Sergio Reguilon Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Sergio Reguilon Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Sergio Reguilon’s Biography tells you Facts on his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Net Worth, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

In clear terms, we present you factual outline which reflects significant events in the Memoir of the Left-Back beginning fro his early days, to when he became popular. To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his childhood to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Sergio Reguilon’s Bio.

Sergio Reguilon's life story
The Life Story of the Spanish footballer.

Yes, everyone knows he became one of the best left-back in LaLiga (2019/2020 season), especially following a superb loan spell at Sevilla. However, not many fans have read the complete version of Sergio Reguilon’s Life History which is interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin with the story of his early years.

Sergio Reguilon Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Left-Back bears the nickname “Regui”. Sergio Reguilón Rodríguez was born on the 16th day of December 1996 to his parents Mr and Mrs Ildefonso in the city of Madrid, Spain. The footballer was born into his family as the second son, after a brother (Deigo).

Sergio Reguilon Growing-Up Years:

Young “Regui” enjoyed his early years in Madrid, the capital and most populous city of Spain. As a boy, he got a childhood nickname “Ardilla” which translates as Squirrel. True to his nickname, little Reguilon had a thing for climbing streetlights, trees and anything that was “climbable”.

Sergio Reguilon Family Origin:

Although born in Madrid, the Left-Back doesn’t have his lineage from the Spanish capital. After careful research, we realize that Sergio Reguilion’s parents have their family roots from Zamora. The Spanish City pictured below is 130 miles or 210 km from Madrid.

Sergio Reguilon Family are of Zamorian Roots.
Sergio Reguilon Family are of Zamorian Roots..

As Wikipedia points out, the Spaniard is the only notable Footballer whose ancestry is tied to the small city.

Sergio Reguilon Family Background:

“Regui” as he was nicknamed during childhood, was a happy kid who has fun memories of his early days and household life. Truth is, the defender is not a product of a broken home and his parents’ preference for raising him in Madrid attests to the fact that his family was – at worst – middle-class citizens. Hence, Sergio Reguilon’s parents are probably the type who could afford their son the basic things he needed in his early years.

How Career Football began for Sergio Reguilon:

The story of the then youngster’s first steps in soccer is not any different from kids who had dreams of playing the sport as professionals. He was a staunch supporter of Real Madrid as a kid and began playing for local football club CF Collado Villalba as a 5-year-old.

He began his career in football with Collado Villalba
He began his career in football with Collado Villalba -AS.

Early Years in Career Football:

While at Villalba, Sergio Reguilon learnt to tie his shoelace in addition to other basics of the sport.  He was small but precociously strong. In addition, Reguilon had strength and technique that were alien to his age group.

At the end of the 2005/2006 season, Reguilon was among the talents who became members of Real Madrid academy. Villalba gave him up and he spent several years in development with the club’s ranks.

Sergio Reguilon Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Months after his 18 years birthday, the fast-rising defender went to UD Logrones (a Segunda Division B club) with a view to gaining more playtime. Sadly, he often sat on benches.

As a result, he went back to Real and began playing for the Los Blancos reserves (in the third division). Reguilon once again went to UD Logrones In the next season and quickly became one of their regular XI. His goals tally for the campaign was 8 with a number of assists.

Sergio Reguilon Success Story:

Returning to his parent club, “Regui” was extensively given playing opportunities by former coach Santiago Solari, racking up 30 appearances and serving as the B team captain for 11 times. It wasn’t long before he was sent on loan to Sevilla where his contributions saw the club raise the 2019–20 UEFA Europa League trophy.

What’s more, his performances in the campaign did earn him votes as La Liga’s best left Back. Fast forward to the time of writing this Bio, Sergio Reguilon like Eric Garcia, is sought after by major teams. He has made a name for himself and it is left for Real to make known their plans for him in the future. Like Ferran Torres, he is likely to get into a top-tier team in no time. The rest, as we say on Reguilon, is now history.

About Sergio Reguilon’s Girlfriend:

Away from loving what he does on the pitch, the left-back enjoys the companionship of a particular lady. She is Sergio Reguilon’s Girlfriend Marta Diaz. The lady is a YouTuber and a beautiful one at that.

Meet Sergio Reguilon beautiful girlfriend
Meet Sergio Reguilon’s beautiful girlfriend.

Browsing through the left back’s Instagram posts, it is evident that he went on vacation with his girlfriend to Dubai in August. It is evident that they share a strong bond and might possibly become husband and wife.

Sergio Reguilon’s Family Life:

Family is the left back’s pillar of support. He cherishes them and has their best interests at heart. We bring you facts about Sergio Reguilon’s Parents. Also, facts about his siblings and relatives will be laid bare to help you get a complete picture of him.

About Sergio Reguilon’s Father:

Great dad have produced successful footballers and Ildefonso isn’t an exception. Reguilon’s dad was instrumental to his rise in career football. He was the type who never cease to have interests in the developments of his son’s professional life. The defender loves them and once took to Instagram to celebrate his dad on the occasion of fathers’ day celebration.

Childhood photo of Sergio Reguillion with his supportive father
Childhood photo of Sergio Reguilon with his supportive father. 

About Sergio Reguilon’s Mother:

Like her husband, Mrs Ildefonso is also of Zamoran roots as Wikipedia confirms. Although there isn’t much documentation about the mother of Sergio Reguilon, however, we sure know that she was supportive in her own motherly way.

About Sergio Reguilon’s Brother:

“Regui” has a brother and his name is Diego. The sibling as seen below, is bigger and seemingly older than the football genius. Also, it appears Diego Reguilon didn’t toe the line of becoming a pro like his kid brother.

No doubt, Sergio Reguilon is the breadwinner of his family. More so, Diego should be proud of what his little brother has become.

Sergio Reguilon’s Personal Life:

Likeability is a word that encapsulates the best description for the footballer. He is a friend to many who associate with him because of his hard work, humility and ability to relate well with people both on and off-pitch. When the football genius is not training or stopping strikers he can be found enjoying vacations, playing video games, watching movies among other interests and hobbies.

Sergio Reguilon’s Net Worth and Lifestyle:

The Spaniard is relatively new to top-flight football. This makes it too demanding to imagine his wealth is like those of other football greats. In other words, the numbers that give a reflection of Sergio Reguilon’s net worth in 2020 are relatively low. To decipher it better, we’ve gone ahead to analyse his Sevilla salary breakdown.

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)
Per Year€2,064,000£1,853,616$2,439,863
Per Month€172,000£154,468$203,323
Per Week€39,631£35,592$46,949
Per Day€5,661£5,085$6,693
Per Hour€235.9£211.9$279
Per Minute€3.9£3.5$4.6
Per Seconds€0.06£0.05$0.08

Judging by our analysis and info from reputable sources, we can say Sergio Reguilon’s is worth just 2.5 Million Euros and has sources of his wealth are the Salary and Wages. Endorsements and Sponsorships are other sources of his wealth that helps him comfortably sustain his luxurious lifestyle of driving exotic cars and living in a big house or apartment.

Sergio Reguilon Facts:

To wrap up our left back’s Bio, here are Untold or little known truths about him.

Fact #1 – Salary in relation to the Average Spanish Citizen:

Did you know?… it will take an average Spaniard a whopping 6 years and 1 month to earn 172,000 euros, which is Sergio Ruguilon’s monthly salary with Sevilla FC. Find below, his earnings per seconds.

This is what Sergio Reguilon has earned since you began viewing this page.


Fact #2 – A Pro Gamer:

According to Famous-Birthdays, Sergio Reguilon isn’t just a footballer, but a pro gamer. Around May 2019, the Left Back signed with the eSports squad Team Heretics which is based in Spain. The team features prominent gamers such as Goorgo and TheGrefg.

Fact #3 – The Happiest Day of his Teen Life:

Sergio Reguilon took a photo with Gareth Bale in the year 2014, a day he declared the happiest in his teenage life. See how small he was and how much he changed in just a few years when the duo took another shot.

Fact #4 Sergio Reguilon’s Religion:

The left back’s religion is still subject to debate at the time of writing. However, he was once seen taking photos close to a mosque during his recent vacation in Dubai. See the photo below.
Sergio Reguilon at the Sheik Zayed mosque
Sergio Reguilon at the Sheik Zayed mosque.

Fact #5 Fifa Ranking:

Like fellow Defender, Achraf Hakimi, Sergio Reguilon has huge prospects on FIFA. The left back’s overall FIFA 2020 rating is 80 points with a potential of 87 points. Fans believe he deserves more rating than Luke Shaw whom Man United wants him to replace as observed in the 2020/2021 transfer gossips.
His ratings are fair but can be better
His ratings are fair but can be better.

Fact #6 Love for Firefighters:

Sergio Reguilon would have become a firefighter if he never had intentions of becoming a professional footballer. He loves the service and sees firefighters as superheroes. Thank goodness he was successful with soccer. We can’t imagine seeing him in firefighting apparel.


We have here, a summary of Sergio Reguilon profile.

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full NameSergio Reguilón Rodríguez
Date of Birth16th December 1996
Place of BirthMadrid in Spain
Playing PositionLeft-back
ParentsIldefonso (father)
SiblingsDiego (brother)
GirlfriendMarta Diaz
Hobbiesvacationing, playing video games, watching movies
Net Worth2.5 Million Euros
Height5 feet 10 inches.


Thanks for reading an in-depth Bio of Sergio Reguilon. We hope it has inspiringly made you believe that consistency is indispensable to achieving your goals. As observed in our Memoir, Reguilon never lost form have strived to impress since his childhood days as a footballer.
At Lifebogger, we uphold consistency as our watchword in delivering football stories like that of Sergio. Kindly drop a comment below about your perception of the Spanish Footballer.
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