Seifeddine Jaziri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Seifeddine Jaziri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Seifeddine Jaziri Biography portrays facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother and Father, Siblings, Wife, Son, etc.

Additionally, Seifeddine Jaziri’s life story tells us about his relationship life, love history, relatives, personal life, lifestyle, salary, net worth, and signatures.

In a nutshell, this history serves you a broad view of life’s record of Seifeddine Jaziri. Our chronology begins after his birth in Tunis, Tunisia, until his renown greatness.

This is the tale of a professional footballer who plays as a forward for the Egyptian Premier League club Zamalek and the Tunisia national team.

Our Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts describes a promising young sportsperson whose commitments have made him stand out among other football players.

Seifeddine Jaziri is famous for his talent as an attacking player. His role relies heavily on being able to create space for attack. He is appointed to jersey number 9 in the field and is good at speed in the games.


We begin our biography of Seifeddine Jaziri by outlining notable occurrences in his growth and family history.

We’ll then give you a summary of his exciting career and first years. Following behind would be the story of how he rose to fame as a professional footballer.

LifeBogger hopes to arouse your bio appetite as you read our Seifeddine Jaziri biography. In whetting your thirst for our memoir, let’s portray this gallery of his boyhood years to the moment of his global recognition.

Seifeddine Jaziri's Childhood Story and Biography - Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.
Seifeddine Jaziri’s Childhood Story and Biography – Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.

Yes, we are familiar with Seifeddine Jaziri. The football player has come a long way in displaying his gift to the world. He is one of the highly respected athletes the football world needs.

The footballer has played for many global clubs, such as Club Africain, CS Hammam-Lif (loan), US Ben Guerdane (loan), Tanta, Stade Gabèsien, Al Mokawloon Al Arab, and Zamalek.

Despite his distinctions, few fans have learned a concise biography account of him. Without further delay, let us proceed.

Seifeddine Jaziri Childhood Story:

The professional football player was born Seifeddine Jaziri on the 12th day of February 1993 in the largest capital city of Tunisia, Tunis.

Seifeddine Jaziri arrived on earth on a Favourable Friday to his daddy and mummy.
The Tunis-born sports competitor was born from the union of his parents, whose photos are not yet available for display.

Seifeddine Jaziri’s Growing-up years:

From quite an early age, Seifeddine Jaziri has been so passionate about football. He always enjoyed watching football both on TV and onsite. His love of the ball game drove him to take part in sports with his peers.

Though he played the game for fun initially, Seifeddine Jaziri later took the game to the next level. Naturally, young Seifeddine Jaziri began his football journey as a teenager with a Tunisian team, club Africain in 2011.

Seifeddine Jaziri’s Family Background:

We have little public information concerning Seifeddine Jaziri’s father and mother’s status. But then, we believe that the talented football player belongs to a middle-class family.

Venturing into football as a career requires vast financial backing. So we guess the household had no concerns running their home. The vital needs of food, clothes, and shelter were no problem.

Seifeddine Jaziri Family Origin:

According to history, surnames emerged to sort people into groups – by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics. Thus, we can trace many modern surnames back to their roots.

Jaziri is an Arabic name. Prominent people with the surname include Fadhel Jaziri (born 1948) a Tunisian actor and film director. According to, the name Jaziri is of Arabic origin and means “Gift from God.”

However, the name is most prevalent in Egypt but with the highest density in Tunisia. In addition, Seifeddine Jaziri’s parents – dad and mum, are of Tunisian descent.

Likewise, as stated in our childhood biography, Seifeddine Jaziri was born in the greater metropolitan city of Tunis, often pointed out to as “Grand Tunis.”

So far, we can imperatively say that this deserving player is Tunisian. He also belongs to the white ethnicity. Following is a photographic representation of Seifeddine Jaziri’s family heritage.

A photographic display of Seifeddine Jaziri's family roots.
A photographic display of Seifeddine Jaziri’s family roots.

Seifeddine Jaziri Education:

It is rare to see School and football blend well. It is well-documented that some players, particularly longtime ago, had to let their education fall by the wayside if they were going to emerge as a footballer, given the time and dedication needed to excel in the sport.

However, the Tunis-born talented footballer, Seifeddine Jaziri, his best to see that he got well-schooled and educated in Tunisia.

Seifeddine Jaziri Early Career:

Beginning a stellar career at a very young age requires hard work, devotion, and courage. Seifeddine Jaziri never relented in giving his best. Seifeddine Jaziri began his professional career for a Tunisian football team, Club Africain, at 18.

Although he hasn’t had as good a campaign then as now, he made 52 appearances. Likewise, Jaziri scored six goals. His impact during his stay in Club Africain lasted six years before moving to Club Sportif de Hammam-Lif (CS Hammamm-Lif).

Seifeddine Jaziri began his professional career for a Tunisian football team, Club Africain, at 18.
Seifeddine Jaziri began his professional career for Club Africain at 18.

Seifeddine Jaziri Bio –  Journey to Fame:

In the 2017/18 season, Jaziri joined Tanta Sports Club, an Egyptian football and sports club based in Tanta, Egypt. He made 28 appearances for Tanta and scored six (6) goals. His performance in Egypt within one year spurred his growth and demand.

Shortly thereafter, he moved back to Tunisia, where he began playing for a Tunisian football club from Gabès, Stade Gabèsien or Stay. He was in Stade Gabèsien from 2018 to 2019, contributing an overall nine appearances and bagging four goals.

Seifeddine Jaziri Biography – Success Story:

His breakthrough began after he represented Tunisia Internationally.

After playing for Al Mokawloon Al Arab Sporting Club, shortly known as El Mokawloon in Egypt, from 2019 to 2021. He got a contract to play for Zamalek, an Egyptian sports club based in Giza.

Seifeddine Jaziri then scored international goals for his Egyptian team. He took part in many matches in 2021, contributing a few goals.

Goals from Seifeddine Jaziri and Youssef Msakni helped Tunisia overcome Oman in the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 quarter-finals, despite a second-half equaliser from Oman’s Arshad Al-Alawi. See clips here.

Some other competitions that Jaziri played include the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualification and the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup, where he earned a Golden Boot.

2021 FIFA Arab Cup, where he earned a Golden Boot
Seifeddine Jaziri earned a Golden Boot award at the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.

Furthermore, the stellar Tunisian records continued in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification and the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualification.

Who is Seifeddine Jaziri’s Wife?

The truth is, football players are humans and can feel what we all touch, but because they have grown to the peak of their careers, they interest many fans who develop an attraction towards them.

This attraction can be the same for thousands of fans around them. They would fancy a unique and exclusive relationship.

Some footballers end up finding someone to love for life. Others go from one divorce story to another. But then, one thing is constant. Love is beautiful!

A selfie-pose of Seifeddine Jaziri with the love of his life.
A selfie-pose of Seifeddine Jaziri with the love of his life.

So, Seifeddine Jaziri is not a public person. Nonetheless, he has refused to reveal his lady’s name or have a girlfriend. But then he has a child from his relationship with the love of his life.

Seifeddine Jaziri celeberating his son's birthday.
Seifeddine Jaziri celebrating his son’s birthday.

Seifeddine Jaziri Family Life:

We’ve gained over the years that celebrities have noteworthy persons to thank for their achievements. They earned their success through a good relationship that enabled them to blossom.

Thus, at this stage in our childhood biography, let’s talk about each member of Seifeddine Jaziri’s home.

Seifeddine Jaziri’s Father:

According to records, children who are involved with their fathers turn to have fewer behavioural and impulse control problems, longer attention spans, likewise a higher level of sociability.

As a father to a football star Seifeddine Jaziri, his dad provided a positive male role model for their Jaziri.

Seifeddine Jaziri might never have become a footballer had it not been for his dad’s contribution. Likewise, and help to promote and reinforce good behaviours.

We mention even though he does not know much about his father, he maintains a close bond with his dad.

Seifeddine Jaziri’s Mother:

The Athlete’s mother handles physical and passionate care for her specific children. Seifeddine Jaziri’s Mum has contributed to her son’s developmental growth–social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and independent.

One must enjoy the support of a mother in times of good and depravity. Seifeddine Jaziri has appreciated the help of his mum.

Although the Sports Champ has chosen to keep information about his mother discreet, Seifeddine Jaziri is close to his family.

Seifeddine Jaziri’s Siblings:

History suggests2healthy sibling relationships promote empathy, pro-social behaviour and academic achievement. Siblings keep influencing one another’s mental well-being.

Intense sibling relations—those with more tenderness and friendship and less conflict—are a source of material and emotional relief, with the power to protect against loneliness and depression.

However, as a private individual, Seifeddine Jaziri has chosen not to disclose who his siblings are.

Seifeddine Jaziri Relatives:

Relatives provide support and encouragement, give advice and learning and do their best to help you have the best life possible. In non-humans, kin can group for protection or foraging, can cooperatively care for the young, or can choose not to fight one another.

The Zamalek player should have other relatives. Besides, neither of his parents nor she appeared from the blues.

So, apart from his dad and mum, Seifeddine Jaziri has uncles, aunts, and grandparents. However, he has shared no information about his uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

Personal Life:

Speed, strength, acceleration, agility and outright power are all essential in modern football. Nonetheless, they will develop naturally by the personal life a footballer chooses. Much more relevant at a young age is the evolution of technical skills.

No doubt why Seifeddine Jaziri is bent on keeping himself fit. He has a consistent workout schedule to maintain his agility and stamina. In addition, he ensures a balanced meal in living a healthy life.

Like most footballers, in the offseason, Jaziri should have fun with teammates, family or close friends. Most others go on vacations too.

Seifeddine Jaziri is a tall man with a proper physique dimensions. He has a healthful physique weight that corresponds to his 5’11″ height.

Seifeddine Jaziri Lifestyle:

The volume of income one has automatically shapes such a person’s lifestyle she receives. Their extremely wealthy owners pay footballers, who get their money from the team’s sponsorship and TV deals, sales and, to a smaller extent, ticket sales.

However, what they do with that money varies significantly from one player to player. Seifeddine Jaziri is not an exception. In the same pattern as his teammates like Wahbi Khazri, he spends a little more on Villas, cars, and luxury goods.

Salary and Net Worth:

His net worth grew significantly in 2020-2021. So, how much is Seifeddine Jaziri worth? The Tunisian professional footballer’s income source is mainly from being a successful Player for his current club Zamalek and the national team, Tunisia.

According to celebs’ age, their net worth ranges from $1 Million – $5 Million. However, we look forward to him earning more.

Untold Facts:

The star athlete plays the furthest up the pitch and is, therefore, responsible for scoring goals and assisting them. As with any attacking player, the role of the Forward relies heavily on being able to create space for attack.

What’s more? Below are a few sincere additional facts about the experienced attacking midfielder. Things you probably didn’t know about Seifeddine Jaziri.

Seifeddine Jaziri Honors:

The Tunisian Professional Soccer player has so far achieved much. However, there is more task ahead. He earned his first award in Club Africain from his early career start.

Together with his team, they won the Tunisian National Championship in the 2014/2015 season plus the Tunisian Cup in 2017.

Furthermore, Zamalek’s Seifeddine Jaziri with his team won in the Egyptian Premier League 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. He surfaced as the man of the match in the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.

He emerged the man of the match in the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.
Seifeddine Jaziri emerged as the man of the match in the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.

The team also took the cup in Egypt Cup 2020/2021. Yet again, the Tunisian star footballer emerged as the FIFA Arab Cup Golden Boot in 2021.

Seifeddine Jaziri Religion:

Like most people living in Tunisia, Seifeddine Jaziri is Muslim. 98.2 per cent of the people practice Sunni Islam. They believe that the caliph Abu Bakr was the rightful replacement to Muhammad after his death.

Like most Tunisian footballers, he observes the standard Islamic holidays and several secular and national holidays, such as Independence Day (20th of March) and Women’s Day (13th of August).

Seifeddine Jaziri tests positive for Covid:

Ahead of the African Cup of Nations, Tunisia confirmed another player tested positive for the Corona Virus. Seifeddine Jaziri became the second Tunisian player to contract the virus. Youssef Msakni was the first to be tested Covid-19 positive.

Despite being the top scorer at the Arab Cup in Qatar, scoring four goals as Tunisia reached the final, Jaziri had to get a temporal replacement.

Biography Summary:

Jaziri is one of the most celebrated football stars and has accumulated a considerable amount of fan following and achievements.

He has been part of well-known clubs and teams in the football scene and has gained quite a few accolades.

In this paragraph, we share Seifeddine Jaziri’s Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Family, Relationship Status, Girlfriend, Spouse, Children, Educational Qualification, Salary, Profile, Career Stats, Interesting Facts, Body Measurements, Weight, and many more.

Biography Inquiries: Wiki Answers
Full Name: Seifeddine Jaziri
Date of Birth:12th Day of February 1993
Age: (30 years and 3 months)
Place of Birth: Tunis, Tunisia
Parents:Not revealed
Marital Status:Single
Profession: Tunisian professional footballer
Current team: Zamalek
Jersey Number: 9
Major teams: Club Africain, CS Hammam-Lif (loan), US Ben Guerdane (loan), Tanta, Stade Gabèsien, Al Mokawloon Al Arab, Zamalek
Preffered foot:Right
Foot: Right
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Aquarius
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 ft 11 (1.80 m)
Weight: 71kg
Net Worth:$1 Million - $5 Million
Source of Wealth:Playing club, Advertising and National football league
Religion: Muslim
Ethnicity/Race: White
Nationality: Tunisia


Asides from Seifeddine Jaziri’s Bio, we have more stories about Tunisian footballers. The life story of Ghaylen Chaaleli and Yousseff Msakni will interest you.

Football has prevailed, in one form or another, since the time of the antique Greeks and Romans, probably before. So, to understand the passions of modern football, we need a quick look back into history.

We hope that our Seifeddine Jaziri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts have given you a glimpse into the person behind the personality we know and love through our TV screens.

However, prior to us calling it to quit, we believe you picked up a few lessons. One thing has been predominant throughout the Tunisian sportsman story. He maintained his diligence, commitment and adherence to those ahead of him.

His success was not magical. However, Jaziri’s humidity has brought him thus far. Seifeddine Jaziri is among the few Tunisians the world needs.

However, according to information from the Tunisian media, the Zamalek striker is sought after by Al-Arabi. As the top scorer in the FIFA Arab Nations Cup, Seifeddine Jaziri has pleased the Qatar Stars League.

We hope the reader has been worth the while. But then, if you recognize something that doesn’t look right, contact us!

Hi there! I am John Madison. Through my writing, I shed light on the human side of footballers. I inspire readers to connect with the players they admire on a deeper level. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, my stories are sure to captivate and engage you with rich detail and compelling narratives.


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