Wahbi Khazri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Wahbi Khazri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Wahbi Khazri Biography portrays facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother and Father, Marlene Khazri (Wife), Brother (Foued Khazri), and sister.

Additionally, Wahbi Khazri’s life story tells us about his relationship, family origin, ethnicity, relatives, personal life, lifestyle, salary, net worth, and endorsements.

In essence, this narrative serves you a broad view of life’s history of Wahbi Khazri. Our record begins after his birth in Ajaccio, Corsica, France, until his recognition.

Wahbi Khazri is one of the dazzling names in the world of soccer. He is a professional football player from the top French league, on loan for Ligue 1 Rennes from the English football club Sunderland.

Khazri also represents the national football team of Tunisia. LifeBogger tells the story of a promising Veteran footballer whose passion and commitment have made him stand out amongst other football players.

Wahbi Khazri is famous for his talent as an attacking player. His role relies massively on being able to make space for attack.

He is now appointed to jersey number 9 in the field and is good at speed, with great stamina and stability in the games.


We begin our biography of Wahbi Khazri by outlining some meaningful occurrences in his upbringing and family history. We’ll then give you a summary of his driving career and early years.

Following next would be a summary of how he rose to fame as a professional footballer. We hope to whet your biography appetite as you read our Wahbi Khazri biography.

In arousing your thirst for our memoir, let’s portray this gallery of his boyhood years to the moment of his international recognition.

Wahbi Khazri's Childhood Story and Biography - Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.
Wahbi Khazri’s Childhood Story and Biography – Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.

Yes, we are familiar with Wahbi Khazri. The sportsperson has done excellently in sharing his ability with the world. He is one of the highly respected athletes the football world needs.

The French footballer has played for many clubs worldwide, such as Bastia, Bordeaux, Sunderland, Rennes (loan), Saint-Étienne, and Montpellier. He also plays for the Tunisian National team, of which Youssef Msakni is the captain.

His dribbling skills and endurance in the field make people appreciate him. Despite his honours, few fans have read a concise biography account of him. Without further delay, let us proceed.

Wahbi Khazri’s Childhood Story:

The professional football player was born Wahbi Khazri on the 8th day of February 1991 in Ajaccio, found on the west coast of the island of Corsica, France.

Wahbi Khazri arrived on earth on a Favourable Friday to his daddy and mummy. The French-born sports competitor came amid his brother and sister from the union of his parents, whose photos we have displayed.

Behold Wahbi Khazri's Parents - Father and Mother.
Behold Wahbi Khazri’s Parents – Father and Mother.

Growing-up years:

Little Wahbi showed traces of his sporting skills from four and a half years old. He always enjoyed watching football both on TV and onsite. His love of the ball game drove him to participate in sports with his peers.

The gifted little boy played with his peers and older age groups from his elder brothers (Foued) circle. So, Wahbi Khazri’s deft technique and the heavy shot got honed on the grassy pitch of Ajaccio.

Although Wahbi Khazri had no problem with his behaviour while growing up, according to one of his family members, his biggest battle at 15 was food.

Wahbi Khazri Family Background:

Although we are unaware of the status of Wahbi Khazri’s father and mother. We believe that the talented football player belongs to a middle-class family.

Since venturing into football as a career requires substantial financial backing. So we guess the household had no concerns about catering for the home. The needs of food, clothing, and shelter were no problem.

Wahbi Khazri Family Origin:

As aforementioned, Wahbi Khazri was born on the fourth-largest island in the Mediterranean, Corsica. Though he was born to Tunisian parents.

The football star said, “I feel Corsican; I was born in Corsica. I have Tunisian roots through my parents, but I was born there.

I have the culture of there.” Khazri explained that he had never felt racism in Corsica. The people are a very welcoming and warm land.

However, the playmaker also identifies as Tunisian. Thus, he was proud to answer the call of the Eagles of Carthage of Tunisia, who came calling in 2013 when he had one France U21 appearance.

So far, we can imperatively say that this deserving player is French. He also belongs to the white ethnicity but with a Tunisian heritage. Following is a photographic representation of Wahbi Khazri’s family roots.

A photographic display of Wahbi Khazri's family roots.
A photographic display of Wahbi Khazri’s family roots.

Wahbi Khazri Education:

Football and schooling haven’t always blended. It is notable that some footballers, particularly in the past, had to let their education fall out if they were going to make it as a professional soccer star, given the time and devotion required to excel in the sport.

However, the Ajaccio-born talented footballer, Wahbi Khazri, tried his best to see that he got well-schooled in Corsica, France. Moreover, Khaziri attended a football academy in Bastia.

Wahbi Khazri Early Career:

The Ajaccio native, Khazri, started his career with the local side, Jeunesse Sportive Ajaccio, before moving to Bastia. He got his first call to the senior squad for their match against Amiens on the 20th of February, 2009.

He established his debut in that match, coming on as a substitute in the 85th minute for Ludovic Genest. Bastia scored the goal a minute later to win the game 1–0.

Khazri, started his career with the local side, Jeunesse Sportive Ajaccio.
Khazri started his career with the local side, Jeunesse Sportive Ajaccio.

He scored his first career goal on the 13th day of March 2009, in a 1–0 triumph over
Montpellier. Wahbi quickly created himself as a goalscorer, scoring again two weeks later in a 3–1 win over Vannes.

He scored again, this time on the concluding match day of the season against Troyes and scored the first goal in a 2–1 victory. The loss meant Troyes would get relegated to the Championnat National.

Wahbi Khazri Biography – Journey to Fame:

Trained at Bastia in 2004, Khazri made his professional debut there in 2009. He immediately got involved as a vital part of the team, as he supported the club to getting promoted to Ligue 2 in 2011 and then Ligue 1 in 2012.

But then, he left in 2014 to join the fellow French side, Bordeaux. While playing for Girondins, Khazri established the No: 3,400th goal on the 28th day of September 2014.

Khazri entered Sunderland in the Premier League in 2016; They subsequently loaned him to Rennes during the 2017–18 campaign.

Khazri signed a four-and-a-half-year deal at the club Sunderland with an undisclosed fee on the 30th day of January 2016.

Khazri made his professional debut there in 2009.
Khazri made his professional debut there in Bastia in 2009.

Wahbi Khazri Biography – Success Story:

After completing the season with 11 goals in 29 games, Khazri attracted the recognition of Saint-Étienne, who recruited him in July 2018 on a four-year contract and wore the number 10.

Khazri represents Tunisia at the international level. He is the captain of the Tunisia nationwide team. He has played over 60 matches and scored 24 goals since 2013 and has represented Tunisia at five Africa Cup of Nations tournaments.

Wahbi Khazri got selected in the Tunisia senior squad for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. At the competition, Khazri led the way for Tunisia to emerge as the winner.

As such, he emerged as the man of the match. There was no competition for the award – one goal, one assist, five shots with three on target.

He accepted the number 99 jersey at the club, becoming the foremost player to wear the number for Montpellier.
Khazri is the foremost player to wear the number, 99 for Montpellier.

Then, in 2022, Khazri signed for Montpellier. He accepted the number 99 jersey at the club, becoming the foremost player to wear the number for Montpellier. He recorded his initial goal for the club in a 5-2 away loss to PSG.

Furthermore, in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification match, he won his 22nd goal against Mauritania, which was the performance for the second top scorer. In his club career, he played 385 games and scored 80 goals.

Wahbi Khazri is listed among the players to watch for the Top 10 players at the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations. The clip here gives an insight into his outstanding performances.

Marlene Khazri – Wahbi Khazri Wife:

One can fall in love and attract whoever one wishes. In reality, football players are humans and can feel what we all feel, but because they have reached the apex of their careers, they tend to attract many fans who develop an attraction towards them.

This attraction can be the same for thousands of fans around them. At the end of the day, they would crave a unique and exclusive relationship. Some footballers end up finding someone to love for life.

Others go from one divorce story to another. One thing is constant. Love is beautiful! Even though Wahbi Khazri is not a public person.

However, the Tunisia Striking midfielder Khazri is married to his long-time girlfriend Marlene Khazri. His wife is beautiful, and he says my wife is the best.

Tunisia Striking midfielder Khazri is married to his long-time girlfriend Marlene Khazri.
Wahbi Khazri is married to his long-time girlfriend, Marlene Khazri.

Wahbi Khazri’s Wife – Marlene Khazri:

Marlene Khazri, though a private personality, is becoming popular because of her Khazri. She keeps up with her fans on her Instagram, with over 18k followers.

Furthermore, she does her best to support her husband socially, emotionally and morally. She attends his matches to watch him play. Together with Wahbi Khazri, they have two kids, a boy and a girl.

A collage of Wahbi Khazri's first son.
A collage of Wahbi Khazri’s first child and son.

Wahbi Khazri Family Life:

We’ve gained over the years that celebrities have significant Persons to thank for their achievements. They earned their success through a good relationship that enabled them to Flourish.

Therefore, now in our childhood biography, let’s speak about each member of Wahbi Khazri’s home.

A happy picture of Wahbi Khazri and his family - wife and kids.
A happy picture of Wahbi Khazri and his family – wife and kids.

Wahbi Khazri’s Father:

According to records, children involved with their fathers have fewer behavioural and impulse control problems, longer consideration spans, and a tremendous level of sociability.

A father has to provide a positive male role model for their children and help to promote and reinforce good behaviours.

Wahbi Khazri might never have become a footballer had it not been for his dad’s contribution. As much as we mentioned nothing about his father, it is apparent that he maintains a close bond with his dad.

Wahbi Khazri’s Mother:

The definition of a mum is a woman who gives birth or who has the responsibility of physical and passionate care for specific children. Wahbi Khazri’s mum has contributed to her son’s developmental growth–social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and independent.

One must enjoy the support of a mother in times of good and unacceptable moments. Wahbi Khazri has wanted the help of his mum. Although the Sports Champ has kept information about his mother discreetly, Wahbi Khazri is close to his family.

Wahbi Khazri’s Siblings:

History suggests healthy sibling relationships promote empathy, pro-social behaviour and academic achievement. Siblings keep shaping each other’s mental health and well-being.

Affectionate sibling relationships—those with more warmth and understanding and
less conflict—are a source of material and passionate support, with the power to protect against loneliness and depression.

However, as a private individual of all his siblings, we only know about his elder brother, Foued Khazri. His sister’s name is yet unrevealed.

Wahbi Khazri’s Brother – Foued Khazri:

Foued Khazri was born on the 13th day of July 1987 in Ajaccio. Khazri is also a professional football player. He must have been Wahbi’s main inspiration and closet companion growing up.

Foued Khazri is also an attacking Midfielder for Rapid de Menton. He has participated in
Championnat National and Coupe de France. Some of his notable clubs include US Colomiers, GFC Ajaccio and Toulouse Rodéo Football Club.

Foued Khazri is an attacking Midfielder for Rapid de Menton.
Foued Khazri is an attacking Midfielder for Rapid de Menton.

Wahbi Khazri Relatives:

Relatives provide support and encouragement, give advice and learning and do their best to help you have the best life possible.

In non-humans, kin can group for protection or foraging, can cooperatively care for the young, or can simply determine not to fight one another. The Zamalek player should have other relatives. Besides, neither of his parents nor she appeared from the blues.

So, apart from his dad and mum, Wahbi Khazri has uncles, aunts, and grandparents. However, he has shared no information about his uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

A picture of Wahbi Khazri's dad and one of his close relatives.
A picture of Wahbi Khazri’s dad and one of his close relatives.

Personal Life:

Aside from his profession, Khazri enjoys swimming. However, we cannot rule out his intense love for football.

The Ajaccio native also enjoys watching football matches both online and onsite. He watches the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Wahbi Khazri has a loveable personality. He is 1.76 m tall, and he looks tall when standing with his friends, but then maintains his weight. He weighs around 76 kg. The talented player loves to play the game; Monopoly with his family.

A collage showing him at his lesisure moments.
A collage showing Wahbi Khazri at his leisure moments.

According to Wahbi, one should exercise regularly to stay fit. Hence, he has a regular workout schedule to maintain his agility and stamina. Like most footballers, in the offseason, Jaziri goes on vacations with teammates, family or close friends.

Wahbi Khazri tries his best to keep up with his growing fans. He maintains his public relations via his social media. His Instagram account alone has over 183k followers.

Wahbi Khazri Lifestyle:

The volume of income he or automatically shapes one lifestyle she receives. Their extremely wealthy owners pay footballers, who get their payment from the team’s sponsor and TV deals, merchandise deals and, to a smaller extent, ticket sales.

However, what they do with that money varies significantly from player to player. Wahbi Khazri is not an exception.

Like his counterparts, he spends a little more on Villas, cars, and luxury goods. His brands include Adidas, Nike etc. Wahbi Khazri lives comfortably with his wife and kids in the capital city of Corsica.

he spends a little more on Villas, cars, and luxury goods.
Khazri spends a little more on Villas, cars, and luxury goods for his wife and family.

Wahbi Khazri’s Salary and Net Worth:

Khazri is one of the wealthiest soccer players for his level. His net worth has been growing significantly lately. The French-born professional footballer’s income is primarily from being a successful Player for France’s Ligue 1.

According to woodgrain, we estimate his net worth to be about m $13 Million. His annual salary is around $3 Million. However, we look forward to him earning more.

Untold Facts:

He began his career at Bastia, scoring 34 goals in 183 competitive games, winning the Championnat National and Ligue 2 in consecutive seasons.

After 18 months at Bordeaux of Ligue 1, he transferred to Sunderland in January 2016, who loaned him to Rennes in 2017–18. He is, too, a good friend of Mohamed Ali Moncler and Farouk Ben Mustapha.

What’s more? Below are a few profound additional facts about the experienced attacking midfielder. Things you probably didn’t know about Wahbi Khazri.

Wahbi Khazri Honors:

The Professional Soccer player has so far achieved much. However, there are yet many rivers to cross. He scored in club Bastia Ligue 2 in 2011–12 and the season of 2010-11,
Championnat National. Individually, Wahbi Khazri has bagged the following awards:

  • UNFP Ligue 2 Group of the Year in 2011–2012
  • UNFP Ligue 1 Athlete of the Month in November 2018
  • The Tunisian Footballer of the Year in 2018

He is also a key player in playing for Tunisia in the 2022 World Cup. Wahbi Khazri and his team are in Group D: Match schedule with countries like France, Australia and Denmark in Qatar.

Wahbi Khazri recieving one of his Honors.
Wahbi Khazri receiving one of his Honors.

Wahbi Khazri Goal Celeberations:

Soccer is a team sport full of passion. The most outstanding attraction of it is scoring a goal. Every successful score comes from the perfect cooperation of the whole team, and the goalscorers also take joy in their performance.

Each participant has their way of celebrating a goal. While some open their arms to run around the football field, others kiss the fingers or team logo.

Some perform flips and somersaults while some celebrate with all teammates–such is the diversity when celebrating a goal. Wahbi Khazri’s goal celebration, “The Eleven of Hearts”, is an official trademarked celebration.

But actually, this trademark celebration was first used by Alexander Pato, who was sending his love to childhood sweetheart Sthefany Brito is back in Brazil. Many other footballers, including Bale, Dries Mertens and Ferjani Sassi.

This trademark celebration was first used by Alexander Pato.
Wahbi Khazri’s trademark celebration was first used by Alexander Pato

Wahbi Khazri Religion:

The Footballer knows that his faith admirably serves several functions. More importantly, it gives significance and purpose to his life.

For one with Tunisian heritage, we expect him to be a Muslim. But then, his french influence has probably given him room to explore other religions.

Wahbi Khazri Charity:

Khazri once donated €17,000 to Bastia hospital to help in the fight against Covid-19. A report from an edition of Corsica Sera contained Khaziri’s shock and compassion for the affected persons. “We have never experienced such a crisis, confides Wahbi Khazri.

A lovely gesture from the former Sporting player, who had already donated €10,000 in 2018 to SC Bastia, his training club.

Biography Summary:

Khazri represented Tunisia at the under-20 level and France at the under-21. He made his senior debut for the former in 2013 and represented the country at three African Cup of Nations tournaments and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

In this paragraph, we show Wahbi Khazri’s Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, family, Marital Status, Relationship Status, spouse, Children, Educational Qualification, salary, profile, Career Stats, Interesting Facts, weight, and many more.

Wahbi Khazri - at his best during an intense match.
Wahbi Khazri – at his best during an intense match.
Biography Inquiries: Wiki Answers
Full Name: Wahbi Khazri
Date of Birth: 8th Day of February 1991
Place of Birth: Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Age: (32 years and 1 months)
Biological Parents: Not revealed
Brother: Foued Khazri (footballer)
Best friend: Ali Abdi
Spouse: Marlene Khazri
Profession: Professional footballer
Major teams: Bastia, Bordeaux, Sunderland, Rennes (loan), Saint-Étienne, Montpellier
Position(s): Attacking midfielder, forward
Jersey Number: 99
Preferred foot: Right
Children:2 kids (a boy and a girl)
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Aquarius
Hobbies: Football, and Swimming
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.76 m)
Weight: 76 kg (167 lb)
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown
Salary: $3 Million
Net Worth:$13 Million
Religion: Undefined
Ethnicity/Race: White
Nationality: France


Asides from Wahbi Khazri’s Bio, we have more stories about Tunisian footballers. The life story of Ghaylen Chaaleli, Yousseff Msakni and Seifeddine Jaziri will interest you.

Our Wahbi Khazri Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts wraps off. However, before we call it to quit, we guess you picked up a few lessons.

To achieve progress in football, soccer players must find a balance and learn to be passionate while maintaining composure and showing resilience.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, determination, learning, learning, sacrifice, and loving what you are doing or learning to do. It takes many things to be a professional footballer.

The main components are hard work and dedication, tenacity, will and maintaining your feet on the ground despite whatever successes you achieve.

So far, we Have Shared Athlete Wahbi Khazri Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Biography, Wife, and Family Details. Do you have questions about his biography? Let us know in the comment section.

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