Sura Yekka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Sura Yekka Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Sura Yekka Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Richard Yekka (Father), Evelyn Adiru (Mother), Family Origin/Background, Husband, Children, Sibling – Sister (Leonilda Yekka), Grandparents, etc.

This article about Sura Yekka also explains her Family Roots, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the entire history of Sura Yekka. This is the story of a girl whose parents had to leave Uganda to provide her and her sister with a better future. Little did they know she would become one of her country’s most highly sought-after female soccer players in ten years.


Our version of Sura Yekka Biography begins by unveiling notable events of her childhood years. Next, we’ll explain the right defender’s early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how she rose to become one of the best Footballers in her country.

LifeBogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Sura Yekka Biography. Let’s show you this gallery that tells a story – of her childhood days to rise. Indeed, the right-sided defender has come a long way in her incredible life journey.

Sura Yekka Biography - From her childhood to the moment she became famous.
Sura Yekka Biography – From her childhood to the moment she became famous.

Yes, everyone knows Sura Yekka has sports blood running through her veins because she is the daughter of Evelyn Adiru, who happens to be an Olympian.

While writing stories about female Canadian soccer players, we found a knowledge deficit. The truth is only a few fans have read Sura Yekka’s Biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Sura Yekka’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the right-wing defender’s full names are Sura Bayoru Yekka. She was born on the 4th day of January 1997 to her Mother, Evelyn Adiru, and Father, Richard Yekka, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The defender arrived in the world as the first child of two girls. All children were born into the marital union between their Dad, Richard Yekka, and Mum, Evelyn Adiru.

Now, let’s introduce you to Sura Yekka’s Parents. Richard Yekka and Evelyn Adiru never gave their daughter the world’s riches but that spirit of reverence.

Meet Sura Yekka's Parents. Her father is Richard Yekka, and her Mum is Evelyn Adiru.
Meet Sura Yekka’s Parents. Her father is Richard Yekka, and her Mum is Evelyn Adiru.

Growing-Up Years:

Sura Yekka grew up in a Christian household with her younger sister Leonilda Yekka in Mississauga, also known as Toronto Township.

Little Sura Yekka
Little Sura Yekka

Growing up, she was particularly close to her younger sister Leonilda Yekka, and they were like two perfect peas in a pod.

On the left is Leonilda Yekka, and on the right is Sura Yekka.
On the left is Leonilda Yekka, and on the right is Sura Yekka.

The Canadian defender was a sweet and loving child. She was always seen smiling and playing big sister roles to her younger sister. Her parents did not spare any ounce of love for the international footballer and her sister.

Richard Yekka and Evelyn Adiru were loving parents. They provided the much-needed care and affection the peaceful and playful Sura Yekka needed to excel in every area of her life.

Following her mother’s footsteps in sports, the young Sura Yekka always knew she wanted to be an international footballer.

Sura Yekka’s Early Life:

The International footballer’s talent did not come from either of her parents, but she is undeniably from a sports-loving household.

Growing up, Sura Yekka was an active child; with the help of her parent’s guidance, she decided on soccer. Her football talent became increasingly evident as she grew.

Outside soccer, she enjoyed hearing stories about her mother’s active days as an Olympian, and this further solidified her intentions of achieving her soccer dreams.

With the help of her family, Sura Yekka started playing soccer at the tender age of six. She honed her skills, learned from her mistakes, and continued to improve her football skill set. The International defender’s confidence continued to increase as she got older.

Sura Yekka Family Background:

The Canadian-born soccer player comes from a sport-loving family. Her mother, Evelyn Adiru, was a former middle-distance runner representing her country in 800 and 1500-meter events.

Sura Yekka comes from a Christain middle-class household. Her parents were hard-working and responsible individuals who made a conscious effort to provide for their children’s needs and wants.

As members of the middle class, Sura Yekka’s parents Richard Yekka and Evelyn Adiru, had stable employment and a steady income, which allowed them to provide a comfortable standard of living for their family.

They made sacrifices and took calculated risks to ensure their children could access opportunities such as education and extracurricular activities.

Evelyn Adiru and Richard Yekka took turns in making sure their daughter, Sura Yekka, was at every soccer practice. If they needed to drive her there, they did just that. They were committed to providing for their children.

This dedication stemmed from a desire to give their children a better life and more opportunities than they did not have while growing up.

The Yekka’s are a close-knitted family who continues to support and love each other.

Sura Yekka’s Family Origin:

Richard Yekka and Evelyn Adiru are Ugandans who migrated to Canada, and shortly after, they gave birth to Sura Yekka.

Sura Yekka’s father was born in Obongi, a district located in Northern Uganda. Once upon a time, Obongi hosts over 1.5 million refugees in Uganda.

On the other hand, her mother was born in Arua, located in northern Uganda. Surprisingly, Arua is the birthplace of the infamous Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.

Richard Yekka and Evelyn Adiru moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where Sura Yekka was born, making her a Canadian citizen by birth.

Our findings reveal that Sura Yekka shares her birthplace with notable female soccer players like Kadeisha Buchanan.

Sura Yekka’s Ethnicity:

From both sides of the Canadian defender’s parents, Sura Yekka is of Ugandan descent. Her parents, Richard Yekka and Evelyn Adiru, migrated to Canada before giving birth to Sura Yekka and her younger sister.

In a research conducted in 2016, about 19,980 people identified as Ugadans or of Ugandan descent. This number has changed since then and from the look of things we are confident it is increasing.

Officially, Sura Yekka has not disclosed the number of languages she speaks, but she speaks English fluently.

Sura Yekka’s Education:

The Canadian Soccer Player attended Our Lady of Mount Camel Secondary School. This school was founded in 1987 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Some notable alumni include Devon Bailey, Raye Hartmann, and Ese Mrabure-Ajufo.

Sura Yekka's Secondary School, Our Lady of Mount Camel Secondary School.
Sura Yekka’s Secondary School, Our Lady of Mount Camel Secondary School.

While in secondary school from 2009 to 2015, Sura Yekka continued to hone her soccer playing skills by playing for different soccer clubs. She managed to strike a balance between her studies and her soccer career goals. The Canadian defender was a good student and maintained good grades.

After graduating, she was admitted to Psychology and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan. The school was founded on the 26th day of August 1817.

While in school, she played for the Michigan Wolverines and continued to learn more about the art of soccer. As a defender for her school’s soccer club, she made 69 appearances and scored two goals.

Finally, she graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies. Other notable alums include Jada Dayne, Izzy Nino, and Hailey Neumann.

Sura Yekka’s parents always wanted her to get an education, and Richard Yekka and Evelyn Adiru supported their superstar education.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in a course she loves and having a successful soccer career is one of Sura Yekka’s most significant achievements.

Career Buildup:

After bagging her Bachelor’s degree, Sura Yekka continued to take her soccer career seriously.

She represented a lot of soccer clubs and performed exceptionally well. She prevented a lot of strikers and attackers from scoring goals.

Her passion for soccer kept her going despite challenges. From the get-go, she was not famous, but her dedication to the game has finally paid off.

Sura Yekka Biography – Soccer Story:

The Canadian soccer star’s career started in 2003 at age six when her parents enrolled her in the North Mississauga Soccer Club. Notable alums include Markela Bejleri and Calaigh Copland.

Soon after, she played for Brampton Brams United, building upon all she had learned from her first club. These clubs are both non-profits whose goal is to provide accessible and equitable soccer and physical programs for all ages, gender, race, and ability.

Sura Yekka and her idol Yaya Toure.
Sura Yekka and her idol Yaya Toure.

Growing up, she had football idols she admired, and one of them was Yaya Toure, who was a midfielder during his active years on the field. Her models gave her a reason to believe she could achieve her soccer goals irrespective of her skin color or country of residence.

Her parents were incredibly supportive and would take turns taking her to soccer practice. They were always present to cheer her on whenever she played.

Sura Yekka also had interests in other sports as she followed in her mother’s footsteps. In 2010, she won a bronze medal for participating in the 800 meters at the Under-16 Track and Field National Championships.

Although her passion for soccer started at age six, it did not pick up steam until 2014. Still, she didn’t let that stop her because she played for the long-time goal. It is safe to say that her perseverance has eventually paid off.

Sura Yekka’s Bio – Road to Fame Story:

At 16, the Canadian-born superstar represented Team Ontario at the 2013 Canada Summer Games. Her performance during the games made her superiors name her an All-Star.

In 2014, at age 17, the Canadian defender was selected to represent the Canada under-17 Women’s National Team at the Worldcup games. She made four appearances and defended the Canadian team to the best of her capabilities.

Due to her incredible performance in 2014, she was selected to represent Canada from 2015 through 2016. She played for Canada among outstanding female soccer players like Nichelle Prince, Agnew Lindsay, and Ashley Lawrence.

Sura Yekka playing for the Michigan Wolverines.
Sura Yekka playing for the Michigan Wolverines.

When she entered the University of Michigan in 2015, she assisted in a 3-0 victory against the Detroit Mercy Titans. Her superb performance contributed to her being named to the Big Ten All-Freshman team. This same year she met her childhood idol Yaya Toure at the BMO Field at her birthplace.

Unfortunately, in 2016 due to National commitments, she was redshirted. This means there was a delay in her participation in the team’s activities.

But that did not deter her; in 2019, free from national commitments, she scored her first goal for the University of Michigan against the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Sura Yekka’s Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Since the Canadian-born soccer player’s career kicked off, it does not seem like it will be stopping anytime soon.

Her football career took off in December 2012 when she debuted her Canadian youth program. This made her eligible to attend the youth camp for the Canada Under-15 team.

In October 2013, after attending the Under-17 team and Under-20 World Cup training camp, she was called up and made her debut as a senior cap at 16. This surprised her because she needed to play youth games before this period.

On the 24th day of November of that same year, she earned her second senior cap and went on to play against Mexico. Due to her performance in this match, she got a lot of positive reviews, and all of these earned her the 2013 Canadian Under-17 Player of the Year.

After her multiple appearance and outstanding performance in the senior team between 2013 and 2014, she finally made her youth team debut in 2014. She appeared in both the 2014 FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup and FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup.

On the 6th day of December 2015, Sura Yekka scored the winning goal at the 2015 CONCAF Women’s Under-20 Championship against Jamaica. That same year, she was nominated for the Canadian Under-20 Player of the Year award.

She also represented Canada in the 2016 FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup. Although Canada did not win the cup, Sura Yekka made sure she delivered an exciting performance.
Since then, she has played for three clubs in different countries.

Between 2020 and 2021, she played for the MSV Duisburg, a German women’s football club based in Duisburg.

The Canadian-born player went ahead to play for Le Havre, a French women’s club, between 2021 and 2022.

Right now, she plays for the Swedish women’s football club Vittsjo, one of the clubs that play at the highest level of women’s soccer leagues in Sweden.

Sura Yekka’s Husband:

The Canadian player is a highly talented athlete dedicated to her football career. Right now, football is her number one priority, and she works tirelessly to improve her skills on and off the field.

She believes that her success as a footballer depends on her ability to maintain a singular focus on the game, and she is determined to achieve her goals and make a name for herself in the world of women’s football.


Sura Yekka is a dedicated athlete who has chosen to focus on her football career at this point in her life. As such, she currently does not have a husband or children.

However, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of having kids in the future, as she believes family is essential to life. For now, though, she is fully committed to her football goals and is working hard to become the best player.

She knows success in any field takes time, hard work, and sacrifice.

Personal Life:

Sura Yekka is a talented footballer and a lively and outgoing individual. She is passionate about traveling and spending quality time with her close friends.

Sura enjoying the views.
Sura enjoying the views.

Her adventurous spirit leads her to explore new destinations, experience different cultures and cuisines, and create unforgettable memories.

Sura’s sweet and friendly personality makes her approachable and easy to get along with, allowing her to make new friends easily. Sura loves to indulge in her favorite water games and swimming activities when she is not on the field or traveling.

It’s evident that Sura’s love for the outdoors and active lifestyle fuel her overall positive outlook.

As a Capricorn, Sura possesses various personality traits that complement her personal life and career. Capricorns are known for their ambitious nature, determination, and practicality.

These traits are seen in Sura’s approach to her personal life, such as her love for travel and spending time with friends. She plans her trips and activities precisely and patiently, making the most of her time and resources.

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Sura Yekka’s Lifestyle:

The Canadian soccer player is known for her simple yet elegant lifestyle. While she may be a well-known footballer, she remains frugal in her spending habits. However, this does not mean she does not enjoy the finer things in life.

Sura has a keen eye for quality and invests in items that will last for years, such as designer handbags and timeless clothing pieces. She is not a reckless spender and makes wise financial decisions, ensuring that she can live comfortably while still planning for her future.

Sura Yekka enjoying a walk.
Sura Yekka enjoying a walk.

While Sura’s personal life remains private, her home is widely believed to reflect her sophisticated taste. Despite being discreet about her home, it is evident that she has an eye for modern and luxurious design.

Her home is likely furnished with high-end decor and sleek furniture that adds a touch of elegance to every room. Sura’s lifestyle balances simplicity and luxury, showcasing her practical and refined nature.

Sura Yekka’s Car:

While the details of the Canadian soccer player’s choice of the car remain unknown, one thing is for sure – she has excellent taste when it comes to practicality.

Being a busy footballer, she likely requires a vehicle to navigate traffic and accommodate her training gear easily.

She may opt for a car that provides comfort and functionality, allowing her to move around quickly. Given Sura’s overall personality and lifestyle, we can confidently assume that her choice of car would reflect her practical yet stylish approach to life.

Sura Yekka’s Family Life:

The female soccer player values her family and holds them close to her heart. She cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones and maintains a strong bond with them.

Her sister holds a special place in her life, and they engage in friendly banter that reflects their strong relationship. Sura is grateful for the support and love she receives from her family, both on and off the field.

About Sura Yekka’s Father:

Richard Yekka is the father of the Canadian-born superstar. He was born in Obongi, Uganda, and had to migrate to Canada with his wife to offer their children a better future.

Sura Yekka and her father Richard Yekka.
Sura Yekka and her father Richard Yekka.

Richard Yekka’s whereabouts or proof of life is currently unknown; however, we are confident he is an example of a good parent who never wavered in his support for his two daughters.

About Sura Yekka’s Mother:

Evelyn Adiru is the mother of the Canadian-born player. Born on the 25th day of May 1964 in Arua, Uganda, she will be celebrating her 59th birthday soon.

Sura Yekka and her Olympian mother, Evelyn Adiru.
Sura Yekka and her Olympian mother, Evelyn Adiru.

She is a former Olympian who specialized in representing her country in the 800 and 1500-meter races. During her time, she won so many awards, including one gold medal in 1982 and 2 bronze medals in 1987.

Evelyn Adiru is very supportive of her superstar daughter’s career. Although her current whereabouts are unknown, we are sure she continues to show her support for her daughter, Sura Yekka.

About Sura Yekka’s Sibling:

The Canadian soccer player and her sister show us that a sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.

About Sister Leonilda Yekka:

Sura Yekka’s younger sister was born in March 1998. Although what she does for a living is unknown, she lives a flashy lifestyle.

This is Sura Yekka's only sister Leonilda Yekka.
This is Sura Yekka’s only sister Leonilda Yekka.

She enjoys vacations with her friends and engages in playful banter with her sister.
Leonilda Yekka is not married, nor does she have a boyfriend. She is probably focused on her career like her sister.

The Yekka sisters love and support each other and do not fail to show their support in each other’s comment section on their Instagram page.

Sura Yekka’s Grandparents:

Every home needs grandparents to nourish it, but that wasn’t the case for the Canadian-born defender. Remember, she was born as soon as her parents came to Canada from Uganda.

However, we are confident her grandparents would have provided the care, nurture, and attention every grandchild needs and gets from their grandparents.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Sura Yekka’s Biography, we’ll unveil more facts you might not know about her. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Sura Yekka’s Salary:

It is not uncommon for top female soccer players to earn significant salaries. While the exact amount Sura Yekka earns may not be publicly disclosed, we are certain she is being compensated very well for her skills and contributions to the sport.

How Rich is the Canadian Soccer Player:

Sura Yekka lives a private lifestyle regarding her finances and does not splurge on unnecessary items.

However, with her soccer earnings, and international soccer gigs, it is estimated she has a net worth of $5 million.

Sura Yekka FIFA Profile:

According to the SOFIFA data below, her biggest career strength is Aggression (74). Her Sprint Speed, Reaction, and Balance are also phenomenal. Our findings reveal that Sura has an above 50% movement ratings – just like Ashley Hatch and Julia Grosso.

Sura Yekka: A Rising FIFA Star - Unleashing Her Fierce Aggression (74) and Lightning-Fast Speed on the Field, Alongside Impressive Reaction and Balance Skills.
Sura Yekka: A Rising FIFA Star – Unleashing Her Fierce Aggression (74) and Lightning-Fast Speed on the Field, Alongside Impressive Reaction and Balance Skills.

Sura Yekka’s Religion:

The Canadian-born defender was born and raised in a devoted Christian family. Sura Yekka believes in God and that both good and bad things happen for a reason, and her Christian faith helps her take the positives out of everything. Put simply, Tyrell Malacia believes in God and also in himself.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Profile Sura Yekka’s Biography.

Full Name:Sura Bayoru Yekka
Date of Birth:4th Day of January, 1997
Place of Birth:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Age:26 years and 5 months old.
Mother:Evelyn Adiru
Father:Richard Yekka
Sister:Leonilda Yekka
Family Origin:Father and Mother are from Uganda
Education:Our Lady of Mount Camel Secondary School, University of Michigan
Height:1.65 m
Playing Position:Right-back
Net Worth (2023):$5 Million (estimate)
Youthful Teams:North Mississauga FC, Brampton Brams United
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn


The athlete’s full name is Sura Bayoru Yekka. She was born to her Mother (Evelyn Adiru) and Father (Richard Yekka) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on the 4th day of February 1997.

Sura is one of the two children born to her parents. Together with her sister, Leonilda Yekka, they grew up in a close-knit Christian home. About Sura Yekka Origin, our research says her parents hail from Uganda.

Our research shows that the Canadian-born player started playing soccer at 6. Regarding her ancestry, Sura Yekka’s parents are Ugandans by birth but migrated to Canada to give their children a better life.

Talking about her education, she attended Our Lady of Mount Camel Secondary School, then proceeded to the University of Michigan. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies in 2019.

Sura Yekka has represented her birth country Canada in many international tournaments, which has led to many awards and medals to her name. She has also played for international football clubs in German, French, and Sweden.

Outside football, she enjoys adventures and spending time with her friends. Overall, the superstar soccer player has hacked the secret to balancing an adventurous lifestyle and her soccer career.

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