Aleksander Ceferin Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Aleksander Ceferin Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LifeBogger presents the Full Story of a Football Elite best known as “The Organized Manager”.

Our Aleksander Ceferin Childhood Story, including his Untold Biography Facts, gives you a full account of notable events from his childhood to the moment he became globally famous.

The analysis of Ceferin’s Bio involves his family background, life story before fame, rise to fame story, relationship and personal life.

Yes, everyone knows that he emerged from relative obscurity to become the second-most powerful man in football. 

However, only a few consider Aleksander Ceferin’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Aleksander Ceferin Childhood Story – Early Life & Family Background:

For Biography starters, Aleksander Ceferin was born on the 13th Day of October 1967 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He was the second and youngest child born to his mother, Ana (an academic), and to his father, Peter (a reputable lawyer).

Growing up at Ljubljana (his hometown) alongside his older brother Rok, Aleksander was a sturdy and stubborn kid who exhibited traits of commitment to duty, a fact his father Peter made known in the following manner:

“Aleksander was only four when he went for a walk with a dog.
The dog wanted to escape back home, little Aleksander did not let go, the dog dragged him on the ground, but Alexander held on to its leash and was dragged all the way home.”
Aleksander Ceferin in his Early Years.
Aleksander Ceferin in his Early Years.

Asides from early signs of commitment, young Aleksander knew how well to amicably solve issues bothering him and his older brother Rok.

A trait for which the latter remembered was well utilized in winning them freedom from their parent’s decision to force Music on the duo.

“Our parents wanted us to learn how to play some instrument. They chose the accordion, but we hated it at first glance.

In the hours of practice, we did not show any musical talent or effort in training. This went on for months to the dismay of our parents and the discontent of our music teacher”.

Recalled Rok.

Aleksander, however, figured out how we could solve the problem. He suggested that we sell the accordion and share the proceeds. This we did in strict confidentiality.

Our mother later discovered that the instrument was missing but didn’t bother. After all, the house was more harmonious without the harmonious piece of instrument.

He concludes.

Aleksander Ceferin Education:

Ceferin had his basic education at a Primary school in Grosuplje, where his mother served as principal at the time.

While at the school, he was a pupil who never took education seriously and constituted a nuisance with other students.

Nevertheless, his mother (pictured with him below) had a soft spot for him and overlooked his misdemeanours.

Aleksander Ceferin with his Mother.
Aleksander Ceferin with his Mother.

At the end of school hours, Aleksander played football with his peers, serving in the capacity of a central midfielder.

In addition to that, he was a supporter of Hajduk Split, which was one of the best teams in former Yugoslavia at the time.

Upon completion of primary school, Aleksander had dreams of becoming a seafarer but was instead enrolled at Gymnasiums, where he had his secondary school education.

First was Gimnazija in Sticno before he left for Poljana Gymnasium in Ljubljana.

Aleksander Ceferin Biography – Road To Fame:

1991 was the year Aleksander gained admission to study law at the University of Ljubljana.

While at it, he majored in the concept of Human Rights Ombudsman, a study that was only known by Scandinavian countries at the time.

For Aleksander, the road to fame after graduation was long and swift. He first joined his family’s law firm, headed by his father Peter, and took an interest in representing sports clubs and professional athletes.

The activity of legal representations further saw him take formal interests and key roles in one of Slovenia’s most successful futsal clubs, KMN Svea Lesna Litija, as well as an amateur side, FC Ljubljana, all between 2005-2011.

Aleksander Ceferin Biography – Rise To Fame Story:

Waves of fame began building in 2011 when Aleksander was elected as Football Association of Slovenia (NZS) president in 2011, a role which he effectively managed with being a second and third vice-chairman of the UEFA Legal Committee from 2011 to 2016.

He finally emerged from relative obscurity following his election as UEFA’s seventh president at the 12th Extraordinary UEFA Congress in Athens in September 2016 and automatically became a vice-president of the world body FIFA. The rest, as they say, is history.

Aleksander Ceferin and Barbara Ceferin Relationship:

Ceferin has been long married to his beautiful wife known as Barbara Ceferin. The couple first met while attending a wedding of their friends and began dating afterwards.

They officially got married sometime around 1999 and have remained married ever since.

Meet Barbara Ceferin. She is Aleksander Ceferin's Wife.
Meet Barbara Ceferin. She is Aleksander Ceferin’s Wife.

It is worthwhile to note that Barbara is a photographer by profession and owns her private gallery of photographs and books. She never ceases to admire her husband, who she describes in the following manner: 

“He is very loving, gentle, attentive, very protective like a man must be. Although he could sometimes be strict. I must admit that he has a very gentle soul, which I fell in love with.” 

Barbara’s marriage with Aleksander is blessed with three kids. they include Nina (born 1993), Neza (born 2002) and Anait (born 2005). 

Aleksander Ceferin Untold Biography Facts:

To begin with, Ceferin has crossed the Sahara Desert four times by car and once on a motorbike.

Aleksander Ceferin Lifestyle EXPLAINED - he loves driving bikes in desert environments.
Aleksander Ceferin Lifestyle EXPLAINED – he loves driving bikes in desert environments.

He was conscripted to fight in what is known as the Ten-Day War. However, the conflict ended before he saw any action.

Speak of combat readiness, Aleksander has a third-dan black belt in karate. Asides from speaking Slovenian, Aleksander is fluent in English and Italian. He is a lover of dogs and has three dogs each for his daughters.

Personal Life outside Football:

Starting off, Caferin is a passionate man who has the courage of his convictions in whatever he does.

Added to the aforementioned trait are his exceptional social skills. Also, his sense of justice, perseverance, focus, as well as and extreme devotion to his family.

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