Sami Khedira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Sami Khedira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius who is best known by the name; “Sami“. Our Sami Khedira Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date. The analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF-Pitch facts little known about him.

Yes, everyone knows he is a dynamic and well-rounded midfielder. However, only a hand few fans know much about Sami Khedira’s Bio which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, let’s Begin.

Sami Khedira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Early Life

Sami Khedira was born on the 4th day of April 1987 in Stuttgart, Germany. Sami was born to his German mother, Doris Khedira who hails from Stuttgart area and a Tunisian father, Lazhar Khedira who hails from Hammamet, a town in Tunisia. Below is a photo of his lovely parents.

Sami Khedira's Mum and Dad

The idea that Sami would be born started when his mum Doris took a holiday to North Africa. While in the vacation town of Hammamet, she met Lazhar Khedira whom she described as her holiday love. Lazhar was in his early twenties at that time. Their love continued while she left for Germany. To avoid distance relationship, both lovers kept on visiting each other, touring between Germany and Tunisia.

One day, Sami’s dad’s visa expired while he was in Germany. Upon his visa expiration, he refused to leave the country, instead opting to force his engagement and tie the knots with Dorris. The Sami Khedira the world know of today was born a few years later.

Sami grew up in Stuttgart with his two brothers who had different interest in their career choice. Rani, the youngest followed his eldest brother’s (Sami) footsteps in becoming a footballer while Denny concentrated in education where he became an academic genius. Pictured below is a young Sami and his two kid brothers, Rani at the right and Denny at the left.

Sami Khedira Brothers- Denny and Rani

Growing up, their parents shaped their values especially on how to respect their elders. While as a child, Sami’s family used to spend five weeks in Tunisia every summer. It is pertinent to note that Sami’s first experience with football came from his holidays at Tunisia.

Sami Khedira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Rise to Fame

Khedira honed his football skills on the Tunisian beaches when he would go on holiday there as a teenager. This made him a local hero in his father’s African homeland. Getting back to Germany, Sami would showcase the skills he had learnt in Africa with local kids in his school.

While he was 8 in the year 1995, his father decided to allow him to join the Stuttgart’s youth team. Playing at the German club did not stop Sami from returning to Morocco to play with his peers on their field. Their Tunisian field sometimes became overgrown with bushes peering over the walls.

The Injury: Sami’s career came to a standstill when he was 17. He had a serious knee problem which made him almost lost hope in football. He was in excruciating pain and the doctors once told him his injury wasn’t looking good in terms of continuing his career. Sami quickly went into months of rehab which despite bringing uncertainty, shaped him thanks to family support.

In retrospect, this became his first big step toward becoming an adult. After the second operation to his legs, there was hope as those moments he thought of giving up became over.

How Sami Khedira Overcame Health Issues during his Youth Career

He went back to continue his football with his VfB Stuttgart team where he teamed up with teammate Mario Gomez to win the Bundesliga title in 2007.

How Sami Khedira won his First Trophy at VfB Stuttgart

Fame again came when Sami captained German Under 21 side which won the 2009 European Championship, beating England 4-0 in the final. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Sami Khedira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Relationship Life

Behind the successful German there were wags who came to steal his heart. Sami Khedira first known relationship was with beautiful German model Lena Gercke.

How Sami Khedira fell in love with Lena Gercke

The two have been a pair since May of 2011 and were featured together on the cover of GQ Magazine. Taking the adorable photo shoot was how they made their relationship public, thus making the press to termed them as the German Beckhams.

Two Love Birds- The story of Sami Khedira and Lina GerkeAccording to Following Real Madrid, Khedira’s model girlfriend became a celebrity at just 18 years old when she won the first season of Germany’s Next Top Model. After the show, she was mostly out of the spotlight until she began dating Khedira.

In 2012, the couple got engaged. Sami Khedira and Lena Gercke seemed madly in love and their engagement dominated the pages of Bild and other tabloid newspapers

Why Sami Khedira brokeup with girlfriend Lina after engagement

Year after year they shone by each other’s sides. There was no hint of trouble for the busy model and the midfielder, until May 2015 when poor Sami’s heart got broken.

Sami Khedira's HeartBreak- The Untold Story

According to German tabloid Bild, their diverging plans for the future were the cause of the breakup. Khedira, as at that time transferred from Real Madrid to Juventus and wanted to have a family with Lena. Lena, on the other hand, was not yet ready for a temporary pause in her own career. After all, she wants to follow in the footsteps of her role model Heidi Klum and there is no room for pregnancy and changing diapers. Both lovers ended up separating and remaining as good friends.

Relationship with Stefanie Giesinger (2015) – Sami’s next move after the breakup was to go for another German model. It didn’t take long before he got spotted in Turin with beautiful Stefanie Giesinger in December 2015. This gave wind to their dating rumours.

Sami Khedira's Relationship with Stefanie Giesinger

Stefanie was the wag Juve cameras focused on as she watched her man him play his football. In 2016, she ended her publicity relationship with Sami after Sami started moving out with Adriana Lime whom he saw as the perfect person to help him get over missing out on Euro 2016. Below is Sami and his Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima.

Sami Khedira finally finds love in Adriana Lima- The Untold Story

Since when Sami’s relationship with Adriana Lima started, little has been seen or heard about his relationship with other ladies. Some fans have suggested he is pretty much comfortable with her.

Sami Khedira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Family Life

Just like İlkay Gündoğan and Mesut Ozil, Sami’s family is well respected in German as far as German football is concerned. Below is his father and his two footballing sons.

Sami Khedira's Father with his sons

Tunisia back then was a poor nation as asides loving Dorris, it was the reason why Lazhar Khedira left the country for Germany. As regards his dad’s family, Sami once said;

“My dad had eight siblings and the whole family lived in a tiny apartment. My dad had to leave school at the age of ten and immediately began earning money.”

Back in Tunisia, the rest of Sami’s entire family lives there. His grandma and my grandpa live there as well as seven aunts and one uncle. Sami has lost count of the number of Cousins he has got. Reports suggest he has over 40 cousins scattered around the world.

Hammamet in Tunisia has received an enormous boost through tourism. Appreciating his father’s origin, Sami said…

Sami Khedira's Stories of Hammamet, Tunisia

‘Hammamet for me is a beautiful place for vacation. I really love to go there and visit my family. I like to relax on the beaches and to get away from my daily routine. It is the perfect place for a retreat, where I can feel at home.’

Brother: Sami grew up in Stuttgart playing football with his younger brother Rani Khedira during their childhood. Following his brother’s footsteps, Rani is now a professional footballer and currently plays for FC Augsburg.

Sami Khedira's Kid Brother- Rani Khedira

Due to his Tunisian father, Rani is eligible to play for Tunisia. However, he rejected the requests to play for the national team from the Tunisian FA.

While Sami and Rani are into football, their other brother, Denny Khedira is an academic genius who had studied sports Management so he can apply the knowledge to manage the career of his brothers.

Things to know about Sami Khedira's Kid Brother, Denny- The Academic Genius

Denny holds the award for “Best Graduating Student” in Sports Management from the University of Hohenheim located in his hometown, Stuttgart, Germany.

Sami Khedira Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Personal Life

  • Sami’s favourite car is the Audi Q7.

Sami Khedira's Lifestyle

  • Sami Khedira dislikes career inactivity, delays, work that does not use one’s talents. Career inactivity was the reason why he left Real Madrid to Juventus.
  • The presence of Sami as regards lifestyle and career always mark the beginning of something energetic and turbulent.
  • Khedira loves Hammamet but doesn’t consider it home. He feels more at home in Germany. In his words…

‘Although Hammamet is not my home, it is the hometown of my father so it is also important for me.’

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