Christine Sinclair Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Christine Sinclair Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Christine Sinclair’s Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Bill Sinclair (Father) and Sandra Sinclair (Mother), Mike Sinclair (Brother), Brian and Brent Gant (Uncles), Family Background, etc.

This article on Sinclair also provides verifiable facts about his Family Origins, HomeTown, Education, Ethnicity, Nationality, etc. More so, the Personal Life, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Salary Breakdown of the fast-rising Canadian captian.

In a nutshell, this memoir is about the Full History of Christine Sinclair. LifeBogger will give you the story of a girl breaking gender inequality in soccer. The female athlete that was inducted into the Canada walk of fame and appointed an officer of the order in her country by the Governor.


We begin Christine Sinclair’s Biography by telling you notable events of her girlhood years. Next, we’ll take you through her soccer journey with Portland Thorns and her Canadian team.

LifeBogger hopes to what your autobiography appetite as you read Christine Sinclair’s Bio.

Let’s present this photo gallery that tells the story of the striker’s life trajectory. Indeed, Sincy has come a long way in his incredible soccer journey.

Behold Christine Sinclair's Biography- We will tell you evertyhing about the athlete.
Behold Christine Sinclair’s Biography- We will tell you everything about the athlete.

Yes, everyone knows Sinclair broke the world’s record for over 185 international goals more than any other footballer. Moreso, the female athlete was the Canadian player of the Decade from 2010 to 2019.

Yet we found a knowledge gap in our mission to deliver the stories of female soccer athletes. Not many sports lovers have read an in-depth version of Christine Sinclair’s Biography. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Christine Sinclair Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, she bears the nickname “Sinc and Sincy.” Christine Margaret Sinclair was born on the 12th of June 1983 to Bill Sinclair (Father) and Sandra Sinclair (Mother) in British Columbia.

The female footballer is the second child with an older brother, Mike Sinclair. This makes her the only female born in her parent’s marriage. Before we go any further, let’s show you Sinclair’s mother and father.

Meet Christine Sinclair's parents - Bill Sinclair and Sandra Sinclair, sharing a loving smile.
Meet Christine Sinclair’s parents – Bill Sinclair and Sandra Sinclair, sharing a loving smile.

Growing- Up:

Christine Sinclair’s birthplace is in Burnaby, British Columbia. But the footballer didn’t grow up alone. She was with her older brother Mike Sinclair. Here is the childhood photo of the athlete.

Behold the adorable Childhood Photo of Christine Sinclair. With the ball in her hands at an early age.
Behold the adorable Childhood Photo of Christine Sinclair. With the ball in her hands at an early age.

This Canadian chose sports, unlike most girls who prefer dancing and playing dress-up with dolls. And thankfully, she shared that interest with her sibling, Mike. Thus, during her early childhood, Sincy was never alone or bored.

Yet, growing up with the two kids in the family was a challenge. Christine and her brother Mike Sinclair often fought over who won in a game. In their three-bedroom apartment, the neighbours described them as friends one moment and enemies the next.

Without a doubt, those early childhoods wouldn’t have been easy for Christine Sinclair’s mother and father. Yet her parents made sure they both did not lack anything.

Christine Sinclair’s Early Life:

From the onset, football wasn’t the only sport Sinc played. She was also into baseball, basketball, volleyball, and golf. The young starlet even rode rollerblades in the living room. The basement in the house wasn’t spare either. As the female child broke all windows with her hyperactive energy.

But, the athletic gene came from her Mom and Dad. Christine Sinclair’s parents Bill and Sandra, have a history in the sports world. Moreso, her uncles Brian and Bruce Gant were soccer champions in Canada. So this full-field activity of their daughter didn’t come as a surprise to the family.

Instead, Christine Sinclair’s mother, (Sandra Sinclair), took her to the park as a daily routine to manage her talent. But the group on the field were boys and older girls. So it was a constant struggle for the young girl to fit into the team.

Can you see the young female athlete Sinclair in action on the field?
Can you see the young female athlete Sinclair in action on the field?

All the kids in the streets of Burnaby knew the girl who was a sports freak. You will find young Margaret everywhere you see any field activity among the group.

Christine Sinclair Family Background:

From the start of this Bio, we mentioned that the Christin Sinclair’s parents were athletes. Bill Sinclair, Brian, and Bruce (her dad and uncles) were part of the team in the University of British Columbia leagues.

Bill’s girl was four months old when he became a team manager for the Vancouver Firefighters FC. Later, Christine Sinclair’s father also won the Canadian national championships.

What about her mother? Sandra Sinclair was a head coach at the children’s group. So the young girl came from a long line of soccer families, just like Stefan Bajcetic.

And the combined athletic income Christine Sinclair’s parents was enough to care for the house. After all, SportsNet reports they owned a three-bedroom apartment. This means that Sinc and her brother, Mike Sinclair had a room for themselves.

Christine Sinclair Family Origin:

Research shows that Bill and Sandra Sinclair’s birthplace is in Vancouver. While their daughter, Christine, was born in born in Burnaby, British Columbia. Which gives a stronghold to the athlete’s Canadian Nationality. Here is the map that shows her hometown.

Christine's Hometown is in the map showing her Famuly Origins.
Christine’s Hometown is on the map showing her Family Origins.

What facts do we have about British Columbia? It is the 3rd largest province in Canada. Richard Clement Moody and the Royal Engineers of Columbia also found it in the mid-19th century.

Christine Sinclair’s Ethnicity:

The soccer player comes from a white Canadian ethnic group. Christine Sinclair’s parents come from European ancestral origins. And they are known as Caucasians or Caucasoid.

Christine Sinclair Education:

When she was at the right school age, Margaret attended Burnaby South Secondary School. Christine Sinclair’s Parents put her in the public school in British Columbia that serves the four districts of her hometown. See the building in the image here.

The Canadian forward is an alumus of the Burbaby South School.
The Canadian forward is an alumnus of the Burnaby South School.

After her secondary education, Christine attended the University of Portland. During her college, the forward joined one of the school teams there. Nonetheless, she graduated with her life science degree and was awarded a doctorate.

Christine gets decorated with her doctorate achivement.
Christine gets decorated with her doctorate achievement.

So Sinclair isn’t just a football but a doctor as well. This is indeed an extra honour to her name. We are positive that her Mother( Sandra) and her Father (Bill) was present together with her Brother, Mike to see her being given her dues.

Christine Sinclair Biography – Football Story:

At an early age, the young girl started her soccer journey with the South Burnaby Metro Club. Although Margaret Sinclair was only four, she joined the under-seven team. While playing with girls who were almost twice her age.

And by the time Christine got to eleven years, she was with the British Columbia under 14 soccer club. With the forward’s soccer skills, Bill Sinclair’s daughter led her team to victory.

The Canadian starlet brought home six leagues and five provincial titles. Besides winning three championships when she was in secondary school. Every local team in the area wanted the super goal scorer to be in their club.

And to top the icing on the cake, she was selected for the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Portland, Oregon. What’s mind-blowing was that Christine Sinclair was only 15 years old. The Burnaby native was riding the clouds at this point.

Christine Sinclaire Bio – Road to Fame:

Only a year later, the forward was invited to the Canada team in January 2000. And made her debut in the senior team when she was only 16 in Portugal. Sinclair was awarded the first Canadian player of the year and recorded 15 goals in 18 appearances.

In 2002, another piece of history was made as Sinc got the Golden boot and soccer as an MVP player. At this time, her college career at the University of Portland ended with 110 goals and 32 assists in 94 games. Before Christine Sinclair was called up for her club, Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

But she spent some time before moving to the FC Gold Pride. And two years later, Margaret brought home the 2010 WPS Championship Trophy. Yet the club ceased to be in 2010 after a financial breakdown.

Winning awards was a part of the Forward's career journey.
Winning awards was a part of the Forward’s career journey.

It was challenging for the young girl to shuffle her College and club career at once. And more still, her new team was dissolved. But the question, however, is, was it the end of Sinclair’s career?

Christine Sinclair Biography- Rise to fame Story:

The clubs disbandment did not affect the Canadian’s career. Everyone wanted the girl who could get a ball in every net to be on their team. And to that effect, Christine joined the Western New York Flash for the 2011/2012 season.

The world-class soccer player led her club to the regular season championship. And on August 2011, Sincly was given MVP of 2011. The striker had 15 appearances with ten goals in flash FC before going to Portland Thorns.

Sinclair was given the Captain band in her new team three years later. Sandra’s daughter became the top goal scorer tying records with Alex Morgan. And led them to win the NWSL Fall Series in 2020 while being awarded the most playoffs played by a female athlete.

Christine Sinclair, with her country team, has been an unstoppable wind. The British Columbia star became an all-time leading lady in international soccer. And has won the 2012 London Olympics while becoming the Canadian Female Soccer Player of the Year 14 times.

A Summary of Christine Sinclair football career. Her trophy case is filled with various honours.
A Summary of Christine Sinclair’s football career. Her trophy case is filled with various honors.

The forward holds an international goal record that is more than that of Christian Ronaldo and Messi Lionel. No other female athlete has the technique and playing style of Christine. When writing this Bio, she bears the honour of the Order of Canada and British Columbia title (OC OBC). And the rest is history, they said.

Who is Christine Sinclair Dating?

The four-time All-American winner has undoubtedly created an impressive soccer record. Yet, after 20 years in sports, the forward is still not free to share her most intimate moments with her fans. Nonetheless, she shares her affection with her pet dog, Charlie.

Christine shares an unbreakable love with her dog, who is always beside her.
Christine shares an unbreakable love with her dog, who is always beside her.

Sinclair has been tight-lipped about her love life. Including information on the man or woman, she has fallen in love with. Just like Lauren James (at the time of writing), the Olympic gold medallist has no boyfriend neither is there information that she is married. 

Personal Life:

So what does Bill Sinclair do when she is not on the field? The 14 times Canadian goal scorer of the year has shown the world that gender has no role in sports. So much so that she led her team to go on a strike, according to the guardian.

Thus it isn’t surprising that Sinclair is an ambassador for the MS Society in Canada. Always trying to make sure the future generation gets to know their right on the field.

The Canadian Star uses her time to help kids in soccer.
The Canadian Star uses her time to help kids in soccer.

With the absence of kids in her life, Margaret has always reached out to children in various nations. Especially those who choose to walk in the path of football in the future. She always spends her time giving advice and encouraging words to these youngsters.

And then again, spending time with her colleagues, her Dad, Bill Sinclair, and her Mom, Sandra Sinclair is always on the top list of the goal scorer. Practically, her life is living around others and making sure people with her are happy. Christine is a fulfilled woman living her life to the fullest.

Christine Sinclair Lifestyle:

The 2010 WPS Champion has no atom of pride in her DNA. And that is because she’s always dressed in plain pants and a shirt whenever you see her. On other occasions, she would put on a gown depending on the event she attends.

LifeBoger noticed that she shares the same traits as Mallory Swanson. Christine has no photo of her possessions. Neither her house nor her car is available to the public. Except you are a close family member or her teammate, that is when you could get access to her private life.

Where does Christine Sinclair spend her vacation?

During those days, the former coach Sandra Sinclair was alive. The Canadian forward must travel four hours to Vancouver and see her during her free periods. At the same time, she hangs out with most of her friends, as the image shows.

Vacation days are when the Burnaby native uses to bond with her friends.
Vacation days are when the Burnaby native uses to bond with her friends.

Christine Sinclair Family Life:

The 2011 WPS Championship winner was never bored or alone in her early years. And the huge support system that she has consists of her mother, dad, and her only brother. Now let’s learn about Christine Sinclair’s family – the people who brought her talent to the world.

Speinding time with her household is always important to the female starlet.
Spending time with her household is always important to the female starlet.

About Christine Sinclair’s Father:

Bill Sinclair is the father of the Burnaby champ. In fact, it was from him that Sinc got her soccer talent. And in the years to come, his records were what she used for motivation.

See the Charming Smile on the face of Bill Sinclair as he celevreates his birthday.
See the Charming Smile on the face of Bill Sinclair as he celebrates his birthday.

Christine Sinclair’s Dad was a former Canadian soccer player. He was so good that he even got a trophy in the amateur championship. Bill was a very valuable athlete. Sadly, he passed away in April 2016 at 69.

About Christine Sinclair’s Mother:

Although her dad (Bill Sinclair) was the athlete, Sandra Sinclair was her daughter’s coach. She took her kids to the park for training every day after school and homework. Reports also show that British Columbia’s mum was a fitness guru.

Regardlesss of her age, Sandra Sinclair still has the Bubbly Personality.
Regardless of her age, Sandra Sinclair still has the Bubbly Personality.

Despite the happy moments these two shares, a tragedy struck in her later years. Christine Sinclair’s mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This is a disorder that attacks the brain and spinal cord). And because of that, Sandra was put in home care at a young age.

Words cannot describe how the Canadian captain felt. As she sees her once-fit mother confined to a wheelchair and bed. And that is why Sincly always makes sure she goes through the 4-hour drive to see her. Sadly, her mom Sandra passed after a long struggle with her illness.

About Christine Sinclair’s Brother:

Mike Sinclair is the older brother of the Portland Thorns forward. Despite being her senior, they played together as children and on the same team. However, there is no photo of Christine’s only sibling.

From her early childhood, Lifebogger noted that Mike might be an athlete. After all, members of the family were soccer stars. Yet, we know Christine lives a private life. Hence there is no public knowledge of her only brother.

About Christine Sinclair’s Uncles:

Brian Reginald Gant was born on the 23rd of April. 1952). He is a Canadian retired soccer player who spent nine seasons in the North American Soccer League. And at the same time, Christine Sinclair’s dad’s brother also played fifteen games with the national team.

Bruce Gant’s birth date was on the 26th of September, 1956. Christine Sinclair’s uncle was also a Canadian retired soccer player, just like his brother Brian. Moreso, he is an alumnus of Simon Fraser University. And he won the gold medal with British Columbia for Canada.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding session of Christine Sinclair’s Bio, we will reveal more details about the world’s all-time leader for international goals. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Christine Sinclair’s Salary:

The Portland Thorns player made some fortune for all her years in soccer. According to 888Sports, Christine earned an annual salary of £308,760 in 2020. And no doubt this figure will have increased at this time.

Christine Sinclair’s Book Launch:

The powerful Captain has stunned the world as one of the longest-playing females in soccer. And it would be such a shame for other new players not to know about the flag bearer of gender equality. So Christine penned down this memoir.

A memoir of the Portlands Fc's Captain.
A memoir of the Portlands Fc’s Captain.

“Playing a long time” is a book that serves as an inspiration for young kids. It stresses the need for athletes to chase their dreams and make their wishes come true. You should grab one and hear the words from the top goal scorer herself.

Christine Sinclair Religion:

The name “Christine” has Greek roots, which means followers of christ. Moreso, the athlete celebrates Christmas like every other Christian. So we can conclude that Sinclair’s religion is Christianity.

Christin Sinclair FIFA:

The OC of Canada is on the top level with her leadership skills, in addition to the finesse shots that always make it to the football net.

Let’s not forget that she is a great team player hence the reason she was made captain in her country. But let’s see how FIFA rates her in the image. 

Sinclair's FIFA Ratings shows how excellent a player she is on the field.
Sinclair’s FIFA Ratings show how excellent a player she is on the field.

No doubt, the captain of the NWSL, despite her age at 38, is leaving no crumbs when it comes to her talents on the field. After all, Christine is the highest female goal scorer in history.

Wiki Summary:

The tables expose all the facts about Christine Sinclair’s biography at a glance.

Wiki InquiryBiography Answers
Full Name:Christine Margaret Sinclair
Nickname:Sinc and Sincy
Date of Birth:12th of June 1983
Place of Birth:Burnaby, British Columbia
Age:39 years and 9 months old.
Parents:Bill Sinclair (Father) and Sandra Sinclair (Mother)
Siblings:A brother Mike Sinclair
Parents Origin:Vancouver
Playing Position:Forward
Net Worth:$2 million
Height:1.75 m
Uncles:Brian (1972) and Bruce Gant (1990)

End Note:

Christine Margaret Sinclair was born on the 12th of June 1983 to Bill Sinclair (Father) and Sandra Sinclair (Mother) in British Columbia. The female footballer is the second child with an older brother, Mike Sinclair.

The Canadian-born star was raised in Burnaby, British Columbia. And she grew up with her only sibling, Mike, in the three-bedroom flat in Christine Sinclair’s parents’ home. As the first girl in the home, she had her brother play and watch football together.

Besides the Burnaby native’s Mother and Father- Bill Sinclair and Sandra Sinclair were athletes. Christine Sinclair’s Dad was a former Canadian teammate in his University days. While her mother was a coach. Yet, they are both late but forever rest in the player’s memory.

Magaret started playing at the young age of three years with her brother, Mike Sinclair. At first, football wasn’t her only love, she loved baseball, golf, volleyball, and basketball. And when Christine Sinclair’s Mother saw her daughter’s skills, she took her personally to the park in their community to begin training.

And with that, the Canadian moved to a college career to win five provincial titles and three championships for her schools. By the time the young girl was 15, she had been to the FIFA Women’s world cup in 1999.

At the time of writing about Christine Sinclair’s Bio, the soccer athlete has a golden boot and ball. And has become Canadian player of the year 14 times in addition to winning several Olympic trophies. However, Magaret is unmarried and has no kids as well.


LifeBogger is delighted that you read through Christine Sinclair’s Biography. 

We care about accuracy and fairness in our quest to deliver female soccer Stories. Sinclair’s Bio is part of our broader collection of Canadian Football Stories.

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