Youssef Chermiti Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Youssef Chermiti Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Youssef Chermiti Biography tells you Facts about his childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother and Father (Noureddine Chermiti), Family Background, Siblings – Maryam (Sister), Relationships – Girlfriend, Relatives – Grandparents plus Uncles, Aunts, Cousins (Amine Chermiti) etc.

This memoir about Youssef Chermiti also details his Family Origin, Religion, Education, Ethnicity, Hometown, etc. Not ignoring the sports buddy’s personal Life and Lifestyle, LifeBogger will also provide details of his Zodiac, Net Worth, and Salary.

In a nutshell, In this captivating tale, we delve into the chronicles of a budding and promising young athlete who embarked on a profound quest. Fuelled by an unwavering commitment, he also aims to turn his father’s dream of gracing the world of professional soccer into a tangible reality.

Our story encapsulates the history of a clear-cut striker. He’s like the main target whenever the team attacks. Youssef Chermiti has raw talent. Also, his scoring of goals is impressive and sets him apart from the rest.


Our version of Youssef Chermiti’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of his childhood years. Next, we’ll explain his ethnic heritage and early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell about how the Everton player earned his achievements and notable contributions.

LifeBogger anticipates whetting your autobiography appetite as you read Youssef Chermiti’s Bio. To do that, let’s present this photo gallery summarising the sports competitor’s life story from his early soccer to his emerging fame as a Premier League club Everton striker.

Youssef Chermiti Biography - From his childhood to the moment he emerged famous.
A photo-trajectory of Youssef Chermiti’s bio from his early soccer till his emerging success. Credit: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/, Sofifa.

Youssef Chermiti is a proud product of the Sporting youth system in Lisbon. The soccer talent boasts a strong record for the Portuguese under-18 and under-19 sides, recording a combined form of nine goals in 16 games.

However, despite many years of research, we still need to learn much about the fantastic athlete. Because of this, only a few soccer fans know the full and exciting story of Youssef Chermiti’s life. So, without waiting any longer, let’s get started.

Youssef Chermiti’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his full name is Youssef Ramalho Chermiti. He was born on the 24th day of May 2004 to his amazing parents – his dad, Noureddine Chermiti, and his mum, whose name is unknown.

His birth occurred precisely on a Mundane Monday to his highly supportive parents in Vila do Porto, a town on the island of Santa Maria, which is also part of the Azores archipelago in Portugal.

The Soccer Athlete was born with his sister Maryam, amongst other siblings we do not know. The duo are the graceful products of the blissful union of his sacrificing father and mother.

Now, allow me to introduce you to Youssef Chermiti’s parents. Meet his mother and father, Noureddine. Their persistent dedication and tireless efforts were crucial in ensuring their sons’ abilities blossomed and reached their fullest potential.

Meet Youssef Chermiti's Parents - Mother and Father (Noureddine Chermiti).
Meet Youssef Chermiti’s Parents – Mother and Father (Noureddine Chermiti). Credits: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/.


When Youssef Chermiti was young, he had a regular childhood with different things happening. He had friends and enjoyed the company of his family.

Youssef lived with his mom, dad (Noureddine Chermiti), and sister, Maryam, amongst other siblings we do not know. He also had familiar faces around. People there felt like they belonged and were close to each other.

Apparently, when he was little, Youssef liked trying new things. He played with friends, explored where he lived, and had hobbies he was curious about. Thus, like many kids, he enjoyed games, being outside, and maybe even other sports.

His family was essential to him. Certainly, his parents, brothers, sisters, and other family members helped him grow and learn. The things they did, like their traditions and spending time together, helped him understand the world and what was necessary.

Overall, his love for soccer grew slowly. Maybe he saw the sport, his family liked soccer, or he was just curious. It became a big part of his life when he realised he loved soccer. This passion made him work hard and do amazing things as he got older.

Youssef Chermiti’s Early Life (Football):

The fantastic athlete’s soccer journey began with little interest in the sport. However, his family and the people around him loved soccer. Moreover, in the beautiful Azores, he grew up where soccer was a big deal.

Because his dad wanted to be a pro soccer player, Youssef also liked soccer from a young age. His dad started playing in a youth team when he was nine, which made Youssef want to do the same. Therefore, this family connection to soccer got him started.

With his dad helping him, Youssef started playing soccer in local teams for kids. He first played for a group called Os Marienses, where coaches taught him how to play better. This helped him learn the basics of the game and made him want to get better.

After that, Youssef joined ACF Pauleta’s youth team, where he kept improving. He played so well that scouts noticed him, making him want to be even better at soccer.

As he got better, Youssef’s dad helped him a lot. His dad, Noureddine, knew much about soccer and gave Youssef advice. This guidance from his dad was essential in the making Youssef better at playing soccer and understanding the game.

Overall, Youssef Chermiti’s journey into soccer started because he loved it, his family supported him, and he got chances to play in local teams for kids. These early steps helped him become the great player he is now.

Youssef Chermiti Family Background:

The youngling’s dad worked as an air traffic controller. But then, he’s also into basketball. Thus, used to be a coach for the sport in Tunisia. Apparently, he worked with different women’s teams on the Azorean island.

That’s why sports have always been important in their family. Similarly, the young talent connects to another soccer talent named Amine, who comes from Tunisia. Amine is a good striker and plays for a big soccer team in Tunisia.

Overall, Youssef Chermiti’s family background is particular because it shows how different cultures can come together. His dad is from Tunisia, and his mom is from Cape Verde. This mix of North African and West African roots makes his background unique.

This mix influenced how he played soccer and his personality. Youssef Chermiti’s family is a mix of cultures, and his parents are a great example of unity and diversity. His dad, Noureddine, is from Tunisia and once wanted to be a pro soccer player.

As a result, growing up in a family that supports each other, his parents played a significant role in making him love soccer when he was young.

We don’t know much about his mom, like her job or name. Howbeit, she and his dad always supported him. Apparently, they helped him follow his passion for soccer. They also saw how good he was and kept him all along the way.

Youssef Chermiti Family Origin:

Notably, the youngster is proud of his Tunisian roots. Thus, he often talks about how he grew up and what he did because of his culture.

But then, it doesn’t seem like Youssef Chermiti’s family moved from Tunisia. Nevertheless, he was born there and had strong connections to the country.

While Youssef Chermiti was born in Portugal, his dad is from Tunisia, North Africa. Interestingly, his mom is from Cape Verde, West Africa.

Taking a look at his name, In Portugal, it’s common for people to have two last names. Therefore, his first last name, Ramalho, is from his mom’s side. His second last name, Chermiti, is from his dad’s side.

In all that, Youssef Chermiti’s background is excellent because it’s a mix of different places. The mix of cultures is a particular part of his life and probably affects how he plays soccer.

Even though we don’t know much about his parents, it’s okay because some people like to keep their private lives private. Furthermore, Youssef played soccer for Portugal’s youth team, the Portugal U19s. Thus reflecting his connection with the people of Portugal.

In summation, the impressive striker, Youssef Ramalho Chermiti, is from Europe and has Portuguese nationality. Here’s a picture that shows his cultural heritage.

This map aids your understanding of Youssef Chermiti's origin.
A photo-description of Youssef Chermiti’s Family roots. Image Sources: Google,Sofifa, Pinterest.

Youssef Chermiti Ethnicity:

Ramalho’s family holds a predominant ethnic background rooted in Tunisian heritage. The intricate tapestry of Tunisia’s ethnic composition encompasses a rich diversity, where the prevailing majority is composed of Arab-Berber origins.

Thus, Youssef Chermiti belongs to the Portuguese people of Tunisian descent. As such, it captures the essence of his cultural roots in the Tunisian realm.

Youssef Chermiti Education:

When he was young, he attended school in his hometown; Vila do Porto. This town is on an island called Santa Maria in the Azores, Portugal. Kids who live there make it a priority to go to school to learn. Moreover, there are different schools for different ages.

While young kids attend primary schools, older kids participate in secondary schools. Students learn various subjects in these schools to help them grow and learn.

Apparently, while in school, Youssef Chermiti never forgot his dream to be a professional soccer player. Certainly, he liked sports and was good at them, especially soccer.

But then, doing school and soccer took a lot of work. So, with his parents’ help, he joined a particular soccer academy for young players. This institution mixes regular classes, intense football practice, and games.

Career Buildup:

Since he was little, Youssef Chermiti has loved soccer. He liked it a lot even before attending regular school to learn things. Even in primary school, he found time to do soccer training with Os Marienses. This is a group for young players in Vila do Porto.

His parents helped him with this so he could have fun and learn about soccer. In Os Marienses, Youssef Chermiti did many activities like badminton, soccer, and gymnastics. Doing all these things helped him become a better athlete.

Even though he was one of the youngest on the team, he was perfect and worked hard. The coaches noticed how good he was.

From a young age, Youssef Chermiti always tried his best and didn’t give up when things were tough. He was confident when he played and stood out from other kids his age.

He played so well that he got better really quickly. That’s why he needed to find a more challenging place to play to get even better at soccer.

Youssef Chermiti Biography – Football Story:

The Vila do Porto native’s voyage through the world of soccer is a testament to his father’s enthusiasm for the sport. Guided by his father Noureddine’s dedicated mentorship, Youssef imbibed a powerful work ethic and unwavering discipline.

His formative years were a symphony of countless hours spent on the field, refining his Skills, perfecting his techniques, and delving into routines that shape the beautiful game.

As he trod his path, Youssef aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps while simultaneously carving his distinct trajectory in soccer. His initial steps into the soccer arena commenced with Os Marienses’ youth program.

Also guided by coaches who shared his passion, Youssef embarked on a journey of skill refinement and potential discovery. Therefore, his talents flourished, capturing the attention of those who recognized his immense promise.

This recognition propelled his advancement to ACF Pauleta, marking an upward progression in his soccer narrative. Consequently, at ACF Pauleta, Youssef’s star continued to ascend.

His performances resonated with fans and scouts alike, vividly showing his talent and dedication on the field. His every touch of the ball seemed to embody a story, his every move a testament to his commitment.

During these moments, the echoes of his father’s mentorship fused with his personal drive, propelling him toward a destiny illuminated by the spotlight of success.

Yet, the narrative of Youssef Chermiti needed to reach its zenith. Following, the doors of GD São Pedro’s youth academy opened, marking a pivotal juncture in his journey. While there, his consistency became his hallmark.

So, with every display of prowess on the field, he etched his presence into the minds of those who witnessed his finesse. The stage got set, and his remarkable collections acted as a beacon, drawing the attention of influential clubs that recognized a star in the making.

Youssef Chermiti Bio – Road to Fame Story:

A turning point in his football journey unfolded when Sporting CP, a renowned powerhouse in Portugal’s football landscape, recognized his rising potential in 2016.

The club’s prestigious reputation for nurturing emerging talents led to a landmark move that promised a remarkable future. This pivotal decision marked the beginning of a new era for Chermiti.

His transition to Sporting CP was a significant milestone that opened doors to a world of opportunity. Stepping into the illustrious Sporting CP youth academy, he embarked on a journey guided by top-tier coaching and exposure to an arena of intense competition.

The hallowed grounds of this renowned institution would become his proving ground, a place where his skills would get honed and Youssef would cultivate his potential.

Thus, Chermiti’s tireless dedication and unrelenting efforts yielded fruitful results. His hard work culminated on a defining day, the 22nd of July, 2020. Similarly, he affixed his signature to his inaugural professional contract with Sporting CP on this date.

Additionally, his contract, spanning three seasons, was a testament to his skills and the club’s confidence in his abilities. Furthermore, the act of signing also symbolized the trust placed in him, cementing his place as an integral part of the Sporting CP family.

Apparently, Youssef Chermiti becoming well-known shows how Sporting values helping young talents grow.

Overall, the club has a history of training promising players in its academy, and Chermiti is the newest shining example. Believing in young athletes like him makes the team stronger and shows Sporting is good at football.

Youssef Chermiti Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

The year 2021 marked another noteworthy chapter in the dazzling talent’s journey. His consistent displays of skill and dedication led to a well-deserved promotion to Sporting CP’s B-team.

His step to a higher height demonstrated the club’s belief in his capabilities and potential
contributions. However, this ascent was not bereft of challenges. Basically, his path became laced with obstacles, each demanding his resilience and grit.

Yet, Chermiti’s unwavering spirit and determination saw him through, reinforcing his journey’s narrative of dedication, growth, and triumph. Altogether, he showcased the transformative power of opportunity, dedication, and faith.

Following his tenure within Sporting CP’s nurturing embrace underscores his commitment to forging a path of excellence in the realm of football. Thus epitomizing the impact that a pivotal decision can have on one’s journey to greatness.

However, he got hurt and couldn’t play for eight months. Consequently, Chermiti, who was 18 then, had been recovering from an injury called pubalgia. Subsequently, his return to the field got highly anticipated by fans of Sporting.

Following his return on recovery in November 2022, the dazzling teenager played his first official game for Sporting on the 15th of January, 2023. The match was against Benfica, where the score was 2-2.

Basically, he showcased his incredible skills and speed, which added a new level of attack to Sporting’s team. As a result, the head coach, Rúben Amorim, praised Chermiti’s fantastic talent. He also, referred to him as the team’s central striker.

Becoming a Part of Everton: Chermiti’s Premier League Journey:

But then, on the positive side, he joined Pedro Porro to leave Sporting. Subsequently, on the 11th of August, 2023, Youssef Chermiti joined a team called Everton in the Premier League.

The Portugal Under-19s international joined Everton as their third summer signing, following Ashley Young.

Thus, he signed a contract for four years and was proud to play alongside Jordan Pickford, fellow Portuguese footballer Beto, and Amadou Onana. Following that, he impressed the fans and caught the attention of other international clubs.

Is Youssef Chermiti single?

The 19-year-old soccer player from Portugal isn’t a dad. Altogether, Youssef Chermiti has no kids, whether they’re his own or adopted.

Albeit, while some soccer players decide to get married or be in serious relationships early in their careers, others might want to focus on getting better at soccer first. Being a pro soccer player involves tough training, travelling, and much attention from the media.

This can make it hard to keep a relationship strong. However, many soccer players handle these challenges well and have happy marriages or long-term relationships. It’s different for each player and depends on their wants, beliefs, and what’s happening in their life.

Based on what we know, the fantastic soccer player Youssef Chermiti isn’t married. He’s also very private about his personal life. What’s clear is that he doesn’t have a wife. He’s single and wants to focus on his essential soccer career.

Nonetheless, as a Gemini based on his date of birth, Chermiti would get along best with Aquarius and Libra in friendships and romantic relationships. All things considered, these two signs, like Gemini, understand how their minds work because they’re all air signs.

Furthermore, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, which are fire signs, are suitable matches for Gemini because they have a lot of energy, just like Gemini.

Youssef Chermiti Personal Life:

Like anyone else, football players have hobbies and interests outside the sport. From observation, Youssef Chermiti’s interests range from travelling, music, gaming, fashion, workouts, swimming, etc.

His Social media posts and interviews reveal some of his interests, lifestyle and leisure activities. Emphatically, Football remains his passion. During his formative years, Youssef Chermiti engaged in other kinds of sporting activities aside from Football.

In addition, the talented Spaniard loves to spend quality time with his friends and family. His activities include vacations, outings with friends, and attending special events.

He often prioritizes rest and recovery to support his performances on the field. Our Lifebogger profile ensures balanced nutrition in living a healthy. He is altogether a very tall man with a height of 1.92 m close to that of Paul Pogba and maintains an 84 kg weight.

Like many football stars, the Gemini Zodiac maintains active social media to keep in touch with his rising fans. His verified Instagram @youssefchermiti79 has over 54K followers. The Football sensation, Carlos Forbs, is among his followers too.

Furthermore, as a Gemini, the teenage soccer star is fun-loving and loves to explore new ideas. Generally, they’re always busy with lots of interests, hobbies, jobs, and different groups of friends.

Additionally, in the zodiac, they’re like social butterflies. These clever people can chat with anyone about anything. They often move around between hanging out, parties, and dancing.

Youssef Chermiti Lifestyle:

As a professional soccer player, the teenage sensation is good at staying focused and keeping a well-organized lifestyle. Besides, he works hard in his training and uses what he has learned skillfully.

All of this has made his playing style unique. Youssef Ramalho Chermiti is one of Portugal’s most promising and successful soccer players. Consequently, he has earned many awards and done amazing things, which has helped him make much money from his hard work.

Because of his considerable impact on Sporting Lisbon and now Everton, it’s likely that he’ll earn even more money in the future. Evidently, with all this money, he can have big houses, friendly vacations, good food, and fancy cars.

Chiefly, he lives a comfortable life in North West England. Furthermore, he has good taste for expensive cars. Conversely, we are yet to see him driving a car in England. Howbeit, he could afford an excellent luxury car with his earnings.

Youssef Chermiti’s Family Life:

While the youngster enjoys rising fame on the soccer field, he’s pretty private about his personal life, especially his parents. Like many famous people, Youssef knows how crucial it is to keep some parts of life confidential, especially when the media is always watching.

Thus, his choice helps protect his family. Also, it ensures he balances his fame. Even though there is limited information about Chermiti’s family, it’s essential to know that his family is vital to his soccer career.

Altogether, they help and cheer him on as he goes after his goals. Youssef has family members who have been there for him on his journey to becoming a pro soccer player. Therefore, stay tuned for more details about his family life.

A happy photo of Youssef Chermiti with his father and mother.
A happy photo of Youssef Chermiti with his father and mother. Credit: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/.

Youssef Chermiti’s Father – Noureddine:

The youngling’s father, Noureddine, is significant in his journey as a soccer player. With a strong passion for the sport, Noureddine became a source of inspiration and guidance for Youssef from a very young age.

Youssef Chermiti’s dad worked as an air traffic controller. But then, he’s also into basketball. Thus, used to be a coach for the sport in Tunisia. Apparently, he worked with different women’s teams on the Azorean island.

Comparatively, Noureddine’s dreams of becoming a professional soccer player led him to join a youth academy at nine, showcasing his early dedication to the game.

While his aspirations did not reach the highest levels of professional Football, his experiences shaped his understanding of the sport’s demands and intricacies.

So, as a father, Noureddine’s love for soccer naturally extended to his son. Emphatically, he became Youssef’s mentor, sharing his knowledge and insights to help the kid develop his skills. Also enables his son’s understanding of the game.

This familial coaching fostered Youssef’s technical growth. Thus instilling essential values such as hard work, discipline, and perseverance.

Similarly, Noureddine’s influence is apparent in Youssef’s commitment to his soccer journey and determination to overcome obstacles.

Additionally, Chermiti’s comeback from injury and his victorious ascent to Sporting CP’s senior team serves as a testament to the resilience as well as dedication that Noureddine instilled within him.

Reviving Chermiti’s Footballing Journey: From Lockdown to Athletic Revival:

After a long time of staying at home due to the lockdown, when the country started opening up again, Noureddine got in touch with Francisco Martins to help his son.

This happened in November 2020, and Youssef Chermiti hadn’t participated in any competitions since March.

Francisco Martins is a well-known personal trainer highly respected in his field. He has worked with many famous Portuguese players, like Rafael Leão, Ruben Dias, José Fonte, Renato Sanches, André Silva, William Carvalho, and many others.

Moreover, beyond the technical aspects of the game, Noureddine’s guidance played a role in shaping Youssef. As a result, his presence as a loving and supportive father, plus his coaching background, created an environment where Youssef could flourish.

Significantly, in the story of Youssef Chermiti, Noureddine is a central figure who not only ignited his son’s passion for soccer but also provided him with the tools to navigate the challenges and triumphs of his journey.

A photo of Youssef Chermiti's Dad.
A photo of Youssef Chermiti’s Dad. Image Source: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/.

Youssef Chermiti’s Mother:

In like manner, the talented soccer kid’s mother also played an essential role in his life and journey as a soccer player. As a proud Cape Verdean, Youssef’s mother brings a unique cultural perspective and unwavering support to his endeavours.

Moreover, her love and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping Youssef’s path in the world of sports. As a Cape Verdean, she adds a layer of cultural richness to the family’s background, reflecting the diverse tapestry of her heritage.

While her role indirectly connects to the technical aspects of soccer, her presence has likely contributed to Youssef’s holistic development. A mother’s unwavering belief in her child’s potential can instil a strong sense of confidence and determination.

A dazzling photo of Youssef Chermiti's mum.
A dazzling photo of Youssef Chermiti’s mum. Credit: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/

Through her support, Youssef likely found a source of comfort and motivation, particularly during challenging times such as injuries or setbacks.

Similarly, her pride in his accomplishments and understanding of his aspirations may have been a constant reminder of why he pursued his passion with such dedication.

Altogether, in Youssef’s journey, his mother’s influence reminds him of the Power of family support and its impact on an athlete’s development. Her presence is a testament to the fact that a robust support system is integral in nurturing talent and helping it flourish.

Youssef Chermiti Siblings:

We could give more information about his family members if we knew about all his siblings. But Youssef Chermiti has chosen to keep that part of his life private. In addition, his family is more significant than just him. He has siblings who have also done great things in sports.

Consequently, one person to mention is his older sister, Maryam Chermiti. She’s achieved a lot in athletics, showing much of their family values being good at what they do. Youssef and his sister have a powerful bond.

Additionally, he is also essential to his journey, always there to support him. Emphatically, Youssef and his sister have a powerful bond.

A memorable photo of Youssef Chermiti with his sister.
A memorable photo of Youssef Chermiti with his sister. Source: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/.

Maryam Chermiti’s Athletic Achievements:

The alluring Lady, Maryam, is Youssef’s older sister. She has made significant contributions to the world of sports. People know her as a skilled athlete who represented the Portuguese national team in various tournaments from 2015 to 2018.

This involvement showcases her talent and dedication to her chosen sport. Conversely, Maryam’s prowess extends to a particular highlight when she played as a power forward for Uniao Sportiva during the 2017 season of EuroCup Women.

This experience allowed her to shine on a larger stage, demonstrating her skills and determination at a competitive level. So far, Maryam’s achievements underscore the family’s sporting legacy and their shared passion for athleticism.

Consequently, her successes complement Youssef’s journey. It also exemplifies the supportive environment that likely thrives within the Chermiti family. Altogether, Youssef and Maryam represent a family that embraces sports and excels in them.

Generally, their accomplishments collectively reinforce the notion that a commitment to discipline, training, and dedication can lead to remarkable achievements.

A family photo showing Youssef Chermiti's Mum and sister.
A family photo showing Youssef Chermiti’s Mum and sister. Source: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/.

Youssef Chermiti Relatives:

First, being a professional soccer player, the soccer star has kept details about his more prominent family primarily private. Therefore protecting his loved ones from too much public attention.

Even though we don’t know much about his relatives, his extended family members are undoubtedly essential to him. Thus, he might have aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, and possibly people who are part of his family through marriage.

But then, we only have a little bit of information about them. Howbeit, on the positive side, one exciting family member is his cousin, Amine Chermiti, who is also into sports.

A pix of Youssef Chermiti with a few relatives.
A pix of Youssef Chermiti with a few relatives. Credit: Instagram/youssefchermiti79/.

More about Youssef Chermiti Relatives – Cousin:

Amine Chermiti, born on the 26th of December 1987, is a Tunisian footballer. He basically plays as a striker. Consequently, in his career, Chermiti became well-known for his performance in the African Champions League, where he scored eight goals.

Moreover, he helped Étoile Sahel do very well in the AFC Champions League. He also joined Hertha BSC on 6th August 2008 and played his first match the next day in the German Cup.

Rising to his fame, Amine, in January 2019, joined Al-Fayha, a club in Saudi Arabia, and played seven matches during the season but didn’t score. Subsequently, in August 2019, he signed up with Mumbai City FC, a team in the Indian Super League.

A fine pic of Youssef Chermiti's Relatives - Cousin (Amine)
A fine pic of Youssef Chermiti’s Relatives – Cousin (Amine). Source: Wikipedia.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding segment of the biography of this internationally acclaimed soccer sensation, we are about to uncover a series of revelations that might have escaped your attention thus far.

With anticipation building, let us embark on this journey of discovery without any further delay.

Youssef Chermiti FIFA:

His player ratings, attributes, and appearances in FIFA games are updated annually, reflecting the real-world performance and form of the players.

Therefore, Youssef Chermiti’s 2023 best overall Rating is 72. Similarly, his potential is 82. Meanwhile, his best position is the Striking position (ST). On the positive side, he prefers to shoot with his right foot.

Ramalho has shown outstanding play and stability in his play. Subsequently, his Heading Accuracy, Ball Control, Acceleration, Positioning and Power have been topnotch.

Comparatively, despite his excellent play, there is always room for improvement, especially concerning his Interceptions, Crossings and Free Kicks. Summing up, similar players to Youssef include the Argentinian soccer talent Aleji Veliz.

A description of Youssef Chermiti's 2023 FIFA.
A description of Youssef Chermiti’s 2023 FIFA. Image Credit: Sofifa.

Youssef Chermiti Religion:

Considering his ethnic background and that Tunisia is predominantly Muslim, we infer that the talented Portuguese striker likely follows the Islamic faith.

Altogether, in Tunisia, around 98.2 per cent of the population practices Sunni Islam. Sunni Muslims view their branch of Islam as the more widespread and traditional form, in contrast to the smaller Shiʿah denomination.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Youssef Chermiti’s Biography.

Youssef Chermiti's Biography Data.

Full Name:Youssef Ramalho Chermiti
Famous name:Youssef Chermiti
Date of Birth:24th day of May 2004
Age:(19 years and 4 months)
Place of Birth:Vila do Porto, Azores, Portugal
Biological Mother:Mrs Chermiti
Biological Father:Noureddine Chermiti
Sibling:Maryam Chermiti (Sister)
Notable relative(s):Amine Chermiti (Cousin)
Profession:Professional Footballer
Major teams:Os Marienses, ACF Pauleta, GD São Pedro, Sporting CP, Everton and Portugal National Team.
Jersey Number:28 (Everton)
Preferred foot:Right
Sun Sign (Zodiac):Gemini
Hair Color:Black
Skin Colour:Brown
Facial Hair:Clean
Hobbies:Workouts, vacation, Video games, Football, Swimming etc.
Height:1.92 m (6 ft 4 in)
Weight:81 kg (179 lbs)
Salary:€15,000 per week (By Capology with Sporting Lisbon)
Highest Market Value:€3.00m (Tranfermarkt, as of 16th June 2023)
Ethnicity/Race:Portuguese people of Tunisian descent
Residence:North West England

Summary EndNote:

Youssef Ramalho Chermiti, born on the 24th day of May 2004, has swiftly emerged as a promising Portuguese professional footballer, carving his path as a skilled striker in the Premier League with Everton.

During his formative years, Chermiti’s football journey took shape through several youth clubs, including Os Marienses, ACF Pauleta, and GD São Pedro. However, it was in 2016 that he truly began to shine upon entering the esteemed youth academy of Sporting CP.

Sporting CP, renowned for nurturing footballing talents, recognized Chermiti’s potential, leading to a significant milestone on 22 July 2020. On this date, he inked his inaugural professional contract with Sporting, binding him to the club for three seasons.

Although injuries briefly disrupted his ascent, Chermiti persevered through eight months of recovery. By November 2022, he had regained his prowess, impressively training with Sporting’s senior squad.

A significant breakthrough unfolded on 15 January 2023 when Chermiti made his professional debut for Sporting. The match, a riveting 2-2 draw against Benfica in the Primeira Liga, showcased his capabilities on a grand stage.

A new chapter in Chermiti’s career began to unfold on 11 August 2023, as he embarked on an exciting journey with Everton, a prominent club in the Premier League. The Portugal Under-19s international joined the Blues, following Arnaut Danjuma.

Beyond his club exploits, Chermiti’s background is a fascinating blend of diverse origins. Born in Portugal, he also inherits Tunisian heritage from his father and Cape Verdean lineage from his mother. This multicultural heritage lends a unique richness to his identity.

Overall, as he continues to hone his skills on the hallowed grounds of the Premier League with Everton, his story inspires aspiring footballers and enthusiasts alike. Consequently, in his club statement, the 6ft 3 athlete referred to his transfer as fitting and well-timed.

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