Federico Bernardeschi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Federico Bernardeschi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Federico Bernardeschi tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we have a history of the Italian Footballer with the nickname “Brunelleschi“. Lifebogger begins from his early days, to when he became famous in the Serie A. To give you a taste of the engaging nature of Federico Bernardeschi’s Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life.

The Life and Rise of Federico Bernardeschi. Image Credit: ThePlayersTribune, Wallpapercave and Gianlucadimarzio
The Life and Rise of Federico Bernardeschi.

Yes, everyone knows he is one of Italy’s most exciting and talented prospects known for his near-perfect positional sense and eye for goal. However, only a few consider Federico Bernardeschi’s biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Federico Bernardeschi Childhood Biography Facts – Early Life and Family Background:

Federico Bernardeschi was born on the 16th day of February 1994 to his mother who is a Nurse and father, Alberto Bernardeschi (a marble factory worker) in Carrara, the region of Tuscany, Italy. Below is a beautiful seaside photo of little Federico Bernardeschi as a child.

A rare photo of Federico Bernardeschi as a child. Image Credit: ThePlayersTribune
A rare photo of Federico Bernardeschi as a child.

Federico Bernardeschi has his family origin from Carrara, a city in central Italy which is known by its popular nickname called; ‘The city of marble‘. Now the question:… Why the City of Marble?… It’s because Carrara is famous for its quarries of beautiful white Carrara marble. Did you know?… The City of Marble as observed below is also the birthplace and home of Italian Legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

A beautiful photo of Carrara (The City of Marble) where Federico Bernardeschi has his Family Origin. The City of Marble. Image Credit: carraramarbletour and Pinterest and TuscanyPrivateTour.
A beautiful photo of Carrara (The City of Marble) where Federico Bernardeschi has his Family Origin.

One of Federico Bernardeschi’s parents- his dad worked for a marble firm in the city during his childhood days. Just like many kids with busy parent(s), Federico could only see his dad every evening as Alberto would work Long hours, getting up from bed by 5 am, leaving home before 6 am and coming back home at 6 p.m. Hence, Federico spend lots of his early childhood life with his mum and little sister, Gaia.

The Destiny Encounter with the Soccer Ball: When Federico Bernardeschi was three years old, his dad took him to this massive toy store in the Carrara city centre. As young Federico took two steps inside the store, the first thing he spotted was a football. Immediately, he ran straight towards it, picked it up and told his dad it was time they leave. Alberto wanted Federico to look at the other toys, but he refused insisting he wanted only the soccer ball.

“Because I saw what I wanted “a football”, I didn’t let anything get in my way. That’s my character Or I should say, that’s the character of people from my family root. People from Carrara are as hard as marble — To get more info, ask Gigi Buffon.”

Federico Bernardeschi Childhood Story – Education and Career Buildup:

Early on in his life, Federico made the ultimate choice of wanting to be a professional footballer. Initially, there were challenges in his quest to get the best football education. In the area where Federico lived, in the City of Marble, there weren’t enough good youth teams around. Back then, the best team in his neighborhood, A.S.D. Sporting Atletico Carrara didn’t offer what his parents wanted after spending a short time with them.

In order to get the best for their son, Federico Bernardeschi ‘s parents had to make a choice. Both his mum and dad agreed that their son would leave school early at 3:15 pm (45 minutes before school classes normally ended) in order to go play football with a new academy.

Federico Bernardeschi Early Career Life with  Atletico Carrara. Credit: IG
Federico Bernardeschi Early Career Life with  Atletico Carrara.

At the age of eight, Federico Bernardeschi began receiving his football education with Polisportiva Ponzano, a football training centre affiliated with Empoli, about 70 miles away from his family home. Back then, his mum would pick him up from school every day before closing time, make him eat lunch (usually pasta) and then drive him towards Empoli with the family’s grey Opel Vectra. Speaking about the daily experience as ThePlayersTribune puts it, Federico Bernardeschi once said;

 “Because I know I’d usually be a little late. I will have to tie my boots in the car. My mum would barely stop. Upon reaching,  I’ll sprint out to the pitch  in order to get to my training session. Two hours later, football training would end, and we’d head back the same way we came.”

Even while he got home from a busy schooling and sporty day, Federico Bernardeschi’s parents and other family members knew he was destined for great things as they would still watch him review the skills he learned.

Did you know?… Federico wouldn’t be in bed until 10:30 pm or 11 pm every evening,  then getting up very early in the morning to do it all again. Such determination and hard work later paid its dividends. When Federico Bernardeschi got called to attend trials with Florentina, the pride of all family members (who stayed with him in on every step of my journey) had no bounds.

Federico Bernardeschi Childhood Story – Early Career Life:

A successful trial saw Federico Bernerdeschi in the year 2003 (at the age of 9) joining the academy wing of Fiorentina. Florence, the city in which the club is located was just a bit further east of Empoli, on the same highway Federico and his mum used to drive.

Early on his career, Federico Bernerdeschi’s dad would always push me to do better, feeling angry at him for every missed opportunity. In a bid to manage the pressure created by his dad, Federico once said;

“when you’re a kid, sometimes you feel thats too much especially when it came from a dad who gets angry at you for any moment you don’t put in your best.

But as I got a little older, I began to understand my dad wanted more from me because he believed in me”

The pressure posed by his dad led little Federico in making a huge impression with the club as he moved up through the youth ranks, thriving over any opponents that come his way.
Federico Bernardeschi Early Years with Fiorentina. Image Credit: IG
Federico Bernardeschi Early Years with Fiorentina.

Federico Bernardeschi Biography Facts – Road to Fame Story:

At the age of 16, Federico Bernardeschi who was playing the best football of his life was very closing in making the senior team appearance with Fiorentina. Just as he thought everything in his life was going on smoothly, the unfortunate happened.

The Sad News: It all started the day poor Federico went for a routine physical checkup. The Florentina medical team found something, which they said was going on wrong in his body prompting them to make further tests and Xrays. A few days later, the doctor brief Federico Bernardeschi’s parents what they have observed in the body of their son.

“Your son has an enlarged heart. We’re not sure how bad it is thou. However, Its possible he won’t be able to continue his football career.”

The doctor told his parents. As expected, Federico couldn’t believe it, in fact, he refused to hear it, screaming..”No … that’s impossible”. It took so much effort for Federico’s mother kept the troubled footballer calm.

Federico Bernardeschi was diagnosed with Cardiomegaly which means An Enlarged Heart. Image Credit: WebMD
Federico Bernardeschi was diagnosed with Cardiomegaly which means an Enlarged Heart.

After monitoring the situation closely, the doctors finally resolved that Federico won’t be able to play football for only six months, a piece of news that made the Bernardeschi family feel much relieved. During the waiting time, he tried to keep himself busy in what he referred to as the most difficult six months of his life. After countless check-ups, specialist visits and meetings, Federico was finally cleared to resume his football.

Federico Bernardeschi Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

On 20 June 2014, Federico made his way into the first team under the directives of Vincenzo Montella. In less than three years after his professional debut, (aged 22), young Federico was handed the captain armband thanks to his maturity, hard-work, good positional sense and an eye for goal. Being the leader at the wee age of 22 was considered very young in the context of Italian football where experience is treated supremely.

The next season (2015–16), Bernardeschi was awarded the number 10 shirt previously worn by the like of Roberto Baggio. At the same time, he also got his nickname “Brunelleschi”, after the popular architect. thanks to his technique and elegance on the pitch.

Bernardeschi held the 10 jersey- That emblematic squad numbers previously won by Roberto Baggio. Image Credit: blackwhitereadallover
Bernardeschi held the 10 jersey- That emblematic squad numbers previously won by Roberto Baggio.

As a charismatic leader in the pitch, Federico Bernardeschi was awarded the AIAC Football Leader Under-21 Award. The success didn’t just stop there, he also became the only Italian in the lineup for the UEFA European Under-21 Championship Team of the Tournament achievement. This feat caught the eyes of some of Europe’s top clubs.

Become one of the hottest young properties in Italian football attracted Fiorentina’s main rivals, Juventus who made him the highest-profile player since Baggio (in 1990) to have left Florence to join them. As at the time of writing, Federico Bernardeschi has helped his team win nearly everything in Italian league football namely; Serie A, Coppa Italia and the prestigious Supercoppa Italiana.

The Rise and Rise of Federico Bernardeschi. Image Credit: Pinterest, FootyAnalyst,
The Rise and Rise of Federico Bernardeschi.

Once upon a time, the kid who refused to choose other play toys other than a football has now endured a meteoric rise to prominence in front of our very eyes. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Federico Bernardeschi Relationship Life with Veronica Ciardi:

Behind every successful man, there is a surprised woman rolling her eyes. In this case of the Azzurri international, there was indeed a glamorous WAG who later became a girlfriend. She is no other than the beautiful person of Veronica Ciardi.

Meet Federico Bernardeschi Girlfriend- Veronica Ciardi. Image Credit: DropNews
Meet Federico Bernardeschi Girlfriend- Veronica Ciardi.

Getting to know Veronica Ciardi: Born to Italian parents, Veronica became one of the favorite contestants on the 2009 Italian version of Big Brother. During her time at the reality show, she developed a relationship with another contestant named Sarah Nile. The  relationship was one which caused a scandal on Italian television because it was the first girlfriend to girlfriend love story to be aired on an Italian reality show.

Federico Bernardeschi Girlfriend- Veronica Ciardi and her lover Sarah Nile. Image Credit: pinkmonster
Federico Bernardeschi Girlfriend- Veronica Ciardi and her lover Sarah Nile.

Veronica and Sarah’s relationship ended in September 2010 after much pressure from the Italian press. Federico Bernardeschi who is nine years younger than Veronica began dating her a few years later after they had a love at first sight meeting in Formentera.

After two amazing years of dating, Bernardeschi who didn’t look at her Big Brother flaws decided to propose to his girlfriend what Italian press said, happened in a romantic destination.

Bernardeschi proposed to his girlfriend after two years of dating. Image Credit: forzaitalianfootball
Bernardeschi proposed to his girlfriend after two years of dating.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go very well for the couple as they announced an amicable split in early 2017. Speaking about his relationship experience with his girlfriend, Bernardeschi said it made him grow as a person. After five months of their unfortunate split, Federico’s ex-girlfriend officially revealed her separation with him via Instagram.

A few years after their split, both ex-lovers crisis came to an end as they came back to dating each other, keeping their relationship secret for months. On the 28th of August 2019, Veronica and Federico became parents.

Federico Bernardeschi Personal Life:

Getting to know Federico Bernardeschi’s personal life will help you get a better picture on how he lives his life off the pitch.

Because there was so much white-colored marble around him while growing up, Federico said these marbles would sometimes leak into his dreams forming an image in his head while he gets up from bed. This mysterious event started when he was six years old.

Getting to know Federico Bernardeschi Personal Life off the pitch. Image Credit: Instagram
Getting to know Federico Bernardeschi Personal Life off the pitch.

Likeness for his Dog: Popular football players, namely C Ronaldo, Neymar, Sanchez etc are genuine dog lovers. Even thou there is a saying that there is no loyalty left in the modern game, it surely doesn’t take into account the relationships shared between Federico and his big dog.

Federico Bernardeschi is one of football's biggest dog lovers. Credit to Instagram
Federico Bernardeschi is one of football’s biggest dog lovers.

Federico Bernardeschi Family Life:

The Bernardeshi family story explained earlier on, teaches football fans struggling, yet aspiring to achieve greatness to believe that ‘the best way to not feel hopeless is to get up from their comfort zone and do something different‘. Instead of following his dad into the Marble quarry operations, Federico has today made his entire family proud by forging his family’s own past towards financial independence, thanks to football. Now, let’s give you more insight into his family members.

About Federico Bernardeschi’s Father: Just like most parents in ‘Carrara‘ the city of Marble, Federico dad Alberto worked in a Carrara Marble quarry firm for years. He was the kind of dad who worked for long hours, getting up at 5 am, leaving work by 6 am and coming back home by 6 p.m. He would take other means of transport while leaving his grey Opel Vectra behind for his wife and son (Federico) to use in shuttling between the home, hospital, school and the football training centre.

Alberto is credited for making his son have his first date with destiny which began from the moment he took him to the toy store where he picked his first soccer ball. Also, pushing him to do better in the early moments of his career which has paid off.

About Federico Bernardeschi’s Mother: Thou he name is unknown as at the time of writing. However, Italian media has it that Federico’s mum worked as a nurse at a hospital not far from their family home. She was tough to so loving, but sometimes flipping the switch in order to ground her son. For Federico, between her and his dad, there was a good balance (The Players Tribune report).

About Federico Bernardeschi’s Siblings: It appears he doesn’t have a brother, but Federico has a sister whose name is Gaia Bernardeschi. Gaia is known for providing emotional support for her brother even thou it means putting her personality to scrutiny.

Meet Federico Bernardeschi's Sister- Gaia Berna. Image Credit: Facebook
Meet Federico Bernardeschi’s Sister- Gaia Berna.

She caught the attention of fans when she made a controversial post about her brother after he scoring against his old club Fiorentina. Federico Bernardeschi’s sister once said;

“Dear brother, you were able to turn the Boos of Fiorentina fans into music. You danced with the ball at your feet and then silenced the stadium up,… You’re a big brother!!!. Dear Fiorentina fans, I feel sorry for you, but as always, my brother has shown the kind of man and player he is. Now everyone is quiet and we are enjoying this a lot”.

These words of Federico Bernardeschi’s sister Giana was On 9 February 2018, after her brother received vulgar insults from home fans throughout the match of which he scored a free kick in the second half to silence the crowd.

Federico Bernardeschi Lifestyle:

The lifestyle of top football superstars is easily noticeable by their Private jets, big mansions, and simple pleasures. Federico, thou an antidote to living very large prefers to drive simple cars, a feat which depicts living an average lifestyle.

Bernardeschi is an antidote to showcasing an exotic lifestyle. Image Credit:luxury-architecture, autobytel and Fiorentina IT
Bernardeschi is an antidote to showcasing an exotic lifestyle.

Even in his average living, Federico’s modernist apartment is decorated with sculptures of three monkeys, a monkey lampshade and a marble chess game set, a gift from his dad which came from his home city of Carrara.

For Federico, it’s not about the ease of staying at home, but spending the holidays in beautiful seaside destinations.

Federico Bernardeschi spends some of his monies on having Seaside Vacations. Image Credit: Instagram
Federico Bernardeschi spends some of his monies on having Seaside Vacations.

Federico Bernardeschi Untold Facts:

Once Alleged to have adopted a black Child: Federico Bernardeschi believes Football is important, but for him, the most important thing in the world is ‘charity‘. Because of that Federico together with his girlfriend- Veronica Ciardi are great ambassadors of Save the Children non-governmental organization. This has seen improvements in the life of the beautiful girl who seem to be under their care.

Federico Bernardeschi and Girlfriend are pure examples of white celebrities with love for black kids. Credit: Instagram
Federico Bernardeschi and Girlfriend are pure examples of white celebrities with love for black kids.

Federico Bernardeschi’s Tattoo brings memories of a dead friend: Besides his Ave Maria prayer tattoo, Federico has the tattoo drawing of an old dead friend’s shirt number. A few weeks after Davide Astori passing, he got his number tattooed beside the traditional Catholic prayer.

Federico Bernardeschi honours Davide Astori with a Tattoo of his number. Image Credit: aVision and ThePlayersTribune
Federico Bernardeschi honours Davide Astori with a Tattoo of his number.

Federico Bernardeschi’s Religion: His parents raised him a Catholic and he is very devoted to the practice of the Christian religion. Evidence of his strong sense of belonging to Catholicism is found in the Ave Maria tattoo ink on his hands and his photo with the pope below.

Federico Bernardeschi's Religion Explained. Image Credit: Instagram
Federico Bernardeschi’s Religion Explained.

Once a Target for United: Federico, while he was still a teenager was one of those whose talent impressed Sir Alex Ferguson. The former Manchester United boss was once left so impressed that he wished to sign him back in 2011. Did you know?… the move could not be completed because Federico’s father convinced him to stay close to his homeland.

Federico Bernardeschi Biography Facts – Video Summary:

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