Victor Lindelof Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Victor Lindelof Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LifeBogger presents the Full Story of a Defensive Genius best known by the nickname “Iceman“.

Our Victor Lindelof Childhood Story plus Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis involves his life story before fame, family background, relationship life, and many other OFF-Pitch facts (little known) about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his composure on the ball, which has earned him the nickname ‘Iceman’.

However, not many football fans have read a detailed version of Victor Lindelof’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s get started.

Victor Lindelof Childhood Story – The Events before his Birth:

For Biography starters, the date of his birth had a positive sense of timing. It was the day his parents knew he was going to become a footballer.

On that day, 17th of July 1994, Victor Lindelof’s mum, Ulrica, was in a hospital with her husband, who was acting kind of strange as he looked distracted, which is weird, right?

Yes, we mean, his son is about to be born.

There aren’t many bigger things in life than that, right??

Of course, when Victor Lindelof came into this world, his father was overwhelmed with joy. Shockingly, after his son’s birth, he bizarrely said;

O.K., Please can I find a TV now?.

Victor’s mum just rolled her eyes in amusement because she knew what he meant by that humble question. She was like,

“Really? Really?

And Victor’s father replied;

“I know, I know…it a wrong timing, but they’re about to start taking the penalties.”

Now, let’s unlock the mystery of that day

It was the 17th of July 1994, the day of the 1994 World Cup Final between Brazil and Italy, in Pasadena, California, USA.

Victor Lindelöf saw his first breath moments before the penalty final between Brazil and Italy.

It was the worst day of Roberto Baggio’s life. The day he missed the penalty that made Italy lose the World Cup. Watch Below;

Victor Lindelof Biography Facts – Early Life:

Victor Lindelof was born on the 17th of July 1994 to his mother, Ulrica Lindelöf, and a relatively unknown father in Västerås, Sweden.

 He grew up in his parent’s apartment block in Vasteras, which is Sweden’s fifth biggest city. He was the second eldest of four boys born by his parents.

From a Broken Home:

Victor’s childhood was disrupted when his mother, Ulrica and father, Jorgen, broke up while he was still very young.

His mum took over the responsibility of caring for her children, while his dad only showed care from a distance.

Victor himself was made stronger, as he also felt the responsibility of looking after his brothers when his dad left their family home, especially the two younger ones. According to reports;

“It made him grow up and most probably why we see this mature part of him today.”

Growing up, all boys learned how to play football together. As Victor puts it;

My father would be around too, but the one who really raised us was my mother.

Now, I don’t wanna sound like a mommy’s boy here, but I’m telling you, without her, I wouldn’t have become a footballer. No chance!

When Victor was five years old, his mum fed his imagination with football, starting with gifts.

She once bought him this goalkeeper kit of Fabien Barthez, France’s goalkeeper who became very popular after the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

At age five, Victor's football dreams were ignited by his mother's gift: a Fabien Barthez goalkeeper kit, echoing France's 1998 World Cup glory.
At age five, Victor’s football dreams were ignited by his mother’s gift: a Fabien Barthez goalkeeper kit, echoing France’s 1998 World Cup glory.

Suddenly, Victor wanted to become a Barthez as he started enjoying his kit. He’d be out in the yard throwing himself into the mud while trying to imitate the heroic stops of the legendary French goalkeeper.

Victor Lindelof Biography – Career Buildup:

As he was enjoying his goalkeeping kit, Victor’s mum took a twist on his son’s choice of career direction. She decided to buy her son a Zinedine Zidane kit. Immediately again, Victor wanted to be Zizou.

He began going to play football at his city’s local pitch, where he started learning how to make amazing passes. Soon, his imagination had turned into a dream.

When people ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up, Victor would immediately say;

“I want to be a footballer.”

At that time, Nobody really took him seriously. In response, people who asked him would say;

“Aw, that’s sweet, but footballing isn’t really a job, is it?

Victor Lindelof Biography – The Winning Mentality:

Victor’s footballing journey started at age five at IK Franke, a tiny club in a deprived suburb of the city. His mum was the one who took him to train while his dad was away.

As a kid, he was seen by his youth coach as “something special” because of his “work ethic to improve” and “hatred of losing”.

Reacting in Losing Situations:

When he was eight or nine, Victor once took the last penalty in a semi-final shootout and hit the ball five meters over the bar. He was so upset that he immediately ran off into a nearby forest.

His coach found him later sitting on a tree, where he cried and cried. As his coach puts it;

“He felt he had let everyone down and I had to calm Victor by saying none of them was angry with him. But he wanted to win all the time.”

Victor had to just believe it was possible to win trophies just as his mum made him believe. This finally came to pass.

Victor Lindelof Biography – The Later Years:

Lindelof left the club, IK Franke, aged 13, for local rivals Vasteras IK before being spotted by his city’s main team, which is Vasteras SK.

Soon, he started playing with the senior team as a central midfielder in the lower divisions, where he developed more quickly.

Victor’s plan was to go to a bigger club in Sweden later on. However, it was his agent who pressed on as regards him leaving for another bigger league.

Victor’s agent finally agent got a call from Benfica. Benfica’s interest came as a shock to Lindelof, who was only 17 at that time and was still going to school. In his words;

I was living at home and going to school. I didn’t know if I should take the offer, so I got together with my mother and my older brother to run through the pros and cons.

These were the Pros and Cons considered by Victor during his Benfica call.

Pros: Benfica is the biggest club in Portugal. I would play with better players and work with better coaches. I might even get a crack at the first team.

Cons: I’d have to move to Lisbon. Alone. I wouldn’t know anybody. I wouldn’t even speak the language. I might end up like some of my friends, who moved abroad at my age and had lots of problems. Did I really want to risk that?

As he wasn’t too sure about it, Victor’s mum walked up to him and said;

“Son, Will you regret it if you don’t say yes?”

Suddenly, Victor realized that he would accept their contract. One hour later, he called his agent to get ready for the journey. About two weeks later, Victor was on his way to Lisbon with his mum coming along.

The U-Turn:

According to Victor;

I thought my mum felt pretty confident about the whole thing, but the next morning she started to cry. She was proud of me, but it was tough for her to let me go.

However, it wasn’t too late for Victor as Benfica gave him a loan option back to his country.

Going BackVictor went back to play as a defender for Västerås, his former club for the first six months of his senior career.

He helped his club win promotion to Sweden’s second tier. Having attained maturity at the summer of 2012, He finally took the plane back to Lisbon all by himself. This time, there was no return ticket.

Victor Lindelof Biography Facts – Going Getting Tough:

After moving to Lisbon to join Benfica, times became tough for Victor.

From a non-career perspective, being so far away from home and unable to speak the language was solely responsible for him getting lonely. In his words;

Even today I can picture that room as if I was still living there. I can see the small flat-screen TV … the beige desk … the red curtains … the concrete balcony where I could see the training pitches … the bed with red sheets … and a mattress so hard that you might as well sleep on the floor.

Back then, during his lonely stay, all Victor did was call his mum and dad on Skype and watch Entourage, the American comedy-drama television series.

Thankfully, he finally found a girlfriend whom we will be introducing to you later.

Victor Lindelof Facts – The Zlatan Help:

Zlatan Ibrahimovic once asked a favour for his fellow countryman. He spoke to his then-manager Jose Mourinho on the idea of signing Victor, having briefly worked with him on the international scene.

Ideally, their Swedish careers may only have overlapped, with Zlatan retiring after Euro 2016. Victor Lindelof impressed Zlatan enough, who helped him get to United.

In the words of Zlatan;

“Victor is good enough for United. It is up to him what he wants and what the situation says. Whatever he chooses, it will be good for him,”

United boss Jose Mourinho, despite getting the Zlatan recommendation, had to do his own research to know Victor Lindelof’s family background, bio, personality, and career path.

In the end, the Swedish finally came to the United. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Victor Lindelof’s Girlfriend and Wife:

For Victor, the distance between Sweden to Portugal finally meant nothing since the moment he found someone who meant everything to him.

As at the time of writing, an intimate relationship on a solid footing exists between Victor and Maja, who is pictured below.

The best feeling in their world is actually knowing they mean something to each other.

A bit about Maja Nilsson:

Maja is a blogger who markets and writes for the Swedish blog Femme.

She is a big user of Instagram and Twitter, these are social platforms she uses to regularly express her support for Lindelof and his career. Both lovers met while he was in Benfica.

Following Victor Lindelof’s move to the United, he decided to celebrate it by announcing his engagement to his girlfriend, Maja Nilsson. Victor popped the question while the pair were on holiday in the Maldives.

It was Maja, the social media frenzy lady, who officially made the announcement on Instagram that she and Lindelof were now engaged. She shared a photo of her flashy ring, which Lindelof no doubt splashed out on.

Both lovers tied the knot days later in a stunning ceremony in Sweden. It was a ceremony that only members of his family and very close friends attended.

Lindelof’s newly wedded wife wrote on her Instagram, accompanied by a bride and groom snap which said;

“I’ve been longing to be your wife since the first time I met you. Say hi to Mr and Mrs Nilsson Lindelöf.”

Maja has also been a regular source of amusement for Sweden and United fans due to the hilarious stories she shares about Lindelof. They enjoy a relationship where communication never fades.

Victor Lindelof Gaming Facts – A COD Pro:

Victor Lindelof loves playing Call of Duty. His obsession with the game goes as far as him carrying a console with him to away matches. While at home, he plays by himself or with his two brothers. In his words;

“We play together. It’s great fun to sit, talk, and play cod to pass the time a little,”

Did you know?? Victor once drugged his Wife over CODThis is according to Maja Nilsson Lindelof;

“The other night, Victor insisted that I take a sleeping pill which i did. The day after I learned that he then stayed up all night playing Call of Duty while i was high on sleep.”

Maja added disbelievingly: “He drugged me for COD!!”

Victor Lindelof’s Private Life:

Victor okays his wife, Maja Nilsson, to release pictures of his private life. She once lifted the lid on his private life, tweeting some embarrassing pictures of the Swedish defender.

The first is him standing on a kitchen chair to reach his favourite cheese puffs, which she had hidden on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard.

The second photo reveals her man being caught in the act of playing computer games in his scattered room when he should have been doing the laundry.

Unlike other footballers we have written about, these photos reveal too much transparency into Victor Lindelof Personal Life. He once responded to how he felt about his wife putting up facts about his personal life saying;

“It’s her Twitter and she’s very funny. She has to do what she wants. She likes to make fun of me and that’s fine. If people think she’s funny, she’ll do it.”

Fact Check:

Thanks for reading our Victor Lindelof Biography and Childhood Story.

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