Lea Schuller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Lea Schuller Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Lea Schuller Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Stone Schuller (Father), Michelle Schuller (Mother), Family Background, Girlfriend (Lara Vadlau), Siblings – Brother, Sister, Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

This article about Lea Schuller also explains her Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the full history of Lea Schuller. This is the story of a female footballer whose passion for football grew during her vacation with her family in France. Before then, no member of her family thought she would be a professional baller.

In this article, we’ll tell you Lea’s love journey with her girlfriend, Lara Vadlau. Don’t miss the chance to witness her incredible journey which we have captured in stunning detail in this  video.

Lifebogger gives you the story of a footballer whose interest in football grew stronger after watching the Men’s Euro 2004. After watching the Men’s Euro 2004, Lea’s interest in football sparked and she began playing with a local boys’ team in her German hometown.


Our version of Lea Schuller’s Biography begins by unveiling notable events of her girlhood years. Next, we’ll explain Schuller’s early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how Lea Schuller rose to become one of the best Footballers in her country.

Lifebogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Lea Schuller’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells the story – of her rise to fame journey. Indeed, Lea Schuller has come a long way in her career journey.

 Lea Schuller Biography - From her childhood to the moment she became famous.
Lea Schuller Biography – From her childhood to the moment she became famous.

Yes, everyone knows Schuller was named the 2012 German Women’s U-17 Player of the Year. Also, the athlete won Footballer of the Year (Germany) in 2022. In addition, she is a veteran Celebrity who has also been named to the Bundesliga Team of the Season twice. 

While writing stories about German footballers, we found a knowledge deficit. The truth is, not many fans have read Lea Schuller’s Biography, which is super amazing. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Lea Schuller Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the athlete bears the Full Name, Lea Schuller. The striker was born on the 12th day of November 1997 to her Mother and Father in Tonisvorst, Germany.

Lea Schuller arrived as one among other children born to her parents. All children are a product of the marriage between their Dad (Stone Schuller) and Mum (Michelle Schuller). Though we did not have enough information on Lea’s parents, we believe she got her zealous and competitive qualities from them.

Growing-Up Years:

The athlete experienced her childhood in a steady climate and family. With that being said, it helps her go with all choices in her day-to-day existence freely. Growing up, Schuller was very close to her parents, especially her mum.

Most of Lea Schuller’s childhood years were spent with her parents in their family house in Germany. They have been her mirror, people who know her more than anyone else. To date, the German footballer always pours accolades on her parents for giving her a memorable childhood.

Lea Schuller Early Life:

The striker’s first encounter with football came when she was still young. Back then, Schuller’s family holiday in France led to her becoming a great athlete. She first watched the European Football Championship with her parents during that period.

After watching the match for the first time in 2004, she became interested in football. Her interest in the game made her convince her parents to allow her to play football. Schuller’s seriousness about the sport made them register her in a club when her family returned to Germany.

Lea Schuller Family Background:

To start with, the Striker hails from a very supportive household. Research shows that Lea Schuller’s parents take turns driving her to training grounds and practice. As for her mother, she always follows her to watch her play.

Also, she was always present in all her games, cheering for her in the background. In addition, Lea Schuller comes from a close-knit family that contributed significantly to advancing her career. 

Behold Lea Schuller's close-knitted Family.
Behold Lea Schuller’s close-knitted Family.

We did not know how much Lea Schuller’s parents, Stone Schuller and Michelle Schuller, earn or the nature of their jobs. However, we believe she is from a middle-class family background because Stone and Michelle were able to provide for her basic needs. 

Lea Schuller Family Origin:

For starters, the Bayern Munich Forward holds German nationalities. Regarding where Lea Schuller’s family comes from (in Germany), our research points to Tonisvorst, the place of her birth. The town is near Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia. 

It is located around 25 kilometres west of Duisburg and 20 kilometres northwest of Krefeld. The town has a population of about 30,000 people, and the city has five districts.

In summary, Tonisvorst is an interesting town with a rich cultural heritage. Also, it has a peaceful atmosphere, making it the best destination for tourists and locals. Here is a map to help you understand Lea Schuller’s family origins. 

This map helps you understand Tonisvorst in Germany, where the striker originates.
This map helps you understand Tonisvorst in Germany, where the striker originates.

Lea Schuller Ethnicity:

The majority ethnic group in Tonisvorst, as well as in the whole of Germany, is German. However, Tonisvorst, like many other cities in Germany, is a diverse place with a significant number of people with a migration background.

Lea Schuller Education:

While no documentation exists on the exact elementary and secondary school, she attended. It is confirmed that Lea Schuller had six years of primary education and high school in Germany. Further research revealed she juggled her education and football career.

After graduating from high school, the athlete Lea slowed down her career in football to enter university. In 2017, Schuller started studying industrial engineering at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.

According to the baller, the school is a virtual school where she can easily fix her timetable and study at her convenience. Also, Lea Schuller is happy she has another source of income outside football. 

Lea Schuller Biography – Football Story:

The youngster started kicking a ball around her neighbourhood at the age of seven. According to Schuller, her love for soccer started in 2007. she remembered her parents supporting her by registering her in a club when they noticed her interest in football.

In Lea’s earlier career, she never imagined herself playing professionally. However, the rising star started her career with the boys’ team. Also, it is common for girls in her neighbourhood to start playing with boys to gain more experience and build strength.

Moreso, Knowing their daughter’s desires, Lea’s parents made sacrifices to ensure their daughter was happy with her ambition. They followed their daughter everywhere football took her. In addition, Stone and Michelle treated the striker’s dreams with seriousness.

They were always available to drive her to football training, competitions, etc. Most especially, her Mum, who was always available to cheer her up in every game. In addition, Michelle makes sure she does not miss any of her daughter’s important competitions.

Lea Schuller Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Hueler SV in Krefeld was where Lea Schüller started her career. She played there for some time before transferring as a junior in 2012 to SGS Essen. It was one of her greatest career decisions.

Because she participated in her first Bundesliga game just one year later, at the age of 16. She and her team didn’t succeed that day, but it was a great push for her. However, Lea Schüller scored her first Bundesliga goal at the beginning of 2014.

After that, she quickly began to climb. In addition, the striker remained at SGS Essen until 2020, playing 125 games and tallying a total of 62 goals. She competed alongside her team members for the DFB Cup in July 2020 and advanced to the final.

Lea Schuller Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

In July 2020, Schüller and FC Bayern Munich reached a three-year agreement. She tallied the first two goals for her new team’s 3-1 preseason triumph over SC Freiburg on August 9. It’s interesting that after only a few months with the team, Lea was named the inaugural top scorer.

She continued to put on impressive performances in the 2021–22 Frauen-Bundesliga season. Also, the striker extended her contract with her club till 2026. According to Lea Schuller, below are some reasons she is doing well in Bayern Munich.

“She has great teammates who make it much simpler for her to score goals, and she was able to build up her fitness extremely effectively.

International Career:

She had the honour of competing in the World Championship in 2014 while representing her nation in Costa Rica with the U-17 national team. Also, she participated in the European Championship in Israel a year later.

In addition, she represented Papua New Guinea as the national striker at the 2016 World Cup. During the tournament, she injured her knee and had to sit out for a few months. Fortunately, Lea continued to train diligently and was quickly able to build on her success again.

National coach Steffi Jones brought the young talent to the senior team in 2017. Lea Schuller scored all four goals for the squad in her sixth international game. Which was played at the 2019 World Cup against the Czech Republic.

With her successes with the national team, Lea Schüller is unquestionably important. She was chosen to represent her country at the EM 2022 in England by national coach Voss-Tecklenburg.

Hopefully, she will be among those that will represent England in FIFA World Cup 2023. The rest of our Biography, as we say, is now history.

Lea Schuller Girlfriend:

Since her professional career, her fans have been making inquiries regarding her love life which is similar to that of Beth Mead. For that reason, Lifebogger asks the ultimate question;

Who is Lea Schuller Dating?

The Bayern Munich striker is committed to a serious relationship with her girlfriend, Lara Vadlau. The foundations of this great couple remain hidden. However, assuming they connected over their love of football is not difficult. 

Lea Schuller and her partner in their lovey-dovey moments
Lea Schuller and her partner in their lovey-dovey moments

In the world of football, Lea and Lara are the hottest couples. They got together in 2019 and occasionally post on Instagram to show their love for one another. Lea is a successful individual in terms of sports, just like her better half.

About her (Lara Vadlau):

Vadlau has won multiple sailing world and European championships. She was born in Feldbach, Styria, and currently resides in Carinthia. Also, the athlete is a member of the Carinthian Yacht. Lara has also won the title of top dog in Europe on many occasions.

Meet Schuller's girlfriend, Lara Vadlau.
Meet Schuller’s girlfriend, Lara Vadlau.

Schuller’s girlfriend and her teammate were formally chosen as Austria’s team of the year in 2014. She has achieved world champion status multiple times. The fact that Lea and Lara have similar personalities means they can handle anything.

Lea’s partner enrolled in medical school in Vienna on 2017. Her work in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery has so excelled. She also received a research prize from the Austrian Society for Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. 

Personal Life:

Away from the wonders that the formal SGS Essen striker does on the pitch, many have asked…


Lea Schuller is an extrovert who loves to have fun in relationships. She is upbeat, enthusiastic, energetic, and witty. She is fortunate to discover a partner in Lara Vadlau who complements her passionate, expressive character and is similarly open-minded (as she is).

Away from the pitch, the net burster is just quiet and reserved. Schuller is a hard-working and resilient individual. The Baller hardly gets into trouble and is still tough on herself when it comes to her career and academics. 

Lea Schuller is a soccer fanatic. She likes to surf and play beach volleyball when not on the lawn. However, she is a Virgo. Just like Megan Rapinoe and Asisat Oshoala, she is renowned for being loyal, pragmatic, and practical.

Also, she makes great partners and friends. In addition, she has a reputation for being a perfectionist who is careful and tenacious in her quest for advancement.

Lea Schuller Lifestyle:

Just like Tessa Wullaert, Schuller loves mental vacation. Her special method of rejuvenation entails spending time with her love interest on water. As I write this bio, Lea Schuller’s lifestyle focuses more on savouring nature’s splendour.

When it comes to enjoying her life, the German is no stranger to knowing the ideal holiday destinations. From Irgendwo in Osterreich to spending the winter holiday in Austria and the Herrsching am Ammersee, Lea and Lara have seen them all. 

Meet the couple (Lea and Lara) enjoying their vacation to bond.
Meet the couple (Lea and Lara) enjoying their vacation to bond.

As of the time this biography was written, the Striker proved herself to be the opposite of living an extravagant life. Perhaps she might want to hold off on flaunting this kind of riches until later in her career.

Lea Schuller Car:

Our research shows the striker is among many ballers who are not crazy about automobiles. However, we gather most of Bayern Munich’s female players signed a partnership deal with Audi car. 

Meet Bayern Munich female team with Audi partners. Most significantly, meet Lea Schuller and her new Audi red car.
Meet Bayern Munich female team with Audi partners. Most significantly, meet Lea Schuller and her new Audi red car.

Interestingly, Lea is a proud owner of an Audi car, courtesy of the automobile company. According to Lea, she and the other players are enthusiastic about their new cars. Moreso, it is Schuller’s first Audi car with the colour red. 

Lea Schuller Family Life:

Interestingly, nothing compares to living in a close-knit family that does things together and cares about one another. This is basically the summary of the Lea Schuller family. At present, Lea has not disclosed concrete information about her family.

Our research shows that the striker Lea Schüller hasn’t disclosed much about her family. But her family helped in the early development of her passion for football. She was brought up in a loving family that encouraged her to make the right choices.

Lea Schuller’s Father:

After our in-depth research, we could not find any information on Stone Schuller, Lea’s father. However, we gathered he is a good and supportive father to his children and wife. According to Schüller, her father spent most of his free time driving her to practices and games.

In addition, it appears the baller keeps to herself anything that concerns her father. In conclusion, Stone is a good father and a family-oriented person who cares for the growth of his family members.

Lea Schuller’s Mother:

She considers her mother, Michelle Schuller, as her best football fan. According to the baller, her mother goes with her to her football games during her early career and joyfully watches her from the stands.

Looking at how far the Bayern Munich striker has come, Michelle must be very proud of her. More so, Lea’s family appears to favour her relationship with her girlfriend, Lara.

About Lea Schuller’s Siblings: 

There is no information in the media about Lea Schüller’s siblings, brothers or sisters. She keeps her siblings’ existence, if any, a secret. Lea dislikes talking about her private affairs in public. Her sole attention currently is on her football career, and she frequently uses her social media to show it. 

About Lea Schuller’s Relatives:

After conducting an extensive study, we found no information regarding any relatives of Lea Schuller. However, we gathered she comes from a good, encouraging family that has supported her. Worthy of note are her cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces and grandparents.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Lea Schuller’s Biography, We’ll reveal more information you might not know about her. So without further ado, Let’s start.

Lea Schuller FIFA:

The Bayern Munich forward is similar to Ella Toone, who is also a striker. She is an energetic striker who excels in all areas of football, ranging from finishing, positioning, Heading Accuracy, Ball control, etc. Here is a view of Lea Schuller’s Sofifa.

Acceleration, Jumping, Stamina, Reactions, etc., are her valuable assets.
Acceleration, Jumping, Stamina, Reactions, etc., are her valuable assets.

Lea Schuller Religion:

The fact that her first name is Biblically inclined suggests that she is probably a Christian. Lea Schuller seems less outspoken when it comes to religious issues. The Athlete and her family prefer to keep their religious convictions and practices private. 

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Lea Schuller’s Bio.

Full Name:Lea Schuller
Date of Birth:12th day of November 1997
Place of Birth:Tonisvorst, Germany
Age:25 years and 4 months old.
Mother:Michelle Schuller
Father:Stone Schuller
Girlfriend:Lara Vadlau
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Playing position:Forward
Zodiac sign:Scorpio
Current Club:Bayern Munich


The athlete’s full name is Lea Schuller. She was born to her Mother (Michelle Schuller) and Father (Stone Schuller) in Tonisvorst, Germany, on 12 November 1997. Lea is one of the children born to her parents. Each child is the product of the union between her Dad and Mum.

Our research shows that Lea’s football career started in 2004 after her vacation with her family in France. Regarding her root, the formal Anderlecht player is from Tonisvorst near Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Talking about her education, she attended high school, after which she proceeded to university. According to the baller, it was not an easy decision. After much consideration, Lea opted to study industrial engineering at a virtual university, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.

In addition to playing for the England National team, Lea Schuller has played for many reputable clubs. Since the beginning of her career, the net burster has journeyed through Hulser SV and SGS Essen. As I conclude this Bio, she plays as a Forward for a club, Bayern Munich, based in Munich, Bavaria.

Appreciation Note:

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read LifeBogger’s version of Lea Schuller’s Biography. We care about accuracy and fairness in the constant routine of delivering Women’s Football Stories. Lea Schuller’s Bio is also part of our German Soccer Diary.

Kindly contact us via comments if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this memoir of the Bayern Munich Goal Machine. Also, please tell us what you think about the career of the Prolific Striker and the impressive article we’ve made about her.

Asides from Lea Schuller, we’ve got other great Childhood Stories for your reading pleasure. In fact, the Life History of Christine Sinclair and Aitana Bonmatí will interest you. 

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