Матео Ковачіч Дитяча історія плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

Матео Ковачіч Дитяча історія плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

LB представляє повну історію футбольного генія, який найвідоміший під іменем; "The Prof». Our Mateo Kovacic Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

Аналіз включає історію його життя до слави, сімейного походження, стосунків та багатьох інших фактів про нього (маловідомих).

Історія дитинства Тео Ернандеса плюс невимовні факти біографії

Our Mateo Kovacic Childhood Story is interesting, if not uncommon – it’s a story of a lucky child who escaped being born in war-torn Bosnian and one who became blessed with extraordinary football talent. Тепер без зайвих сумнівів, давайте почнемо.

Mateo Kovacic Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

Mateo Kovacic was born on the 6th of May, 1994 to his mother, Ružica Kovačić, and father, Stipo Kovačić in Linz, Austria. Mateo was born to Bosnian Croatian parents who escaped the bitter Yugoslavia war in the year 1991 and migrated to Linz in Austria.

Mateo Kovacic’s parents; Stipo and Ruzica (pictured below) made a smart decision as regards avoiding their kids being born in war zones of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mateo Kovacic was born as their first son and child.

Мауро Ікарді Дитяча історія плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

Mateo Kovacic was raised in a Catholic family background along with his two lovely sisters namely; Katarina Kovačić and Jelena kovačić. Pictured below are Little Mateo and his beloved sisters.

Mateo Kovacic’s parents notably his mother was the brain behind discovering his son’s career.

While his dad was most time busy with work, his mum laid the foundation for Meteo’s career. This forms a vital memory of his childhood. As Meteo puts it;

I can remember my mother taking me to my first training session. as soon as i performed some skills, everyone realised I was a good player.

I was signed immediately. My dream was always to play for a great team like Real Madrid.

This feat happened in the year 2000 and little Mateo (aged 6) got into the academy roster and served both as a student and a ball boy for LASK Linz.

Антоніо Конте історія дитинства плюс незрозуміла біографія фактів

Mateo Kovacic Biography Facts – The Steven Gerrard Snub:

Almost every kid wishes to have a photo with sports stars or get their autographs. Young Meteo Kovacic once served as a ball boy for his academy’s senior side when Liverpool visited the club’s ground.

After the champions league game, Kovacic ran towards Steven Gerrard, wanting to shake his hand. Unfortunately, Джеррард never paid attention to Mateo thereby breaking his heart. This left poor Mateo with tears.

Nwankwo Kanu Childhood Story Plus Невимовна біографія Факти

Since that day, Little Mateo vowed to work hard to become a professional and to correct the wrongs of the Liverpool legend. He possessed a steely determination to make his dreams come true and his ambitions to turn pro wasn’t just a passing fancy.

As Karma would have it, Liverpool identified Kovacic as a potential Стівен Джеррард replacement in 2015.

His distaste for Стівен Джеррард made him reject the club offer. More on Mateo’s early football career story comes after his relationship life. 

Mateo Kovacic Wife:

Kovacic’s playing ability and potential, as well as his lifestyle off the pitch, build up a complete picture of him.

As he became successful coupled with his gentility, there came a glamorous wag named Izabel falling in love with him.

Mateo Kovacic has been in a stable relationship with his girlfriend, Izabel Andrijanic for several years. Their relationship took them from bestie status and transformed into true love.

How they met: Both lovers met several years ago in a church in Croatia while Meteo was an altar boy and Izabel sang in the choir.

Рональдо Луїс Назаріо де Ліма Дитяча історія Плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

Izabel is one year younger than her man. She is very educated with a degree in Economics. Mateo appreciates her because she is beautiful and well-mannered.

The Marriage: In 2017, both lovers got married. The couple exchanged their vows in St Antunas Church and continued their wedding celebrations at the Westin Hotel in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb.

The selfies, which appear to be taken in their wedding car, show a happy Kovačić in a smart black jacket and a bow-tie with his beautiful bride who was in a lavish white dress.

Даніло Да Сільва Історія дитинства плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

After the wedding, Kovacic posted a photo on his social media account which states;

“My past, my present, my future! #myeverything.”

As regards their hobbies, both lovers enjoy sea boat riding especially during summer holidays.

Role of his Sisters: The secret to Kovacic in having a successful relationship is attributed to his two beloved sisters; Katarina Kovačić and Jelena kovačić. As seen in the photo below, all girls enjoy a happy relationship with each other.

Начо Фернандес Дитяча історія Плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

For Mateo Kovacic, having sisters has helped him learn how to keep a healthy relationship life.

Mateo Kovacic Biography – Career Progression:

Since after his Gerrard neglect, young Kovacic decided to put everything he has into his youth career.

Just a few years after starting his youth career, he had a meteoric rise to the amazement of fans, coaches, and even referees as seen in the photo below.

Алексіс Санчес історія дитинства плюс незрозуміла біографія фактів

As a humble boy, his ability to deal with fame was directly proportional to his ability to handle the ball which was seen even during his trials with the club.

Moving to Croatia:

In 2007, when Kovačić was 13, he was spotted by scouts from several prominent European clubs, including Ajax, Inter Milan, Juventus, and Bayern Munich. That same year, Mateo Kovacic’s dad got a new job in Croatia which was at that time, a stable country.

Алексіс Санчес історія дитинства плюс незрозуміла біографія фактів

The new job made the Kovacic family relocate from Austria to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. The city’s club’s academy, GNK Dinamo Zagreb took advantage of that opportunity and requested the services of Mateo Kovacic.

Kovacic shunned the academies of other top European clubs and decided to join the Croatian giants.

At the club, three years before his senior career, young Mateo met лука Модріч в перший раз. Лука at that time played for GNK Dinamo Zagreb senior side.

Начо Фернандес Дитяча історія Плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

In discussing how significant meeting Modric was, Mateo Kovacic said;

Having the support of a player like Luka Modric was really important for me early on. He was there for two or three years before I met him. He was able to teach me a lot.

At the time they met, лука Модріч was 21 years old. Little did both know that they would become teammates someday.

Nwankwo Kanu Childhood Story Plus Невимовна біографія Факти

However, it was certain Mateo would grow taller than his role model because Лука suffered from growth issues.

Mateo Kovacic Biography – Rise to Fame:

Three years later, Mateo Kovacic ended his youth career with GNK Dinamo Zagreb. He proved to be an instant hit as soon as his senior career begun at Dinamo. Kovacic was seen as a player with an all-around talent.

As he continued to dominate, it didn’t take long before Mateo Kovacic became his nation’s most prized asset. In 2011 he was named ‘Croatian Football Hope of the Year’.

Since after that accolade, a lofty amount of pressure got placed on his shoulders and he handled it well.

Альваро Мората Дитяча історія Плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

After leading his team to win two domestic league titles and two Croatian Cup titles, Mateo Kovacic decided to work his transfer to Inter.

Upon his arrival, Kovačić was given the number 10 shirt, previously worn by Wesley Sneijder.

While at Inter, he bonded well with Inter’s goalkeeper, Самір Handanovic who spoke practically the same language with him. Below is a photo of both friends.

Історія дитинства Маріо Балотеллі Плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

Mateo Kovacic Real Madrid Story:

While at Inter, he was again subjected to persistent transfer speculation. Inter at that time was forced to sell Kovačić to Real Madrid due to Financial Fair Play regulations.

This was a time Liverpool came calling which brought back old memories of Steven Gerrard’s rejection. Hence Kovacic decided to join Real Madrid.

Mateo Kovacic felt joyous as was welcomed by the President of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez.

Історія дитинства Тео Ернандеса плюс невимовні факти біографії

The Croatian crack arrived in Madrid accompanied by his family and spectacular girlfriend (not married by then) Izabel Andrijanic, who stole the show at the presentation of her boyfriend at the Bernabéu.

Mateo Kovacic Personal Life:

  • As regards his likes, Mateo Kovacic loves gardening, romance, high-quality clothes, working with his hands, and most importantly, playing snooker as seen below.

  • Mateo Kovacic’s personal life involves thinking the African way. In his words;

“I don’t cook and I never will. It isn’t my job, it is the woman’s. My job is to bring money home and make life easier for my family.”

  • On his priorities, Kovacic has this to say. In his words;

“It is true, football is not the most important thing in my life. It is more important for me to be a good and honest man and to have a family of my own.”

  • Kovačić is nicknamed “Il Professore»(Професор). This name comes as a result of his deep-lying playmaking roles. Mateo is seen as a mixture of Clearance Seedorf and Ricardo Kaka.
Мауро Ікарді Дитяча історія плюс Невимовна біографія Факти

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