Franck Ribery Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Franck Ribery Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Lifebogger presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known by the Nickname; “Scarface”.

Our Franck Ribery Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood.

The analysis of the former Bayern Munich Legend involves his Early Life Story before fame, Scar facts, personal life facts, relationship life, family life and other little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his great partnership with Arjen Robben as two of the most fearful forwards in football.

In the course of writing about French Football Legends, we found a knowledge gap.

The truth is, not many fans have read Franck Ribery’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s Begin.

Franck Ribery Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For starters of this Biography, Bayern Munich Legend, Franck Henry Pierre Ribéry, was born on the 7th of April, 1983, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

Young Franck Ribery in his childhood years.
Young Franck Ribery in his childhood years.

He was born to his mother, Marie-Pierre Ribéry (a housekeeper) and his father, Francois Ribery (a construction worker).

Franck Ribery’s childhood story is centred around one word. That’s “Pain”. He endured chronic and recurrent pain while growing up.

Living with pain brings to us a question many football lovers have asked about him. That question is;…What happened to Franck Ribery’s Face?

Now, we present to you the reason behind his scar.

Franck Ribery Scar Face (Untold Version):

When he was two years old, Ribery, along with his family members, got involved in a gashly car accident. This happened when their car collided with an oncoming truck, which led to severe facial injuries.

According to Franck Ribery….“The problem was that I was sitting in the back and I went flying through the car’s Windshield on impact.

In a certain way, this accident helped me. As a child, it motivated me. God gave me this difference. The scars are part of me, and people will just have to take me the way I am.”

The story behind Franck Ribery's Scar Face.
The story behind Franck Ribery’s Scar Face. At age two, a harrowing car accident left Ribery with distinctive facial scars.

Over a hundred stitches were made on his right face after the accident. Stitches made on him left two long scars which ran down the right side of his face. Another also crosses his eyebrows.

It was this that led to him even receiving the nickname ‘Scarface’ from some of his colleagues. Franck accepted this name because it speaks volumes of his painful past.

But brave as Ribery was, he didn’t let his pain affect him, especially in the quest to pursue his dreams. Whatever didn’t kill him in that accident surely made him stronger. 

These scars marked Franck’s character as he grew up, for he was an object of ridicule and mockery from peers during his childhood life.

It was the cruelty of other children that forged his fighting spirit, as he explained it back in 2012, which he said…

“I’m proud of my scar, it gave me strength and forged my character. You have to be mentally strong to withstand the ridicule of other children and the stares of adults.” He told ‘La Gazzetta Dello Sport’ back in 2012.

Even his former manager, Pep Guardiola, recently expressed his opinion on Franck’s attitude towards the game and his teammates: 

“I have never seen a player on this level with such a character, how he fights for his team. It is an honour for me to be his coach,”

Franck Ribery’s Wife – Wahiba:

The old saying that ...”Ugly men always attract the prettiest women” is surely not a thing for Franck Ribery.

Despite many hot ladies wishing to have him, Franck decided to marry a less attractive woman.

Previous research has found that attractive women are likelier to be unfaithful, particularly if their partner is ugly or has a facial deformity, as in the case of Ribery.

Meet Wahiba - She is Franck Ribery's Wife.
Meet Wahiba – She is Franck Ribery’s Wife.

Ribéry’s wife, Wahiba, is a French national of Algerian descent. Rumours have it that she has close family ties with Karim Benzema.

The happy couple have two daughters who go by the names Hiziya and Shahinez. They also have two sons named Seif el Islam and Mohammed.

Below is Franck and his family celebrating a trophy he helped FC Bayern Munich to win. From the picture below, Franck has two grown-up girls and two younger lads.

Franck once took his family for a trophy celebration.

Franck Ribery Lifestyle:

Ribery enjoys quality time with his wife. Below is a photo of him jet-skiing with his wife in Formentera, Spain. Wahiba takes charge of the driving. She is very much respected by her husband.

Franck Ribery’s wife takes the drive on jet skiing with her husband

Franck Ribery Family Life:

The great Baller was raised in a low-income and disadvantaged French neighbourhood of Boulogne-sur-Mer.

This, by implication, means Franck Ribery came from a lower-class family background. It was football that saved him and his family from abject poverty.

About Franck Ribery Father:

As stated earlier, Franck Ribery’s father was once a construction worker. He resigned after his son Franck told him never to work again, all thanks to his big money from football.

Franck Ribery and his Dad poses for a photo.
Franck Ribery and his Dad pose for a photo.

Right before he started playing football for Stade Brestois, Franck worked with his father in construction, which was another of Ribery’s learning experiences. His life story is just like a heartfelt film.

Francois Ribery adhered to his father’s words. Since his resignation, he has spent all his life managing his son’s career and also cheering him up.

Francois Ribery, together with his wife Marie-Pierre, have their own share of love for their most successful footballing son.

Ribery’s mum, Marie-Pierre, had become a confidante for Franck. Thou she likes being teased by him. She is also a big fan.

About Franck Ribery Siblings:

Ribéry’s younger brothers, François and Steeven, are also football players.

François played for many amateur clubs in France, among others for Bayonne in the Championnat National. His elder brother, Franck Ribery, is three years older than him.

Steeven Ribéry is the youngest member of the Ribery Family. He is a French footballer who plays as a winger for Gazélec Ajaccio in the French Ligue 2.

His career is marked by unsuccessful seasons with contract issues and suspensions. Steeven played for the Bayern reserves team for two years. The Bayern Legend is nine years older than his brother, Steeven Ribery.

Facts about Franck Ribery Teeth:

The Frenchman suffers a less-than-desirable smile, not due to dad’s dentition. He has never turned to a dentist for help, instead, considers both his deformed teeth and scar a product of his past life.

Pro Evolution Soccer has once taken advantage of his teeth deformity, as seen in PES 6.

One thing I don’t understand is why Ribery, with so much money, forgo basic dental health. Yes, his body is the pinnacle of the human form, but his teeth leave a lot to be desired.

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho suffered a similar dental issue. He later underwent a major mouth makeover in 2013.

Franck Ribery Biography Facts – The Car Experience:

French International Franck Ribery once decided that he needs a little bit more adrenaline than the one he gets from football.

He went with motorsport. Indeed,  Ribery is obsessed with cars and motorsport. The French man once participated as a co-pilot to test-drive with an Audi A4 racing in DTM.

Ribery had the opportunity to see how it felt when he reached 100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds.

“You have a great feeling in the stomach. I was for the first time in a racing car and can only say ‘wow!’ “

Franck Ribery Facts – Promotions:

Despite his scars and bad dentition, Franck Ribery has been selected for several promotions.

Along with Karim Benzema and Ronaldinho, Franck Ribery has once appeared on the cover of FIFA 09.

He also starred in a one-episode show called the Franck Ribery Show that aired in France.

Ribery also appeared in a music video for a song called ‘Meme Pas Fatigue’ starring as himself. He has also been involved in the American sportswear brand Nike and sports the colourful Mercurial Vapour studs.

Franck Ribery Religion:

Franck Ribery converted to Islam after getting married. His wife is a French national of Algerian descent.

After converting, he adopted the Muslim name Bilal Yusuf Mohammed. Franck has been spotted on regular occasions practising his faith on both off and on the pitch.

Franck Ribery Controversy:

On 18 April 2010, it was first reported by French television service M6 that four members of the French national team were being investigated for their roles as clients of an underaged girl arrangement ring that was being operated inside of a Paris nightclub.

Later that day, the players were discovered to be Ribéry and Karim Benzema. Both reportedly admitted to having slept with an underage girl.

They claimed they didn’t know that she was a minor at the time they both slept with her.

Zahia Dehar was 16 years old when both Karim Benzema and Ribery paid huge monies to sleep with her.

The Franck Ribery Scandal

Franck Ribery Untold Biography  – What he will be remembered for after retirement:

  • For his fast, tricky, and excellent dribbling skills.
  • We remember Ribery’s great control over the ball at his feet”.
  • As one of the best left-wingers, playing on the left allowed Ribéry to use his bursts of acceleration and weaving runs to effectively cut inside, which gives him the options of either shooting or delivering a decisive pass.
  • His vision and playmaking skills are best exhibited.
  • We remember the great Ribery for his assist records. Despite predominantly playing on the wing, he has averaged double-digits in assists every year, beginning with his final season at Marseille.
  • For being a crowd-pleaser. He is one of those rare breeds of footballer capable of enjoying his talents while expressing them.

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