Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a football genius best known by the Nickname; “La Joya” AKA The Jewel. Our Paulo Dybala Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date.

The analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about the Argentine golden child. Lets Begin.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Early Childhood Life

Paulo Dybala was born as Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala on the 15th November 1993 in Laguna Larga, Cordoba, Argentina by Mr. Adolfo Dybala (father) and Mrs Alicia de Dybala (Mother).

Dybala’s birth to a middle-class family came through a prophesy. Yes he was a mysterious child who was prophesied to be a footballer even before his birth. This prophecy was made by his father, Adolfo Dybala. In his words before the birth of his three sons, he said..

“One of my sons would born someday with one mission. To play football”.

Paulo Dybala was born to fulfill this prophesy. He was born as the last child and baby of the house. Dybala’s destiny was shaped when he made the decision to play football at a very tender age. Upon observing his destiny, Adolfo never relented. His would use his last money to buy gas for his car in other to drive him to the training ground on daily basis.

Paulo Dybala and father, Adolfo Dybala.
Paulo Dybala and father, Adolfo Dybala.

He invested so much on Paulo not because he wanted to prophecy fulfillment, but because he saw his determination to succeed.

According to Paulo Dybala, There was no day my dad did not accompany me to training. As a little kid, i cared about my playing time. I would go home, lock myself in the bathroom and cry when i’m not giving enough playing time or when i didn’t perform enough skills.”

Dybala owed his father one thing. Fulfilling his prophesy and making him enjoy and see the fruit of his labour. Unfortunately, the later never happened as his father passed away at a time he needed him the most. He still grief his dad till date. The pain of loosing his father is now his greatest ally in his unstoppable quest to destroy big teams and become the greatest footballer in the world. His father, Aldofo feed a dream he did not see fulfill. It was in September, 2008 that a cancer took him ahead of time. Paulo was 15 years old then.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Family Life

Paulo Dybala’s father, Late Mr Adolfo Dybala has his roots traced from Krasniow village, Poland.
Today, Argentina is seen as a home to his family. His family has its roots traced from Poland thanks to their Grandfather, Boresaw Dybala who was was born near Kielce, Poland. He fled Poland, his country of birth to Argentina during the World War II. This happened when the Nazis occupied his Krasniow village.

Paulo’s family also has Italian origins through his maternal grandmother, named Da Messa. She hails from the Province of Naples. Paulo officially obtained his Italian citizenship on 13 August 2012. He is eligible to play for the Polish, Italian, Argentine national soccer team. Paulo Dybala’s and his mother Mrs Alicia de Dybala are very close.

As a saying puts it, there has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between the mother and a son. This is the case between the two.

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Paulo Dybala and Mother, Alicia de.
Paulo Dybala and Mother, Alicia de.

Gustavo Dybala is the eldest brother to Paulo Dybala. He once tried football but didn’t make it.

Paulo Dybala's eldest brother, Gustavo Dybala.
Paulo Dybala’s eldest brother, Gustavo Dybala.

He quitted the game early after knowing it wasn’t his calling. Gustavo currently manages his business in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mariano Dybala (below) is Paulo Dybala’s immediate elder brother. He was never interested in football and thus stayed away from it from the unset. He found love in gymnastics. Mariano currently plays in the lower categories of Gymnastics in La Plata, Argentina.

Dybala and Immediate elder brother, Mariano Dybala.
Dybala and Immediate elder brother, Mariano Dybala.

It was Paulo, the little one broke it.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Relationship Life

At the time of writing this Bio, Antonella Cavalieri is the lovely girlfriend of Paulo Dybala.

The Paulo Dybala Love Story.
The Paulo Dybala Love Story.

Her man may steal all the flashes on the field but it’s her who gets all the attention. Miss Cavalieri who goes by ‘Anto’ short for Antonella, rose to fame for her relationship with the famous soccer star, since then gaining a huge following on social media.

Before rising to social media stardom for her relationship with Dybala, she worked as a restaurant hostess part-time.

The Argentine beauty has over 280K followers on Instagram alone. The lovebirds have been dating for years. They became boyfriend and girlfriend in late 2015.

Antonella Cavalieri currently have a degree in business administration from the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires. She is blessed with good genes which also makes her the model she is today.

Their relationship as observed by many is said to be a serious one. Antonella has over the years proven to be very supportive of her guy.She hardly ever misses one of Dybala’s games and she’s often posting and sharing numerous photos when cheering on him. Most recently is a view of her making the Gladiator goal celebration move.

The Untold tales of the Dybala Mask Celebration.
The Untold tales of the Dybala Mask Celebration.

She mastered his trademark celebration gesture, the Dybala’s mask immediately their relationship began. Will Antonella Cavalieri be the only one for Dybala? Only time will tell.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Clebrating with Rihanna

Dybala’s a star in his own right, and he’s a couple performances on the big stage away from being on household-name status. He has once basked in the glow of Rihanna’s supernova, and he looks more than happy to just be there in her presence.

Paulo Dybala showed Rihanna some birthday love where he got a passionate response from her. The Argentine striker posted a picture with musical goddess Rihanna for her 29th birthday, and he couldn’t look much happier to be there.

Rihanna’s snugged up nice and tight with Dybala as he holds up his own signed shirt, and the Argentine golden child looked like he’s in his own personal heaven. Just look at his face. He’s floating on a cloud and must be feeling some love.

Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey is known to be a Juventus supporter, but there’s no real word on Ri-Ri’s allegiances. Either way, it doesn’t seem like Dybala cares much.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Gladiator Movie Freek

Paulo Dybala is a lover of the Gladiator movie, to a point that he sees himself watching it over and over (more than 30 times).

Two reasons explains why he loves the movie.

First is what the words of Maximus when he unveiled his true identity to all. These words ascribes a different meaning to his life.

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..This goes as follows; “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.”

Paulo Dybala has shaped it to mean….“My name is Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala, the La Joya (Golden Child) of World Football, ..the slayer of FC Barcelona. The boy whose father once prophesied to be a great footballer. I am destined to be the greatest attacking midfielder of all time.”

Secondly, the film made him understand the importance of teamwork which he transcends to today’s field of play.

According to General Maximus in the Gladiator movie, “Whatever comes out of these gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together.” 

This is what Paulo Dybala tells himself and his team mates when he plays very important games like that of FC Barcelona. Team Work as exemplified by the Gladiator movie explains the reason why he joined the Old Lady.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Reason for the Dybala Mask celebration

Paulo Dybala had indeed illustrated himself in a gesture full of originality, consisting of making a mask with his thumb And its index.

On social networks, Dybala once invited his followers to find the meaning, with his jersey as a gift to the key.

He finally lifted the veil on this movement baptized Dybala Mask by himself.
On his Facebook account, Paulo Dybala posted a video in which he explains the meaning of his celebration.  In the video, he said it simply refers to the mask of a gladiator.

According to Dybala, …“Dybalamask is really simple: it’s the mask of a gladiator! When we struggle, sometimes we must wear our warrior mask to be stronger, without losing our smile and kindness!”

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts His Idol

Dybala has always wished he played along side Juan Román Riquelme. He grew up watching and learning the combined passing, vision, technical skills and goalscoring ability of the Argentine attacking midfielder.

According to Dybala,

“Riquelme was born as the eldest of 11 children in a poor family. His bravery led him to greatness. He always remain my choice of the best attacking midfielder in world football. He won the Argentina Footballer of the year award 4 times, the same amount as legend Diego Maradona did. He led the Argentine team to win the olympic gold in 2008.”

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Career in Summary

He played in small leagues in school and colleges before going professional in 2010 at an age of 17 years when he started playing for the Argentinian club Primera B Nacional.

He played for the club as a striker and scored 17 gald for the club in his first season. His performances started attracting interest from coaches all around Argentina and from the clubs in Europe as well. In 2012 he was contacted by the Italian club Palermo.

Dybala saw a chance to increase his skill and so he joined the club. He started with the club in 2012 scoring a brace in his fourth match for the club. His tactical play and skill set were very important for the club to stay in the top half of the league. At this point in time, the other European clubs were looking at his like scavengers as he was proving to be a very good player for his age.

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He was regarded as the new Messi as he is from the same country as the little magician. He stayed with the club for 3 years and in 2015 he signed for the Italian giants Juventus amid many transfer speculation that connected him to every major club in the world.

His decision was influenced by the fact he wanted to stay in Italy and Juventus was the best club in Italy which made his mind very clear. He was also linked with Real Madrid who was ready to pay the club Palermo around $50 million for the service of the player but Dybala made his mind of staying in Italy and that’s what he did.

After the departure of Pogba, he was given the number 10 shirts previously won by Pogba but he decided to keep his number 21 jersey to himself and play with it. The rest they say is story…

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Meaning of his Tatoo

The decision to get a tattoo, a drawing that will be a part of your body until your dying day, is a big one which Paulo Dybala taught about carefully.

His Arabic tattoo located on the left side of his ribs, next to his heart is perhaps his most important. It spells out his is mother’s name, Alice, in Arabic letters. The tattoo was done on the 25th of December 2013.
In an interview with an Argentinian magazine, Dybala was asked the meaning of his arm band tatoo behind on his left arm. His response was ..
“I did it because I liked it. A team mate had the same tattoo and I liked its aesthetic. It is similar to the bracelets used by the ancient Romans for war, but I did it for the aesthetic, rather than for whatever meaning it may have. “
He has a tattoo of a football with a crown on the inside of his left leg, made in Cordoba City by a tattoo artist named Noel.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Why he plays with Socks Down

Paulo Dybala epitomises the lazy, awkward style that so many footballers with low socks possess. Aside from being tagged as the slayer of FC Barcelona, he is the latest poster boy for players with their socks pulled down of his generation.

The question now is; Why does Paulo Dybala wear tiny little shin pads?. The most popular answer is to gain super powers.

Some of the world’s best footballers have played with their socks down. Examples includes Rui Costa, Francesco Totti and Thomas Muller.

Aside from giving him superpowers, it has also gave him the ability to not age. Paulo Dybala still looks like a 17 year old kid. He will still look the same age if he continue keeping those socks low.

Paulo Dybala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts LifeBogger Rankings

We’ve prepared our rankings for the Argentine hitman. Find below;

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