Ruben Dias Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ruben Dias Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Ruben Dias Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Personal Life.

As a matter of fact, we have here; a complete breakdown of his Life Story, from his early days to when he became famous. Behold his early life and rise, a clear summary of Ruben Dias’ Bio.

Yes, many lovers of the game didn’t get to know him until Pep’s push to bring him to City. Again, only a few fans have set out time to read Ruben Dias’ Biography. We’ve prepared that and it is really interesting. Without delay, let’s begin.

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Ruben Dias Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname is Ruby and full names- Ruben dos Santos Gato Alves Dias. The Portuguese footballer was born on the 14th day of May 1997 to his father, Joao Dias and little known mother in the city of Amadora, Portugal.

Ruben Dias Growing-up Years:

Young ‘Ruby’ grew up playing soccer in the corridors of his home in the Lisbon metropolitan area, alongside an older brother Ivan. Dias mum and dad didn’t have him alone. He does also have two beautiful sisters, Beatrix and Carolina whom he grew up with.

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Ruben Dias Family Background:

The house in which the soccer prodigy and his brother grew up in is just north of Lisbon. Its closeness to the seat of power in Portugal signifies that Ruben Dias’ parents were at least middle-class citizens. More so, his life story is devoid of rag to riches tales.

Ruben Dias Family Origins:

For newbies, the football genius is a Portuguese national. To know more of his Ruben Dias family origin, our team decided to go deeper. The outcome of our research shows that his family ancestry is traced to Amadora, in western Portugal.

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Ruben Dias Football Story:

Destiny, in the first place, began- all thanks to a friend. At the age of 9, young Ruby was taken to C.F. Estrela da Amadora by a close family companion. It was at the club he took his first steps in organized soccer. Initially, he started as a striker in 2006.

However, he did end up being a centre back as time went on. Now here is cute Ruby, two years after he began his career football with C.F. Estrela da Amadora.

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Early Years in Career Football:

Two years later (2008), Ruben Dias parents took their son to Benfica academy for trials. Upon passing and gaining entry into the club, the young lad was told to play at midfield. At that time, he didn’t have the physicality of a centre back. It wasn’t until Dias hit a growth spurt that he eventually became a centre back. At this time, he began rising fast through the club’s ranks.

Ruben Dias Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Thanks to his inborn leadership traits, he was captain of every age group that he played. In fact, Dias was the coach’s voice on the pitch as well as in the dressing room. Merely looking at his face, you’ll realize he was indeed, a leader in the making.

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At the peak of his youth career, Dias made his professional debut with Benfica B side in 2015. As expected, he did help them to a historic fourth-place finish in the second division. Afterwards, Pep’s CB helped the junior team reach the final of the 2016–17 UEFA Youth League.

Ruben Dias Bio – Success Story:

When the soccer talent gained promotion to Benfica’s first team in 2017, he was named Primeira Liga’s Young Player of the Year. In subsequent seasons he helped The Eagles win the league title (2018–19 season) and later the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira (2019–20 season). Also, the league named him in the Primeira Liga’s Team of the Year 2019.

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Fast Forward to the time of writing this biography, Manchester City has secured the services of the centre back to fill the defensive void left by former captain Vincent Company. It would definitely not be long before he establishes himself at Etihad Stadium like his compatriots Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva.

Who is Ruben Dias Girlfriend?

Roses are red, Manchester City is blue, Mariana Goncalves is her name and he is in love. Did you catch the name of Ruben Dias’ girlfriend in the preceding sentence? We bet you did.

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Ruben Dias girlfriend is popularly known by the stage name Ivy April. She is a pop singer who became romantically involved with the centre back in 2018. They have been going strong together and most likely have plans of walking down the aisle. From the photo below, you could guess where Ruben Dias and his wife-to-be once spent their holiday.

Ruben Dias Family Life:

Every centre back has a story that contains characters of people they cherish most. Who does the footballer cherish more than his family? We bring you facts about Ruben Dias parents and siblings. Also, facts about his relatives will be made available here.

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About Ruben Dias Parents:

To begin with, let’s talk about the defender’s dad and mum. Joao Dias is the dad of the defender. He is super proud of his son who he never thought would one day feature for Benfica, talk more about making it to the Premier League.

Behold his dad as he celebrated his birthday around January 2020. Can you spot him?

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Meanwhile, there isn’t much info about Ruby’s mom. Notwithstanding, we are confident that Dias will reveal the relationship that exists between them in due time. Especially how she was instrumental to his rise in soccer. Meet one of Ruben Dias’ parents-  his mother.

About Ruben Dias Siblings:

The Portuguese have an older brother and two sisters. Early on, we did earlier mention that he grew up loving soccer alongside an older brother, Ivan Dias. He is also a pro footballer who plies his trade as a defender for Portuguese third-tier Club Oriental Lisboa.

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Dias does also have two beautiful sisters identified as Beatriz and Carolina. The sisters are unarguably his biggest fans and are ever proud to identify with him. Here is Carolina (left) and Beatriz (right)- the rest are obviously recognizable. No doubt, Ruben Dias family has a breadwinner in himself.

About Ruben Dias Relatives:

Away from Dias’ nuclear family life, there isn’t any info about his ancestry. Particularly as it concerns his maternal and paternal grandparents. Similarly, little info exist about his aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Ruben Dias Personal Life:

Ruby is a jovial and respected individual outside football. The aforementioned personal traits sum up to make him fun to be with. He is a sucker for swimming and loves travelling. Added to the list of his hobbies and interests is plucking guitar strings. See this video of him showing amazing guitar skills as his girlfriend sings.

Ruben Dias Personal Life

Ruben Dias Lifestyle:

It behoves us to talk about the defender’s net worth in 2020 and his spending patterns. First things first, Ruben Dias’ net worth in 2020 is $100,000 (an estimate). His total assets should strike no one as too big because his annual salary at Manchester City is above £1,144,000.

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With huge money comes the tendency to spend big, and Dias is not lacking in that respect. The soccer maestro who enjoys the sponsorship of Nike has exotic cars. The cars leave no doubt that he lives in an expensive house/apartment with enough space for a garage. Nike sponsorship is a part of what makes him enjoy luxury.

Facts about Ruben Dias:

To bring an end to this Bio, here are little or lesser-known facts about the defender.

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Fact #1- City’s Salary Breakdown and Earnings Per Seconds:

Per Year£4,947,600
Per Month£412,300
Per Week£95,000
Per Day£13,571
Per Hour£565.4
Per Minute£9.4
Per Seconds£0.15

This is what Ruben Dias has earned with City since you began viewing this Bio.


Did you know?… an average British who earns 538.98 GBP/Week would need to work for 5 months and 3 weeks to earn Ruben Dias weekly salary of 95,000GBP.

Fact #2 – Ruben Dias Religion:

The defender is most likely a believer who practices Christianity. However, this photo of him at Abu Dhabi can make fans believe that he is a Muslim. Some will argue that is a cultural attire.

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Let us know your stance in the comment section. Once upon a time, Dias did show a display of the Muslim faith with a social media caption which reads; As-salamu Alaykum.

Fact #3 – FIFA 2020 Ratings:

At 23 years of age, it is safe to conclude that Dias overall FIFA rating of 81 points with a potential of 87 is fair. The ratings will surely witness a meteoric increase, given that he now plays in one of the most competitive and entertaining leagues in the world.

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Biography Summary:

Biography Inquiries Wiki Data
Full NameRuben dos Santos Gato Alves Dias
Date of Birth14th day of May 1997
Place of BirthCity of Amadora in Portugal
Playing positionDefense
Parents Joao Dias (father)
SiblingsIvan, Beatriz and Carolina
HobbiesSwimming, travelling and playing the guitar.
Net Worth$100,000
Salary£1,144,000 per annum.
Height 6 Feet, 2 inches
GirlfriendApril Avil
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Thanks for reading, yet again, one of our amazing pieces- this time; on Ruben Dias’ Biography. We do hope that it served you lessons on the need to position oneself for opportunities. Dias positioned himself for a big move with an impressive form that drew interests from Pep Guardiola who signed him.

It is also important that we hail Ruben Dias’ parents, who were his support pillar and bedrock of consistency. At lifebogger, we do our best to deliver childhood stories and bio in a fair and accurate manner. If you come across anything that doesn’t look right, please contact us. Otherwise, leave a comment below on what you think about him.

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