Andre Onana Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Andre Onana Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Andre Onana biography breaks down info on his childhood story, early life, family, parents, Love Life (girlfriend /wife facts), net worth and Lifestyle. It’s a full analysis of the personal life of Cameroonian beginning from his formative years to when he became very popular.

The Life and Rise of Andre Onana.
The Life and Rise of Andre Onana.

Yes, you and I know he is one of the best shot-stoppers in Europe. However, not many have read the biography of Andre Onana which is quite educational. Now, without further ado, let’s begin with facts of his early days and household.

Andre Onana’s Childhood Story:

For biography starters, the shot-stopper is nicknamed “Onans”. André Onana was born on the 2nd day of April 1996 at the village of Nkol Ngok located in the centre region of Cameroon. The Cameroonian footballer was born to his mother, who is known as Adele Onana and to his father, named Francois Onana.

Andre Onana’s Family Origins:

The shot-stopper is a bonafide citizen of West Africa. Results of research carried out to determine Andre Onana’s family origins indicate that he is of Yaounde Fang ethnicity. This ethnic group dominates the centre region of Cameroon.

Andre Onana is of Yaounde Fang ethnicity.
Andre Onana is of Yaounde Fang ethnicity.

Andre Onana’s Growing up Years:

Did you know that the future Goalie grew up at his birth village in Nkol Ngok alongside four brothers? We can authoritatively identify two of Andre Onana brothers as Wariner and Emmanuel. Judging from his social media pics, we’ve realized that the Goalkeeper has good memories of growing up in the village whose inhabitants are happy and peaceful.

Andre Onana’s Family Background:

Peace and happiness do not necessarily imply wealth because Andre, like Rogobert Song (his senior country man), hails from a poor family. They had no electricity in the house while the then youngster and his siblings took their bath in a nearby river. Notwithstanding, Andre Onana’s parents (see below) were hardworking individuals who just couldn’t make it to the middle-class.

Meet Andre Onana's Parents.
Meet Andre Onana’s Parents.

How Career Football Began for Andre Onana:

As hardworking parents, Adele and Francois wanted the young goalie to focus on academics. However, he was much interested in playing football particularly goalkeeping, a playing position that he got adopted to from a very young age.

By the Onana was 11 years old, he was playing on a sand field when a scout from the Samuel Eto’o Academy discovered him. Thus began his career buildup in professional football.

Andre Onana’s Early Years in Career Football Football:

It was at Samuel Eto’o Academy that the goalkeeping prodigy learnt the basics of his role for three years. While Onana was at it, he was widely known as the best goalkeeper in Cameroon for his age group. With such recognition came interests from Barcelona which sought to see him develop in their La Masia.

Andre Onana’s Road To Fame Biography Story:

When the youngster arrived at La Masia he was only 13 years old and was not accompanied by any family member. It was not easy to leave everything behind at that age. Neither did learning a language come easy to him.

Notwithstanding he was happy to play football on European soil and gave the sport his best. Little wonder his rise through the club ranks was without hitches culminating in his move to Dutch club Ajax in 2015.

Andre Onana’s Rise To Fame Biography Story:

Did you know that “Onans” made his debut for the reserve team of Ajax just days after arriving at the club? He put pen on paper for improved contracts in the ensuing years. Like his senior Samuel Eto’o, Onana has once been spotted at the Ballon D’Or ceremony (in 2019) as one of the nominees for the best goalkeeper award.

Although Allison Becker beat Onana to win the much-coveted prize, it might not be long before we see the latter competing with others for the prize. It is no longer news that he is courting interests from Chelsea and playing in the Premier League will sure make him a competitive contender for the prize.

Who is Andre Onana’s Girlfriend?

Moving on the goalkeeper’s relationship life, not many know that the goalie is dating Melanie Kamayou. There isn’t much much known about when the lovebirds met and began dating. However, we sure know that Melanie is a mom and entrepreneur.

She has been romantically involved with Onana for a few years. What’s more? the duo has a son together called André jr (born 2019). Onana loves the kid dearly and describes him as “a special child who he is proud to be a father to.”

Andre Onana’s Family Life:

Family arguably comes before and after football for goalies and our profile of interest is not an exception. We bring you facts about Andre Onana’s parents, siblings and relatives.

About Andre Onana’s Parents:

Adele and Francois are Onana’s mom and dad respectively. They are hardworking parents whose support were relied on by Onana in the course of his career development. Although both parents had a preference for the goalie’s academic progression, they had to support his football career when Barcelona came calling. Did you know that Andre Onana’s parents have been to Amsterdam to watch him play? that is an indication of how much they love and are proud of him.

Andre Onana with his supportive parents.
Andre Onana with his supportive parents.

About Andre Onana’s Siblings:

The goalie grew up with about four little known brothers who include Wariner and Emmanuel. One of the four brothers reportedly died when he was only aged 32. there is no record of the third brother, neither is the goalie known to have a sister.

Andre Onana with brothers Wrainer (right) and Emmanuel.
Andre Onana with brothers Wrainer (right) and Emmanuel.

About Andre Onana’s Relatives:

Away from the goalie’s immediate family, details of his ancestry are unknown particularly as it relates to his maternal and paternal grandparents. In addition, not much is known about Onana’s uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces. But we do know he has a cousin that goes by the name Fabrice Ondoa. Like Onana, Fabrice was at Barcelona youth system. He is currently the goalkeeper for the Belgian club KV Oostende and the Cameroon national team.

Andre Onana cousin Fabrice Ondoa is also a goalkeeper.
Andre Onana cousin Fabrice Ondoa is also a goalkeeper.

Andre Onana’s Personal Life:

“Onans” has a rich life outside the dimensions of football courts and there is a lot that can be said of his rare calm personality away from the pitch of play. Many attest to the fact that he is assertive, energetic, independent and open to revealing facts about his personal and private life. Asides spending good time with family and friends Onana loves watching movies, travelling, playing video games among other interests and hobbies.

Andre Onana’s Lifestyle:

Let’s move on to how the goalie makes and spends his money. Did you know that he has a net worth of 5 Million Euro (WTFoot Report) at the time of writing this bio? Onana made the bulk of that wealth from the lucrative wages and salaries that come with playing top-flight football.

He does also have a steady stream of income flowing from endorsements. As such, it is not surprising to spot an expensive Mercedes Benz parked in the garage of his house at Amsterdam as seen in the photo below.

Andre Onana’s Facts:

To wrap up our goalie’s bio, here are little known or untold facts about him.

Fact #1 – FIFA 2020 Rating:

Onana has a good overall FIFA rating of 85 points out of a potential 89. With such rating, he ranks 2 points higher than Kepa and 4 points than Jordan Pickford. Isn’t Onana young and blazing?

Good stats, bright future
With these good stats, you can agree Andre Onana got a bright future.

Fact #2 – Trivia:

Did you know that Onana’s birth year is synonymous for a number of tech and entertaining events? it was the year which DVD’s Launched in Japan while the first version of the Java programming language was released. It was also in 1996 that classic movies like Independence Day and A Time to Kill hit cinemas.

Fact #3 – Religion:

Andre Onana is yet to associate himself with a particular religion. As such, it can’t be conclusively stated whether the African is a believer or not. But the odds are greatly in favour of him being a Christian.

Fact #4 – Andre Onana’s Salary Breakdown:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarning in Pounds (£)Earning in Euros (€)Earning in Dollars ($)
Per Year£903,029€1,000,000$1,193,481
Per Month£75,252€83,333$99,456
Per Week£17,365€19,230$22,951
Per Day£2,474€2,739$3,269
Per Hour£103€114$136
Per Minute£1.72€1.90$2.27
Per Seconds£0.02€0.03$0.04

This is what

Andre Onana

has earned since you began viewing this Page.


On the above stats, the average Cameroonian would need to work for at least eleven years and 10 months to earn around 65,743,410 West African CFA franc which is the amount Onana takes home in a month with Ajax.


Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full NameAndré Onana
Date of Birth2nd day of April 1996
Place of BirthVillage of Nkol Ngok in the Center Region of Cameroon
Playing PositionGoal Keeping
ParentsAdele (mother), Francois (father).
SiblingsWariner and Emmanuel (brothers)
GirlfriendMelanie Kamayou
ChildrenAndre jr
HobbiesWatching movies, travelling and playing video games.
Net Worth5 Million Euro


Thanks for taking out time to read this engaging article about the Cameronian’s life journey. Without a doubt, Andre Onana’s childhood story was breathtaking and we hope it has inspired you to pursue your passion whatever may be the price. At Lifebogger we pride ourselves on delivering African footballers biographies with fairness and accuracy. If you did come across anything offish, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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