Pedro Goncalves Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Pedro Goncalves Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Pedro Goncalves Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be (Bruna Rafaela), Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net worth.

In a nutshell, we present the complete life history of Pedro Goncalves, a footballer so admired by the football world. Lifebogger goes deep into exploring events of his childhood years to the moment he achieved fame.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Pedro Goncalves’ Bio, behold the footballer’s Early Life and Rise gallery. It no doubt portrays his life journey.

The Biography of Pedro Goncalves AKA "Pot" AKA "Potinho".
The Biography of Pedro Goncalves AKA “Pot” AKA “Potinho”.

A lot of fans have asked; Who is Pedro Goncalves?… The youngster dubbed new Bruno Fernandes has undoubtedly a blossom in his stocks thanks to that fairytale rise in Portugal’s Primeira Liga.

Despite accolades to his name, not many fans know Pedro Goncalves Life Story. We have prepared it for the love of Portugal and football. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Pedro Goncalves Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nicknames – Pot, Pote and Potinho. Pedro António Pereira Gonçalves was born on the 28th day of June 1998 to his mother, Maria Roupeira and a late father, António Gonçalves. He was born in Chaves, a Municipality in the north of Portugal.

Barely a month after his birth, poor Pedro lost António, his biological father. It was hard for Maria Roupeira to deal with the loss. Later on, she remade her life by remarrying to João Pereira, a God sent volunteer firefighter.

He became the man who later became his Daddy figure – that life stole from poor Pedro when he was just a one-month-old baby. Here is Pedro standing alongside stepdad (Joao) and his mother – Maria Roupeira.

Meet Pedro Goncalves' Mother (Maria Roupeira) and his Stepfather, João Pereira.
Meet Pedro Goncalves’ Mother (Maria Roupeira) and his Stepfather, João Pereira.

Growing Up Years:

Few years after he was born, Pedro Goncalves’ mother, Maria Roupeira, had another baby. This time, from his Stepfather, João. They named his half-brother André Pereira. The Portuguese footballer grew up with his beloved younger sibling in a house located at the centre of a football field.

Pedro grew up alongside his half-brother named André Pereira.
Pedro grew up alongside his half-brother named André Pereira.

How he got his Nickname – Pot:

As a child, Pedro Gonçalves’ family never lacked anything in their kitchen. Due to the nature of his mother’s occupation, there was so much food to feed everyone. For this reason, Pedro just loved eating. This act came with consequences.

The midfielder grew so fat because he ate so much as a child. Despite his weight, Pedro could still play football. The endless love for food made him generate a potbelly. Because of that, everyone began calling Pedro – “Pot”. This nickname later multiplied into another called “Pote” and then “Potinho”.

Here is Big Pot. He is at the front with his mother Maria and half-brother André - who is carried by his mum.
Here is Big Pot. He is at the front with his mother Maria and half-brother André – who is carried by his mum.

Seeing how he ate too much, which made him get bigger and bigger, Pedro family had to intervene. They told him to take it easy, which the now Sporting midfielder did with time.

However, Pedro never stopped loving his nicknames – Pot, Pote or Potinho. Thankfully, he later became normal – no longer that plumpy, gluttonous kid pictured below with his brothers.

The Childhood Dreams:

Long before he was famous, Pedro did get himself involved in a series of Sporting dreams. Research has it that he would usually fall asleep in the bed he shared with André, dreaming about imitating his greatest of idol – Lionel Messi. Little did he know that was destiny calling him.

Pedro Goncalves Family Background:

The Portuguese footballer got raised in a middle-class household. His late father (António) was a firefighter director who worked at Vidago. His office is about 17 minutes drive from his first family home.

On the other hand, Pedro Goncalves’ mum is a launderer who worked at Vidago FC, the village’s football club. Asides from washing the clothes of footballers, she also handled cooking for them.

Pictured below, Maria Roupeira was the type who toiled day and night to keep her family going.

The fact that she handled the cooking aspect for the village club made her kitchen never lacked food. It gave Pedro (her son) the means to eat a lot as a child. Because of that, he got so fat, resulting in his childhood pot belly and nicknames -Pot, Pote, Potinho.

Portuguese Sports journalists were once lucky to have Maria accept their request to get her interviewed. Here is the video where she talked about Pedro’s childhood years and football’s role in her family.

Pedro Goncalves Family Origin:

Many football fans are aware he is Portuguese but not have little or no knowledge of his roots. Put simply, Pedro Goncalves is from Trás-os-Montes. This is one of Portugal’s most historical province, situated in the northeastern corner of the country.

Chaves, where he was born, is in this province. It is just 10 kilometres south of the Spanish border. Trás-os-Montes is one of Portugal’s ideal place for tourism – known for her vast plateaus, river valleys, mountains, and castles.

Although born in Chaves, in Trás-os-Montes, Pedro Goncalves grew up in Vidago village after his mum remarried his step-Dad. For this reason, people call him a Vidago boy.

Pedro Goncalves Education and Career Buildup:

The Portuguese footballer went to school. Research has it that Potinho was more interested in football than academics. With little time for studies, he was always seen playing the game with style in the streets. Pedro also played football at the field of the elementary school.

During his childhood, playing excessive football would see him sometimes shot the ball against fire ambulances at the Vidago Fire Station.

As earlier recalled, the fire station is just behind his family home. Also, Pedro’s parents stayed in a house located at the centre of the Vidago FC field. Pedro Goncalves brother, Andre Pereira, once said;

Our childhood days were simple and happy. It was divided between the school, the Vidago field and the fire station.

My father took us there, and we played football. I and Pedro played in the midst of fire trucks and ambulances.

Those days of shooting after shooting helped Pedro to be what he is today.

Pedro Goncalves Football Story:

During those days, his family lived in a house owned by Vidago FC because his mother was their staff. Maria Roupeira was more than just a club’s wardrobe staff. She also took care of all the football club’s equipment, their balls and most importantly, cooking.

While their father goes to work, Pedro and Andre would help their mother remark the white lines of the game’s pitch. Growing up inside Vidago’s facilities means there was football all day. It made the boys (Andre and Pedro) so addicted to dreaming about becoming professionals.

Such addiction saw Pedro playing the game at night. He did not sleep early, thanks to support from the club’s floodlights. Pedro would only return home to sleep when his stepfather (João) returns to work and turn off the field lights.

Early Life with the Academy:

Having seen the way footballers rise from grass to grace, all Pedro wanted was to become a professional, earn monies and help his family. In the year 2006, he got enrolled at his mother’s workplace, Vidago FC.

After playing for two years with the club, Pedro Goncalves parents – who felt he was so used to home – decided he would play his football elsewhere. Thankfully at that time, news of the boy’s talent had already reached Chaves – a nearby more prominent academy.

Early Life with Chaves Sports Group:

João Pereira (his stepdad), alongside Jorge Pires (a neighbour and family friend), made the efforts to have the boy attend trials at GD Chaves.

Jorge Pires’ Dad was a colleague of Pedro Gonçalves’ father. With his help, Pedro passed in flying colours and was successfully enrolled in Chaves.

The family friend agreed with Pedro Goncalves parents to look after their son. Gaining their approval, he began representing the boy since his days with G.D. Chaves. He did well to help Pedro settle away from home and family.

At the age of ten, Pedro began having the tendencies of scoring goals as a midfielder. Impressing his coaches saw him move quickly up the club’s age ranks. Pedro, while playing at a higher level, did handle all pressure that came his way.

Early Life with Braga:

Barely two years with Chaves, the news of his goal-scoring prowess got to Sporting Clube de Braga. The support and influence of Jorge Pires became fundamental in helping Braga to successfully negotiate with Pedro’s parents to get his signature.

A brave Pedro Goncalves was not even a teenager when he travelled for more than 120 kilometres (alone) to Braga. It was Luís Martins (ex-Sporting coach) who received the young starlet, a boy who became the youngest player to be hired by the Minho club.

Turing his first game with Braga, Goncalves made a feint and poked the ball over the goalkeeper. His act of bravery made the club’s management so happy. It confirmed their scouting report about his amazing talent.

Living with an Old Woman:

As advised by his parents and Jorge, Potinho lived in a residential home. Braga told him to live with an old lady to whom the club paid an income.

Pedro lived with her at her address close to de Maio Stadium, which is a five-minute drive to Braga. She gave him breakfast, and they sometimes had lunch and dinner in a restaurant.

Practically growing up on his own, it was tough for the boy to live far away from his family. But never for once did Pedro think about giving up. He only went home to visit his family at some weekends.

About how he coped, one of Braga’s staff, Jaime Lima Leite, once said;

There was a time I remember – that Pedro was robbed a few times. One day, he was sad because someone had stolen his stickers.

Pedro cried, but in training and games, he was always a happy kid. He was our ace, the best scorer and the team’s breadwinner.

Pedro Goncalves Biography – Road to Fame Story:

At Braga, the rising star broke records for the number of goals scored in an academy season. It was surprising to many that as a midfielder, Pedro did score 72 in a single season at the club’s academy.

Understanding he would go places, Agostinho Oliveira, who is Braga’s chief coordinator of the club’s youth system, began to do some mentoring in the youngster. It wasn’t surprising because Pedro was the club’s most precious jewel.

The former Portuguese national coach suddenly became a father figure to Pedro, one who ensured he was always on the right path. In an interview with Diário de Notícias national newspaper, the experienced coach and mentor said;

I told Pedro it wasn’t about having talent. That there are many talented kids, I have seen like him who do not make a career.

This led me to create some slang words for him to master, like unwrapping, which means dribbling and gaining possession of the ball. Another word is Extending, which means passing on to a colleague.

Pedro did everything well, and that made him evolved with the game. Thanks to the impact of Agostinho Oliveira, the youngster evolved even further.

In the year 2015, Pedro had to deal with his first career disappointment. His biggest mentor Agostinho Oliveira, left the club after the management chose not to offer him another contract.

Following Nuno Espírito Santo:

Providing a high number of eye-catching appearances for Braga’s youth side caught the attention of many ambitious Portuguese managers.

Among them, Nuno Espírito Santo was more attentive – always interested in Braga affairs. In case you didn’t know, this was how he got Pedro Neto to sign for Wolves – his later club.

Then at Valencia, Nuno convinced Pedro Goncalves to come join the youth section of the Spanish club. When the Valencia coach offered him a new youth contract, Potinho didn’t even think twice about leaving his family for Spain. All he wanted was to fast-track his development, become a professional, and help his parents.

Leaving loved ones to stay in another country at the age of 16 denotes maturity. Under the care of Nuno, the midfielder settled well into life with Valencia Academy.

Pedro did not only dominate. He became the team captain. The youngster, back then, shared the dressing room with names like Toni Martinez (FC Porto) and Ferrán Torres (Manchester City).

Pedro Goncalves Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

Following Nuno’s resignation as Valencia manager on the 29th of November 2015, the whole idea of wanting to start his senior career with the club began to fail.

Goncalves got determined to follow his mentor, who just took a job with Wolverhampton. After two years in Valencia, a better proposal from Wolverhampton (under Nuno) came.

Pedro reached an irrefutable financial offer, and the boy from Vidago headed for the first time to England to join Nuno.

Pedro arrived at Molineux with a big eye on the future. During that time (back in 2017), Nuno Espirito Santo’s side were still in the Championship.

Pedro became a leader of boys at Wolves academy. A sweet number of eye-catching appearances led him to become the captain of his team again.

The football figurehead led the youth team to several impressive victories. With that, Pedro secured his way into having successful graduation to senior football.

After Wolves academy graduation, a very ambitious Pedro wasted no time competing for midfield positions against his senior brothers. They include the likes of Joao Moutinho and Ruben Nevez.

With his Portuguese seniors’ blessings at Wolves – including his mentor Nuno, Pedro returned to his family in Portugal.

On the 2nd of July 2019, he joined the newly-promoted F.C. Famalicão. After making a quick impression with the club, our Golden boy caught the eyes of Sporting CP, who signed him on a five-year contract.

Pedro Goncalves Success Story with Sporting:

Unknown to the Portuguese giants, they never knew they had signed a boy—one who would rival Bruno Fernandes and Rafael Leao to become one of their best players in history.

Without wasting time, Goncalves began firing goals (left, right and centre) in all cylinders. That made him turn into a national treasure. As observed in the video below, his GOALS will make you attest to the fact that Sporting Lisbon has found their next Bruno Fernandes.

The Leo midfielder had a massive growth with Sporting. Pedro rose so high to become Primeira Liga’s highest goal scorer. It didn’t just end there; Potinho’s brilliance helped the Green and whites win the 2020-2021 Taça da Liga trophy.

Not surprising, compliments began coming from clubs in the top leagues as they all wanted Pot. During this time, Pedro Goncalves’ nickname gained new strength at Sporting. The media coined it as “Pot of Gold” and “Pots of talent.”

As I write Pedro Goncalves Bio, his release clause has risen to £53m (€60m). He is likely to be snapped up by one of Europe’s biggest clubs. Whichever happens to the midfield general in the future, Lifebogger wishes him the best. The rest, as we say of his Biography, is history.

Pedro Goncalves and Bruna Rafaela Love Story:

On the 12th of January 2018, Pote decided to have his heart taken by a lady. It happened just around his senior football graduation time – from Wolves. The footballer once said that Bruna Rafaela stole his heart. Since then, he has never stopped loving her.

Meet Pedro Goncalves Wife to be - Bruna Rafaela.
Meet Pedro Goncalves Wife to be – Bruna Rafaela.

Who is Bruna Rafaela, Pedro Goncalves’ Girlfriend?

First thing first, Pot’s lover celebrates her birthday every 23rd of September. According to Bruna’s social media Bio, she is a fashion model with a massive passion for medicine and wildlife.

Bruna Rafaela and Pedro Goncalves began dating in 2018, and since then, they have celebrated their love as the year goes by. Both live together alongside their dog in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Bruna and Pedro live a happy life together.
Bruna and Pedro live a happy life together.

Thou, no child (son or daughter) from their relationship, Pedro and his girlfriend live their life as best of friends. He once made his fans understand Bruna’s exciting way of staying fit. Watch the video of how he helps her do that.

Judging by the way both are taking their love life, one thing remains sure for these two. The fact that sooner, our boy is will pop the big question and both would get married.

Bruna and Pedro are just meant for eachother.
Bruna and Pedro are just meant for each other.

Pedro Goncalves Personal Life:

You probably got to know him after seeing him score goals with Sporting CP. Having known him from the career perspective, you might have the question; Who is Pedro Goncalves outside football?

First thing first, he is a humble and easy-going person by nature. Again, Pedro has a strong personality and believes today is at its peak, and tomorrow may not. In other words, one should make hay while the sun shines.

Pedro Gonçalves Personal Life.
Pedro Gonçalves Personal Life.

Thou not perfect, Pot could sometimes be very forgetful or distracted. Once upon a time, while playing in Valencia, he carelessly misplaced his cell phone.

Pedro only realized that after a Brazilian lady reached him. She happens to be the wife of a Valencia staff. Through her, the lucky boy got his phone back.

Again, at the airport, Potinho had once lost his wallet. It happened when he came to Portugal for Christmas. When Pedro was at the airport, he needed to go to the restroom. While passing out nature, he forgot his wallet on top of the toilet tank. A few weeks later, he also ran out of document at an airport.

Last but not least, about his personal life, Pedro loves to handout on Pubs where he eats large as observed in the table below. This location was in England, during the time he played for Wolves. You can spot the big plate of chicken which he almost hid from the cameras.

What is he trying to hide?
What is he trying to hide?

Pedro Goncalves Lifestyle:

Cooling off at the faraway seaside resort evokes vivid memories that make one feel happier and lift the mood. In the quest for a healthy lifestyle, Pot does that with his lover. It indeed makes a difference in relieving football stress.

Never a dull moment with Bruna Rafaela and Pedro as far as Seaside vacation is concerned.
Never a dull moment with Bruna Rafaela and Pedro as far as Seaside vacation is concerned.

Pedro and Bruna Rafaela are no strangers to premier travel destinations where they tour around some of the world’s most precious landmarks.

Rather than showcasing expensive cars, big houses (mansion) on social media, he prefers the vacation type of lifestyle.

Bruna Rafaela and Pedro have visited some of the most prominent landmarks in the world.
Bruna Rafaela and Pedro have visited some of the most prominent landmarks in the world.

Pedro Goncalves Family Life:

The road to success hasn’t been that easy for the Chaves native to navigate. But with family support, hard work, drive and passion, it becomes possible for Pedro to fulfil his family dreams.

This section of his Bio throws more light on members of his household, starting with his Mamma.

About Pedro Goncalves’ Mother:

Pedro Gonçalves' Mum, Pedro Gonçalves, now reaps the fruits of her labour.
Pedro Gonçalves’ Mum, Pedro Gonçalves, now reaps the fruits of her labour.

Few years after her son left home, Maria Roupeira left the house located on Vidago FC football field. She also stopped working at the club. It happened during the time of the Portuguese financial crisis, which affected all small clubs in the northern region.

Owing to the financial impact on Vidago FC, Maria was forced to look for solutions. She later became a gardener at a company in the area.

Thankfully, she didn’t do the job for long because her son Pedro salvaged the family situation as he made it in football.

These days the Pedro Goncalves’ mother (Maria) is unable to leave the house without being questioned by someone – neighbours and journalist etc.

They want to know about Potinho, who is on the cover of their Portuguese national newspapers. What a sense of pride for Maria and her family.

About Pedro Goncalves’ Biological Father:

The late Dad of the Portuguese midfielder is one of the reasons for his success. Perhaps, Dad Antonio left the world so nature would have his wife raised his son at a football field.

Pedro had vowed to always dedicate his career goals to his late father despite not having met him. Remember, he died when Pedro was just a month old. The footballer dedicates his career to his late Dad.

About Pedro Goncalves’ Step Father:

For a long time, João Pereira continued to work in the Vidago firefighting office as a volunteer. As soon as the famous financial crisis struck Portugal (2010 – 2014), he left the job after his wife (Maria Roupeira) stopped working with Vidago FC.

Pedro Goncalves, stepdad, became an employee of a municipal where he was responsible for collecting garbage and urban waste. He did the job to support his family. Pedro making it in football means he no longer has to continue with the job.

Pedro Goncalves’ Siblings:

The footballer is the only son born to his mother, Maria Roupeira and late Dad, António Gonçalves.

After the death of his father, Pedro had other siblings. Andre was born to his Mum and stepfather – who had other children, Sónia and Tiago.

About Andre Pereira, Pedro Goncalves’ Brother:

He is a Stepsibling born João (Pot’s stepdad) and Maria. Andre became a goalkeeper thanks to the experience he gathered during childhood shooting practice with his elder brother, Pedro. He is a huge FC Porto fan who now support Sportings because his brother plays there.

Pedro Goncalves Facts:

Having journeyed so far in his Biography, we’ll use this concluding section to tell more truths about the goal-scoring midfielder. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Fact #1- He once played Handball:

Although raised on a soccer field, Pedro was born for football. But, interestingly, before becoming a national superstar, he once tried Handball.

According to Vidago’s president, Paulo Lopes, Pedro played Handball in school sports – during his childhood. At last, football ended up gabbing Potinho.

Fact #2- He was raised among FC Porto Fans:

At the village of Vidago, where Pedro Goncalves family lived, nearly everyone supports FC Porto or Benfica. Even in his home, Pedro’s stepfather, also his mother’s brother, are all Benfica fans.

Surprisingly, things changed many people (including Pedro’s family) soon as he (Potinho) began making a name for himself at Sporting.

In the village of Vidago, everyone now roots for the success of Pedro Gonçalves, who is a distinguished son of their land. Now they only want Sporting to win and Pedro to keep scoring.

Fact #3- Earnings Per Seconds and Salary comparison:

Since you started viewing Pedro Goncalves Bio, this is what he has earned.

Per Year:€833,280
Per Month:€69,440
Per Week:€16,000
Per Day:€2285
Per Hour:€95
Every Minute:€1.5
Every Second:€0.03

Did you know?… Where he comes from, it will take the average Portuguese 45 years to make Potinho’s yearly salary with Sporting CP.

Fact #4: Pedro Goncalves Profile – FIFA:

For career mode gamers, if you are looking to build a squad around some of the brightest stars, we recommend Pote alongside Ilaix Moriba as one of those for midfield. For Forward options, Joshua Zirkzee and Myron Boadu make our list.

Potinho, no doubt, has all the armoury needed by the modern-day midfielder. Like Dominik Szoboszlai, he has vast FIFA potential that speaks volume about his big future.

Fact #5- Pedro Goncalves Religion:

To explain his belief, we’ll first look at his first name. As it sounds, ‘Pedro’ is both a Galician, Spanish and Portuguese name for Biblical Peter.

In Latin, the name means “stone, rock”. To cut a long story short, Pedro Goncalves is a Christian. More so, he is very likely among the 81% of Portugal’s Roman Catholics.


Pedro Goncalves came to the world, not having an in-depth knowledge about his family’s head. This is because he lost his Dad at a very tender age.

For the Portuguese, not having a Biological father affected him greatly. Without the loss, there won’t be a little brother in André, who came from his stepfather, João Pereira. Also, football would never have existed.

In the course of writing his Pedro Goncalves Bio, we realize that it was tough for his only surviving Biological parent, Maria Roupeira, to deal with the sudden death of their biggest fan. Fortunately, the image of her late husband is now visible in her son.

The Biography of Pedro Goncalves teaches us the true meaning of persistence. It became evident in Pedro’s ability to keep moving forward despite the hurdles that came his way. As a reward for hard work, he is now one of Europe’s hottest transfer property. Telegraph reveals Manchester United, who has Bruno Fernandes, also wants him.

Thank you for staying with us so far in the Life story of one of Portugal’s most promising football jewel. At Lifebogger, we strive for fairness and accuracy while delivering stories of Portuguese Footballers.

Kindly let us know if you notice anything that doesn’t look nice on Pedro Goncalves’ Bio. Also, let us know your perception of the footballer in our comment section. For a quick summary of Potinho’s memoir, use our Wiki table.

Biographical InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name: Pedro António Pereira Gonçalves
Nicknames:Pote, Pot and Potinho
Age:22 years and 9 months old.
Date of Birth:28th of June 1998
Place of Birth:Chaves, Portugal
Mother:Maria Roupeira
Father:António Gonçalves (Died in 1998)
Stepfather:João Pereira
Brother:Andre Pereira (a goalkeeper)
Other Siblings: Sónia and Tiago
Girlfriend:Bruna Rafaela
Height:1.73 meters or (5 feet 8 inches
Religion:Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Agent:Jorge Pires
Net worth:2 million euros (2021 Stats)

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