Pablo Sarabia Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Pablo Sarabia Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Pablo Sarabia Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents (a Military Father, Homemaker Mother), Girlfriend (Carmen Mora), Family Background, Sister, etc.

The Spanish professional footballer’s Biography doesn’t end there. We’ll also give facts on Pablo Sarabia’s Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, etc.

Also, his personal life, vast hobbies/interests, lifestyle, salary breakdown, and comparing his earnings with the average Spanish citizen.

In a nutshell, this article gives you the Complete History of Pablo Sarabia. This is the story of a Footballer born to a Military Father.

Do you know that the military salute Pablo makes after scoring a goal is for his Dad? Again, that military salute is also for another member of Pablo Sarabia’s family.

In this Bio, we’ll tell you why Sarabia salutes his kid sister as well.

There is a family story behind Pablo Sarabia's military salute when he makes when he scores a goal.
There is a family story behind Pablo Sarabia’s military salute when he makes when he scores a goal.

This memoir gives you the history of a Spanish Attacking midfielder who started his career with Real Madrid.

Do you know?… He once played with the likes of Mesut Ozil and Ricardo Kaka in Jose Mourinho’s Madrid side. Even as a footballer, Sarabia has got so many other sporting interests asides – (which we’ll show you as you progress in his Bio).


LifeBogger’s version of Pablo Sarabia’s Biography begins by telling you notable events of his Childhood and Early Life.

Thereafter, we’ll explain the good and bad things (loss of a family member) that happened to him during his quest for success. And finally, how the Super midfielder made his name with the beautiful game.

To fuel your autobiography appetite as you read through Pablo Sarabia’s Biography, we’ve decided to present you with this gallery – as shown below.

It no doubt tells a story about the baby-faced Spaniard. From his boyhood days to when he became famous, Pablo has indeed come a long way in his life.

Pablo Sarabia Biography - The Grass to Grace Story.
Pablo Sarabia Biography – The Grass to Grace Story.

Why didn’t the Spanish football federation discover Sarabia quite early?

Back in the day, Sarabia wasn’t a household name like Cesc Fabregas, Xavi and Iniesta. His meteoric rise alongside Dani Olmo and Mikel Oyarzabal came after the exit of the above Spanish Legends.

Yes, everyone knows he (a product of Real Madrid) has a knack for scoring in the big games.

Sadly, not many fans have read an in-depth version of Pablo Sarabia’s Biography. We have prepared it, and it is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Pablo Sarabia Childhood Story:

For Biography beginners, he bears the nickname “Pablito”, and his full name is Pablo Sarabia García.

The Spanish footballer was born on the 11th day of May 1992 to his late Father, Mr Sarabia, and Mother, Mrs García Sarabia in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

From what we’ve gathered, the Spanish Baller is one among three children born to the marital union that existed between his Dad and Mum.

In the photo below, you’ll find the persons who we believe are Pablo Sarabia’s parents. If it wasn’t for Pablo’s Mum and Dad, he and his siblings wouldn’t be where they are today.

From right to left - Pablo Sarabia's Father, his immediate younger sister, his youngest sister, girlfriend (Carmen Mora), and Mother.
From right to left – Pablo Sarabia’s Father, his immediate younger sister, his youngest sister, girlfriend (Carmen Mora), and Mother.

Growing-Up Years:

As you may have noticed above, Pablo Sarabia’s parents had him and his sister within a few years of their births.

Ask the Spanish footballer, and he will tell you she has been his best friend. No matter how old Pablo and his sister have become, they often always revert back to their memorable childhood years.

This is Pablo Sarabia's Sister. Have you noticed her resemblance to Sarabia's Mum?
This is Pablo Sarabia’s Sister. Have you noticed her resemblance to Sarabia’s Mum?

Did you know that Pablo Sarabia’s Family has a military person and another member who is in the Police?… Well, it gladdens us to tell you that his immediate younger sister is a Civil Guard.

As research puts it, The Civil Guard is Spain’s oldest law enforcement agency, one of the country’s two national police forces.

Pablo Sarabia Early Life:

During his boyhood, playing football came naturally as a hobby. In the neighbourhood where Pablo Sarabia’s parents raised him, many kids played football.

The game, which was seen as a golden tree, helped many youths (including Pablo) find solace, rather than mixing up with dangerous gangs in Madrid. The Spaniard once said this about his early passion;

For me, football has been my hobby, even more than a job. Playing the game was what I liked to do the most, and thanks to that, I escaped from other bad influences. What does soccer mean to me?… Well, it’s actually my life!

Pablo Sarabia Family Background:

To start with, the Athlete is from a comfortable middle-class Madrid household. Before his death, Pablo Sarabia’s Father was a military officer for many years. Asides from that, he was also a football fan who favoured his son’s decision to become a professional footballer.

Both of Pablo Sarabia’s parents raised a home filled with humble people. From the photo below, you can see a closely knitted middle-class family with love written all over their faces. For Pablo, nothing is better than going home to family, eating good food and relaxing.

This is Pablo Sarabia's family during his teenage years. Indeed, there is no place like home for the Spaniard.
This is Pablo Sarabia’s family during his teenage years. Indeed, there is no place like home for the Spaniard.

Pablo Sarabia Family Origin:

Starting off, he holds Spanish nationality, and he is a bona fide Madrilenian. People use the word “Madrilenian” when referring to persons with Madrid family origins. According to research, both of Pablo Sarabia’s parents are natives of Boadilla del Monte, located in Western Madrid.

This map gallery explains Pablo Sarabia's Family Origins.
This map gallery explains Pablo Sarabia’s Family Origins.

Asides from being the home of Real Madrid, there are some facts you might not know about the city of Pablo Sarabia’s origin.

First, Madrid is over 2000 years old – dating back to the Roman times.

Secondly, the name Madrid means ‘place of abundant water’. On a final note, where Pablo Sarabia’s family comes from, has this unique coat of arms.

Has anyone told you the story of the statue of the bear and also the tree in Puerta del Sol, the city of Madrid?
Has anyone told you the story of the statue of the bear and also the tree in Puerta del Sol, the city of Madrid?

Pablo Sarabia’s Ethnicity:

As displayed in the language map, where he comes from belongs to a part of Spain which speaks Spanish exclusively.

Put simply, Pablo Sarabia identifies with the White Spanish Ethnic group. This is the Romance ethnic group native to Spain which accounts for around 84.8% of the country’s population.

This map gallery explains Pablo Sarabia's Ethnicity.
This map gallery explains Pablo Sarabia’s Ethnicity.

Pablo Sarabia Education:

Although going to primary school was compulsory, the youngster managed to combine it with football.

When the time came right, Pablo Sarabia’s parents enrolled him at the Madrid Oeste Football School in Boadilla del Monte. This is his first football school, which helped him build a solid career foundation.

Like many other kids, the ultimate dream was to play for the biggest club in Madrid. Often called La Fabrica, Real Madrid academy is one of the best in the country. Their scouts often look for the best kids, starting with their local community.

In the year 2000, Sarabia got scouted while at EFMO Boadilla. The joy of his family knew no bounds after he successfully enrolled with the Spanish giants.

Pablo Sarabia Biography – Real Madrid Youth Story:

Understanding their boy’s desire to play football for a living, the Spanish club gave him the needed preparatory stage to nurture his aspirations.

Sarabia, in his academy early years, was a special and decisive player. A boy who played alongside the person of Alvaro Morata.

Early on, Pablo Sarabia’s coaches would put him behind the striker. He would score goals and also supply Morata with lots of assists.

Soon, both footballers became best companions outside the pitch. In 2002, Dani Carvajal met Pablo Sarabia at Real Madrid and both Lads became even closer friends.

Pablo Sarabia Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Here are some of his great moments with Real Madrid Youth.
Here are some of his great moments with Real Madrid Youth.

While at Real Madrid B, the Spaniard considered making his passion for being his job. Pablo knew that to achieve a climb to the Real Madrid senior team, it was necessary for him not to have injuries.

Also, he needed a little luck. But above all, he strived to have the needed technical quality. Here is a video of some of Sarabia’s great days with Real Madrid youth.

The joys of Pablo Sarabia’s parents knew no bounds at the time their son got his deserved promotion to the Real Madrid first team.

Are you aware that José Mourinho was responsible for this promotion? In December 2010, he called Sarabia to the Madrid first team (for the first time) as a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo. What a proud moment for the Athlete.

What a proud moment for the youngster with the number 33 shirt. He began his Real Madrid senior career in December 2010 as a Cristiano Ronaldo substitute.
What a proud moment for the youngster with the number 33 shirt. He began his Real Madrid senior career in December 2010 as a Cristiano Ronaldo substitute.

Although Sarabia had a great start with Los Blancos, he was more challenged with game time.

The then-18 years old found himself behind the likes of Mesut Özil, Kaká, Ángel Di María, etc. After making consultations with his family and agent, Pablo decided to join Getafe.

Moving On:

Because Getafe were neighbours to Real Madrid, the transfer to the Spanish top-tier club felt like an excellent decision.

Because Real Madrid didn’t want to risk losing him, the Spanish giants placed a buy-back clause on his transfer.

Playing football with Getafe became a career springboard for Sarabia. As observed from the video below, you could tell he was hungry.

Yet again, Pablo Sarabia did what his body decided he should do. On another occasion, the footballer and his family decided on another transfer, this time to Sevilla.

The idea was to join a competitive team that plays European football. Although Pablo scored these great goals with Sevilla, he sometimes wanted more. That thing is… WIN A TROPHY!

It was enjoyable playing alongside the likes of Wissam Ben Yedder, Samir Nasri, Clément Lenglet, Ciro Immobile, etc.

However, the real deal was to win trophies. While at Sevilla, Sarabia was unlucky to be in three competition runner-ups (Copa del Rey, Supercopa de España, and UEFA Super Cup) without winning a trophy.

Pablo Sarabia Biography – Rise to Fame Success Story:

Amassing a total of 36 goals as an attacking midfielder while playing for Getafe and Sevilla was enough for PSG to sign him. Thomas Tuchel made the deal happen, alongside other big-name purchases like Idrissa Gueye, Keylor Navas, Mauro Icardi, Ander Herrera, etc.

With the French Giants, Pablo Sarabia’s reached his career peak. Although not a first-team starter, the Spaniard delivered whenever he was called to perform.

Pablo Sarabia’s PSG goals and best moments achieved many thumbs up not just from PSG fans but also from his teammates – the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Marco Verratti, etc.

It is pertinent to state that Sarabia (before joining PSG) had never won a club career trophy. At the age of 27, the Spaniard won his first-ever club career trophy.

And just within a space of two seasons, he won a total of six trophies (two Ligue 1, two Coupe de France, one Coupe de la Ligue and one Trophée des Champions title).

The Spanish professional footballer won these trophies and a lot more during his two seasons with PSG.
The Spanish professional footballer won these trophies and a lot more during his two seasons with PSG.

Following the departure of Thomas Tuchel and the arrival of Mauricio Pochettino to PSG, Sarabia decided it was time to make another change. This time, he took a loan move to Sporting CP.

The ultimate aim of this transfer was to get a starting spot with Sporting CP, which came to him on a platter of gold.

Achievements in Portugal:

Pablo Sarabia and Pedro Goncalves (in the 2021/2022 season) became the biggest star names for the Green and whites. That season, Sarabia led the goal chart while Pedro held the assist chart.

Did you know?… Pablo Sarabia (even as a winger) became the highest goal scorer for Sporting CP during the 2021/2022 season. Playing from the PSG bench was really frustrating, and the need to play and feel important was being felt with Sporting CP.

The 21 goals Sarabia scored (as shown below) were more than enough to make Sporting CP win the Taça da Liga trophy.

Achieving this feat revitalized Pablo Sarabia’s career, as it boosted his popularity on the international scene. This time around, the Spaniard didn’t help the club win a trophy while coming from the bench. Instead, he, alongside notables like Goncalo Inacio and Pedro Goncalves, became Sporting’s most valuable footballers.

The 2021/2022 season was Sarabia's greatest in terms of his individual performance.
The 2021/2022 season was Sarabia’s greatest in terms of his individual performance.

Life with the Spanish National Team:

The Red Fury dreams of Pablo Sarabia started in 2008 when he earned his first cap for Spain’s under-16 team.

Did you know?… The attacking midfielder once appeared for his country’s under-17 side at the 2009 FIFA World Cup in Nigeria. Sarabia helped Spain to take third place.

Do you know?… Neymar, Haris Seferovic, Granit Xhaka, Joel Campbell, Son Heung-min, Kevin Volland, Mario Gotze, and Shkodran Mustafi all played in various cities across Nigeria in that tournament. Pablo Sarabia’s Spanish side came third, behind Nigeria and Switzerland.

Sarabia’s biggest moment with Spain’s youth came when he helped his team win the UEFA European under-19 Championship in 2011.

It was this victory that propelled his inclusion into Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid team. Next, Sarabia also won helped Spain win the UEFA European under-21 Championship in 2013.

One of Pablo Sarabia's best moments with the Spanish youth team was winning a UEFA youth championship.
One of Pablo Sarabia’s best moments with the Spanish youth team was winning a UEFA youth championship.

On the 30th of August 2019, Sarabia (to the joy of his family) got called up to the Spanish national team by Robert Moreno. Since after replacing Dani Ceballos in his first march, he never got his much anticipated frequent call-ups (partly because of injuries).

The coming of Luis Enrique as Spain’s manager favoured Sarabia, who was placed ahead of Adama Traoré. He proved his worth in Euro 2020 by scoring in Spain’s final group match against Slovakia.

At the time of writing Pablo Sarabia’s Biography, he is an undisputed member of the Spanish national team. The rest of his life story, as we say, is now history.

Introducing Carmen Mora – Pablo Sarabia’s Girlfriend:

The Spanish star is the most private person you can find for a footballer, despite being an international star.

Sarabia has not given his fans any clue about the lady he has been dating for a long time. This section of Pablo Sarabia’s Bio tells you about his love life.

At a very young age, Pablo Sarabia found the love of his life. Following research, we found the name of his girlfriend to be Carmen Mora.

For these two, it was pure love at first sight since their first meeting. At the time he took this photo with Carmen, Pablo Sarabia was such a lover boy, as well as a very good footballer.

The early love moments between Pablo Sarabia and Carmen Mora.
The early love moments between Pablo Sarabia and Carmen Mora.

Regarding when the lovers began dating, research reveals that it was over a decade (from the time of writing this Bio).

Now, here is a July 2011 photo of Pablo Sarabia and his girlfriend, Carmen Mora. The footballer, at that time, had just begun playing his professional football.

The fantastic love story of Pablo Sarabia and Carmen Mora.
The fantastic love story of Pablo Sarabia and Carmen Mora.

Since the start of the last decade, things have gone really very well between Pablo and Carmen.

In fact, many fans believe the midfielder had proposed to his girlfriend not long after when they began dating. More importantly, both Pablo Sarabia and Carmen Mora’s parents and families have accepted their union.

The two love birds (Carmen Mora and Pablo Sarabia) look like couples.
The two love birds (Carmen Mora and Pablo Sarabia) look like couples.

Fast forward to a decade later, Carmen Mora and Pablo Sarabia are still together. Observing through social media, there exists no documentation on Pablo Sarabia’s marital status.

Especially one that suggests he and Carmen Mora are married. Also to note, at the time of writing this Sarabia Biography, both lovers are yet to become parents.

Personal Life away from Football:

Who is Pablo Sarabia?

Starting off, he represents the Taurus zodiac sign, and he is someone who is practical and well-grounded. Sarabia strives to harvest the fruits of his labour.

The Spaniard is a deep thinker, highly intellectual, and can easily adapt to the new environments and energies that surround him.

More importantly, Sarabia sometimes possesses that deep need to have some time alone. The attacking midfielder loves to spend some alone moments beside the ocean in order to restore his inner strength.

The personality of the Spaniard - EXPLAINED.
The personality of the Spaniard – EXPLAINED.

Pablo Sarabia Hobbies:

Judging by his baby-faced looks, the Spaniard appears to be someone who might not fancy professional boxing. However, Pablo (as observed here) prefers to box only for amusement.

Meet Sarabia the boxer.
Meet Sarabia the boxer.

Secondly, Sarabia is a fan of bowling, a game that ranks well among his favourite pastimes outside of football. While playing soccer with Getafe, he often finds time for bowling. Here is a piece of photo evidence from May 2014.

The next of Pablo Sarabia’s hobbies is one that is done on snow. He plays this game alongside his friends, which includes a former Real Madrid teammate and best friend Dani Carvajal. Sarabia participates in this sport to improve his balance, agility, flexibility, and core strength.

Sarabia and friends enjoying days off in the snow.
Sarabia and friends enjoying days off in the snow.

Next, Pablo (just like Sergio Reguilon) is a gamer. Lucas Vázquez, a good friend of Sarabia, is also a FIFA gamer, one who has enjoyed beating Sarabia for quite a while. But on the day this photo was taken, run ran out of Lucas, as a Sarabia took the day. These were his words;

Bad luck Lucas, you can’t always win 😉😉 sometimes the rival beats you.

Pablo Sarabia Lifestyle:

In this section of his Bio, we’ll tell you how the Spaniard lives his life. Starting off, Sarabia is a caring guy, someone who loves to have a special dinner treat with Carmen Mora and his family members.

Next, we’ll tell you what Pablo Sarabia does while on holiday. First, the Baller loves visiting Waterfall landscapers to hang out with friends and family.

Next, Sarabia, just like Nathaniel Chalobah, loves flyboarding, as well as boat rides with family relatives and closest friends.

Pablo Sarabia Lifestyle - EXPLAINED.
Pablo Sarabia Lifestyle – EXPLAINED.

It is impossible for a person to play with PSG without visiting the magnificent Eiffel Tower.

Pablo Sarabia and his wife, Carmen Mora, love to profess their love beside the prettiest tower on planet earth. More so, relaxing and having breakfast and dinner by the seaside.

A footballer like Otavio can testify to cool facts about the magical experiences of horse riding in Portugal. This is what many foreign footballers enjoy when they play in the Primeira Liga.

Carmen Mora and Sarabia have enjoyed some of the most luxurious horse riding escapes in Comporta, Setubal, Portugal.

Carmen Mora and Pablo Sarabia’s Wedding:

As fans continually make research as to whether he was married, the winger once added fuel to that speculation by having a Halloween wedding. On that day, Carmen made arrangements for an elegant décor for their attires. And it appears Pablo Sarabia’s parents and that of Carmen Mora graced an occasion.

Does Pablo Sarabia have a car?

The answer is yes. the Spanish professional footballer began driving at the age of 18. Pablo Sarabia, upon signing for Getafe 2011, confirmed the status of the transfer from his car. In addition to driving cars, Salaria (like Jurrien Timber) loves driving fanciful bicycles.

Pablo Sarabia Family Life:

The Spaniard does more than just a salute to members of his household. For Sarabia, there is simply nothing as special as having close-knit family members who take an interest in each other. This section of Sarabia’s Biography breaks down facts about his family members.

About Pablo Sarabia’s Father:

For the winger, being raised by a military Dad is always a great experience. Pablo Sarabia’s Father, even thou he was a Force man, imposed no strict rules upon him or his kid sister. He was a caring Dad before his death, a man who loved their Mum, provided, protected his family and gave him career guidance.

Did you know?… Pablo Sarabia’s Father was the reason why his older sister joined The Civil Guard. As earlier stated, the Civil Guard is Spain’s oldest law enforcement agency. Pablo Sarabia, as a kid, never fancied joining the military or civil guard. All Sarabia wanted as a child was to become a football player with the biggest clubs in Europe.

Pablo Sarabia’s Father (before his death) was a huge football fan. He gave out huge support for his successful youth career.

Pablo believes his late Dad would be proud of his achievements. Sarabia uses his military salute goal celebration to honour his late father and his sister for their services. He does not want his goal celebration to be politicised.

About Pablo Sarabia’s Mother:

The Ex-PSG star sees the woman who gave birth to him as a walking miracle. A woman who has shown her true strength by staying strong since the death of her husband. Sarabia can never imagine his life without his mother’s care, which he sees as eternal.

Pablo Sarabia's Mother is his first god, and she has taught him the most thing lesson in life, how to love.
Pablo Sarabia’s Mother is his first god, and she has taught him the most thing lesson in life, how to love.

If there is one thing we know about Pablo Sarabia’s Mother, it is the fact that she loves beach life. Especially when it is experienced with her son as well as other family members. In the photo below, we see Pablo, his sister (the civil guard), his nephew, Mum and his little sister.

This is Pablo Sarabia's Family, having a great time at the beach.
This is Pablo Sarabia’s Family, having a great time at the beach.

About Pablo Sarabia’s Sister:

Not known to many football fans, she is the other reason he makes a military salute as his goal celebration. Again, Pablo Sarabia’s sister is happily married.

She had her wedding in 2014 at the time he played for Getafe. The Spanish footballer congratulated his sister with this photo – which got fans confused, thinking it was his wedding.

This is Pablo, during his sister's wedding.
This is Pablo, during his sister’s wedding.

About Pablo Sarabia’s Relatives:

The closest among them is his niece, who celebrates his birthday every 5th of November. Pablo Sarabia is very fond of him, and both love to enjoy time together at the pool.

Both Pablo and his niece are the firstborns in their families. Asides from his niece, Pablo Sarabia is also close to his cousins, who once built this beach castle.

A November 2016 photo of Pablo Sarabia and his niece. Then another photo (2014) of Pablo Sarabia and his cousins.
A November 2016 photo of Pablo Sarabia and his niece. Then another photo (2014) of Pablo Sarabia and his cousins.

Asides from his niece and the little cousins above, Sarabia also enjoys quality time with other extended family members.

The Spanish international player is, no doubt, big when it comes to family moments and outings.

Untold Facts:

In the final phase of Pablo Sarabia’s Biography, we’ll unveil more truths you might not know about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Almost a Complete Footballer:

At the age of 29, Pablo Sarabia’s FIFA Profile was still very much intact. FIFA Statistics here reveals some similarities with Isco when it comes to his skills.

And a lot like Marco Asensio in terms of his movement stats. Asides from defending, do you know that aggression and jumping are the only things Sarabia lacked in football at 29?

Pablo Sarabia Dog:

He joins the likes of other Spaniards – the likes of Marcos Llorente, Mariano Diaz, Paco Alcacer, etc, who are Cynophiles or dogophiles. This is a term used to refer to persons who love dogs. Sarabia, as observed, has kept different dog breeds since his Getafe days.


Pablo Sarabia Net Worth:

For someone who makes around €5,408,299 every year, it is right to say he is a millionaire athlete. To calculate his Sarabia’s net worth, let’s first break down his salary with Sporting CP (2022 stats).

TENURE/EARNINGSPablo Sarabia Sporting CP Salary Breakdown in Euros (€).
Per Year:€5,408,299
Per Month:€450,691
Per Week:€103,846
Per Day:€14,835
Every Hour:€618
Every Minute:€10
Every Second:€0.17

Pablo Sarabia’s agent is Pablo Barquero – the same agent that represents Rodri Hernandez. They are in charge of his contract negotiations, including agreements on his bonuses. As I write Pablo Sarabia’s Bio, his net worth is approximately 18.5 million euros.

Facts about Pablo Sarabia’s Salary:

Where he comes from, the average person who lives in Spain makes around €32,520 per year. Did you know?… such a citizen would need 166 years (which is more than a lifetime) to make Pablo Sarabia’s yearly salary with Sporting CP.

Since you began viewing Pablo Sarabia’s Bio, he earned this with Sporting CP.


Pablo Sarabia Religion:

Our odds are in favour of him being a Christian, even though he is not used to displaying his faith in the public domain. Pablo Sarabia’s family joins over 67.4% of Spanish citizens who identify themselves as Christian.

Wiki Data:

This table summarizes Pablo Sarabia’s Biography facts.

Full Name:Pablo Sarabia García
Date of Birth:11th day of May 1992
Place of Birth:Madrid, Spain
Age:31 years and 4 months old.
Parents:Late Sir and Mrs Sarabia García
Wife:Carmen Mora
Father's Occupation:Military
Sister's Occupation:Civil Guard
Family Origin:Boadilla del Monte, Western Madrid.
Education:EFMO Boadilla
Ethnicity:White Spanish
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Playing position:Attacking midfielder
Height:1.74 meters OR 5 feet 9 inches
Hobby:Playing FIFA, Bowling, Snowboarding
Annual Salary:€5,408,299 every year (Sporting CP 2022 stats)
Agent:Pablo Barquero
Net Worth:18.5 million euros (2022 stats)


Pablo Sarabia is the son of a Military Dad who is late. He was born on the 11th day of May 1992 to his late Father, Mr Sarabia, and Mother, Mrs García Sarabia in Madrid.

Pablo grew up alongside his sister, who is a Civil Guard. Both Pablo Sarabia’s Dad and his sister are the reasons for his goal celebration salute.

During his childhood years, playing football came naturally. Pablo Sarabia’s family is that of a comfortable middle class.

His Father (before his death) was a military officer for many years and also a football fan. Again, Pablo Sarabia’s parents are natives of Madrid and they speak Spanish exclusively.

Before becoming a pro, Pablo received a good soccer education. He is a product of the Madrid Oeste Football School in Boadilla del Monte. This academy helped him build a solid career foundation. Like many other youngsters, his dream was to play for Real Madrid.

The Spaniard successfully graduated from the Real Madrid academy in 2010. This was the time he began dating his girlfriend, Carmen Mora. She later became Pablo Sarabia’s Wife. He also had a great start with the Spanish national team football, winning two UEFA youth championships.

The journey to win his first club career trophy took him through the likes of Getafe and Sevilla. While at PSG, he played alongside Eric Choupo Moting and they both won their first career trophies at above 26 years. Sarabia won seven trophies in PSG within a pace of two seasons.

The quest to be a first-team starter took him to Sporting CP, where he achieved a meteoric rise. As I put up his Life story, Sarabia is optimistic about having a great 2022 FIFA World Cup especially after helping Spain to their first Nations League win in 2022.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking out time to read LifeBogger’s version of Pablo Sarabia’s Biography. We care about accuracy and fairness in our quest to deliver you the History of Spanish Football Players. And from a broader scale, the Life Stories of European Footballers.

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