Julian Nagelsmann Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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Starting off, he is nicknamed “Baby Mourinho“. We give you full coverage of Julian Nagelsmann Childhood Story, Biography, Family Facts, Parents, Early Life and other notable events right from when he was a child to when he became popular.

The Early Life and Rise of Julian Nagelsmann. Image Credits: genussmaenner, courierpress and Instagram

Yes, everyone knows Julian Nagelsmann for his Tactical Wizardry, the fact that he is young and regarded as one of the most coveted managerial minds in the game. However, only a few consider our version of Julian Nagelsmann’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s provide you first with our Table of Content before his FULL STORY.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Childhood Story:

Julian Nagelsmann was born on the 23rd day of July 1987 to his mother, Burgi Nagelsmann and late father, Erwin Nagelsmann in southwestern Bavaria, Germany. Baby Mourinho as he is nicknamed was born as the last child of his family.

Our very own Julian grew up in his family home alongside his older brother (Andre) and sister (Vanessa), in Landsberg am Lech, a town on the Lech River in southwestern Bavaria, Germany.

Did you know?… Landsberg am Lech is a well-preserved medieval town, known for its prison rather than football pitches. It was in this town Adolf Hitler got incarcerated (imprisoned) in 1924. (oh yea! you got that right). It is also the home to the Nazi concentration camp.

The town, being just a 58 minutes drive to Munich and 38 min drive to Augsburg provided sporting opportunities to Julian and his older brother Andre as they grew into their teenage years.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Family Home town in Landsberg am Lech is just 58 minutes drive to Munich. Credits: Google Maps

Julian Nagelsmann’s Family Background and Early Life:

Julian Nagelsmann’s parents (Erwin and Burgi) are of German family origins and they operated a middle-class household. Not particular rich, both parents ensured their kids (Julian, Andre and Vanessa) enjoyed the very best of their childhood.

Death of his Father:

Early on, Julian Nagelsmann’s family witnessed a sad time in their lives. It was a time one of their very own (Erwin his dad) suffered from illness. passed away after a short illness. Being unable to cope with his sufferings, Erwin passed on.

The death of Julian Nagelsmann’s dad changed a lot of things in his family. Being the last child and son of the family, Julian had to man-up in order to take care of his mum while his siblings went on to get daily bread for his family. Pursuing his dreams, in order not to disappoint his dad brought maturity. In his words;

“it all made me more mature and grown in my life. I did maybe things that were not normal for somebody my age.”

Julian Nagelsmann’s Biography- Early Years before Football:

Early on, it was all about becoming a footballer. Thinking about the words of his dad on staying positive with his goals and try to be successful, young Julian got motivated to live his dreams. While playing football part-time with FC Augsburg, the youngster also went to school. He later dropped out to face his career with FC Augsburg as a promising defender.

The German coach started out as a defender- Can you spot him while with his teammates?. Credit: foottheball

Julian Nagelsmann’s Playing Career Story:

The death of his dad gave Julian enough responsibility, one that helped him grow and develop first as an academy player and later, a senior footballer. In the year 2006, the future German coach turned pro with 1860 Munich II, a sports club based in Munich. Pictured below, he was an average defender with big ambitions during his playing days.

Julian Nagelsmann playing days. He was an average defender with BIG AMBITIONS. Credit: Twitter

Back then, his club played in the Bundesliga and Nagelsmann helped them gain good finish in 2000, also, UEFA Champions League qualifications. Sadly with injuries hitting him, he wasn’t unable to help the club further build on their success.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Biography- The Painful End to his Playing Career:

While his teammates went on to establish themselves in the Bundesliga, a knee injury sustained kept him away from enjoying his football. Sadly, Julian Nagelsmann’s knee injury refused to heal even while he left the club to FC Augsburg II in 2007. Sadly at that same young age of 20, Julian Nagelsmann’s life finally got tornadoed, no thanks this same cruciate ligament damage. This time, he was forced to retire prematurely from the game.

Dealing with a Painful Retirement:

Poor Julian Nagelsmann went weeks without sleeping well while wrestling with the decision of what to do with his life after ending his career at the age of 20.

“It was very sad for me that I had to end my career so young. At first, I didn’t want anything more to do with football,”

After having to surrender his ambitions of playing, poor Julian Nagelsmann went through a four to six week period” where he kept to himself and didn’t just do anything. Julian Nagelsmann’s Family members notably his mum, big brother and sister were helpful at that time. They advised him on ways to move on. In order not to fail his late father, Julian decided to go back to education as a way of throwing himself into something totally different. He took a bachelor’s degree in sports and training science.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Biography- His Road to Managerial Fame: 

Did you know?… It was former Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel who later became PSG coach that first took care of Julian. The tactician, 14 years his senior could relate to Nagelsmann’s pain because he himself also endured a serious knee injury that curtailing his days as a footballer. First, he diverted Nagelsmann’s trajectory by making him become his scout. 

While Nagelsmann’s worked as a scout for Tuchel at Augsburg II, he had no idea he would become a coach. One day, boss Tuchel walked to him, advising him to try the coaching route. After a few months of applying for coaching jobs, an offer came for him to work for 1860 Munich as their Under-17 assistant coach in 2008. A happy Nagelsmann decided to give it a try.

When he got the chance to experience it at 1860 Munich, Nagelsmann knew immediately that coaching was his destiny. That gave him the reason to pick up a course in sports science even while he rejecting BMW who tried offering him a new route. Soon, Hoffenheim’s youth coach job followed.

Julian Nagelsmann’s BiographyRise to Fame Story:

Julian Nagelsmann’s first taste of success came when he won the 2013–14 Under 19 Bundesliga title with Hoffenheim’s U19 junior team. However, the biggest challenge to his life came at his tender age of 28, a time Nagelsmann was catapulted into the hot seat.

The young tactician was appointed as head coach of Hoffenheim (precisely in February 2016) after he took over from veteran tactician Huub Stevens, who resigned due to health reasons. With this appointment, Nagelsmann became the youngest permanent head coach in Bundesliga history.

Did you know?… TSG 1899 Hoffenheim was in 17th place and Julian Nagelsmann lifted them to safety by the end of the campaign. Taking over with Hoffenheim in such a precarious position was taxing enough, but the way Nagelsmann had to combine the battle for survival with the completion of his coaching qualifications pleased fans alot. This feat led to him getting voted as “the 2016 Coach of the Year”.

His meteoric rise with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim saw him winning the 2016 coach of the year award. Credits:augsburger-allgemeine and Zimbo

Without a doubt, Nagelsmann is a savior in combining tactical theories with a personal touch, something that was so nearly lost to modern football. Find below a perfect video that explains why he is a unique tactician.

Despite earning the nickname ‘Baby Mourinho‘ early on in his coaching career, Julian Nagelsmann has shown he’s very much his own man. This was confirmed in his first leg defeat to the Special One on the 2019/ 2020 UEFA Champions League Knockout stages. The rest, as they say, is history.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Girlfriend, Wife, and Kid:

With all the successes achieved at his young age, it is certain that most German and football fans worldwide must have begun pondering on whom Julian Nagelsmann’s girlfriend might be. More so, whether the German coach is married, which implies already having a wife and maybe kids.

According to GhanaSoccerWeb, Julian is a Family Man with a big heart. He once dating his long-term girlfriend Verena. Together, both couples (pictured below) are parents to a young son called Maximilian Nagelsmann. After years of dating, Julian Nagelsmann decided to marry Verena. The marriage occurred in Bavaria, in what appeared to be a closed ceremony. Meet Julian Nagelsmann’s wife in this lovely photo below.

Meet Julian Nagelsmann’s Wife, Verena. Image Credit: Pinterest

Every man is incomplete without the family and Julian Nagelsmann isn’t an exception. He derives so much joy from his wife and kid.

According to the young German coach, “It helps a lot when you come home at night and observe you’ve got a partner and a son“, he told German newspaper Bild. Julian Nagelsmann’s wife, Verena supports him in a great way and because of that, he can focus completely on his job.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Lifestyle:

Starting off, the young German coach lives an organized life, one that involves purposeful spendings on things that he holds dear to himself. Having a net worth of $5 Million is enough to Nagelsmann own a big house in the Munich area and most importantly, get his dream car- The Jaguar.

The young German coach is is big fan of the Jaguar- his choice of car. Credit: auto.de

Why does Julian Nagelsmann admire Jaguars?… It’s probably because it offers him nothing but the best materials and uncompromising style. More so, his car is equipped with state of the art technology which ensures optimal safety in his everyday driving.

The big reason why Julian Nagelsmann loves the Jaguar Car. Credit: auto.de

Julian Nagelsmann’s Personal Life:

Starting off, he is someone who likes to take BIG RISKS and the best ideas come to his head while taking his morning bath. Speaking of big risks, in 2016, it was a risk for Julian Nagelsmann to accept the task of coaching TSG 1899 Hoffenheim without finishing his soccer teacher license Coaching License exams. Speaking about the experience, he once said;

 “Right in the middle of fighting against relegation, I also had to take my final exams and I was under immense pressure, especially mentally.

It was the craziest weeks of my life, a time I felt I won’t live longer than 30 years!”

How he handles older players:

As a young coach, Nagelsmann utilizes his Leo Zodiac strength, which is being creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful and humorous to handle players, even those older than him. Back then, five players in that Hoffenheim squad were older than him. The club were seven points adrift of safety. Even as it had all the potential to end in tears, it never did.

According to Julian, dealing with older players is uncomplicated. It only takes a coach who does not get too serious in everything. Basically, Julian is one who likes to have a laugh and loves to discuss personal matters in an expressive way with all his players (old and young).

The Social Media Abstinence:

Unlike most people of his generation, Julian Nagelsmann does not believe in Social Media, meaning he has no social media presence. That is not to say he hasn’t once created a social media account. He actually did shortly after becoming Hoffenheim’s boss. The account amassed over 43,000 followers before he decided to shut it down. Nagelsmann’s agent Marc Kosiscke (who is also Jurgen Klopp’s advisor) once said this about his client’s distaste of social media. In his words;

“As a coach, I don’t think you need social media. Julian tried it for a bit because he wanted to see how the interaction was like. For me, I didn’t think it was a bad idea because he’s part of a generation that uses it. But for him, he later to ask, what the point?”

Marc Kosiscke said this while being interviewed by Die Welt, a German national daily newspaper.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Family Life:

When someone says-family comes first, it simply implies that the person has his family as most important priority of his life. This is the case of the young German coach. In this section, we’ll bring you more facts about Julian Nagelsmann’s family members starting with his parents.

More About Julian Nagelsmann’s Dad:

Before his death, Erwin Nagelsmann was always a very happy man, one who always wanted every member of his household to be positive about life, also strive to be successful. For that reason, Julian had to grow up a lot quicker than his peers, even mature. He ensured he start living on his own in his early teen years, while he played youth football. Few years after Erwin died, Julian Nagelsmann was already a man in a boy’s skin.

“I saw it as my responsibility to take care of things and deal with whatever comes with the death of my father.”

the young German coach explained.

More About Julian Nagelsmann’s Mother:

Burgi Nagelsmann is often seen as a “super strong woman“, one who was able to gather the courage to move on in a healthy, life-affirming manner after the death of her husband, Erwin.

With the help of her son, she was able to sell her late husband’s house, buy a new one and also, dealing with his car insurance. Super Birgi (pictured below) is proud to have raised successful children, which was the biggest test in her life after the death of Erwin.

Julian Nagelsmann Family Life- Here, he is pictured alongside his sister Vanessa Furkert and mother Burgi Nagelsmann. Credits: augsburger-allgemeine

About Julian Nagelsmann’s Sister:

Meet Julian Nagelsmann’s older sister, Vanessa who is pictured above with her kid brother Julian and mum. Judging from her surname (Vanessa Furkert), it appears Vanessa is already married.

She was instrumental in giving their family some financial balance after the death of Erwin, their dad. Severally, Vanessa was away from home to work, a feat that saw young Julian taking care of everything, including his mum.

About Julian Nagelsmann’s Brother:

Meet the brother of Julian Nagelsmann (André) who is at the time of writing, the district game director for the Rhön football district since December 1st, 2016. André was born in Osnabrück, but grew up in Issing in the Landsberg am Lech district.

Meet Julian Nagelsmann’s Brother, André Nagelsmann. Credit: MainPost

Julian Nagelsmann’s older brother (André) is a hardworking man, but not as successful as his kid brother. He has been more connected to local amateur football throughout his life, something he started at the age of 11 with FC Issing.

At the age of 17, Julian Nagelsmann’s brother André quitted amateur football to become a referee. The married man who is in his 40’s (at the time of writing) is also a passionate hiker, who loves to hike in the Alps.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Untold Facts:

Fact #1: The Old School Vintage Mercedes:

In Germany, the prestigious ADAC RallyeHeidelberg Historic” is an absolute must for vintage car enthusiasts. Our very own Julian Nagelsmann loves to participate as he loves old cars, especially his old school vintage Mercedes.

In the morning of rally days, Julian gets his Bundesliga football legs up early and then joins the pack with his Mercedes 300 SC from 1955. What a unique football coach!

The young German coach goes to the Heidelberg Rally with his old vintage Mercedes. Credit: RNZ Germany

Fact #2: About the Baby Mourinho Nickname:

Julian Nagelsmann was given ‘Baby Mourinho‘ in honour of Portuguese boss Jose Mourinho who enjoyed similar success as he did at a young age, this time, with Porto. Speaking about the origin of his nickname, Julian once said;

“Yeah, I got called Baby Mourinho in the early days at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, when I was a coach there. One of my goalkeepers, Tim Wiese was often training on Sundays because he’d not played the day before and all of a sudden he came up with the name Baby Mourinho.

I don’t know why, exactly, but maybe he saw some similarities. I don’t think our philosophies are that identical thou.”

Does Julian Nagelsmann deserve that [‘Baby Mourinho’ tag]?…. Drop your comments in the comment section below.

Fact #3: His Salary Breakdown:

Since his breakthrough with Hoffenheim and now at RB Leipzig, fans have begun probing into Julian Nagelsmann facts, like how much he earns as a manager. On 21 June 2019, Nagelsmann sealed a four-year contract with RB Leipzig, one which saw him pocketing a whopping salary of around €5m per year (Dw Reports).

Now find below the breakdown of Julian Nagelsmann’s salary; per year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds.

SALARY TENUREEarnings in Euro (€)Earnings in Pounds Stering (£)Earnings in USD ($)
Per Year€ 5,000,000£4,294,250$5,643,100.00
Per Month€416,666£357,854$470,258
Per Week€104,116£89,463.5$117,564
Per Day€14,881£12,780.5$16,795
Per Hour€620£532.5$699
Per Minute€10.3£8.86$11.6
Per Seconds€0.17£0.14$0.19

This is how much Julian Nagelsmann has earned since you begun viewing this Page.


If what you see above reads (0), it means you are viewing an AMP page. Now Click HERE to see his salary increment by seconds. Did you know?… The average man in the UK needs to work for at least 9.2 years to earn £416,666 which is the amount Julian Nagelsmann earns in 1 month.

Fact #4: His World Record: 

Even without getting a contract outside Germany, Nagelsmann’s success has gone way international. In October 2017, he became the first head coach in world football to sign up for the Common Goal initiative owned by Juan Mata and streetfootballworld.

Here is how it works: Footballers pledge at least one percent of their wages to a collective fund managed by Berlin-based NGO streetfootballworld. The German coach is joined by fellow Bundesliga representatives namely; Mats Hummels, Serge Gnabry and Shinji Kagawa in signing up for the worthwhile cause.

Fact #5: Julian Nagelsmann’s Religion:

After spending hours researching the internet on this fact, we’ve come to the realization that Julian Nagelsmann’s parents are most likely to have raised him to adopt the Christian religious faith. Did you know?… His name “Julian” is the variant form of the Biblical name “Julius“, which is Hebrew in origin and its meaning is “soft-haired“. Also, “Vanessa” which is the name of his sister is a christian girl name.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Wiki:

Rounding up Julian Nagelsmann’s Biography, we now present to you his Wiki Biography Facts. Below is a table below, you’ll get information about him in a concise and easy way.

Julian Nagelsmann's Biography Facts (Wiki Inquiry)Wiki Answers
Full Name:Julian Nagelsmann.
Nickname:Baby Mourinho.
Place of Birth:Landsberg am Lech, West Germany.
Parents:Burgi Nagelsmann (Mother) and Erwin Nagelsmann (Late Father).
Siblings:Vanessa Furkert (Older Sister) and André Nagelsmann (Older Brother)
Age:32 (As at March 2020)
Height:1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Agent:Marc Kosiscke
Personal Life attributes:Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful and humorous.
Current team:RB Leipzig (manager as at March 2020)

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