Boulaye Dia Childhood Story Plus Faʻamatalaga Tala Faasolopito

Boulaye Dia Childhood Story Plus Faʻamatalaga Tala Faasolopito

Our Boulaye Dia Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family (+ Brothers), Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In the nutshell, this is the complete history of a one-time electrician who later began electrifying Ligue XNUMX with goals. We begin from the boyhood days to when he became famous. To whet your autobiography appetite, find here, the summary of his life trajectory — a clear summary Boulaye Dia’s Bio.

The complete Biography of Boulaye Dia.
The complete Biography of Boulaye Dia.

Yes, most football fans only got to know him in the XNUMX/XNUMX – just at the time his name got popular as a goal scoring machine. However, just few fans know the life story behind the forward. We have taking our time to prepare it – for the love of football. Now without further ado, lets begin.

Boulaye Dia Childhood Story:

Boulaye Dia was born on the XNUMXth day of November XNUMX in Oyonnax, the second most populated commune in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in eastern France. The French born footballer is the last born child of his family. He is the youngsest son (all boys) born of the union between his parents.

Tuputupu ae:

The Reims striker grew up in the industrial valley of Oyonnax along side his big brothers. From left to right, they include; Harouna, Boulaye (our focus), Abou and Diak. The bond between the brothers new no bounds. From the onset, all the boys knew each other by heart. They have been united from the day of their birth.

Here are the brothers; Harouna (far left), Boulaye (our man), Abou (right) and Diak (far right)
Here are the brothers; Harouna (far left), Boulaye (our man), Abou (right) and Diak (far right)

Boulaye Dia Family Background:

The footballer comes from a poor family background. Research has it that Boulaye Dia’s father played as an amateur footballer in Senegal. This was before his fled the country to France – to seek a better living. According to Boulaye’s eldest brother, Harouna, their Dad never wanted to become a professional.

During his Boulaye Dia’s childhood days, his family members shared a small apartment where they carved out living room spaces. The fact that all four four brothers shared a single small bedroom signifies his Dad and Mum weren’t that rich.

Boulaye Dia Family Origin:

Although born in France, many fans are aware Dia is of Senegalese descent. However, what is lesser known is Oyonnax, the town his mother had him.

As viewed from the map above, the commune is just XNUMX hr XNUMX min (XNUMX km) drive away from Geneva, Switzerland. Also, the French city of Lyon is the closest to Oyonnax – XNUMX hr XNUMX min drive (XNUMX km). Oyonnax is an industrial town in the east of France.


Research has it that as a child, there was an idea of his Dad and Mum not wanting to see Dia compromise basic education for unimportant things like sports. For this reason, football became secondary. There are no records of Dia going to school, but we do know he had some sort of technical education.

Boulaye Dia’s Untold Football Story:

From the onset, there were no such things like the quest to become a pro in soccer. Even as a child, only his big brothers engage with football. The fear of seeiing their Dad having a failed soccer career alerted the boys of the risks.

However, the destiny to become a professional in football came in a devine way. Once upon a time, luck fell in Boulaye Dia’s family as they got selected to play a XNUMX-player competition. We refer to it as the Oyonnax neighbourhood tournament.

While every member of the family agred, Boulaye’s Dad refused. According to Harouna his eldest brother;

“Our father was not keen on participating. we forced him a bit. While On the road, he thought about it and rejected the idea. he got nervous and turned around.”

After much talking him into it, Boulaye’s Dad and his four brothers fielded in. They were accompained by a friend who stayed at the goal post. To the joy of his everyone, Boulaye Dia’s family won the tournament after facing and winning numerous opponents.

Uluaʻi Olaga Galuega:

After the tournament, a leader of Plastics Vallée FC, the city’s flagship club, went up to negotiate with Boulaye Dia’s parents from the final whistle. Following successful talks, his big brothers (Harouna and Abou) sign their first youth contract. Our very own Boulaye followed suit sometime later. Pictured below, he took his time before enrolling for Plastics Vallee FC.

At the end of the day, after the boys got back from training, they would each discuss their exploits. While everyone said sweet things about their performance, Boulaye wasn’t allowed to speak. This was because his brothers felt and knew he had not performed well. While always keeping him silent, Boulaye once told his brothers;

You all will see someday. If there is one who succeeds in Football, it will be me.

Truly, the youngster never lied. Little did any one knew he would (in years time) join the likes of Kaleidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy and a host of others in becoming the face of the senegal national team.

Through football, Boulaye became the sole breadwinner of his family. Sadly, all his big brothers (Harouna, Abou and Diak) never reached the professional world. Football was a waste of time for them but a big source of motivation for Boulaye. We’ll tell you how the Senegalese achieved success in the next section of his Life Story.

Boulaye Dia Biography – Road to Fame Story:

The family breadwinner grew up into an observer of his big brothers. Of course, he considers Harouna, Abou and Diak as his role models. Among everything they did, he drew only the best. Boulaye was a smart kid who saw mistakes that killed his brothers careers and learned to avoid such. He kept his ambition at the back of his mind.

Mixing Factory and Amateur Football:

Before exploding in Reims, Boulaye Dia was wise enough to look for an alternative should in case football fails work out. During his teenage years, he became an electrician. Even as a teenager, the wise boy employed the concept of time management. This was seen in his routine of working for an electrical factory and also playing amateur football.

Failed Trials and the Thought of Giving Up on Football:

At XNUMX, he tried his hand at Saint-Étienne, thou failed. An inconclusive tests at Olympique Lyonnais followed. With the approval of his family, he travelled a XNUMX km journey to Wales – for a trial at Wrexham A.F.C. Sadly, that turned our to be another failure.Having seen he could not move pass amateur football, Boulaye considered giving up on the game.

Just at the time the striker was on the verge of hanging up his boots, a close friend to his parents (by name; Guy Herbain) spoke to him in a harsh tone. In his words;

“This is the only time I saw someone speaking to me very badly. He told me he saw me as a fool, who would only keep fooling around, not to stop, if I hang my boots.

That my brothers had already wasted their potential…and it will be my turn if I giveup”

Boulaye Dia Bio – The Success Story:

After hearing the last member of his family was to give up, the assistant coach of Plastics Vallée FC interveined. He offered Boulaye a fixed-term contract, which relaunched him back to football.

Still in the absence of a pro club, he was allowed to later join the hope center of Jura Sud, XNUMX km from his family home. After three seasons, Dia became already for the club’s senior team debut. He began on a humble note in the Championnat National XNUMX (fourth tier of French League system). In the XNUMX/XNUMX season, Dia scored XNUMX goals in XNUMX appearances.

Moving on to greater height, the rising star signed a professional contract with Stade de Reims on XNUMX July XNUMX – after a successful debut season with Jura Sud Foot. He only played six matches before he he shiped to become a first choice striker for the senior squad.

Since the XNUMX-XNUMX season, the goal scoring machine has never looked back. The poacher has showed a fantastic leap and a determined attitude. As at the time of writing Boulaye Dia’s Bio, he ranks the highgest goal scorer in the French Ligue XNUMX – with only Kylian Mbappe scoring more. This feat has made big clubs all over Europe beg for his signature.

According to Butfootballclub website, Stade de Reims will not necessarily have the knife under its throat to sell Boulaye Dia – a target of OM, and a host of premier league clubs. Which ever way things turns out, fans belive he is up to the task ahead. For the family, it is mission accomplished, reputation installed and destiny finally delivered. The rest, as they say, is history.

Does Boulaye Dia have a Girlfriend or Wife to be?

Are you here to get info about the Senegalese striker in love? Do have a burning desire to discover who is Boulaye Dia’s girlfriend? So are we. With his growing popularity and good looks, it is certain that the forward would attracts female fans who consider themselves as wife materials.

Lifebogger can conclusively says that Boulaye Dia is not married (as at the start of XNUMX). Also he might have a girlfriend approved by his parents as the future mother of his kids. But considering he is a late boomer, he truly need to aviod the glossy magazines. The striker (as at January XNUMX) has adopted all means to make his relationship private.

Boulaye Dia Olaga Patino:

In this section, we’ll help you get to know the striker’s personality – away from football. Starting off, he is someone who never forgetting where he comes from and we have proof of that.

Once upon a time, Boulaye Dia went to visit his ex-work buddies at GMC. This is a plastics manufacturing and trading plant where he worked before becoming a soccer superstar.

Upon reaching there, he first went straight into greet his former colleagues, rather than coming directly to see the boss of the company. It is not because they had a quarrel. It is just something about his humility.

Back then at the factory, Boulaye was a model employee and a real hard worker. People who know him would say he is very punctual, does not count his hours and able to adapt to all sutyations. After work, he takes his golden feet for training sessions where he prepares for the professional world.

Boulaye Dia Lifestyle:

Looking simple and smart is something many football fans aspire. Senegal’s very own Dia keeps true to themselves through his awesome collection of simple wears matched with cool sneakers. Outside football, he lives a simple lifestyle and NOT one easily noticeable by expensive cars, big houses, buzz, girls, parties etc.

At the age of XNUMX, Boulaye has the hobbies of the modern generation. Like most stars, he does loves to play video games and fancies watching the NBA.

Boulaye Dia Net Worth:

Considering his senior career only started at XNUMX, it is fairly easy to weigh the value of his non-financial and financial assets – especially as we know his salary at Stade de Reims. As at the start of XNUMX, Boulaye Dia’s net worth is valued at XNUMX Euros. This figure is set to increase as we keep tabs of the fast-rising transfer speculations surrounding him.

Boulaye Dia Family Life:

By now, we are all aware the goal scoring maching isn’t the a son of a rich man and also never grew up having things at his beck and call. Boulaye comes from an ultra-united Senegalese family. In this section, we’ll tell you what we know about his household.

About Boulaye Dia’s Parents:

From the onset, they were of the view that their sons hold on to at least something (not football) even thou of little substance – that would help them survive life. For this reason Boulaye Dia became a holder of a professional baccalaureate in electricity at the age of eighteen years. If football had not worked, he would have still survived life.

According to IGFM Senegal, Boulaye Dia’s mother has never worked and his Dad faced health problems which prevented him from becoming a footballer. It was hard for him to deal with retirement from football. Without doubt, the father four would be glad his last born son is living his sporting dreams.

About Boulaye Dia’s Brothers:

The professional footballer who plays as a forward for Senegal comes from a home of Testosterones. Even thou they clung to a dream of becoming footballers, there is no regrets having failed careers because one of them (their youngest) made it.

Here are the brothers; Harouna (far left), Boulaye (our man), Abou (right) and Diak (far right)

In an interview with Boulaye Dia’s Brothers, one of his elder ones, Abou Dia once said;

“Since we were little, we have promised each other things that should exists between brothers. That is love!

We have been through hardship, I can’t say everything. We are always there for our little one who made it, ”

As a professional footballer with baccalaureate as an electrician in his pocket, Boulaye Dia takes care of his brothers, parents, uncles, aunt and other relatives who live in Oyonnax and Senegal.

Boulaye Dia Untold Fact:

Rounding up our story on the history and the fabulous destiny of forward, we present you some truths you might not know.

Mea moni # 1 - Salary Breakdown and Earnings per Seconds:

TULAGA / TAIMITupe Maua I Euro (€)Earnings in West African CFA (SAY-fuh) franc.
Tausaga€ 572,880CFA XNUMX
Masina Per€ 47,740CFA XNUMX
I le vaiaso€ 11,000CFA XNUMX
O le Aso€ 1,571CFA XNUMX
Per itula€ 65CFA XNUMX
I le Minute€ 1CFA XNUMX
Per Sekone€ 0.01CFA XNUMX

Since you started viewing Boulaye Dia's Bio, o le mea lea na ia mauaina.

€ 0

Na e iloa?… The average Senegalese who earns XNUMX CFA/Month would need to work for a whooping XNUMX years to make CFA XNUMX. This is what Boulaye Dia earns a day with Stade de Reims.


Many thanks for taking our time to read the Life Story of Boulaye Dia. In the course of our research, we found out that his Biography has an inportant lesson about the word – Hope. Because Boylaye aspired like Sadio Mane, he was able to see light among all the darkness which came his way. As I write his Bio, he has become a Jewel made in Ligue XNUMX.

The former electrician woudn’t have seen success if not for his brothers – Harouna, Abou and Diak. Despite giving up on their careers, the boys created a path for Boylaye. As a wise boy, he learnt from the mistakes of his brothers, took his chances and grew above factory work and amateur football. It was hard for one of his parents – his Dad – to deal with having a failed career. Thankfully, his last son restored his old dream.

At Lifebogger we care about the accuracy of our biographical contents. If you come across something that doesnt look right on this article, kindly contact us. Otherwise, tell us what you think about the French Genius of Senegalese family origin. Finally, to get a summary tour on Boulaye Dia’s Bio, use our Wiki Table.

Igoa Uma:Boulaye Dia
tausaga:24 tausaga ma 3 masina le matua.
Aso fanau:XNUMXth November, XNUMX.
Nofoaga fanau ai:Oyonnax, France.
Matua:Mr and Mrs Dia.
Uso:Harouna, Abou and Diak.
Tupuaga o aiga:Senegal.
Maualuga i vae:XNUMXfeet XNUMX inches.
Height in Metre:1.80 m
Tagata Ofisa:Frédéric Guerra.
Net Net:XNUMX Euros (XNUMX Stats).
Taʻalo tulaga:Forward.

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