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Our Raphael Guerreiro Biography Facts presents full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife, Kids, Personal Life and Lifestyle Facts. Simply put, its a complete analysis of his Life Story, right from his early days to when he became Famous.

Raphael Guerreiro Biography Story- From his Childhood Times to when he became known. 📷: LeParisien and Picuki

Yes, you and I know the Footballer, who is nicknamed “The Battery” is among the Best Left Backs in World Football. However, we realize you’ve probably not read a full copy of Raphael Guerreiro’s Biography, which we’ve prepared and is quite impressive. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Raphael Guerreiro Childhood Story:

For starters, his full names are Raphaël Adelino José Guerreiro. The Portuguese Footballer was born on the 22nd day of December 1993 to his dad, (a factory worker), and his mum, (a housewife), in Le Blanc-Mesnil, a commune located in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, France.

In case you didn’t know, Moussa Sissoko shares the same birthplace with the left-footed player. According to French media, Raphael Guerreiro was born into a family of 5, which consist of his parents and three brothers. He is the youngest of his brothers.

Owing to his name “Raphael,” you’ll agree with me that Guerreiro was born to a Christian Family. Also, the name originates from Hebrew, which means “God Heals.” Last but not least, it is also the name of one of the Archangels responsible for healing.

Raphael Guerreiro Family Background:

First and foremost, the left-back, just like his Portuguese teammates- Ricardo Pereira and Diogo Jota, wasn’t born into a wealthy home. Raphaël Guerreiro’s parents weren’t the type who could NOT afford him the most expensive toys, thou they wouldn’t mind getting him a football.

As revealed earlier, having a dad who is a factory worker and a mum who is a housewife means coming from a middle-class family background. Back then, to minimize the cost of rent, Raphael Guerreiro’s family had to settle in Le Blanc-Mesnil, a French sub-urbs which is a 32 minutes drive to Paris city centre.

Raphael Guerreiro’s Family Home was is just a 32-minute drive from Paris City Centre. 📷: Google Map.

Raphael Guerreiro Family Origin:

In the simplest term, the Footballer as regards his ancestry, is half Portuguese and half French. Did you know?… Raphaël Guerreiro was born to a French mother and a Portuguese father. The left-back, who despite having his maternal origin from France, has long accepted his Portuguese Family roots.

Raphael Guerreiro Early Life- How Football Began:

For every kid who wants to become a professional footballer, one thing is universal. It’s no other than taking a likeness for an Idol. Did you know?… Young Raphael Guerreiro, during his childhood days, was a big fanboy of former Portuguese striker, Pauleta.

Raphael Guerreiro while in his youth took inspiration from Portuguese striker, Pauleta. 📷: PortuguseseAJ and Bernews

There are still pictures of Pauleta on the walls at my parents’ house

Guerreiro once told L’Equipe- French nationwide daily newspaper. He continued;

I learnt a lot from the intelligence of Portuguese striker, Pauleta. He was someone who played the game in his head and not only with his feet.

Pauleta, the two-time Ligue 1 player of the year had the biggest impression on him as a youngster. For young Guerreiro, the prolific goalscorer wasn’t just a Ligue 1 Legend, but a player who made him love not only Portuguese football but Portugal his dad’s origin.

The immense love for soccer saw little Guerreiro, in the year 1999, enrolling with a local team called Blanc-Mesnil, which was few meters away from his family home. After five years of playing amateur youth soccer, the youngster later felt the time was right to begin a proper youth career.

Raphael Guerreiro Biography- Early Career Life:

Remember that EURO 2004 tournament?… Yes, it was a big motivation for the youngster as the competition saw the announcement of his latest idol, who is one of Portugal’s Greatest Ever Player- C Ronaldo. After EURO 2004, the youngster became eager to attend trials at nearby French academies.

To the joy of family members, Raphael Guerreiro’s determination began to pay off as the youngster got called up by French élite academy, INF Clairefontaine. The academy, which is supervised by the French Football Federation weren’t into pampering kids.

Early on, INF Clairefontaine forced Guerreiro to learn how to play very quickly, a feat which has inevitably helped him to date. Not to forget, the youngster maturity, techniques and free-kick abilities saw his youth coach making him captain.

Raphael Guerreiro Life Story- Behold his Early Career days. 📷: LeParisien.

Speaking about how brilliant he was as a youth player, one of his teammates once said;

He was the most decisive player on the team, insists Ivan Tankeo, his ex-teammate in 13 years. Just like CR7, he was shooting all set kicks very successfully.

Raphael Guerreiro’s Parents did to entice him:

Back in the days, it only took an hour drive for his mum and dad to visit him at the youth academy- Clairefontaine, where he played his football. Raphael Guerreiro does insist, that his best memory had always been the time his parents would entice him with a Chorizo ​​Sandwich, a gift which came each time he puts up an excellent performance.

Receiving the sandwich was deemed a ‘Cute Little Sin’, according to a French news outlet. While the youngster ate, he would always remember to offer his friends a little piece. In reality, he was seen by many as generous, both on and off the pitch.

Raphael Guerreiro Biography- Road to Fame Story:

After coming through France’s renowned Clairefontaine academy, the rising star, at the age of 14 decide to move far away, approximately 253.3 km away from his family home to play with Stade Malherbe Caen. At the academy, the matured boy graduated from youth to senior football with flying colours.

After successfully graduating from Caen, Raphael Guerreiro, like many of his mates began to play for the Caen’s reserve team. While there, he rose above his teammates, a feat that projected him immediately to the club’s senior team. Even at the senior team, his stock continued to rise. The youngster, who always took inspiration from C Ronaldo saw himself earning a reputation for scoring beautiful free-kicks.

Thanks to his bravery, FC Lorient, as well as the Portugal U21 coach took notice and came to raid Caen football club in the name of getting his signature. At FC Lorient, Raphael Guerreiro became a saviour. Did you know?… his role in saving FC Lorient from relegation led to his biggest dream coming to pass. Miraculously, the rising star got a Portuguese call-up to play in the EURO 2016.

Raphael Guerreiro Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

Against all the odds, the Portuguese fulfilled his childhood dream by becoming an integral part of his national side that broke French hearts at EURO 2016. Fans appreciated Raphael Guerreiro with the nickname – ‘The Battery’- all thanks to his plenty of energies on the pitch, during the tournament.

After rising to the occasion in EURO 2016, the top performer began to attract a host of top Europan clubs. Among them was Thomas Tuchel‘s Borussia Dortmund who reportedly paid FC Lorient somewhere in the region of €12m for his services.

As at the time of writing Raphael Guerreiro’s Biography, the Footballer has, without doubt, seized every single opportunity given to him at both club and national level.

Beautiful Free-kicks, among other of his strengths, have been a key weapon in Raphael Guerreiro’s armoury down the years. No wonder he is being labelled as one of the Best Left Back of his generation. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Raphael Guerreiro’s Wife and Children:

There is a saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman. In our case, behind a successful player like Raphaël Guerreiro, there was a girlfriend who later become his glamorous wife. She is no other than the blond lady who goes by the name Marrion.

Meet Raphael Guerreiro’s Wife, Marrion. She is the woman behind his success so far.

From social media sources, it appears Raphael Guerreiro’s wife, Marrion started out as a girlfriend before becoming into his wife sometime around 2016. More so, it is likely that both lovers had a private wedding with only close family and friends in attendance. Their marriage is indeed blessed.

Meet Raphael Guerreiro’s Wife and Son at a beautiful waterside destination.

Both lovers became parents of their first son, Sacha, who was born around late 2014. Also, around the 18th day of August 2016, Raphael Guerreiro and his wife welcome a baby girl ‘Ana’ into their household.

As you might have observed, the Portuguese EURO winner prefers to keep matters about his family very private. For example, he ensures all faces of his children, parents, siblings (except his wife) are kept away from public view. In subsequent sections, we’ll get to tell you the kind of father he is.

We’ve confirmed the fact that as of 2020, Raphael Guerreiro’s wife has gotten two children for him.

Relationship with Son:

Judging from the story of his early career years, it appears Raphael Guerreiro’s parents always had a way around getting the best in him. Back in the days, they offered him bribe using his favourite Chorizo ​​Sandwich. Now it is the footballers turn to replicate that to his son, thou in his own way.

Today, Raphael Guerreiro’s family needs another generation of footballers, and this can only come through his son. As a modern-day father, the BVB star now has an obligation.  His first strategy is to build that father-son bond. A perfect way to achieve that is to spend time at Disney Land. Who knows! The little boy’s love for his daddy might see him return the favour by acknowledging football as his destiny.

The Father-Son Relationship is essential for the future.

Raphael Guerreiro Personal Life:

Getting to know what the soccer star does off the pitch would help you get a better picture of his personality. First and foremost, Raphael Guerreiro is someone who has in him, an inner state of independence or in simple words; he is more of an introvert.

Away from footballing activities, the BVB star is likely to be found in his home on top of his favourite hobby. Guess what it is?… It’s the habit of watching TV Series. As observed below, Raphael Guerreiro is a big Netflix fan, one who can tune to the media-services all day. As proof, here is an example of him watching Netflix TV series “Narcos.”

Raphael Guerreiro Personal Life- The Footballer loves having a quiet time watching Netflix Series when he is not playing football.

More so on his personal life, if the Footballer is not tuned to Netflix, he would rather prefer to spend his time playing video games alongside his son. See below, it appears he finds it easy to initiate his son into his gaming hobby.

The PlayStation Family Life is Real. Involving his two-year-old son proves that.

Raphael Guerreiro Lifestyle:

In this section, we’ll tell you how the Footballer sees monies, his net worth and how he spends his wages. First and foremost, Raphael Guerreiro’s parents gave him a good home training on how to maintain a healthy balance between spending and saving money.

For the most part, the EURO 2016 winner doesn’t believe in publicly showcasing an exotic lifestyle- one easily noticeable by a handful of flashy cars, big mansions/houses etc. His current net worth of 8 Million Euros and 2020 market value of more than 25 Million Euros still baffles him. Raphael Guerreiro once spoke about his wealth- in his words;

When I left my old club Caen to Lorient, i coudn’t believe I was worth €3m. That was a lot of money for me, especially knowing i was coming out of Ligue 2.” My parents were even more surprised than I was.

As a promise to my myself, I strived to live up to my fee and prove my worth. Then, at some time I told myself: ‘What the hell is going on?’ having a big net worth can even make you feel self-confidence.

Raphael Guerreiro Family Life:

In our experience of writing footballers biography stories, we’ve realized that players with close-knitted families are known to possess a strong sense of belonging. In this section, we’ll give you more facts on Raphael Guerreiro’s parents as well as his relationship with family members.

About Raphael Guerreiro’s Father:

First and foremost, his dad was once an amateur footballer with Blanc-Mesnil, the club where his son began his youth career. No thanks to a failed soccer career, Raphael Guerreiro’s dad then proceeded to work in a factory near Paris.

Did you know?… the proud father once wanted his son to play as a striker but met resistance with Blanc-Mesnil trainers who insisted Guerreiro must remain at his left-midfield or left-back position. Upon resisting, the club management feared the dad would pull his son out of the club. Lucky for them, that didn’t happen.

About Raphael Guerreiro’s Mother:

First and foremost, the super mum is the brain person behind that beautiful idea of buying Chorizo Sandwiches as a way to entice her son each time he performs well on the pitch. 

Asides this, Raphael Guerreiro’s mum is also very protective. She once insisted on Blanc-Mesnil (his youth academy) to protect her son because he was 10 cm shorter than the others of his age and team. The aim is for a short Raphael not to compete physically with his teammates especially after training.

About Raphael Guerreiro’s Brother:

The Portuguese comes from a family of male children. In his household, the only female happens to be his mother. Among Raphael Guerreiro’s two brothers, it appears the eldest, Emanuel is more known than the other brother. Can you picture big brother Emanuel from the photo below?

Meet Raphael Guerreiro Brother, Emanuel Guerreiro. He is positioned second from the left role.

Raphael Guerreiro Untold Facts:

In this concluding section of our Childhood Story and Biography writeup, we’ll present you some truths you never knew about the ‘The Battery.’

Fact #1– Salary Breakdown:

On the 16th day of June 2016, Raphael Guerreiro signed a contract with Borussia Dortmund, one that saw him netting a whopping salary of 1,979,040 Euros per year. After breaking his salary into smaller bits, we have the following.

TENURE/CURRENCYEarnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)
Per Year€1,979,040£1,764,146$1,907,386
Per Month€164,920£147,012$158,949
Per Week€38,000£33,874$36,624
Per Day€5,428.6£4,839$5,232
Per Hour€226£202$218
Per Minute€3.8£3.4$3.6
Per Second€0.06£0.056$0.60

This is what Raphaël Guerreiro has earned since you began viewing this Page.


Fact #2– Salary Comparision to the Average Man:

Did you know?… The average French citizen who earns around €2,999 a month would need to work for a total of 4 years and six months to make what Raphael Guerreiro receives a month.

More so, the average German citizen who earns 3,770 euros a month would need to work for around three years and seven months to earn Raphael Guerreiro’s monthly salary.

Finally, the average Portuguese who earn 1188 euros per month would need to work for a whooping eleven years and six months to earn his monthly salary.

Fact #3– He once Scored an Unbelievable Goal:

Did you know?… video footage of Raphael Guerreiro scoring an outrageous spinning backheel volley at training once went viral. The video (below) is a testament to his remarkable technical abilities and tactical flexibility which is, in fact, his biggest strength.

Fact #4– What his FIFA Stats Say:

As at the time of writing Raphael Guerreiro’s Biography, the Footballer (age 26) has many good attributes to his name. Thou, not 30, but having an 83 overall rating at age 26 means, there is still has plenty of years to grow. Finally, we observe Raphael Guerreiro is under-rated for his FIFA potential score.

FIFA Potential shows he is indeed one of the best in his trade

Fact #5-  He has the Portuguese Order of Merit Honour:

Our very own Raphael Guerreiro isn’t just a winner of titles. Did you know?… He once received ‘The Portuguese Order of Merit.’ This award usually go to those who have made the country proud through their meritorious act or service. Raphael Guerreiro alongside his gang became recipients of the award after they helped Portugal win the EURO 2016.

Behold the Left Winger and his Gang. They all received the Portuguese Order of Merit thanks to Euro 2016


We’ve prepared a table which reveals some concise information about Raphael Guerreiro Biography Facts. The aim is to give you the ability to skim through Portuguese players’ profile.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Raphaël Adelino José Guerreiro
Born:22 December 1993 at Le Blanc-Mesnil, France.
Parents:Mother (French Ancestry) and Father (Portuguese Ancestry)
Siblings:Emanuel Guerreiro
Height:1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Hobbies:Watching TV Series and playing PS4.
Playing Position:Left back / Midfielder
Net Worth:8 Million Euros


Thank you for reading this original writeup on Raphael Guerreiro’s Childhood Story and Biography. As you’ve probably observed, there is more about the Footballer than you probably knew about him.

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