Aitana Bonmati Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Aitana Bonmati Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Aitana Bonmati Biography tells you Facts about her childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Vicent Conca (father), Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet (Mother), Family Background, Siblings – Brothers or Sisters, Relationships – Boyfriend or girlfriend, Relatives – Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, etc.

This memoir about Aitana Bonmati also details her Family Origin, Religion, Ethnicity, Education (Ramon Lull University), Zodiac, and hometown. Not ignoring the sports lady’s personal Life and Lifestyle, LifeBogger presents details of her Net Worth and Salary Breakdown with Barcelona.

In a nutshell, we provide the complete history of Aitana Bonmati. This is the story of an intense, competitive, versatile player whose short stature is an advantage because of her low centre of gravity, making it hard for opponents to take her away from the ball.

Again, she is one of the foremost persons who bears her mother’s family name for her surname, not following the norm in Spain, which allows children to bear the father’s family’s name first before the mother’s family name if they have to.


Our version of Aitana Bonmati’s Bio begins by unveiling striking events of her childhood years. After this, we will explain her ethnic ancestry, including her early career highlights. Then, we will tell how the Barcelona player rose to the pinnacle of her footballing career.

LifeBogger anticipates whetting your appetite for our Biography as you read Aitana Bonmati’s history. To do so, let us furnish you with a photo gallery that explains the sports competitor’s story. From her early career years to the moment, she emerged as a force to reckon with globally in women’s soccer.

Aitana Bonmati Biography - From her childhood right until her fame.
Aitana Bonmati Biography – From her childhood right until her fame.

Honestly, everyone knows that the midfielder Aitana Bonmati has gained fame for her club career in the 2016 Spanish Women’s Primera División with FC Barcelona beginning. She also plays for the Spanish national team, which is not the same as Barcelona as some people think it.

With all our years of researching Spanish female footballers. It is necessary to bring details and facts about the charming female football star to your knowledge. Only a few football admirers have an in-depth version of Aitana Bonmati’s Biography, which is quite thrilling. Now, without further ado, let us begin.

Aitana Bonmati Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, her full name is Aitana Bonmati Conca. She was born on the 18th day of January 1998. On a beautiful Sunday to her loving parents – Vicent Conca (father) and Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet (Mother). Her birth occurred in Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona Province of Spain.

With no brother or sister, Aitana Bonmati is the only child and daughter of her amazing parents. So, the dashing player is a product of the peaceful union between their caring and loving parents – Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet (Mother) and Vicent Conca (father).

Now, let’s bring to your acquaintances the dazzling players’ parents. Her mum, Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet and her dad, Vicent Conca, whose continuous and ever-willing support, saw to it that the full potential of their only daughter and child made the light of day.


She grew up with her father and mother in her hometown, Sant Pere de Ribes. The lad emerged as an independent kid such that she knew what she wanted and went for it despite the options her parents made available to her.

For the first two years of her existence, they knew her as Aitana Bonmatí Guidonet. Her two surnames were both from her mother.

However, in 2000, the law in Spain changed that allows her maternal surname, Bonmatí, to be her first surname and her paternal surname, Conca, to be her second surname.

She spent her time alone up and down the house, developing an independent attitude and lifestyle. Since she had no brother or sister, she would leave the house in her leisure time to spend time with her uncles and cousins.

Aitana Bonmatí, in addition, goes into the neighbourhood to play with other kids, especially the boys in the village in the Barcelona suburbs. 

Aitana Bonmati Early Life (Football):

As a kid, her dad and mum exposed her to learning to play musical instruments, especially the piano and guitar. They also made a separate English lesson for her. However, Aitana Bonmatí preferred to engage in sports.

She had to fight her parents, sometimes literally, to do what she wanted. And for an only child, her father and mother granted her most of her wishes.

She used to play basketball during her childhood but eventually switched to soccer. At age seven, she played football with in-the-yard boys in mixed teams. She often recalls getting hit on by boys for her short stature.

Bonmati started playing with the boys who used to insult her. However, she never took it personally. She didn’t let anyone walk all over her, though. Whenever they insulted her, she’d come back at them even harder.

If they hit her, she hit them back. Because of this carefree attitude towards other people’s opinions of her, the sports lady grew up being competitive and ambitious.

Aitana Bonmati Family Background:

The Spanish and Barcelona midfielder belonged to a well-to-do household, and her parents were well-educated and well-read.

Her father and mother are teachers of Catalan Philology, the branch of knowledge that handles the structure, relationships, and historical development of a language or languages.

Bonmati’s parents are Spaniards. They were pioneers in eliminating the prevalence of the male surname, and they both agreed and helped change the norm by fighting for equality.

They defended their daughter could take the maternal surname (Bonmatí) and then the paternal surname (Conca). Meanwhile, the law of that time still prohibited the change of order, and they did not give up.

The only way out they found was to register Aitana with the two maternal surnames: Bonmatí Guidonet. Even though this could mean that the father was not recognized as such by the bureaucracy, he checked it when he applied for the work permit from paternity.

Aitana Bonmati Family Origin:

Talking about her household heritage, the intense midfield player’s family hailed from Catalonia, Spain. Her parents (Vicent Conca and Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet) are Spaniards.

The history of Catalonia is one of many artists and rebels. The likes of Johan Cruyff, a true artist on the pitch, arguably changed football forever. He also symbolizes Catalonia’s long yearning for independence during the Franco era.

In the case of Female football teams, One who vividly continues the said legacy on the Catalonian ground is Aitana Bonmatí. Born in Sant Pere de Ribes, a surburb of about 32,000 inhabitants in the province of Barcelona.

Her full name is Aitana Bonmatí Conca. In this Spanish name, the first surname is her maternal family name, whereas the second family name, Conca, is her paternal family name. Her naming pattern was against Spanish naming customs.

However, her parents aimed to circumvent the Spanish naming customs, but first, they registered their daughter as Aitana Bonmatí Guidonet bearing the two surnames of her mother.

However, the turn of the millennium saw her become one of the first persons in all of Spain to wear her mother’s surname first, followed by the one of her father ever since she was officially known as Aitana Bonmatí Conca.

Imperatively, the female-midfield player has Spanish nationality. Following is a picture that explains the roots of the outstanding Barcelona football player.

This map aids your understanding of Aitana Bonmati's origins.
This map aids your understanding of Aitana Bonmati’s origins.

Aitana Bonmati Ethnicity:

Our Lifebogger profile is a Capricorn of Spanish white ethnicity. As stated, She hails from Sant Pere de Ribes, a small village on the city’s outskirts. Her hometown is the remains of a 12th-century castle once ruled by the troubadour Guillem de Ribes.

The dazzling player is proud to be associated with the Spanish people and culture. In addition, she speaks English and Spanish. She learnt English as a kid and teaches the same online. See the video below.

Aitana Bonmati Education:

The sports industry has severely impacted the global economy with investment in public infrastructure, assembling resources and the creation of new professions and jobs.

Today, it is among the professional sectors with the most economic momentum, generating opportunities for many people who aspire to a future in sports.

An essential course for athletes is Sports Management, a field of education that handles the business aspects of sports. After a successful primary and college education in her hometown, Aitana Bonmati has followed the paths of her parents as an Educationist.

She enrolled to study Physical Activity and Sports Sciences at Ramon Llull University to prepare for the end of her footballing career.

The private university in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, got established in 1990. Nevertheless, she could combine her schooling with football, so she put it on hold.

Furthermore, Goal-oriented and eager to make the most of her sporting career, Aitana has been looking for more specific training focused on sports management since she put her sport and exercise science degree on hold.

Good enough, she found one, and so is combining her sporting career with her online academic training as a student of the Masters in Sport Management.

Career Buildup:

The first clubs she played football with were CD Ribes and CF Cubelles, both male/mixed-gender teams, which she believes helped her to improve her strength and intensity.

Her talent would not go unnoticed, and at 13, Aitana joined Barcelona’s world-renowned academy.

She joined Barcelona to participate in their youth teams, where she would take two-hour public transport rides with her father to get to practice—often returning late and having next to no time for other activities. A gamble that paid off.

A rare photo of Bonmati at CD Ribes.
A rare photo of Bonmati at CD Ribes.

Aitana Bonmati Biography – Football Story:

A diminutive attacking midfielder with sublime close control and an eye for goal, Aitana quickly climbed up the ranks of FC Barcelona (Blaugrana).

Between 2013 and 2016, she won multiple Juvenile divisions and Copas Catalunya, leaving her mark on Spain’s Youth sides.

In 2014, the then 15-year-old featured at the U-17 Euros and U-17 World Cup. One year later, at the 2015 Women’s U17 Championship in Iceland, Aitana made her first contact with International silverware.

Aitana after the U17 Euros Final in 2015.
Aitana after the U17 Euros Final in 2015.

Throughout the 2015–16 season, Bonmatí played an important part in winning the Segunda Division, Group III championship, for the first time in the club’s history by scoring 14 goals for Barcelona.

At the end of the season, the manager Xavi Llorens promoted her to Barcelona’s first team. Contributing one goal and keeping her nerves tight in a penalty shootout, Aitana’s stellar performances did not only make her one of the tournament’s best players.

Instead, they led to a trophy as Spain emerged victorious, courtesy of a 5–2 Final win over Switzerland.

Aitana Bonmati Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Her steady progress was a bittersweet one, accompanied by multiple misfortunes. Despite displaying several superb performances, Aitana got denied a clear goal in the Quarter-Finals before being sent off in the Semis against hosts France.

Spain lost the final against Japan by three goals to one—a tragic finish to her tournament. But, as always, Aitana kept her focus and integrity, and things were starting to come together in the 2018–19 campaign.

During that season, which also saw Luis Cortés get promoted to the dugout in January, Aitana registered a respectable 27 appearances in the Primera, contributing to 19 goals as well (12 Goals, 7Assists).

A form which earned her a spot in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, 2019 and  Spain’s 2019 World Cup squad after she had gained her first cap in November 2017.

The 2019-20 campaign would be awe-inspiring as Aitana became a critical player in Barça’s midfield alongside Patri Guijarro and Alexia Putellas. She accumulated 1,159 minutes in the Primera before the season got suspended, scoring and assisting five each.

A notable contribution to Barça’s first domestic title win since 2015. But again, fortune would not be on her and the team’s side after coming remarkably close to another success.

In the UWCL Semifinal against Wolfsburg, Barça stood beaten 1–0 despite many high-quality chances.

Aitana Bonmati Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Stepping into Glory, Barça were already displaying wonderfully pure football but hit new levels regarding their positional play, fluidity and creativity in possession, the intensity of it and goal-scoring powers. To which Bonmati emerged instrumental.

Her role relates closely to that of Alexia, which requires a broad skill set. In and around the box, Aitana is a prolific finisher. The competitive player emerged as the most valuable player at the Copa de la Reina of 2019–20.

In addition, she got named to Spain’s squad for the 2020 SheBelieves Cup, which took place in March 2020. In 2020–21, she recorded her best-ever scoring season in all competitions (13 goals and 11 assists).

Later that year, Bonmatí played in each of Spain’s UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 qualifying matches, ending the qualification phase with six goals. She was part of the first team in the club’s history to win the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

The Amazing athlete also went down in football history by winning the first treble in club history and establishing FC Barcelona as the first team in the world with trebles in men’s and women’s teams.

Here, she poses with her Copa de la Reina, UWCL and La Liga Trophies.
Here, she poses with her Copa de la Reina, UWCL and La Liga Trophies.

With Pedro González, Aitana Bonmatí received the Barça Players Award from the FC Barcelona Players Association, given by the president of the Association, Juan Manuel Asensiin, in recognition of their fair play during the 2021/2022 season.

Interestingly, Barcelona Femeni confirmed that Aitana Bonmati had signed a contract extension at Camp Nou that runs until 2025.

Is Aitana Bonmati single?:

Not everything we know about Aitana Bonmatí’s past relationships and partners. While it’s usually simple to find out who Aitana is dating, tracking all her flings and breakups is harder. Even in 2023, celebrities amaze us with how they keep their lives private.

According to our records, the Spanish soccer player is most likely single. She remains relatively quiet when sharing her personal life and makes it a point to stay out of the
public eye.

Although she may be dating no one publicly, Aitana may see someone privately, and details still need to be made public. So it probably would be better to avoid jumping to conclusions.

Personal Life:

Aitana was born in the Millennials Generation, her zodiac animal is a Tiger, and her spirit animal is a goose. They are passionate about justice and will never give up an argument. Their main flaw is their recklessness, which causes them to fail. They always succeed. 

Also, People born on the 18th of January have a zodiac sign of Capricorn. The sea goat, a legendary, represents Capricorn, the last earth sign, a monster having the body of a goat as well as the tail of a fish.

Capricorns are adept at traversing both the material and emotional domains. She is very confident when speaking. She firmly defends her convictions. But then shares that she has had a phobia of air travel since childhood.

Her idol was Xavi Hernández, the influence visible. As much as soccer has been her main hobby and interest, Aitana Bonmatí enjoys doing many things. The chap also enjoys swimming. Nonetheless, as a toddler, she participated in other sports, especially basketball.

The female Baller enjoys doing many things, especially swimming.
The female Baller enjoys doing many things, especially swimming.

Our Lifebogger profile, Aitana Bonmatí, ensures balanced nutrition in living a healthy life. She has an athletic body and stands at 5 ft 4 in (1.62 m), weighing around 55kg. The charming lady has dark brown eye colour and hair.

Undoubtedly, the dashing athlete is bent on keeping fit and has a consistent workout schedule to maintain his stamina. In addition, Like most celebrity football stars, she holds an excellent social media presence to keep in touch with her rising fans.

Her Twitter alone, @AitanaBonmati, has over 122.9K Followers. In addition, Aitana Bonmatí verified Instagram @aitana.bonmati has gained more than 362K followers.

Aitana Bonmatí Lifestyle:

The Barcelona and Spanish women’s national team midfielder has succeeded with Spain’s U-17, U-19 and U-20 youth categories.

She has been a senior team player for Spain women’s national from 2017 and featured in Spain’s squad at the FIFA Women’s World Cup of 2019.

The lady has amassed a fortune through her professional football career and promotional deals. With her achievements and pace-setting feats, the sports lady is reaping, in abundance, the fruits of her labour.

Considering her impact on her club, it is only a matter of time to see a substantial increase in her income. The celebrity player can afford luxury mansions, go on expensive vacations, eat the choicest of foods and ride luxurious automobiles.

Aitana Bonmatí’s Residence:

The competitive sportswoman still lives with her parents. However, she hopes to become independent soon. Her daily routine revolves around Barcelona.

So, she trains in the mornings with Barcelona. In addition, she attends to the calls of the Spanish team when due. The charming midfielder loves and never forgets where she comes from. Therefore, she keeps in touch with her hometown, Barcelona.

Aitana Bonmatí’s Family Life:

The charming female soccer player has achieved plenty of success in her professional career. Bonmati could only have come this far with the full assurance of her household members, which has made her become the global star she is today. 

Aitana Bonmatí continues to appreciate her parent’s continuous encouragement, plus the guidance of her other family members, who made her childhood worthwhile. Follow along to learn about the members of the Spanish player’s home and Family Life.

Aitana Bonmatí Father – Vicent Conca:

Her biological dad, Vicent Conca, strongly influences the Spanish player. He has dramatically impacted and encouraged Bonmati’s footballing career to date. The Barcelona native describes her parents as the most significant influence over her footballing career.

Her father, Vicent Conca, is a career man in the Education sector, and he teaches the Catalan language and literature. Surprisingly, he was not a fan of football, and however he did all within his power to see that he fulfilled his only child’s passion.

When her mother took ill, Vicent Conca accompanied his only daughter, Bonmati, via public transport for football training to Plaça de Catalunya in the heart of Barcelona and then, from there, a train to Sant Joan Despí.

Although challenging, this is one of her dad’s sacrifices for the talented soccer player. Sometimes together with her dad, the clock ticks 12:30 midnight before they return home, and those moments leave them too tired to take the night shower.

Aitana Bonmatí Mother – Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet:

From all indications, her mum is her biggest motivation. She credits her mother, Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet, for giving her the care and mental fortitude necessary to become the success that she is.

Her dad and mum were pioneers in eliminating the prevalence of the male surname, and they both agreed and helped change the norm by fighting for equality.

For Bonmati, her parents’ thoughts towards gender equality strengthened her confidence level, especially while playing with the boys at school.

Unfortunately, Bonmati’s mother took ill. Rosa suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. So, she could no longer exercise nor do her teaching profession.

However, she continues to be a supporting beam to her daughter. In turn, Aitana uses the diagnosis as motivation to be the best footballer and person she can be.

Aitana Bonmatí Siblings – Brother or Sister:

This section of our Lifebogger sports Bio reveals more facts about the athlete’s birth brothers and sisters. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Indeed, her family has been her most robust support. Aitana Bonmatí has neither brother nor sister and is the only child of her father and mother. As such, she has learned to live an independent life.

Aitana Bonmatí’s Relatives:

The lady is among the best female footballers in the world. Aitana Bonmatí has grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews, nieces, and possibly in-laws. However, we know little about her cousins and uncle of all her relations.

Throughout her upbringing, she lived close to her relatives, so of loneliness, she took a stroll to see a few of them.

Untold Facts:

In the final section of the global soccer star’s Biography, we’ll unveil more truths you might need to learn about the Barcelona and Spanish national team footballer. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Aitana Bonmatí Salary & Net Worth:

The Spanish Midfielder has gained fame for her club career in the Women’s Primera División with FC Barcelona since 2016. he has made a substantial amount of wealth from her profession to date.

Barcelona Femeni confirmed that Aitana Bonmati had signed a contract extension at Camp Nou that runs until 2025.

According to Buzzlearn, her net worth of 2023 stands at about $5 Million. In addition, based on the average earnings of a Liga F player, she makes at least € 16,000 per season.

Aitana Bonmatí FIFA:

A competitive and versatile player, her short stature stands as an advantage. Her low centre of gravity makes it difficult for competitors to take her off the ball.

Ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup of 2019, FIFA described Bonmati in her player profile as “technically gifted” with “superb vision with a good deal of character” and “combative when required with an eye for goal.”

According to her FIFA rating, her skills, Power, and Mentality cause her to excel as the best among her female counterparts.

Nonetheless, no matter how good a player is, there is always room for improvement. So, even though she is not doing badly, the focus is needed on her Attacks and aggressiveness.

According to her FIFA rating, her skills, Power, and Mentality cause her to excel as the best among her female counterparts.
According to her FIFA rating, her skills, Power, and Mentality cause her to excel as the best among her female counterparts.

Aitana Bonmatí Religion:

From records, 95% of Spaniards are Catholic. Catholicism is everywhere in Spain, and its influence can be seen in churches and museums, of course, but also in everyday life, with religious holidays and festivals. Each city, town and village in Spain has its patron saint.

However, the recent torrents of immigration, especially during the 2000s, have led to a fast-increasing number of Muslims. But behind Roman Catholicism and irreligion. So, it is imperative to say that the charming midfielder is Catholic.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content with Aitana Bonmatí’s Biography.

Full Name:Aitana Bonmatí Conca
Birth name:Aitana Bonmatí Guidonet
Famous name:Aitana Bonmatí
Date of Birth:18th day of January 1998
Age:(25 years and 4 months)
Place of Birth:Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain
Biological Mother:Rosa Bonmatí Guidonet
Biological Father:Vicent Conca
Profession:Professional Footballer
Major teams:Ribes, Cubelles, Barcelona, and Spain National team.
Jersey Number:14 (Barcelona)
Education:Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Masters in Sport Management
School:Ramon Llull University
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Capricon
Height:1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight:55 kg (112 lbs)
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Net Worth:$5 Million
Salary:€ 16,000

Summary EndNote:

One of the most promising players to come out of the youth set, Aitana Bonmatí, has been an international at every youth level. In 2015/16, she led the B team to their first-ever Second Division league title. During that season, she debuted for the first team in the Cup. 

Despite her relatively young age, she is a player with a great personality, ambition and quality. She is a midfield leader and can also get into the box. Aitana was born on the 18th day of 1998 in the suburbs of Barcelona as the only child of her parents, Rosa and Vincent.

As a child, she played basketball but eventually switched to soccer. At 13, Aitana got invited to the Barcelona Academy. She plays in the midfield position. However, coaches have repeatedly noticed that the girl can replace both a winger and a holding midfielder.

Bonmati’s idols are Xavi and Andres Iniesta. She was part of the first team in the club’s history to win the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The charming Spaniard is single for our last check and has yet to marry. Her career success is her focus at the moment.

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