Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Legend best known by the Nickname; “Kaka”. Our Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time to date. The analysis involves his life story before fame, relationship life, family life and many OFF-Pitch little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities but few consider Ricardo Kaka Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, let’s Begin.

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Early Life

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite AKA ‘Kaka’ was born on the 22nd day of April 1982 in Brasília, Federal District, Brazil.

He was born to his mother, Simone dos Santos (a former elementary school teacher) and Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite (a retired civil engineer).

He had a financially secure upbringing that allowed him to focus on both school and football at the same time. When he was seven, Kaká’s family moved to São Paulo.

Like many before him, Kaka found in football a game he loved. His school first discovered his talent and arranged him in a local youth club called “Alphaville,”.

Ricardo Kaka in his Boyhood.
Ricardo Kaka in his Boyhood.

Kaka made his club qualify for the final in their local tournament. This made him to be further scouted by hometown club São Paulo FC, who offered him a place in the youth academy. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Relationship Life

Kaka met his childhood sweetheart Caroline when she was 15 and he was 20 at that time.

This happened in 2002, while she was still in school in Brazil. They fell deeply in love with each other. Even distance (in thousands of miles) couldn’t separate them. Both started their serious relationship at a time Kaká was away to play for A.C. Milan. While he was away, Celico joined Kaka’s church in Brazil and later became a pastor, all thanks to her boyfriend’s Christian faith.

Truly, Caroline is very beautiful, faithful and a devout Christian. Kaka famously exclaimed that both of them were virgins before he proposed to her.

They got married on the 23rd of December 2005 at the popular Rebirth in Christ church in São Paulo.

The couple has two children: son Luca Celico Leite (born 10 June 2008) and daughter Isabella (born 23 April 2011). Both are very close to their father as seen below.

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –The Divorce Story

In 2015, Kaká and Celico announced their divorce via social media. In his words…“We would like to make public that, after nine years together, we have commonly agreed to divorce. Our marriage has given us two beautiful children whom we love so dearly. In light of the important ties, we’ll continue to have, the respect, gratitude, and admiration for one another remains mutually intact. We ask for your sympathy and understanding to preserve our privacy in such moment of change.”
His Ex-wife Celico also revealed… “When a man cheats, it is a sign that his wife failed.” Her words gave Kaka’s fans a clue as to what caused their divorce and why they divorced.

Caroline's perception of her divorce.
Caroline’s perception of her divorce.

On 24 December 2016, Kaka confirmed that he is dating the Brazilian model Carolina Dias in a message to his 9.8million followers on Instagram.

Evidence that Kaka moved on.
Evidence that Kaka moved on.

The pair attended Lucas Moura’s wedding in Sao Paulo.

Also In late 2016 after months of speculation, Caroline Celico officially confirmed that she is currently in a relationship with Brazilian businessman Eduardo Scarpa. Kaka was thrilled when he saw the photo of his ex-wife and the number one enemy he has. Eduardo appears to be taking very good care of his new love. 

Evidence that Caroline Celico moved on.
Evidence that Caroline Celico moved on.

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Family Life

FATHER: Kaka’s dad, Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite is a retired civil engineer of middle-class family background. He made sure his two sons (Kaka and Digão) got the proper upbringing. They were far from being raised from poverty. He gave them the right education and opportunity to choose and live their career dreams. Below is Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite and his first son, Little Kaka.

Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite and little Kaka.
Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite and little Kaka.

MOTHER: Kaka’s mum; Simone dos Santos is a retired elementary school teacher who has build positive interactions between her, Kaka and the rest of her family. Being an elementary school teacher made her get a better understanding of her family dynamics. Simone dos Santos is behind Kaka’s closeness to God. Both are very close as seen in the picture below.

Kaka and Mum- Simone dos Santos.
Kaka and Mum- Simone dos Santos.

BROTHER: Rodrigo Manuel Izecson dos Santos Leite (born 14 October 1985), known as Digão, is a Brazilian retired professional footballer and the only brother of Kaka. He played as a central defender during his career days.

As Bleachers Report puts it, Digão is among the list of world’s top-10 footballing brothers who didn’t make it in their career. Digão played for AC Milan for a year before returning to the American continent to continue his career which failed.

Till date, he is regarded as the most woeful player to ever set foot on a Serie A pitch. Some fans say he is the direct opposite (antonym) of Kaka in every way possible. Shockingly, Digão played only 38 games in his entire career without scoring a goal. He retired at an early age of 32 having seen soccer wasn’t his calling.

What is lost in his career got gained in his love life. He is happily married to architect Rebeca Sabino. Kaká was the godfather of the wedding.

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –The Swimming Pool Accident

At the age of 18, Kaká suffered a career-threatening and possibly paralysis-inducing spinal fracture as a result of a swimming pool accident.

Fortunately, he made a full recovery. He attributes his recovery to God and has since tithed his income to his church.

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Origin of Nickname

His younger brother Rodrigo (best known as Digão) and cousin Eduardo Delani are also professional footballers.

Digão called him “Caca” due to his inability to pronounce “Ricardo” when they were young. The lack of pronunciation eventually evolved into the name Kaká’The name ‘Kaka’ has no specific Portuguese translation.

Below is a photo of Kaka and his kid brother when they were kids.

Little Kaka and Digão.
Little Kaka and Digão.

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Religion

Kaká is a devout evangelical Christian who was an active member of the São Paulo-based Rebirth in Christ Church.

He became engrossed in religion at the age of 12: “I learnt that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not.” says Kaka.

He is known to usually removed his jersey to reveal his “I Belong to Jesus T-shirt. Kaka has also been actively engaged in prayer moments after the final whistle of matches. This he did after the Brazil’s 2002 World Cup, Milan’s 2004 Scudetto and 2007 Champions League triumphs.

During the post-match celebration following Brazil’s 4–1 win over Argentina in the 2005 Confederations Cup final, he and several of his teammates wore T-shirts that read “Jesus Loves You” in various languages.

While receiving the FIFA World Footballer of the Year award in 2007, he said when he was young he just wanted to be a professional player for São Paulo and play one game for the Brazil national team, but that “God gave [him] more than he ever asked for.”

Till date, Kaká’s favourite music genre is gospel and his favourite book also remains the Bible. In an interview with the Brazilian television O Globo, Kaka manifested the will to become an evangelical pastor after retirement. 

Ricardo Kaka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –What he is remembered for

  • For his defence-splitting passes.
  • For the injuries, he suffered at Real Madrid.
  • For being quick, strong, agile and hard-working.
  • For being a creative team player with great pace, good feet, and excellent balance.
  • For his ability to dribble past defenders.
  • For being a leader of counterattacks and creating chances. 
  • For being an accurate penalty taker.
  • For being a deep role midfield play-maker.

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