Каи Хавертз Прича о дјетињству Плус Унтолд Биографија Чињенице

Каи Хавертз Прича о дјетињству Плус Унтолд Биографија Чињенице

Наша биографија Каи Хавертз-а говори вам чињенице о његовој причи из детињства, раном животу, родитељима, породици, девојци, супрузи, аутомобилима, начину живота, нето вредности, као и многим неиспричаним истинама.

In simple terms, it is a breakdown of the German’s Personal Life, starting from his earliest days to when he became Famous. Before we start, here is a progressive photo of his Bio, one that tells the story, from his baby face looks, to when he became a Chelsea player.

Yes, you and I know he is technically gifted- a complete player who is comfortable with the ball on either foot not forgetting aerial abilities. However, just only a few fans have seen the complete Biography of Kai Havertz – which we’ve prepared. Now without further ado, let’s begin with the story of his early years.

Каи Хавертз Прича из детињства:

For Biography Starters, the German bears the nickname ‘Alleskönner’ which means ‘Jack of all trades’. Каи Хавертз је рођен 11. јуна 1999. године од мајке, адвоката и оца, полицајца, у граду Аацхен, Немачка. Рођен је као треће дете и други син из заједнице родитеља.

Каи Хавертз је одрастао заједно са својом браћом и сестрама, сестром по имену Леах и братом који се зове Јан. Као последње рођено дете из породице Хавертз, према Каи-у се поступало с апсолутном пажњом и снажном емоционалном везом између њега и сваког његовог домаћинства.

Despite the demanding occupation of Kai Havertz’s parents (Law and Policing), football has always been the joint equation shared among members of his household. We’ll shed more light on this in the later part of our Bio.

Породично порекло Каи Хавертз:

Прво и најважније, потиче из удобног домаћинства средње класе. Некада је особа која ради као адвокат у Немачкој обично зарађивала око 86,040 ЕУР годишње (Извештај о платама-Екплорер). This is an estimation of Kai Havertz mother’s earnings.

С друге стране (са његовим оцем), просечна плата немачког полицајца износи 32,500 ЕУР (Извештај о платној скали). With these stats, you’ll agree with me that Kai Havertz’s parents, no doubt, operated what we refer to as a comfortable middle-class home.

Породица Каи Хавертз:

The German national of white ethnicity has his ancestry roots from the village of Mariadorf, just north of Aachen. In case you didn’t know, Aachen is the westernmost city in Germany, located near the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands.


What no one has told you about Kai’s birthplace, Aachen:

Did you know?… The city was a victim of one the World’s largest Urban Battle often known as ‘Битка код Ахена‘. During World War II, the US defeated German forces in the city, making it the first city on German soil to ever get captured. That’s enough of history!

Како је фудбал почео за Каи Хавертз:

Right from the onset, policing and law wasn’t just the major occupation in his family. Kai Havertz’s parents also had one special person in their household (Kai’s Granddad, Richard) who does most of taking care of the baby of the house- Kai.

Деда Ричард је био бивши фудбалер и тренер због којег се цела породица заљубила у игру. Did you know?… It wasn’t just his grandad Richard, even Kai Havertz’s dad was once involved in football (amateur level). Truly, non-footballing activities didn’t cause much distraction as everyone in Havertz family were football crazy.

Рано образовање:

Being a law enforcement officer with busy schedules, Kai’s dad left much of the upbringing of his son to his own father, Richard. When the time was right, Grandpa Richard introduced his grandson to the beautiful game.

Поред тога, затварање породичне куће to a football field used by a local team certainly helped ignite Kai’s passion for football. Here is what the German once said about his Grandpa, Dad and brother who helped him fall in love with the game.

“My grandpa really got me into playing football,” Havertz once told bundesliga.com. He continied…

Помогао ми је да учиним прве кораке. Очигледно су се и мој отац и брат потрудили да ме тамо однекуд играју у раној младости.

У мојој породици су сви били луди за фудбалом, а ми смо били само фудбалско домаћинство.

We loved football and everything revolving around it. I grew up with the game and that’s how this passion developed.”

Рани живот у каријери:

In the little village of Mariadorf, young Havertz will almost every day move 100 metres from his family home to go play football under Granddad’s guidance. Sometimes both of them would practice at home or in their family’s garden.

У неком тренутку постало је природно да четворогодишњи Хавертз почне да игра за свој локални тим Алеманниа Мариадорф након што је разумео спорт - а све захваљујући свом деди који је то морао учинити, да је Каи одрастао у фудбалера .

Perhaps you never know… Kai’s grandfather, Richard Havertz, was the long-time chairman at the youth club- Alemannia Mariadorf. Even those who knew him have said he passed on his own gift for the game to his grandson. Because Kai was that good, he got positioned in an age group which is two years above his.

Каи Хавертз Пут до славе Биографија:

By the time Havertz was aged nine, his family initiated the processes of contacting football teams where he could have a more competitive career, especially at a youth club outside the comforts of his home and his Grandpa’s club.

In the year 2009 – aged 10 – he joined Alemannia Aachen, the biggest club in his region. The youngster only lasted for one year at Aachen, though, not because he wasn’t good enough, but because he had shown he was too good and above the level of the club. At the time be began helping the club collect medals, football Scouts began taking Kai seriously.

Судбина Баиер 04 Леверкусен:

While still at Alemannia Aachen, Kai had a performance against Leverkusen, a feat that changed his destiny. As expected, he was man of the match. His opponent’s youth coach, Slawomir Czarniecki, saw himself initiating a transfer for Kai.

Kai (a year younger than his teammates) was playing for Alemannia Aachen’s under-12s against Leverkusen’s under-12s. After scoring 3 goals in an 8-3 demolition, Slawomir Czarniecki, the youth coach at the Bay-Arena did everything possible for Leverkusen to sign him.

Каи Хавертз Прича о успеху:

While at the age of 11, Kai saw himself becoming a Bayer 04 Leverkusen player. Right from his first day, he began to make a mark with the club- demonstrating top-notch skill and unrivalled abilities. His efforts earned him the nickname ‘Alleskönner’ meaning ‘Jack of all trades’ and at that time, he was very short.

Висок раст помешан са слатком славом:

Early on into his Bayer 04 Leverkusen career, the left-footed playmaker had overcome every obstacle in his path except one thing- his body – which made life so hard for him. The Kai came through teething and overgrowth problems of seeing especially his legs growing longer and too fast. The gifted Youngster even with that still helped his club win the German U17 title in 2016 (18 goals in 26 games).

Девет месеци након тријумфа, Каи је почео да игра у првом тиму заједно са својим партнером у злочину Јулиан Брандт. Upon his first game, Kai’s teammates became astonished- seeing that they had a rare talent right in front of their eyes.

At 19, he helped pushed Bayern Leverkusen into the Champions League and at 21, he became a true leader- wearing the captain’s armband. At the time of writing Kai Havertz’s Bio, he just became Frank Lampard’s Цхелсеа шесто потписивање после Тимо Вернер, Хаким Зииецх, Бен Цхилвелл, Тхиаго Силва и Маланг Сарр. Нема сумње, навијачи Челсија зачас би га видели како показује свој астрономски таленат. Остало је, како ми кажемо, сада историја.

Љубавна прича:

There is a saying that behind a successful man, there is always a woman. In Kai Havertz’s case, there exists a glamorous WAG who in no time would become his wife. Here, we’ll bring you facts about his dating history and current relationship status.

About Kai Havertz’s Girlfriend:

За почетак, није познато да немачки момак у животу има ниједну жену пре него што је упознао своју прелепу девојку која се зове Сопхиа.

Kai met and fell in love with this damsel during his mid years with Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Both lovers strike many as a good match and it seems they might possibly take their relationship to the next level. This literally means; Sofia is likely to be Kai Havertz’s wife.

Presently as I write, the love birds have no son(s) or daughter(s) out of wedlock. But judging by the way they glue to each other, it is certain that taking his girlfriend to the alter for a wedding would be Kai’s next formal step.

Личне животне чињенице:

Због чега Каи Хавертз крчи? Sit back as we bring you makings of his personality to help you get a complete picture of him. To begin with, Havertz’s persona is a blend of Gemini zodiac traits and his love for animals is out of this world.

Каже се да је лојалност у модерној фудбалској игри мало или нимало. Ово, међутим, не узима у обзир постојаност коју деле Каи и његов пас који је изгледа његов најбољи друг. С њим иде свуда и навијачи Челсија су узбуђени кад виде да долази у Лондон.

Каи Хавертз Лифестиле:

Анализе његових плата и начина трошења откривају да Каи живи животним стилом у складу са својим могућностима. Докази о таквом начину живота одражавају његову кућу, колекцију аутомобила и способност да проводи одморе на посебним местима.

Kai Havertz’s Car:

Away from seeing him kick the ball, The Chelsea Star does drives the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, sometimes called G-Wagen. Did you know?… the car’s manufactures have their headquarters in Stuggart, which is Timo Werner’s birth city.

Породични живот Каи Хавертз:

Often times, the pressure is off last borns in terms of having to meet their parents’ high expectations. Having devoting Kai to the custody of his Grandpa has thus made him get success in his own way. In this section, we tell you more about Kai Havertz’s parents and the rest of his family.

About Kai Havertz’s Father:

The head of the household was once a football at an amateur level before switching jobs, to become a policeman. Hanging his boots prematurely wasn’t what he wanted and today, he is proud to see his last-born child living his dreams. He shares a close bond with his dad whom he credits for being of great support and instrumental to his breakthrough in football.

About Kai Havertz’s Mother:

Као немачки правник, вероватно ћемо видети како Каи добија најбоље савете на страни закона. Каи приписује признање својој великој мами и адвокату што су га упорно опомињали да буде понизан и усредсређен посебно у свом образовању.

Мајка троје деце је рано обезбедила да Каи задовољи захтеве који су му потребни да заврши средњошколску диплому - што је и урадио 2018. Стога је млади Немац пресудно време провео ван терена завршавајући средњу школу како би удовољио мами . Сматрајући ово време најтежим тренутком у својој каријери, Немац је једном рекао;

“My secondary school exams came at the same time as playing in the German DFB Cup. I had an exam on Wednesday after an away game on the Tuesday evening. That game went to extra time and penalties.  Getting home relatively late, I realize there was an exam the next day. I don’t want to talk about how the exam went”

About Kai Havertz’s Siblings:

The footballer has a brother and sister who looks way much older than him. Pictured below, Kai Havertz’s brother Jan, appears to be the eldest of the family. Leah Havertz on the other hand appears to be the only sister of the footballer.

Без много сумње, Каи ужива у блиским односима и са старијим братом и са сестром.

About Kai Havertz’s Relatives:

Away from Havertz’s immediate family, the most popular remains his grandfather named Richard Havertz. Little documentation exist about his uncles, anuts and other grandparents.

Каи Хавертз Неиспричане чињенице:

Да завршимо наше мемоаре, ево мало познатих или неиспричаних чињеница које ретко видите у његовом биографском тексту.

Чињеница бр. 1: Анализа плата и зарада у Челсију у секундама:

ТЕНУРЕ / САЛАРИЗарада у фунтама (£)
Годишње£ 7,291,200
Месечно£ 607,600
Недељно£ 140,000
Дневно£ 20,000
На сат£ 833
По минути£ 13.8
Пер Сецондс£ 0.23

Просечна особа у Великој Британији требало би да ради 19 година и 11 месеци да би зарадила оно што Каи сваког месеца одводи кући за ФЦ Цхелсеа. Пронађите доле, његове зараде како сат откуцава.

То је оно што Каи Хавертз је зарадио откако сте почели да гледате његову биографију.

£ 0

Чињеница бр. 2: ФИФА-ина признања:

као Марц-Андре тер Стеген и Тхомас Муллер, атрибути Хавертза на ФИФА-и су добро постављени. Нема сумње, он је међу најбољим младим играчима који су потписали режим каријере.

Чињеница бр. 3: Љубав према клавиру:

Далеко од фудбала, Хавертз се заокупља играњем инструмента за који верује да је добар за његов мозак и укупну интелигенцију.

Чињеница бр. 4: Каи Кавертз Религија:

Like most children from Archen, Kai Havertz’s parents did raised him in adherence to Christianity religious doctrines. Did you know?… his middle name ‘Lukas’ has the Biblical meaning, which means ‘Luminous’ or ‘white’.



У ствари, улога деде Ричарда била је да воли и негује своје унуке. Као дете, мали Каи је имао користи од тога и данас уживамо у њему. Истину говорећи, биографија Каи Хавертз-а нас учи да се марљивост и доследност исплаћују. Верујемо да овај атрибут потиче од његових родитеља. Провевши ово време са нама, љубазно нам реците шта мислите о биографији немачког фудбалера у одељку за коментаре.

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