Rico Lewis Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Rico Lewis Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Rico Lewis Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Rick Lewis (Father), Stephanie Lewis (Mother), Family Background, Siblings – Sacha Lewis (Sister), etc.

This article on Lewis also breaks down the details of his English and Jamaican Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Education, Hometown, etc.

Again, we’ll unveil the Personal Life, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Salary of the Man City Teenage Wonder.

In a nutshell, this memoir breaks down the Full History of Rico Lewis.

This is the story of the famous son of a retired Thai-Boxing Champion. Having a Dad like Rick shaped Rico’s character, including his outlook on life.

We’ll give you the story of a footballer who grew up practising Thai Boxing from the age of four.

As seen here, Rico practised under the tutelage of his celebrity dad, who is a retired Ex-British lightweight champion.

Thanks to his dad Rick, Rico's early exposure to boxing helped him, including his football career.
Thanks to his dad Rick, Rico’s early exposure to boxing helped him, including his football career.


This article on Rico Lewis’ Biography commences by highlighting significant events of his formative years in both boxing and football.

Subsequently, LifeBogger will elaborate on the Athlete’s initial foray into football with Man City’s academy. Most notably, we will divulge how the English prodigy attained stardom in the beautiful game.

LifeBogger aims to stimulate your interest in reading autobiographies as you peruse this article on Rico Lewis’ Bio.

To achieve this goal, let’s reveal this collection of photographs that showcase the early life and rise of the footballer from Bury, Greater Manchester.

Indeed, Rico has made remarkable progress on his amazing life journey.

Rico Lewis Biography - From his Early Years to the moment he achieved Fame.
Rico Lewis Biography – From his Early Years to the moment he achieved Fame.

Yes, everyone knows the Athlete looks pretty positionally flexible, just like Reece James and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Wait a minute!… Have you noticed that recently, the Premier League, due to a new tactical shift, has seen a rise of wing-backs?

Man City fans are super excited to be blessed with a new wing-back in him. The supporters are grateful to see Rico, alongside other youngsters like Cole Palmer, having minutes.

When you look at the age of Kyle Walker, you can tell how lucky Rico Lewis is to have come into the Man City senior squad (at the right time).

While writing, we found a knowledge deficit in content about England’s right-backs. Truth be told, not many football fans have read a comprehensive version of Rico Lewis’ Biography.

We have created this story-based article to fulfil your search query and also because LifeBogger has a deep passion for the beautiful game. So, without any delay, let’s dive in.

Rico Lewis Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the Athlete bears the nickname “the new Phillipp Lahm”. And his full names are Rico Henry Mark Lewis.

Rico was born on the 21st day of November 2004 to his Mother, Stephanie Lewis, and Father, Rick Lewis, in Bury, England.

The English professional footballer is one among two children (himself and a sister), born to the union between his Dad (Rick) and Mum (Stephanie), whose name we are yet to ascertain.

Now, let’s introduce you to one of Rico Lewis’ Parents. In this Bio, you’ll learn more about Rick, a jovial man who has a successful career as a boxer and instilled in his children the values of discipline and hard work.

Rico Lewis' Dad, Rick, is pictured showing off his skills in a friendly spar.
Rico Lewis’ Dad, Rick, is pictured showing off his skills in a friendly spar.

There is a general saying that “once a boxer, always a boxer”. Yes, the love for Thai Boxing never dies in Rick Lewis, even after his retirement.

Growing-Up Years:

Hailing from a family of four, Rico Lewis spent his childhood alongside his sister, Sacha. Like her big brother, she also received boxing training from their Dad, Rick.

Despite their Father’s background in boxing, both siblings (Rico and Sacha) chose to pursue a career in football.

As we write this Bio, Sacha Lewis is an aspiring professional footballer training with the Man City academy, where she hopes to make her mark as her brother has done.

Rico Lewis’ Sister, alongside him, both have blazing speed. In fact, Sacha’s speed, ability to read the game and goal-scoring technique make her a formidable opponent on the field.

We encourage you to check out one of Rico Lewis’ sisters’ highlights in a Man City shirt.  Sacha’s ability to make split-second decisions resulted in this incredible goal (in this video).

Rico Lewis Early Years:

Shortly after his son arrived in this world, former British Champion Rick made up his mind to stop fighting.

The selfless Dad made a decision to retire from the sport of Thai Boxing so he could help his son and teach the sport. In the words of Rico Lewis’ Father;

“Something went out of me as soon as Rico was born. From that day, I knew I couldn’t be selfish anymore.

I knew I had a divine contract with my son, and I knew a time had come to look after this little man.”

As early as the age of four, young Rico was thrown into the boxing ring by his Dad, Rick. The youngster began receiving training in Thai boxing, with a specialization in technical and spatial awareness.

From the right side, a young Rico Lewis is pictured delivering kicks - during his early Thai kick-boxing d
From the right side, a young Rico Lewis is pictured delivering kicks – during his early Thai kick-boxing d

Truth be told, the boy’s balance, competitive courage, and ability to trust himself on the football field started inside these four walls of the above Thai kickboxing ring.

Sacha, Rico Lewis’ sister, was also taught Thai boxing by their Dad. This was before she began climbing the ranks with City’s academy girls’ team.

Both siblings gained technical and spatial awareness from Thai boxing, which they have now successfully transferred to football.

Rico Lewis Family Background:

In this section, you'll learn more about Rick, the Dad of the Manchester City right-back.
In this section, you’ll learn more about Rick, the Dad of the Manchester City right-back.

Before we begin to break down Rick Lewis’ Thai boxing background, let’s show you a rare video of his glory days in the sport.

To this day, some fans still can’t believe this man who once fought like a Bull is the Dad of Rico Lewis.

We present you with Rick Lewis’ training, including one of his championship-winning matches.

Now, here are five things about Rico Lewis’s Dad. From June 2002 to the present (more than 20 years and counting), Rick has been a Thai kickboxing Instructor.

Throughout those years, Rick has run Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing. This is a Muay Thai boxing gym in Whitefield, England.

Rico Lewis Dad’s workplace is situated at Albert Close Trading Estate, Whitefield, Manchester M45 8EH, United Kingdom.

Rick Lewis bears the stage name “Kru Rick”. He has more than 30 years of experience in martial arts. Rico’s Dad specialises in Muay Thai. He was trained by the great Master Phil Nurse and Grand Master Sken.

The Director of Phoenix Muay Thai (as Rick is officially known) was trained to learn a formulaic and proven way of becoming truly great at Thai Boxing.

These days, Rick Lewis’ company (Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing) has a vision of creating a gym that is friendly and accessible to people of all skill levels.

Here is a video of Rico Lewis’ Dad training with one of his students, a four-year-old Liam, at his Phoenix Muay Thai boxing arena.

In fact, the company – which has the website https://phoenixmuaythai.co.uk – boasts of having one of the most inclusive and friendly gyms in the entire North West of England.

A brief account of Rico’s Dad’s career:

Throughout Rick’s career, he won the Double British and Double North West Championship titles. In total, Rick won four championship titles to his name.

These titles are; British x 2 Lightweight Champion (which he won twice), Northern Super Lightweight Champion title and the Northern Lightweight Champion title.

Rico Lewis’ Dad’s involvement with martial arts (Muay Thai) began in the 1980s.

He fought his way through every division and level until he became the British lightweight champion. Rick held the title belt for a long because of his successful title defences.

For Rico Lewis’ Dad, the ultimate dream was to win a European Thai boxing belt. Sadly, Rick was never given a chance to fight, win and add this belt to his collection.

Rick accused the then-holder of the European Thai boxing belt of running away from him and not wanting to fight him.

Rico Lewis Family Origin:

Being given birth to in the town of Bury, Greater Manchester, suggests the Athlete has British nationality. Now, there is more to where the City Wing Back comes from.

According to Reggae Boyz Commentary Youtube Channel, Rico Lewis’ Origin is Jamaica – through his Dad (Rick). On the other hand, Stephanie Lewis, his Mum, is fully British.

This map gallery portrays Rico Lewis' Paternal Origins.
This map gallery portrays Rico Lewis’ Paternal Origins.

While we have confirmed that Rick, his Dad, is Jamaican, little is known about the origins of Rico Lewis’ Mother. Indeed, there are many English footballers of Jamaican family origins you might know about.

Popular among them include; the James siblings (Reece and Lauren), Brennan Johnson, Jaidon Anthony, Michail Antonio, Ivan Toney, etc.

Rico Lewis Education:

When the time got right, the Talented footballer began his primary schooling at his birthplace of Manchester.

Before the age of 5, Rico Lewis’ parents (notably his Dad) had recognized his athletic abilities.

Rick has always wanted Rico and his sister (Sacha) to receive a well-rounded education in sports. Although sporting education began with Thai boxing, the education of the Lewis siblings shifted to football.

Behold a young Rico training for greatness and ready to take on the world.

Young Rico wears his boxing glove with pride, knowing that hard work and discipline will lead him to sporting success.
Young Rico wears his boxing glove with pride, knowing that hard work and discipline will lead him to sporting success.

Regarding his education, our findings reveal that Rico (in 2022) was still doing his college exams when he proved to Pep Guardiola that he could adapt to the Premier League.

Now, let’s tell you how football began for the Man City Prodigy.

Career Buildup:

To start with, his first football club wasn’t Man city but Prestwich Pythons, a team in his neighbourhood.

At the tender age of six, a talented Rico was attracting football scouts. At that age, he played as a striker for Prestwich Pythons and was a leading goal scorer.

Young Rico initially began his career as a winger before becoming a striker. Bolton Wanderers, a club in Greater Manchester, was the first team that approached the youngster.

The efforts of a talented Man City spotter who goes by the name of Garry Riley brought the best offer for Rico Lewis’ Parents.

Following Rick and Stephanie’s approval, their son joined the academy of the then-richest club in England.

Rico Lewis Biography – Football Story:

Under the pastoral care and tutelage of his Dad, a strong foundation in Thai boxing was laid In concurrent with his soccer training.

Rico’s love for soccer increased rapidly, and in no time, the boy decided to devote 100% time to the game.

Rico Lewis’ Parents supported his switch to football when two years after he began the game (aged 8). It wasn’t only him.

A few years later, Sacha Lewis, his little sister, followed in her big brothers’ footsteps. Both siblings, born to the former Thai boxing champion, joined Man City’s academy.

Through the Muay Thai training he got from his Dad, Rico developed a strong foundation in his new sport.

The skills he had learned from Thai boxing helped him in football. Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, proved to be a valuable asset, which helped the youngster navigate the challenges of his soccer career.

In fact, Thai boxing gave Rico an edge, which helped him succeed in the highly competitive Man City academy team.

More interestingly, the early success of his football career got both of his parents to like the sport. According to Rico;

My dad initially never had anything to do with football. But now, he is involved in it, and he loves it just as much as I do.

The positive influence of Rico Lewis’ Dad in his early footballing career cannot be underestimated. Rick, the former Thai boxing champion, became a football fan through his son.

For the records, the British Muay Thai champion had never played football before. Thanks to the game, he began building a stronger bond with his children (Sacha and Rico) through their shared love of football.

Rico Lewis Bio – The Journey to Fame:

Throughout his teenage age, the youngster (all thanks to his Thai boxing grooming) had that competitive edge. It helped Rico stand out from his teammates.

Lewis was quickly recognized as a leader, both on and off the pitch. That earned the Starlet a captaincy spot during his Man City under-15 days.

In the photo displayed below, Captain Rico Lewis led his Man City team to an under-15 tournament held in San Diego, California.

To be a leader of his team at this young age, everyone knew that the little kid captain who was about to face a giant opposition had something special.

Being the captain of Man City's under-15 team and leading them to this international competition was indeed an incredible honour for Rico.
Being the captain of Man City’s under-15 team and leading them to this international competition was indeed an incredible honour for Rico.

As he progressed through the City age groups, his raw talent and pure leadership skills continued to shine.

Again, as Rico Lewis moved up to the under-18s team, he retained his great leadership responsibilities. This factor inspired his City team to unprecedented victories, which we’ll show you in the next section.

Rico Lewis Biography – Success Story:

As captain, he took on significant responsibility for the team’s success by winning trophies. In fact, a major milestone in Rico Lewis’ City academy years was winning the Under-18s Premier League title.

All smiles for the Thai boxer turned footballer. Rico Lewis beams with pride in this photo as he holds the U18 Premier League Champions trophy.
All smiles for the Thai boxer turned footballer. Rico Lewis beams with pride in this photo as he holds the U18 Premier League Champions trophy.

As noticed above, the City youth sensation captained his team to winning the U18 Premier League trophy. Rico’s achievement did end there. The fast-rising City star also won the Player of the Year award.

Still, while with City under 18, Rico, like Carlos Borges, kept a track record of achieving multiple victories and title wins.

With these accomplishments, the son of Rick demonstrated the potential to become a successful professional athlete in the near future.

Born to Win!! Rico, at this time, became a trophy magnet who kept adding honours to his collection.
Born to Win!! Rico, at this time, became a trophy magnet who kept adding honours to his collection.

Journey to the Senior Team:

Surprisingly to fans, Pep named the youngster on City’s bench for the first time in his team’s first game of the 2022–2023 season.

Upon seeing him set on the bench, not many Man City fans knew much about the young boy who was allocated the 82 shirt number.

In fact, one fan asked,… “Who is he?”. It was at this point that Rico’s Instagram started buzzing. Many City fans took to the social media platform, and they were stunned by this picture.

Fans realized that the mystery footballer was the son of the great ‘Ku Rick, who is a two-time British Lightweight Thai-Boxing Champion.

A Proud Moment, Rico signs his first professional contract as his dad (Rick) looks on joyfully.
A Proud Moment, Rico signs his first professional contract as his dad (Rick) looks on joyfully.

Indeed, the best way to understand Rico’s rising status is to watch the way Pep Guardiola speaks whenever the press asks him to comment on Rico.

At that moment he was asked about Rico, the eyes of the City manager lit up, and a soft expression followed.

In fact, more than once, Pep Guardiola has been spotted puffing out his cheeks before giving his commentary on the rising English footballer.

Upon research, we found out why Pep trusts Rico Lewis the same way he did to Micah Hamilton and Oscar Bobb. This video showcases the Baller’s playing style in City’s under18, which impressed Pep Guardiola.

This video shows the reasons why Pep subsequently recruited Rico to the senior team of Man City to compete with Joao Cancelo.

Achieving a rare honour:

Since his Man City debut, Rico Lewis has been one of the discoveries of the 2022/2023 EPL season. Unlike many academy graduates, he was able to slot in so seamlessly into the team, to the extent of breaking a football record held by Karim Benzema.

Do you know?… Rico Lewis became the all-time youngest scorer on his first start ever career in a Champions League match. He (aged 17 years and 346 days) broke the record previously held by Karim Benzema.

After scoring against Sevilla (in the video below), Rico became the second-youngest English footballer (behind Jude Bellingham) to score in the Champions League. In fact, Bellingham achieved this record when he was aged 17 years and 290 days old.

That moment Rico Lewis rattled in a shot at the Ethhad against Sevilla prompted a wild celebration. In fact, the boy from Bury (during his celebration) could not even believe what he had just done.

On that blessed day, Rico Lewis’ Dad had just gone to get some halftime food. Rick had nearly sat on his seat when his son scored.

And as Rico Lewis’ Dad celebrated his son’s goal, his food and drinks almost went up into the air.

It’s been a rollercoaster for my son”, says Rick, after his son scored the wonder goal against Sevilla. Rick further said;

“Rico is such a calm and collected boy. It was very beautiful one day when he had to go off and walk around the side of the pitch because of cramps.

That day, I noticed everyone loved him. The crowd were chanting his name, ‘Rico! Rico!’

Without a doubt, Rico has shown that he can meet Pep’s demands. The Athlete knows how to read the game, has strong tackles, and, most importantly, he can bomb forward to join attacks like a veteran modern full-back.

The most exciting part of Rico’s Rise in Man City is his ability to play the extra role of a holding midfielder. This style of play reminds football fans of the Legendary Philipp Lahm.

For a fast-rising footballer who was once chosen at times over Joao Cancelo, he will surely go far in his career. The rest, as we say, of Rico Lewis’ Success story is now history.

Who is Rico Lewis Dating?

Becoming City’s all-time youngest scorer on a first start in a Champions League proved that the Athlete is bound to have a successful career. And there is a saying that behind every successful City footballer comes a glamorous lady. To this end, we ask;

Who is Rico Lewis Girlfriend?

An inquiry into the love life of the English professional footballer.
An inquiry into the love life of the English professional footballer.

To start with, there is no denying the fact that a handsome footballer like Lewis wouldn’t attract ladies.

Those who will aspire to be his girlfriend, mother of his children or simply his baby mama. Now, let’s unveil our findings about the relationship status of the Bury Athlete.

At the time of writing Rico Lewis’ Biography, the 18-year-old appears to be single, with no signs of dating anyone.

The son of Rick (the ex-British boxer) is more focused on his City career than pursuing romantic relationships.

Personal Life:

Who is Rico Lewis?

Truth be told! His gentle demeanour and charming smile suggest that Lewis is an approachable and friendly person.
Truth be told! His gentle demeanour and charming smile suggest that Lewis is an approachable and friendly person.

Based on the information available to LifeBogger, Rico Lewis is someone with an agreeable and pleasant personality. The former City youth captain (who hardly gets into trouble) is known to live an exemplary life.

Similar to captain Ilkay Gundogan, Rico Lewis has a positive and likeable personality which makes him well-liked by others.

Lastly, the City Right Back has a strong sense of self-control and discipline, which helps him to stay focused on achieving his career goals.

Rico Lewis Lifestyle:

How does the Bury native live his Life? To start with, Rico is someone who values practicality over extravagance, and he is always content with living a low-key lifestyle.

As such, the Man City Defender does not spend monies on unnecessary luxuries, like flashy cars, big houses, expensive wristwatches, etc. At the time of writing his Bio, Lewis does not consider these things as super important to him.

At the moment, the Defender's lifestyle is characterized by modesty, humility and practicality.
At the moment, the Defender’s lifestyle is characterized by modesty, humility and practicality.

Rico Lewis Family Life:

As noticed in the course of reading this Bio, being raised in a home that heavily invested in sports positively affected him as an individual.

Now, let’s tell you more about the family members that shaped the life of Henry Mark (his middle name), the Thai kickboxer who turned footballer.

Rico Lewis’ Father:

In addition to being the Director of Phoenix Muay Thai, Rick also worked full-time as Grant Consultant for a company called Which Grant Limited.

He began serving as Director of Phoenix Which Grant in April 2020 to the present (his LinkedIn data says).

The gym that Rick Lewis owns (Phoenix Muay Thai) is situated where his family lives. Rico used to kick a football around there with his Dad and sister, Sacha. Rick was fond of kicking the ball with his son and contributed to what brought him into football.

When Rico Lewis was young, his Dad used to show him clips of inspirational sporting figures of the past.

Among these persons include the world’s most famous boxer of all time, Muhammed Ali. Rick told Rico the story of the Boxing Legend, and that helped shape his mindset.

Rico’s Dad learned from the greats:

Rick never forgets his beginnings of being an ardent student of Arjan Phil Nurse and Grand Master Sken. These were the persons who showed him the way in Muay Thai kickboxing.

Phil Nurse was an English former Muay Thai kickboxer. The Legend was also an undefeated European Light Welterweight Champion.

Again, Phil Nurse was a British All Styles Super Light Welterweight Champion and a Double British Champion. Following his retirement, he became the owner and senior Thai kickboxing instructor at The Wat in Manhattan.

On the other hand, Grand Master Sken is currently the chief instructor at the Master Sken Academy (MSA) located in Stockport, Greater Manchester, England.

He is credited to be one of the first Thai masters to bring the boxing art of Muay Thai to the western world.

Rick Lewis learned Thai boxing from a teacher who is one of the most valued and respected in the world (even among his peers).

Grand Master Sken’s training methods have produced numerous exceptional instructors and champions both in Western boxing and Muay Thai.

Rico Lewis Mother:

Stephanie is the woman who gave birth to the Man City Defender. During interviews, Rico never fails to acknowledge his mum, Stephanie, for her constant support.

This happens even as Rico frequently reminisces about his childhood experiences at Dad’s gym.

His Mum, Stephanie Lewis, was crucial to his personal growth and development. She provided him with motherly care and also supported him through challenging times.

One of those times was when Rico had to balance studying for college exams with playing in the premier league.

Rico Lewis Sister:

Sacha is the second child of her parents – Rick and Stephanie Lewis. She is famous for being Rico Lewis’ sister and the daughter of the Double British and Double North West Muay Thai Champion.

As revealed earlier in this Bio, Rico Lewis Sister is a footballer who plays for the Man City girls’ team.

Obviously, that is proof that Rick’s family is totally sports-loving. Sacha operates as a right-back, the same position her brother excels in – for the club’s senior team.

Untold Facts:

In the final section of Rico Lewis’ Bio, we’ll unveil more information that relates to him. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Rico joins other Sports Celebrities who did other sports:

Do you know that Nani was a Ballet Dancer in his youth, and Schweinsteiger was an excellent skier?

It doesn’t end there. Jamal Musiala and Zlatan Ibrahimović did Judo when they were young. In fact, Ibra is a black belt holder.

From other sports, Hakeem Olajuwon and Joel Embiid attributed their success to football. This is the game these NBA celebrities played when they were kids (which has helped their footwork).

Roger Federer played football and basketball before focusing on tennis when he was about 16.

Rico joins other Footballers whose Parents were sporting Celebs:

Similar to how one of Rico Lewis’s parents (his dad) excelled in other sports, we have the same scenario with other footballers.

Starting with Jacob Ramsey‘s Dad (Mark), he is a retired British Boxer (ABA Champion in 1989).

Next, Erling Haaland’s mother, Gry Marita Braut, was a former heptathlete. Leroy Sane‘s mum was a famous Olympic gymnast who is now retired.

Also, Harry Kane‘s father (Patrick Kane) was a former boxer, while his mother, Kim Kane, was a professional golfer. Kylian Mbappe‘s mother, Fayza Lamari, was a former handball player. Lastly, Adolphine, the mother of Romelu Lukaku, was a former handball player.

Rico Lewis FIFA:

The Athlete’s greatest asset in football is, no doubt, his movement and potential (similar to Diogo Dalot and Tariq Lamptey)

As noticed from Rico’s SOFIFA card, he (as of 2023) has an acceleration of 73, a Sprint Speed of 76 and a Balance of 75 (his best stats).

As noticed here, Rico's movement, mentality and defending stats are above the 50 average.
As noticed here, Rico’s movement, mentality and defending stats are above the 50 average.

Rico Lewis Salary:

His starting salary as a footballer with City was stated as £5,000 per week.

As of 2023, Rico’s earnings rose to £1,302,000. This means he makes £25,000 weekly. Here is a breakdown of Rico’s wages with City (2023 figures).

TENURE/EARNINGSRico Lewis Man City Earnings (in Pound Sterling)
What Rico Lewis makes EVERY YEAR:£1,302,000
What Rico Lewis makes EVERY MONTH:£108,500
What Rico Lewis makes EVERY WEEK:£25,000
What Rico Lewis makes EVERY DAY:£3,571
What Rico Lewis makes EVERY HOUR:£148
What Rico Lewis makes EVERY MINUTE:£2.4
What Rico Lewis makes EVERY SECOND:£0.04

How rich is the Bury Athlete?

Where Rico Lewis’ Parents live, the average person in Manchester earns £30,212 annually. Such a person would need 43 years and 1 month to earn £1,302,000, which is Rico’s 2023 annual salary with Man City.

Since you started viewing Rico Lewis‘ Bio, he has earned with Man City.


Rico Lewis Religion:

LifeBogger’s odds are in favour of the Bury-born defender being a Christian. Rico, like Marcos Rashford, isn’t a fan of posting about his faith on social media.
The religion Rico Lewis Family identifies with accounts for 59% of the English population.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Rico Lewis Biography.

Wiki InquiryBiography Answers
Full Name:Rico Henry Mark Lewis
Nickname:the new Phillipp Lahm
Date of Birth:21st of November 2004
Place of Birth:Bury, Greater Manchester, England
Age:19 years and 3 months old.
Parents:Stephanie Lewis (Mother), Rick Lewis (Father)
Siblings:A sister, Sacha Lewis
Father's Origin:Jamaica
Mother's Origin:England
Father's Occupation:Retired Muay Thai or Thai Kickboxer
Father's Thai Boxing Titles:British x 2 Lightweight Champion (X2), Northern Super Lightweight Champion and the Northern Lightweight Champion title
Nationality:Jamaica, British
Place he grew up:Bury, Greater Manchester
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Height:1.69 meters OR 5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth:£1,500,000 (2023 stats)
Playing Position:Right-Back, Wing-Back, Defensive Midfield
Football Education:Prestwich Pythons, Manchester City


Rico Lewis’ Parents are Rick (his Dad) and Stephanie Lewis (his Mum). He, who is not related to Rico Henry, was born on the 21st day of November 2004. Rico’s birthplace is Manchester, United Kingdom, and he is one of two children to his Mum and Dad. Rico Lewis has a female sibling, a sister who goes by the name Sacha.

The Greater Manchester-born Defender grew up in Thai boxing, which was a great part of his life since childhood.

Rico is the son of Rick Lewis, a former Thai boxing champion who holds the nickname “Kru Rick.” As a little boy, he watched old YouTube videos of his Dad’s Thai boxing Championship glories.

Rico Lewis spent the earliest part of his childhood years (from age four) practising Thai boxing. Rick, the founder of Phoenix Muay Thai (a Thai boxing company), was his son’s boxing coach. Under his care, Rico learned the content of technical and spatial awareness in Thai boxing.

As time progressed during his childhood, Rico translated into boxing talent into football. As early as age six, the youngster enrolled with Prestwich Pythons, a local soccer team.

Rico’s role as a Striker got him the attention of football scouts. At the age of 8, the Bury athlete joined Man City’s academy.

Rico Lewis progressed through City Academy, becoming a captain in the under-18s, which led to him earning a national title.

Ten years after he joined City’s academy, the Defender signed a pro contract. Rico’s professional years saw him breaking some records with the club.

He, alongside Palmer and  Foden, has proved that there is indeed a pathway for talented young players at the club – the Man City website reveals.

Jeremie Frimpong, who also graduated from City’s academy, is also on the list of City graduates doing well.

Rise with City:

Starting off, the 5 foot 7 Defender became the youngest English player to start a Premier League game for the club.

Rico went on to become Man City’s all-time youngest scorer in his first Champions League start. Fans believe that Rico has great potential and will quickly move up the pecking order in Pep’s team.

Fans suspect that the footballer will move up the pecking order fairly quickly. Rico has the edge over his future in Gareth Southgate‘s England team.

Again, he appears more defensively solid than Trent Alexander Arnold. Also, less injury prone than Reece James and James Justin.

Also, the City Boy Wonder is obviously much younger than the ageing Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier.

LifeBogger will go further and say that Rico has proven he can play DM than the above-named persons who will compete with him for an England shirt.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking the time to read LifeBogger’s version of Rico Lewis’ Biography.

We strive for accuracy and fairness in our quest to deliver you the Life stories of English football Players. Rico’s Bio is part of our wider collection of United Kingdom Football Stories.

Kindly reach us (via comment) if you find anything that doesn’t look right in this memoir about the Athlete who grew up idolising Neymar and Lionel Messi.

Also, tell us what you think about Rico’s career so far and the amazing story we’ve written about him.

Aside from the Biography of the Bury-born defender, we’ve got other great English Football stories that’ll interest you. Have you read the Life History of Nat Phillips and Beth Mead?

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