Richard Arnold Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Richard Arnold Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Richard Arnold Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Life, Wife and Children, etc.

More so, we’ll tell you about the Manchester United CEO’s Educational background, Lifestyle, Net Worth, Salary and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, this memoir tells you the Full History of Richard Arnold. A man who studied Biology at the University. And then rose to become the CEO of Man United.

First, this article begins by unfolding the events of Richard Arnold’s Boyhood days. Thereafter, we’ll tell you how Richard Arnold became famous in his Manchester United job. 

Yes, you probably began hearing his name as of 2022. Probably, at the time, Man United announced Richard as the Chief Executive Officer of the club. The best candidate to replace Ed Woodward.

Again, you probably know a lot about the United great players – e.g., the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, etc.

However, not a lot about Richard Arnold’s Biography. The man who won the battle to secure the services of Dutch manager, Erik ten Hag.

Lifebogger has prepared this memoir for your reading pleasure. Without further ado, let’s begin with the events of his Early Life.

Richard Arnold Childhood Story:

For starters of his Biography reading, Manchester United CEO, Richard Arnold, was born on the 26th day of April 1971. Richard was born to British parents in the United Kingdom. He spent his childhood years in Chester, a city in northwest England.

Richard Arnold Family Background:

The Manchester United executive comes from a home whose parents are wealthy and prosperous.

Both of Richard Arnold’s Dad and Mum worked and never struggled with money. As a result, the future CEO never lacked as a child.

Richard Arnold Family Origin:

Richard Arnold is of a White-British ethnicity. His nationality is British. Research has it that Chester is where Richard Arnold’s family comes from is one of the best-preserved walled cities in the whole of Britain.

Also to note, United CEO’s city of origin, Chester, has lots of medieval buildings and the city is very close to the border of Wales.

And in case you are not aware, where Richard Arnold’s family comes from is also the city of England football great Michael Owen. Chester is also the family home of Stock City legend Ryan Shawcross.

Richard Arnold Educational Background:

Truth be told, the Manchester United executive never studied sports at the undergraduate level.

In this Biography section, we’ll tell you about Richard Arnold’s education. Now, let’s start with his pre-university schooling.

When he was a child, Richard Arnold’s parents had him enrolled with The King’s School, Chester.

This is a British co-educational independent day school for children aged between 4 to 18. As expected, the future Manchester United executive graduated there with flying colours.

After graduating from secondary education, Richard got admission to the University of Bristol.

Among all courses in the world, the future CEO of Man United chose to study Biology. This course is so far-away from sports and football.

Richard Arnold, while at the University, excelled in his course, Biology. At that time, little did he know that being a Botanist or Biologist wasn’t his calling.

In 1993, the intelligent Lad graduated and earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

The Career Switch:

Following graduation, Richard had a switch in his field of study. This time, it wasn’t from Biology to football. Rather, United’s future CEO switched to Accountancy.

Through hard work, Richard Arnold, in the year 1993, became a Chartered Accountant.

Owing to his love for his educational roots, Richard Arnold got blessed as the Governor of The King’s School, Chester. As earlier stated, this is the independent day school – where he completed his primary education.

Richard Arnold Biography – Early Career Life:

Right after his graduation from the University of Bristol, the Future CEO found a lucrative job. It wasn’t a Biology job. Neither was it a Microbiologist or Biological Technician job.

Richard got the role of a senior manager in the telecommunications and media industry. He worked for a company called PricewaterhouseCoopers. Richard worked there, in a Senior Manager capacity, from 1993 to 1999.

During his stay with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Biology graduate got involved in other activities.

First, in the privatization of the Saudi Telecommunications Corporation. Also, in the Initial Public Offering of Orange, in the United Kingdom.

Next, the Chartered accountant changed jobs. Richard Arnold began working at Global Crossing Europe Ltd, a company in the technology sector. He was instrumental in the company’s restructuring between 1999 and 2002.

That year, 2002, he left Global Crossing for a directorship role in a reputable NASDAQ-listed technology company. It was a Deputy Managing Director role at InterVoice Ltd.

This tech company was one workplace Richard applied lots of his accounting knowledge and experience. The future United CEO improved the international channel sales and marketing division of InterVoice Inc.

Richard Arnold Bio – The Road to Fame Story:

A sign that the Chartered Account would go places came when he got national recognition. This recognition came from one of the UK’s top award institutions.

In 2004 and 2005, the United Kingdom Institute of Directors nominated Richard Arnold. He was among those selected as the finalist for – the United kingdom’s Young Director of the Year award.

The above honour became a big boost to his CV. Did you know?… That earned Richard Arnold a job at Manchester United. In 2008, he joined Manchester United as a group commercial director.

After four years of meticulous service at United, the future CEO, in 2011, got another nomination. To the joy of Richard Arnold’s family, he became the face of SportBusiness International Magazine’s Sports Innovator of the Year.

In case you are wondering, this honour came because of his commercial achievements with Manchester United. In other words, he made lots of monies for the club.

Richard Arnold’s Manchester United Promotion:

As a reward for hard work, the Red Devils promoted him as both group managing director and director of Manchester United PLC.

That promotion came on the 1st of July 2013. During this time, Mr Richard Arnold had assumed full control of the club’s business operations.

With the above Directorship role, Arnold was allowed to sit on the board of two prestigious sectors. They are Manchester United Television (MUTV) and Manchester United Merchandising Limited.

During his time at the club, the Certified Accountant was instrumental in growing the general global appeal of the Man United brand (both home and abroad).

In fact, Richard Arnold was the person who ensured the opening of Manchester United commercial offices in New York City, Mayfair (London) and Hong Kong.

Richard Arnold Biography – Success Story:

The year 2014 was when his popularity grew (the highest) in Manchester United. That year, Arnold has overseen the signing of a good number of lucrative world-record sponsorship contracts.

First, he (in 2014) became the brain behind United’s world record seven-year US$600 million kit sponsorship deal. This was the deal the club had with General Motors/Chevrolet.

It didn’t end there. Again, Arnold successfully initiated a mega $1.3 billion sports equipment deal with Adidas.

Experts tag this as a world-record deal. United sealed it in 2015 for a tenure of 10 years. It is the highest achievement of Richard Arnold at United. The deal became the biggest in sporting history – at the time.

Becoming the CEO of Manchester United:

On the 6th day of January 2022 came the breaking news  – United announces new Chief Executive Officer.

The club revealed that Arnold would replace Ed Woodward as their new CEO. Man United activated his role as the Chief Executive Officer on the 1st day of February 2022.

Taking that position is indeed a great honour for Richard. It came at a time the club hadn’t enjoyed anything close to astronomical success. Just as they once regularly had when Sir Alex Ferguson was in the picture.

Described as a good communicator and motivator, Richard Arnold has proved himself over the years. He is a man who speaks eloquently about the club – as noticed in this interview. There is a specific strength to Mr Arnold and the way he speaks. 

The rest of his Biography, as Lifebogger always say, is now history.

Richard Arnold’s Wife:

As I put up this Bio, the English Press is yet to get an opportunity to know the life partner of the CEO.

Nevertheless, we believe information about Richard Arnold’s wife will surface soon. Especially now that he is in the media spotlight of the biggest club in England.

Does Richard Arnold and his Wife have Children?

Lifebogger’s odds are in favour of him not just having a partner but a child or children as well. Again, a lack of documentation exists regarding Richard Arnold’s children.

Personal Life away from CEO Job:

Without a doubt, the CEO of Manchester United is a natural-born leader. Richard is self-confident, creative and able to achieve just anything he set his mind towards.

For example, despite reading Biology at the University, Rich decided he would put his attention on accountancy. He excelled in it and became a chartered accountant. Again, he went on to become an executive in the football business.

There is a specific strength to Richard and the way he communicates. He is a man capable of uniting different groups of people and leading them towards a shared cause.

Lastly, Richard Arnold has a healthy sense of humour. This is something that makes his collaboration with people and organizations even easier.

Richard Arnold LifeStyle:

We know the United Executive – for his ability to make monies. He has proven to be someone whose hard work and has raked millions from his job place.

How Richard Arnold spends his Manchester United salary is currently private. A lack of documentation exists on whether he takes holiday trips or has a fleet of cars.

Richard Arnold Family Life:

From what it seems, it appears home and matters of the family are very important and private.

At this moment, there exists no media coverage on Richard Arnold’s family. The CEO appears to be someone who only appreciates private moments with members of his household.

Richard Arnold Untold Facts:

In concluding this Biography, we’ll use this section to tell more truths about the CEO of Manchester United. Without further ado, let us begin.

Richard Arnold’s Salary as CEO of Man United:

One thing is sure, the fact that he earns an executive salary at his workplace. According to the Red Devils’ financial accounts, a CEO position receives £3.09 million annually.

Breaking down Richard Arnold’s Salary, we have the following earning figures.

TENURE/EARNINGSRichard Arnold Salary Breakdown as Man United CEO
Per Year:£3,090,000
Every Month:£257500
Every Week£59,331
Per Day:£8,457
Per Hour:£353
Per Minute:£5.8
Every Second:£0.09

A point to note, Richard Arnold is the highest-paid director in the Premier League.

Since you began viewing Richard Arnold‘s Bio, this earned this as CEO of Man United.


Where Richard Arnold’s family comes from, a person working in Chester typically earns around 69,800 GBP per year.

Such a citizen would need 44.2 years to make Richard Arnold’s yearly salary with Manchester United.

Richard Arnold’s Net Worth:

One thing is sure, the assets owned by United’s CEO are far above his current liabilities. As of 2022, Richard Arnold’s Net worth is approximately 4.5 million pounds.

The major source of Richard Arnold’s wealth comes from the earnings he makes in overseeing Manchester United operations. Others include his businesses outside his United’s job.

Involvement in transfers:

When Arnold took over the position of chief executive officer (CEO), one thing became clear.

That he would get involved in football transfers just like Woodward previously did. Manchester United fans expect their new CEO to never look back on their transfer demands.

Similar to the way J Guy Laurence (CEO, Chelsea FC) reports to Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich, Richard Arnold would report his football transfer decisions to the Glazer family.

He is the man behind Rangnick:

Most Manchester United fans expected Mauricio Pochettino as their next coach after the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, little did they know Ralf Rangnick would be the next in line.

What is even more unknown is that Richard Arnold was the man who pushed for Rangnick’s two-year consultancy role with Manchester United. The Chester native surely has his way of getting things done with his capacity.

Rebuilding the Glazers’ reputation:

Despite the many years of anti-Glazer family sentiment, the rich family still owns the club. Richard Arnold knew the family well and was a member of United’s executives even after Malcolm Glazer’s death.

As CEO of Manchester United, Arnold has the tough task of healing the relationship between the club fans and the hierarchy (Glazier’s family).

At the time of updating Arnord’s Biography, his project on building the Glazers’ reputation has begun. He has approved the appointment of Erik ten Hag as manager of United. As well as endorsing the signing of top stars like Tyrell Malacia, Christian Eriksen, Lisandro Martinez, Casemiro, and Antony to the club.

He vowed to Improve United’s stadium and training facilities:

The terrible state of Old Trafford and Carrington was one major criticism that had gone largely under the radar prior to the Super League debacle.

This is the reason why many young talents (like Cole Palmer) decided to reject Manchester United. Rather, he moved to City because of its improved stadium and facilities.

Before Richard’s appointment as CEO, Manchester United Fans had become frustrated with their leaky, rusty stadium.

It’s even in the news that the club’s Women’s manager, Casey Stoney, reportedly left her job. She left because of the lack of training facilities in her department.

One of the justifications for the appointment of Richard Arnold is the belief that he is the right man to get the above issues resolved. He is aware that plenty of maintenance as regards improving the stadium and training facilities are his key objectives.

His role with Manchester United Foundation.

In case you weren’t aware, the club’s foundation uses football to engage and inspire young people. Helping them to build a better life for themselves.

Did you know?… the workaholic, Richard Arnold, is also the Chairman of the Manchester United Foundation.

Asides from being a Red Devil executive, he has led a foundation that has earned a reputation for helping young people make positive choices in their lives.

Richard Arnold Religion:

While no media coverage exists on his ideology, we believe Richard is likely to be born to Christian parents. Christianity is the UK’s official religion, with more than 53% of its population being practising members.

Wiki Summary:

This table provides summarized information in Richard Arnold’s Biography.

Full Name:Richard Arnold (executive)
Date of Birth:26 April 1971
Age:52 years and 5 months old.
Family Origin:Chester, England
Primary and Secondary Education:The King's School, Chester
University Education:University of Bristol
Qualification:Bachelor of Science in Biology (1993) and
Chartered Accountant (1996)
Zodiac:A Taurus
Past workplace:(1) PricewaterhouseCoopers(1993–1999)
(2) Global Crossing (1999–2002)
(3) InterVoice Ltd (2002–2007)
Present job:Manchester United F.C. (2008–present)
Titles at Manchester United:Group Managing Director (2008 to 2021)
Chief Executive Officer (2022–)


The Biography of Richard Arnold is a story about a hardworking man who brings out the best in everything he ventures into.

Man United’s CEO was born on the 26th of April 1971 to parents of Chester family origin. And his birthplace is the same as Michael Owen.

Like many other children, Richard Arnold’s parents gave him the best education. They enrolled him at a top-performing co-educational independent school.

This school is no other than The King’s School CHESTER. Richard graduated there with flying colours. He went on to read Biology at the university.

In the year 1993, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Rather than becoming a health specialist or environmental scientist, Arnold changed his field. He didn’t further his education (MSc or PhD) in the Biology line.

The future Manchester United CEO took a new area, so unrelated to Biology. He went on to study accountancy, thereby becoming a chartered accountant.

Richard Arnold’s used his qualification to get several top jobs before landing himself as a staff of Manchester United.

With the club, he grew to become the commercial director who oversaw all operations and commercial activities.

In February 2022, Richard Arnold became the CEO of Manchester United. Upon his appointment, the new CEO pledged to improve the club in many ways. One of such includes investing in transfers, training facilities and rebuilding Man United’s fan’s trust.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking the time to read this Life story of Richard Arnold.

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