Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a football genius who is best known by the Nickname; ‘Chapman’. Our Mikel Obi Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him. Lets Begin.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Early Childhood Life

John Michael Nchekwube Obinna known as John Obi Mikel, John Mikel Obi or Mikel John Obi was born on the 22nd April 1987 in Jos by Pa Michael Obi, a retired civil servant and mother, Mrs Irosu Obi, a business woman.

Mikey as popularly known during his childhood days was a kid destined for greatness long before he hit stardom. As a son of a junior civil servant, he settled for a small life for most part of his youth. He had the talent, attitude and endurance.This was what push him into greatness.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts How the football journey began

It all started when his talent was first discovered on dusty playing football pitch of Jos Metropolis Township Primary School which he attended. He was first sighted by Alhaji Babawo Mohammed Adamu, a rich man and football agent who lived closed to the pitch.

In an exclusive interview, this is what Alhaji Babawo Mohammed Adamu said;

“I can say without any contradiction that I was the person that discovered him (John Mikel Obi) when he was just a kid.   I supported him in so many ways to become what he is today. He was playing in the street close to my area where I picked and helped him. I remembered the first day I saw him, I called him and told him with what I’ve seen in him. I decided to assist him as his family was not buoyant to sponsor him, he revealed.

Much credits have never been given for the pivotal role Adamu played in the fledgling career of Obi. Although he is never perturbed, as he always says he has a telepathic understanding of things.

According to Alhaji Babawo Mohammed Adamu

“Mikel normally calls to seek for advice, and I advise him on what I know will be good for him both in his career and other issues. Sure, he has also discussed his predicament at Chelsea and was not surprised of his move on China. Of course, many people have different opinions but Mikel is a very good guy; he is a reserved person, shy sometimes and very friendly. And he is the only player that I know who respects his old friends and is still with them till date. He is someone who likes helping the less-privileged and also his friends, most especially his old friends” .

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Relationship Life

Mikel and Russian beauty, Olga Diyachenko have been dating since 2013 after they meet him in London.

Upon their meeting, Mikel was quick to fall in love with Olga Diyachenko Alegra whose dad is a Russian billionaire with chains of businesses in London. He boasts his Russian queen is good at making Nigerian meals.

Mikel Obi, Wife/Girlfriend and father, brother Inlaws

His relationship with her started shortly after he ended his long-term relationship with the popular ex Nigerian Delta Soap beauty Queen, Sandra Okagbue.

The Nigerian model, actress and entrepreneur who hails from Anambra state is the elder of six children and the daughter of the late Obi (King) of Onitsha, Nigeria Ofala Okechukwu Okagbue.

She was once the Miss Delta Soap beauty pageant for 2010 organized by Orange Drug.

“The two love birds who have been dating for almost 3 years once decided to seal their relationship. Their romance has grown stronger by the day that Sandra had to relocate to the Chelsea midfielder in his UK home.

Tilldate, no one know what went wrong between the two love birds. Neither does anyone know who broke who’s heart and why Mikel decided to settle for a rich white lady. immediately after their breakup, Sandra was quick to publish a long piece denying her relationship with the football star.

According to her, “This is to inform the general public that the current stories foretelling a proposed wedding between I, Sandra Okagbue, and Mikel Obi, is entirely incorrect. There has never been such a proposal between either of us let alone an agreement, or even a wedding date as rumored. “There is no truth in the reports that Mikel Obi and I are getting married.”

“There have been too many false stories about me in the papers, and several blogs. My name has been linked with several people whom I am supposedly familiarly linked with. Some of these false reports even went as far as claiming that my family house was bought by these imaginary suitors. This is disheartening. I come from a reputable royal family and, we are a hardworking people. We have achieved all we have through faith in God and hard work.”

“I will like to implore the respectable ladies and gentlemen of the press to please always officially verify whatever information they would like to publish about me before publishing.”

“Thank you for your usual support.”

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Settling with Olga

Mikel after his breakup got feed up with dating Nigerian girls in open relationships. He  had to settle with someone he feels would give him peace of mind and lesser worries mostly as regards financial demands from his home country. This was when the billionaire daughter Olga came into his life.

According to Mikel.“My soul smile through my heart and my heart smiles through my heart. I have finally scattered rich smiles in my sad heart”.                                        Many Nigerians especially ladies who long to have him in as their man felt disappointed upon loosing Mikel to a white lady. However, some stills understands why he made such decision. 

As many average Nigerians would put it, – it is understood that when people get rich, all they want is to accumulation of wealth rather than distribution of wealth. They tend to go for richer spouse to reduce the tendency for them distributing their wealth to poor family in-laws. This is the case of Mikel as many would say.

Mikel and Olga have grown together as a couple ever since they met in London. They’ve taught themselves how to learn from each other and how to never give up on themselves.

Both parties decided to have a child in a bid to create an everlasting bond. Beyond their expectations came twin daughters.

After bring mum back from the hospital and been asked by friends about how he feels having twin daughters, Mikel laying down, resting his palm on them said the following;

“Having twin daughter, makes you see things in a different ways. Its like falling in love again”.

Mia and Ava have grown up to be thee jewel in their parent’s eyes.

Mikel Obi Daughters, Ava and Mia

Seeing them growing up is breathless. In fact, Words are not enough to express the unconditional love Mikel has for his family.

Mikel Obi’s Family

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Dad’s Kidnap

Mikel’s dad, Pa Obi has once been kidnapped by two Nigerian soldiers who demanded £2.4 billion ransom to safely release him.

The soldiers belonged to a task force assigned to guard Jos, a popular city troubled by ethnic and religious violence. But instead of keeping the peace, the soldiers used a military vehicle to stop Michael Obi as he drove home from work and whisked him away.

This was how the incident happened according to Police chief, Mr Ayeni said.;- The soldiers told Mr Obi their commander wanted to see him. Without fear, he went to meet the military commander in the van. They quickly drove him away to a thick bush where he was severely beaten. Beating him up was to put fear in him which they thought would make negiotiations go well. The kidnappers told Mr Obi “to give them $4bn (£2.4bn), which they described as ‘chicken change’ to Mikel, his Chelsea club and most importantly, its owner Roman Abrahimovic. I believe Chelsea FC was very rich that period, Ayeni said.. My men raided the Kano hideout where the kidnappers held Mikel’s father, freeing him and the arresting six suspected kidnappers which included one female soldier.  

Mikel Obi father’s kidnappers

Mikel said the kidnapping shocked him because his family never had any problems there before.

Pa Obi told reporters:

“There are five of them and they were dressed in military uniforms. Upon approaching them to show my vehicle papers, they immediately pushed me into their vehicle painted in military colours and began to drive very fast.

I never knew a vehicle can fly like that.This was when it came to my mind that I was being kidnapped. Immediately i knew it was a kidnap, i started begging them for mercy, but they kept slapping and beat me mercilessly. They kept me in a terrible place. I still don’t know how i endured.”

During the time of his father’s disappearance, Mikel was strong enough to continue playing for Chelsea – starting matches against both Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion. Upon observing his dad had been released, he quickly went online to thank everyone in Nigeria, his family and friends, Chelsea FC and their fans and his agents for their total support during this terrible time.

Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas hailed the “amazing mental toughness” shown by the midfielder in the wake of his father’s kidnapping.

A Chelsea in a statement also said: “Mikel has shown outstanding commitment and professionalism during this most difficult of times, and the club will continue to offer its full support to him and his family.”

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Relationship with Nigerian Ladies

Mikel is alleged to be romantically linked with a few number of celebs and unknown beautiful ladies from Nigeria.

Mikel Obi and Genevieve- The Untold Story

Mikel Obi and Genevieve Nnaji began their working relationship when they were both signed by Amstel Malta as ambassadors. Mikel spoke about the screen diva to clear dating rumours during an event organized for the Nigerian Breweries brand in Lagos.

He said:

“We work together, it’s a working relationship”. “We endorsed Amstel Malta together, she’s a very nice person; I spoke to her a few times and she’s a very lovely person.”

Mikel Obi was once rumored to Marry Rita Dominic.
According to many who saw their pics, they seem to be more than just normal friends.

He once flew alone to Abuja immediately after a certain sunday game at Calabar to see her. Both have been sighted two times afterwards. The two once posed for a photograph, which caused some tongues to wag that the two stars look cute together and that they could be a very good match, judging by the piece of photograph.

For most Nigerians, it is impossible for the two to just accidentally run into each other being that many Nigerian Nollywood celebrities have been in London without running into anyone let alone Mikel who always have tight schedules.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Instagram attack by Jealous Nigerian Girls

Jealous Nigerian Girls are use to insulting Mikel’s girlfriend (Olga) on Instagram. Mikel is a big toast of many Nigerian ladies and they really dont like the fact that he went for a white lady.

Again as his wife posted him eating spaghetti with one of his twin daughters, Nigerian girls took to instagram for another attack. see below;

Olga Instagram attack

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Secretly Fathering Two Children

It has been reported that Mikel Obi has been a secret father to two children after short relationships with two women. Reports says he has a much older son and younger daughter which he hides from public glare. Moreso, he once bought a £500,000 detached property in London for his son and the boy’s mother.

Also, his other secret child, a daughter and her 23-year-old mother are said to live in the South of England. However the two women reportedly do not know about each other.

The Sun on Sunday once quoted that Mikel met his son’s mother at a party in London. After she gave birth, the source said, Mikel ‘agreed to give her tens of thousands a year in upkeep’ and ‘agreed to give her a new car every three to five years.’

‘He said he wanted to play a role in their lives. He and the mum are on friendly terms and she doesn’t harbor any bad feelings towards him, perhaps because he’s looked after her so well.’

A close friend to his baby mama once said: ‘She is not from a well-off family and does not now earn much, but she drives around in a new car. She seems to have come into money since having the baby boy. We in the neighborhood knows she has been keeping a low profile.’

However, a spokesman for the footballer is quoted by the Sun on Sunday as said: ‘This is an entirely private matter. John provides for and cares for his children and will continue to do so. He asks that their privacy be respected.’

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Disrespecting Nigerian Journalists

On him been “arrogant, disrespectful and snobbish’

Mikel Obi:I am not angry at the Nigerian Media when they sometimes write what’s wrong, it’s like they are just doing their job. They want to sell their papers. I am not saying Mikel is anything but when people see Mikel on the front pages of the papers, they go and buy it and I think they are making quite a lot of money from that.

“I love to speak with the press but I love it when things are done properly, I love to speak to the press but I am a busy person as well who has got schedules as well, you can’t just come to me and say Mikel I want to interview you, things are not done that way, if things are done properly, I will respect people, I will do interviews, but if things are not arranged properly, can’t just meet me at the lobby of a hotel, you meet me in the streets and say I want to speak to you, it doesn’t work that way“.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Issues with owning 5 Bentleys 

“One thing is I really don’t go into the Nigerian Papers, not like I don’t care but he called me, my Agent called me, he was in Nigeria and he said to me there are rumors that I have five Bentley’s, I am like what, five Bentley’s, what am I going to do with Five Bentley’s, they are all the same cars or are they saying I might have five different colours then.

” I think it boils down to when you are doing really well, when things are going well for you, you become what people don’t expect you to become, what people don’t expect you to achieve, you know there’s always going to be rumors flying here and there., it all depends on how well you manage yourself though, you curtail yourself from things that are not right for you, I want to play this game for a very long time, I love Chelsea, I will like to finish my Career here at Chelsea but it depends on what happens, who comes and goes, that’s football, we shall see what the future holds.”

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Snubbing Nigerian Celebrity

Mikel has once been accused for snubbing popular Nigerian Music Legend, 2face by refusing a hand shake in a club at london. According to a Nigerian newspaper source.

Mikel Obi Vs 2Face- The Untold Story

“2face met Mikel at a London night club, and proceeded to show the footballer some love, but mikel spurns him. This got him angered. 2face felt so hurt, went into the studio and puts his grievance on wax.”

The Music icon went on to release a song titled “only me” which had in his lyrics in Nigerian PIDGIN language saying (no be everybody sabi play ball). It has an ENGLISH MEANING; (Not everybody knows how to play football).

Several years down the line, 2Face, in a recent interview with Brila FM, quashed the rumours of such an incident ever taking place and insisted that the song was never a diss track nor about Mikel. 2Baba also revealed that when he heard about the rumors at that time, he put a call through to the midfield maestro and they ended up having a laugh over the rumors.

He said: “At the time I did the song, Mikel had issues with his inability to show up for certain Super Eagles games, then some very good rumour monger picked a line from my song as regards patriotism towards representing the National football team and ran with the story of a rift between us, I spoke with Mikel on the phone and we had a good laugh about it.”

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Drunk Driving Issue

Mikel was not due to play in the game as he was serving a suspension. He decided to go out to dinner where consumed between four and five glasses of wine after watching his team play at Stamford Bridge.

He was found to be almost twice the limit when stopped by police in his black Range Roger in Fulham Road, west London. District Judge Jeremy Coleman banned him from driving for 15 months and ordered him to pay £1,580 at West London Magistrates’ Court.


Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts The Michael/Mikel Mistake

During preparations for the 2003 FIFA Under-17 World Championships, the Nigerian Football Association mistakenly submitted “Michael” as “Mikel” for the tournament in Finland.

He decided to keep the new name, saying that it had a special ring to it. On 31 July 2006, he stated that he prefers to be called Mikel John Obi instead of John Obi Mikel, as he had most commonly been called. This mix up has to be adopted in his passport.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Early Career

He started his official football career at the age of 12 when he was picked as a talented footballer from over 3000 young talents to play in the renowned Pepsi Football Academy.

The Pepsi football academy was a team which at that particular time was well known for going around Nigeria to search for the best there is from all the upcoming future stars, young talents to later move on to rather more professional football. Already then Obi stood out to all the scouts. He got picked to play in a top-flight team Plateau United also known for making stars from players like Celestine Babayaro, Victor Obinna, Chris Obodo and many more which moved on to playing in European teams and representing their country later on in their careers. Later known as John Obi Mikel, he was gaining headlines for his country at the FIFA Under-17 World Championships held in Finland. Subsequently he went on trial to South Africa club Ajax Cape Town, Lyn in Norway before joining Chelsea FC. The rest is history.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Rise to Fame

In the summer of 2005, Mikel played for Nigeria at the FIFA World Youth Championships held in the Netherlands. He had an excellent tournament until Nigeria reached the final, where they lost 2–1 to Argentina. He won the Silver Ball after being voted the tournament’s second best player.

Mikel won the U-20 Silver Football after being voted the tournament’s second-best player in 2005. He was also awarded with the African Young Player of the Year award in 2005 and 2006. It was Lionel Messi who won the best player and top scorer award.

Mikel Obi- How it all started

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Controversal Transfer to England

On 29 April 2005, a few days after Mikel turned 18, Premier League club Manchester United announced that it had struck a deal with the Norwegian club Lyn Oslo to sign the player. United’s website also claimed that they had done a deal directly with the teenager and that he had signed a contract to join them.

Mikel’s agents were bypassed as the club persuaded the youngster to sign a four-year contract without representation. Lyn Oslo allegedly sent a fax to his agents abroad, claiming their services were no longer required by Mikel. Reports said the deal was initially worth £4 million,  and would see the player arrive at Old Trafford in January 2006.

Rival Premier League side, Chelsea, later issued a counter-claim suggesting that they already had an agreement with Mikel and his agents, but Lyn Oslo denied this claim. However, subsequent reports indicated that Chelsea claimed to have been involved in arranging the player’s original move to Europe with a view to signing him at a later date. Further substance was added to this claim after it was revealed that the player had impressed Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho while training with the club’s first-team squad during the summer of 2004.
Mikel expressed his delight at joining United in a hastily arranged press conference, where he was pictured holding up a Manchester United shirt, which bore the squad number 21.








Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts When the Going gets Tough

Following his signing of the contract to join Manchester United, there were claims from Norway that he had received a number of threatening phone calls from unknown sources. Mikel was assigned a security guard and moved to a safe hotel. However, on May 11, 2005, the midfielder went missing during a Norwegian Cup game against Klemetsrud; he had not been selected for the match but had been watching from the stands. Whilst the player was believed to have left with one of his agents, John Shittu, who had by now flown in to meet Mikel, his disappearance sparked massive media coverage in Norway and also provoked a police enquiry after the Lyn Oslo director Morgan Andersen made claims in the Norwegian media that Mikel had been ‘kidnapped’ ‘. These claims were later repeated by Manchester United’s assistant manager Carlos Queiroz, who accused Chelsea of being involved in the alleged ‘kidnapping’.
It subsequently emerged that Mikel had travelled to London with his agent John Shittu. Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson considered travelling to Oslo to visit Mikel, but decided against this after Mikel was reported to have left the country. Staying in a London hotel, and some nine days after disappearing, Mikel stated on Sky Sports News that he had been pressurised into signing the contract with United, claims furiously rebuffed by both Manchester United and Lyn Oslo. Mikel also claimed that he had asked the clubs for a week to think about it, but that this request was refused and the clubs pressured him into signing without his advisors being present. Mikel’s claims, if true, would mean that Manchester United had acted in breach of FIFA and FA rules. Mikel told the British media that Chelsea were the club he genuinely wanted to sign for. In response to these events, United made an official complaint to FIFA about the behaviour of both Chelsea and the player’s agents, John Shittu and Rune Haunge, already infamous for his role in the George Graham bungs scandal. FIFA dismissed these claims in August 2005 stating there was insufficient evidence to bring a case against Chelsea.
Following the tournament, Mikel failed to return to Lyn Oslo, and the club lodged a complaint with FIFA. On August 12, 2005, FIFA ruled that Mikel should return to Lyn Oslo to see out his contract with the Norwegian club, whilst they would decide at a later date whether the contract he signed with United should be upheld or cancelled. After a delay of over a month, Mikel complied with the FIFA decision and returned to Lyn Oslo in early September 2005 after a three month absence.                                                                                       Rather than leaving FIFA to determine the validity of the contract signed with Manchester United, Chelsea intervened by volunteering to settle the transfer saga through negotiation with Lyn Oslo and Manchester United.
On June 2, 2006, Chelsea, Manchester United and Lyn Oslo reached a settlement to resolve the future of the player. Mikel’s registration was to be transferred from Lyn to Chelsea; Manchester United agreed to terminate their option agreement with Mikel. Under the terms of this agreement Chelsea agreed to pay Manchester United £12 million, half paid upon the finalisation of the contract and the other half in June 2007, and Lyn £4 million, half payable immediately and half in June 2007. As a result of this settlement, all claims in this matter were withdrawn. On July 19, 2006, Chelsea were granted a work permit for the midfielder after they completed the £16 million signing in June 2006.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Passing Record

He had a pass completion rate of 89.93% over his first 3 years at Chelsea. This is higher than anyone in the premier league over that period.

For these three years, he was the best player in the premier league who never lost many balls. He was the best in good short passes.

Mikel Obi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts LifeBogger Rankings

Chapman is a genius in his position. Thou he doesn’t get much credit for the work he does for his team. We give you a breakdown of his rankings below.

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