester United. James was the top scorer for United at the end of the 2019–20 season.

Lauren was also among the four players selected for the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year shortlist.

James signed a four-year contract with Chelsea on July 23, 2021. On March 27, 2022, she scored the club’s first goal in a 9-0 victory away to Leicester City. The athlete expressed her pleasure after the transfer was announced.

The player spent time in Chelsea’s youth divisions before breaking into the first team at Arsenal.

According to the athlete, It’s a wonderful feeling to return home to the fantastic club she founded at age six. Lauren joined a Chelsea team with stars like Fran Kirby and Sam Kerr

International Career:

In addition to her club’s success, Lauren James has James made her under-17 debut in a 2–0 friendly defeat to the USA. She Captained England to a 10-0 victory over Latvia on October 14.

Moreso, she helped her team qualify for the 2018 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship, scoring four goals.

The baller was called to the under-19 team for the Algarve Tournament in January 2019. Also, James was included in the England roster for the 2019 UEFA Under-19 Championship in Scotland in July 2019.

Subsequently, the striker was called up for the first time to the senior national squad in November 2020. She was also part of a 29-player training camp at Saint George’s Park. On September 3, 2022, James made her senior team debut.

Finally, she scored her first goal for her country on February 16, 2023. The rest of our Biography, as they say, is now history.

Lauren James Boyfriend:

Based on research, many people are interested in learning more about Lauren James’ love life.

However, she has kept everything relating to her relationship life a secret. In addition, many publications claim that Lauren James is currently not dating anyone.

Also, she has never mentioned anything about her ex-boyfriends. Hopefully, in the future, she might decide to talk about her romantic life and please her followers. Currently, she is fully concentrating and focusing on her career.

Personal Life:

Aside from the amazing things the London-born professional footballer achieves on the field, many people have asked the question… 


This Biographical section Lauren James’s personality.
This Biographical section Lauren James’s personality.

The Chelsea shooting star joins the likes of Mesut Ozil and Trent Alexander-Arnold, who have Libra Zodiac signs. The athlete is charming and well-balanced in the field.

Also, she makes an excellent leader and friend. These traits are very advantageous in both her personal and professional life. 

Lauren James Workout:

Like Tessa Wullaert, the female star athlete works out frequently to keep himself or herself in good shape. In Lauren’s case, she exercises to have a healthy body and strong stamina. Her routines include running, cycling, stretching, jumping, etc.

Collections of Lauren James' workouts.
Collections of Lauren James’ workouts.

Lauren James Lifestyle:

Speaking of how the Baller lives his life, the Ace striker is not the type that flaunts her wealth on social media. Things like cars, houses, and many other properties.

Instead, she is a humble and well-accomplished baller with a successful career. Also, she enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends.

Lauren James Family Life:

The attacker always talks about how having a great and supportive family helped her achieve her dreams. More significantly, Lauren has a loving family to be proud of.

The joy, gratitude, and pride she feels knowing that these groups of individuals are there for her daily are beyond words. In this area of Forward bio, we’ll provide information about her family members.

About Lauren James’ Father:

Nigel James is a UEFA-licensed football coach. Also, he helped Lauren to develop her skills, technique and strategy.

In addition to giving her guidance in different aspects of the sport, he also helps her improve her performance. He celebrates his birthday every 21st of January.

He ensures that his daughter is given fair opportunities and supports her in achieving her goals. According to coach Nigel in an interview: 

Football has always been a family tradition. As a coach and a dad, I was fortunate to witness Lauren and her sibling’s growth from all perspectives.

Finally, as a good father, he provides for his family’s needs as the head of the home. Both financial needs, physical needs and otherwise.

The athlete’s dad advocates for his daughter, especially for her needs and interest within her team and with other organisations. 

The proud father posed for the camera with his daughter when she signed with her dream club Chelsea Fc.
The proud father posed for the camera with his daughter when she signed with her dream club Chelsea Fc.

About Lauren James’ Mother:

Alongside her husband, Emma James is very supportive of her children. She hardly missed the important event in her daughter’s life.

As a mother, she constantly provides the baller with the encouragement she needs. She celebrates birthdays yearly on 19th August.

Football can be a physically and emotionally demanding sport. Bella provides emotional support to her daughter, Lauren, by being a sounding board for her frustrations and fears. She supports her husband in taking care of the home and the children.

Finally, she celebrates her success on and off the field. Being a super Mum, she is very proud of the successful woman her daughter has become.

Also, she makes sure she is always available to celebrate all the striker’s career milestones and accomplishments. 

About Lauren James’ Siblings:

Here we will talk about the bond that exits between James’ siblings. Without further delay, let’s begin. 

Based on our research, the London-born athlete has three siblings. They go by the names Joshua James, Reece James and Chanelle James.

Joshua is the eldest, followed by Reece, and Chanelle is the baby of the house. See their photo below.

Meet James' siblings (Lauren James, Joshua James, and Reece James) and their father, Nigel James. By the left is Lauren and the baby of the house, Chanelle James.
Meet James’ siblings (Lauren James, Joshua James, and Reece James) and their father, Nigel James. By the left is Lauren and the baby of the house, Chanelle James.

After our indebt research, no informative document exists on Joshua James, Lauren’s big brother.

However, he is a good elder brother who has been a great support system and guide to her. However, we have an interesting story about the baller and her brother Reece.

About Reece James:

When you talk about siblings with close bonds, you talk about Lauren and Reece James. This two practically do everything together. Reece James, a right-back, is a member of Chelsea and the England national team.

Sibling bond on and off the pitch. Lauren, the dynamic forward for Chelsea women and England, shares an unbreakable connection with her brother, Reece.
Sibling bond on and off the pitch. Lauren, the dynamic forward for Chelsea women and England, shares an unbreakable connection with her brother, Reece.

He was born on the 8 of December 1999 in Redbridge, London. Reece and his sister started their career at a very tender age with the help of their father. The two siblings are very close and do everything together.

They were both Chelsea fans as youngsters. Also, they both trained together in the club’s academy.

Reece currently plays professionally for Chelsea men, while Lauren plays for Chelsea women. The video below will explain their journey better.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Lauren James’ Biography, we’ll unveil more truths you might not know about her. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Lauren James FIFA:

The Deep-lying forward is renowned for her technical proficiency, insight, speed, precision and self-confidence.

Like Jadon Sancho and Kylian Mbappe, she is very creative and always puts her opponents on their toes. The ex-Manchester United player SOFIFA stats below show her capabilities. 

Acceleration, Finishing, Sprint speed, etc., are her valuable assets.
Acceleration, Finishing, Sprint speed, etc., are her valuable assets.

Lauren James Tattoos:

There are many reasons most footballers might choose to get a tattoo. Some include personal expression, style, etc. Lauren has tattoos on her hand and behind her left ear. However, we believe her reasons are personal.

Lauren James Tattoos- EXPLAINED
Lauren James Tattoos- EXPLAINED

Lauren James Religion:

The striker was raised in a Christian family. Although Lauren James’ religion is Christianity, she appears to be less vocal about it. The daughter of Emma and Nigel is among most footballers who choose to keep their personal beliefs and practices private.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Lauren James’ Biography.

Full Name:Lauren James
Date of Birth:29th day of September 2001
Place of Birth:London, England
Age:21 years and 11 months old.
Father:Nigel James
Mother:Emma James
Brothers:Joshua James and Reece James
Sister:Chanelle James
Height:5 feet 11 inches
Playing positionForward
School:Whitton School
Zodiac sign:Libra
Annual Salary:£13,000,000


Lauren James was born on the 29th day of September 2001 to her parents- Emma James (Mum) and Nigel James (Dad). Her birthplace is London, England. Also, she goes by the nickname Lauren. 

Regarding her roots, the formal Manchester United player’s family is of dual nationality. She has Jamaican roots from her father, Nigel James. Also, Lauren James holds England nationality because her place of birth is London, England.  

The Forward has three siblings – Joshua James and Reece James (brothers) and Chanelle James (sister).

Our research shows that Lauren James and her siblings love and support each other. Also, she is very close to her brother Reece; they have always played soccer together since childhood.

She also started representing England internationally at the age of 16. Based on research, the Chelsea star started playing at a very young age.

Also, she played in her family house and park with her elder brothers. Lauren trained with the guys during her early career before being transferred to the main Arsenal team. 

Regarding the school, the athlete attended, our research shows she had an elementary school. Lauren James attended Whitton School in Whitton, London. After her primary education, the striker joined her first club Chelsea FC. 

Since the beginning of her career, Lauren James’s journey has taken her to Arsenal and Manchester United. As I conclude this Bio, she, like Mallory Swanson, are among the rising strikers in female football.

Lauren plays as a Forward for the English Women club, Chelsea, based in Norbiton, England. In June 2023, she joined the list of Rising female footballers that made the list for the Women’s World Cup. Notable Rising stars are; Rasheedat Ajibade (Nigeria), Alyssa Thompson (USA), Chloe Kelly (England) and Katie Robinson (England).

Appreciation Note:

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