Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius who is known by the Nicknames; “Raumdeuter or False 9”. Thomas Muller Childhood Story plus Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time to date. The analysis involves his life story before fame, relationship life, family life and many OFF-Pitch little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities but few consider Thomas Muller Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, let’s Begin.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Early Life

Thomas Muller was born on the 13th day of September 1989 in Oberbayern, Germany.

He was born to Roman Catholic parents Klaudia Muller his mother, and Gerhard Müller, his father. They hold the most common family surname in Germany.

Müller grew up in the nearby village of Pähl. As a child, he was a good listener and a very polite child all thanks to his parents who afforded the best of home training for their first son.

Thomas spent his youthful years growing alongside his kid brother who is known by the name Simon Müller. Thomas Muller was two and half years younger than his kid brother. Simon himself was the last son and baby of the family.

Being the first son gave Thomas Muller a greater sense of responsibility and a call to achieve greatness which could only be seen in football which he played while in school. Young Thomas was technically very strong and incredibly fast as a youth footballer. He worked hard and could do things the other children couldn’t.

His first youth team, TSV Pähl once scored 160 goals in a season. Although he was tightly marked, Thomas created space for others to score and still ended up scoring more than 100 goals himself through series of clinical touches.

Thomas was a year younger than the other boys as at then. He spent more time training alone since he became a media sensation in his 100 goals exploits.

Müller’s first club was local outfit TSV Pähl and it was evident from an early age that he was destined for great things all thanks to his ability to make clinical touches.

Family friend Wolfgang Tuffentsamer once recalled… “Muller stood out playing for Pähl very early on. I remember one season where we scored 165 goals, and Müller bagged 120 of them.”

Truly a goal machine. Muller’s heroics caught the attention of Bayern Munich who signed him when he was just 11. This happened in the year 2000. A year he made a 50-kilometre (31 mi) journey to join the youth system of the Bundesliga giant. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Relationship Life

Thomas and Lisa met in 2006 (both 17 at the time) and they started dating. Two years later he proposed her on Christmas Eve in front of her parents’ home.

Thomas Muller Love Story with Lisa

They waited for about a year and were married in 2009 at the registry office of Ismaning, celebrating afterwards with their close family. Their ordinary wedding photo seen below denotes a typical German Pähl Wedding Culture.

Thomas Muller’s Wag- Lisa

Thomas Muller love story is all about Love their simplicity and humbleness. Below is Thomas Muller with his Lady of Love Lisa.

Thomas and Lisa- The true meaning of love and happiness

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –More about Lisa

Now about Lisa… She is a model and a semi-professional horse rider. She shares her affinity for horses with her husband. Thomas Muller’s wife Lisa Muller have participated severally at the Munich Indoors event.This is a time her husband suspends all football duties to help the love of his life.

The accomplished dressage rider and won a German national title in that event. Although Muller is himself forbidden to ride by Bayern, he has his own special job title when at the stables. He is the Managing Director of Carrots.

They look so natural and their love for what they do is refreshing.

Lisa once admitted that Muller ‘knows more about horses than she knows about football. He’s interested in horses and this is why we move with ours to the field at all times. When we are together we talk more about horses and not really about football,’ she said.

Away from football, Thomas is a man who will let the rest of the world get on with attracting media attention while he retreats to his quiet life at home with wife Lisaherself a far cry from the typical “WAG”and their dog and pet horse whom they named ‘Dave’.

‘Breeding is a little bit for fun,’ he said. ‘For sure I want to breed the best horse I can. But it’s difficult and a bit of luck. But I try my best to optimise.’ Which leaves just one thing left to explain: why call it Dave?…Both Thomas and Lisa could combine their sports with Skiing which is a physically demanding sport.

Thomas and Lisa Skiing

Both lovers have learnt the ability to maintain correct body position. They have both undergone training in strength and muscular endurance of the muscles around the joint.

What Lisa doesn’t share with her husband is a love for soccer. Lisa has said she doesn’t know much about the sport, and therefore finds it boring.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Family Life

Welcome to the Muller family! That is Thomas’ mom and dad, Klaudia and Gerhard; his little brother, Simon; and his wife on the horse, Lisa.

Thomas Muller Family Photo

Thomas Muller is originally from a middle-class family background. The family status changed after football paid them off for their son, Thomas.

Thomas parents are very jovial in nature. They’ve taught their sons, Thomas and Simon the virtues of honesty, truth, compassion and kindness.

Thanks to their son’s national popularity, both parents of very receptive to the media. Klaudia and Gerhard enjoy no other thing than their having and enjoying their own company.

Thomas’ reason for marrying his high school sweetheart Lisa is very much appreciated by his parents especially his mum, Klaudia.

“Marrying at 20 is something that most people can do and I admire the peculiar optimism that has come along with it. And I’m happy to know that Lisa fell for Thomas before he became well-known. It was a pure young love.”

KID BROTHER: As at the time of writing, Thomas Muller’s younger brother Simon is an attacking midfielder for TSV’s first team in the Bavarian regional league. Thanks to his big brother, he also has a backroom job at FC Bayern.

Thomas Muller lives near Pahl, but often returns home to play cards with friends and watch his brother play.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Personality

Thomas Muller is anything but the typical modern footballer.

You won’t hear any extraordinary stories about him falling out of a nightclub or being caught speeding or drunk driving on the street.

Even his haircut is pretty tame, preferring to keep his mop in its natural colour and somewhat unkempt.

While the rest of his teammates are squeezing into the modern technologically-advanced torso-hugging shirts, Muller prefers the more traditional baggy look.

Quiet, intelligent, and professional in every respect, Muller is a player who lets his work on the pitch do the talking. Away from football, he is a man who likes to keep things on the low and would rather spend a quiet time at home with Lisa, who herself is very different from the typical wife of a sportsman.

“He’s the same person he always was, very grounded. He doesn’t act like a star at all,” his former coach at TSV Pahl Wolfgang Czerwenka told AFP. When TSV struggled to replace the clubhouse roof, Muller donated €20,000 so the work could go ahead. A group from TSV Pahl regularly travel to Bayern’s games – home and away – to watch Muller play.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Nickname

Muller is known to be called “Ramdeuter” (a German word), which in English translates as ‘Space Investigator.’ He named himself as such because his strength as an attacker is not dribbling, passing or shooting but “in finding space.”

He has also been called “The unpredictable Mr Versatile”. Be it on the right-hand side, behind the striker or leading the line as a false nine, Müller always gives 100 percent, but just in case you’re wondering what exactly his role is, it’s worth consulting the man himself. “I’m a Raumdeuter (space investigator),” he told Sü back in January 2011.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –The Mistaken Identity

Legendary footballer Maradona once mistook Muller, who just made his international debut against Argentina, for a ball boy in the aftermatch press conference and refused to speak to the press until Muller left.

The young German showed Maradona otherwise when he put one goal past Argentina in the World Cup and later made light of the incident saying…“He won’t think I’m a ball boy anymore”. Nicely done Tom!

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Style of Play

Thomas Muller has long been one of the most dangerous attacking midfielders in the world thanks to his instinctive style, untraceable movement and ability to seemingly always finding himself at the right spot at the right time. Furthermore, he seems to always make the right decisions even at full sprint.

Both Bayern Munich and the German national team usually play a 4-2-3-1 formation, and Muller is most often part of the three attacking midfielders behind the central striker.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –The Penalty Machine

As Gary Linekar said about Germans and Penalties: “At the end, the Germans always win.” So it was no surprise that Müller has developed a particular knack for netting in penalties. One of his main strength his focus and a remarkably cool temperament under pressure situation.

He has perfect technique to take spot kicks as rather than looking at the ball. During the run-up, he keeps his eyes fixed on the goalkeeper, which in turn helps him to slot the ball in opposite direction to where Keeper dives.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –The Mulls

Muller’s father is called Gerhard but he has no resemblance to former German international Gerd Mueller, the renowned ‘Der Bomber’ who and a legend in the 1970s.

The two have, however, did an advertisement together. Gerd is on record saying he was an admirer of Thomas’s talents.

Muller’s namesake and Germany World Cup winner Gerd Muller couldn’t stop singing his praises and said “The lad’s fast, he’s got a good technique – he’s going to be a great player,”. The legendary German’s prediction was spot on and Thomas continues to lead the line for Germany and is a worthy wearer of the number 13 shirt that was previously worn by Der Bomber.

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Social Media

Not being the usual media hungry kind of superstar, Thomas Muller likes to keep away from the glitz and the glam, but still maintains a line of communication with his fans through his profiles on various social media platforms. You can follow him too, on Facebook –, Instagram –, and twitter –

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –His Mentor

It takes a lot to please a hard master like Louis Van Gaal but Muller succeeded in doing just that during the former’s time at Bayern Munich.

The Dutchman picked him in every single game during the 2009-2010 season including the Champions League final against Inter Milan which the Baverians lost. Muller owes a lot to Van Gaal and was saddened to see him leave Bayern, calling him a ‘great coach’.

Müller was given his senior debut by Jürgen Klinsmann in 2008, but it was under Klinsmann’s successor Louis van Gaal that his career really moved into the fast track, the Dutchman picking him for every single league game in the 2009/10 season, as well as the UEFA Champions League final, which Bayern lost to Inter Milan. When van Gaal left the club, Müller said, “It’s sad for me because he was my mentor. FC Bayern is losing a great coach.”

Thomas Muller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Career Summary

In 2000, at the age of 11, he swapped small-town Pähl for the cosmopolitan Bavarian capital and the biggest club in Germany – FC Bayern München. Progressing steadily through the youth ranks, Müller was part of the side who finished runners-up in the U-19 Bundesliga in 2007. By the beginning of the 2009/08 season, he was already on the fringes of the first team under Louis van Gaal.

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