Carlos Tevez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Carlos Tevez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Carlos Tevez Biography presents full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Wife, Children, Personal Life and Lifestyle. In simple terms, we provide you with a full analysis of his Life Story, starting from Tevez’s Early Days to when he became Famous.

Yes, everyone knows he is a football legend, however only a hand few of fans have considered reading Carlos Tevez’s Bio which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Carlos Tevez Childhood Story:

Tevez was born Carlos Alberto Martínez in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires Province, and raised in the neighbourhood of Ejército de Los Andes, better known as “Fuerte Apache“. It was from there that he got the nickname of “El Apache”.

His names ‘Carlos Alberto Martinez’ was changed to what the world knows today as ‘Carlos Tevez’ due to a name conflict issue with his boyhood football clubs ‘All boys’ and ‘Boca Junior’. The name ‘Tevez’ is a name acquired from his mother side. This was his mother’s maiden name. 

Carlos Tevez Early Years:

Growing up in the ghetto with a football-focused mind defines Carlos Tevez Childhood. Giving football an early start was what his parents wanted for him.

Carlos Tevez grew up in a hometown which wasn’t the most pleasant area to live in. It was a town where violence and drugs, as well as a high crime rate, all in some way connected to poverty. This made Fuerte Apache one of the most dangerous places to live in Argentina. For Tevez, it was all about focusing on the dream.

In a recent report, Carlos Tevez revealed that;

“There were tough times, growing up in Fuerte Apache,” Tevez said. “When it was dark and you looked out of the window, what you saw would scare anyone. After a certain hour, you couldn’t go into the street. It was incredible.”

Story Behind Carlos Tevez Neck Scar:

The large third-degree burn clearly visible at his neck is perhaps the most talked about feature about Carlos Tevez’s facial looks. This deep scar extends from his face, neck and down to his chest. It represents a third-degree burn.

The striker suffered third degree burns down his face, neck and chest due to an accident with boiling water. This happened when he was only 10 months old. The scar was so bad it left Tevez in intensive care for about two months.

Today, this scar has become a huge part of his success story. Since his youth, Carlos Tevez made his decision to keep his scars and failed to heed advice on surgery which would have had it removed long ago. He had rejected a number of full expense paid surgery for all clubs he has played for.

When asked about performing surgery on his scar, Tevez always had this to say;

“My Scars are my Tattoos. You either take me as I am or you don’t.  I won’t change the way I look. My Scar tells a story that says ‘I SURVIVED’ ”

Carlos Tevez Family Life:

Yes, he never misses to have his family around him. This includes his dad, mum, brother and sisters. No amount of money or success can take away the place of time Carlos Tevez spends with his family.

Carlos is very emotional to the love of his life ‘Vanesa Tévez‘ and of course his lovely daughters ‘Florencia‘ and ‘Katia Tevez’ According to him ‘My family time is my Sacred Time’.

Hot summer months are mostly spent around beach waters. For Carlos Tevez, spending time on beach provides more opportunity for  fitness and wellbeing.

Carlos Tevez never neglect his family for his business ‘Football’. For him, its not about ‘having time’ but ‘making time’. His family time is not a matte of convenience but priority. Carlos Tevez during holidays never fails to visit Lake Atitlan, Iguazu Falls,Easter Island, and the lovely Island of Capurganá (All located in South America).

Carlos Tevez never misses out to celebrate football trophies with his adorable family. This beautiful photo (left) depicts Carlos Tevez, celebrating the Juventus 2014/2015 Serie A title with his family. This ofcourse, is a tradition for him.

According to Tevez ‘The ultimate victory in competition is to celebrate with family. Also, it is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give”

Carlos Tevez Facts- Rescuing his Father from the Hands of Kidnappers:

Perhaps, a day never to forget for Carlos Tevez. That moment when his father ‘Segundo Raimundo Tévez’ was kidnapped by a group of kidnappers as he drove through a dangerous Moron district in Buenos Aires.

Carlos Tevez paid 40,000 Peso, approximately (£30,000) for his release. The agony he suffered from this trauma made him stay off football for weeks. Asides Carlos Tevez, Mikel Obi and Robinho has also been a victim of this incident.

Reason behind Carlos Tevez Chest Burn Scar:

He is proud of his chest Scars. This scar holds a lifetime’s worth of lessons for him. Carlos Tevez is never ashamed to display his chest scar in public eyes especially on outings with his lovely wife Vanessa. He is ashamed of those who feel irritated on seeing it.

Reason Behind Carlos Tevez Crooked Teeth:

His teeth, broken and crooked, is the result of a street fight during his much-blighted childhood. Apparently, Tevez suffered this as he was having a row over money.

Carlos Tevez is a proud man: he says he could have easily chosen the wrong path — and perhaps, as he looks back rosily at his growing up, something an outsider would view as harsh, he is adamant that it was good for him. “I could have started doing drugs and ended at the bottom, but instead I made it to the place where I am now. In fact my childhood was nice. I learned then all the values that grace me now: respect, humility, sacrifice.”

Carlos Tevez Facts- Why City Fans Dislike him:

Apart from Terry Cooke in 1999 who was a mid-fielder, Carlos Tevez is the first football Striker to have moved from two giant rival clubs ‘Manchester United and Manchester City’. This has gave him the title as the ‘Manchester United Fans most hated footballer’. Rivalry Matches between Manchester United and Manchester City often  end up in brawls courtesy of Carlos Tevez’s unprecedented transfer to a rivalry club often referred to as the ‘Noisy Neighbors’. Continuous hatred for the striker made him feel unsafe in the city and thus initiating a transfer to Juventus FC.

Carlos Tevez The Dummy Striker:

Have you ever wondered why Carlos Tevez once wear dommies upon scoring goals? …Now we give you the reason.

During his Manchester United playing days, he was fond a habit of hiding a small dummy under his shots. He would reveal this each time he scores as a sign of love for his little daughter.

Carlos Tevez’s Love for Daughter in Tattoo:

He made a tattoo of a little girl who stole his heart. That girl is ‘Florencia‘, his first daughter. She is the reason behind his many great goals.

Carlos Tevez Music Talent:

Asides football, Carlos Tevez is also a musician. He was one of the leading figures of the popular ‘cumbia villera’ musical group of South America. This musical group which originated from the slums of Argentina has made headways in the South America continent.

His younger brother ‘Deigo’ is also a member of this musical group. The group is best known for their most successful hit song ‘Lose Your Control’.

Carlos Tevez Golfing Skills:

Carlos Tevez, is a golfer. He once caddied for his friend Andrés Romero at the 2012 Open Championship.


Thanks for reading this article on Tevez so far. Our team strived for accuracy and fairness while putting up the Childhood story and Biography fact of ‘El Apache, the nickname of the Argentine Legend.

If you see something that doesn’t look right in this article on Carlos, please feel free to discuss in the comment section.

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