टॉमस सौसेक बालपण कथा प्लस अनटोल्ड बायोग्राफी तथ्ये

टॉमस सौसेक बालपण कथा प्लस अनटोल्ड बायोग्राफी तथ्ये

आमचे टॉमस सौसेक चरित्र त्याच्या बालपणीची कथा, अर्ली लाइफ, पालक, लव्ह लाइफ (प्रेमिका, पत्नी), कौटुंबिक तथ्ये, वैयक्तिक जीवन आणि जीवनशैली याबद्दल तपशीलवार माहिती देतात. थोडक्यात सांगायचे तर, त्याच्या सुरुवातीच्या वर्षांपासून ते फुटबॉल स्टार बनल्यापासून सुरू झालेल्या त्याच्या जीवनाचे संपूर्ण विश्लेषण होय.

Yes, everyone knows he is an energetic midfielder with both defensive and attacking qualities. However, not many have read Tomas Soucek’s Biography which is quite insightful. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Tomas Soucek’s Childhood Story:

लाइफ स्टोरी स्टार्टर्ससाठी, फुटबॉलर तसाच पेट्र Čech hails from The Czech Republic. Tomas Soucek was born on the 27th day of February 1995 at the Czechia district town of Havlíčkův Brod. Little Tomas was born to parents whose names are yet unknown at the time of writing his biography.

Tomas Soucek’s Family Origin:

Thanks to the footballers looks, accent and last name, there are no questions or doubts about his nationality. In addition, the football genius’ family roots run very deep in his birth country – Czech Republic.

Tomas Soucek’s Growing up Years:

तुम्हाला माहित आहे काय की तरुण सॉसेक हावलाकव्ह ब्रॉड येथील आपल्या जन्म शहरात वाढला आहे? गावात वाढत, सॉसेक त्याच्या तोलामोलाच्या लोकांपेक्षा उंच होता. अगदी लहान वयातच तो धावणे आणि फुटबॉल खेळण्यातही मोठा होता.

Tomas Soucek’s Family Background:

It is worthwhile to note that Tomas Soucek’s parents were instrumental in helping him fall in love with running and playing football. In fact, Soucek’s little known mom was a professional marathon runner while his dad was a football enthusiast. Together, both parents gave Soucek a decent middle-class upbringing.

टॉमस सौसेक करियर फुटबॉलची सुरुवात कशी झाली:

Asides sending the then youngster to a good school, Tomas Soucek’s parents were keen on ensuring that his bubbling energy and love for running found expression in training at local club – FC Slovan Havlíčkův Brod (2001-2004).

सौसेक दहा वर्षांचा होता तेव्हापासून त्याने एसके स्लाविया प्रहा यांच्याबरोबर प्रशिक्षण सुरू केले. हा क्लब हॅलावॅकव्ह ब्रॉडपासून बरेच किलोमीटर दूर होता. अंतरावर धन्यवाद नाही, सौसेक फक्त दोन प्रशिक्षण आणि साप्ताहिक सामन्यात गेला. नंतर त्याला फुटबॉल शाळेत एक जागा मिळाली आणि त्याने नियमित प्रशिक्षण सुरू केले.

Tomas Soucek’s Early Years in Career Football:

It was at SK Slavia Praha that Soucek spent most years of his football career – almost a decade between 2004 and 2014 – perfecting skillsets that are now characteristic of his style of play.

When the time was right, the football prodigy clinched a major move to Slavia Prague where he made his league debut and got a taste of first-team football. However, he couldn’t solidify his position with the first team.

Tomas Soucek’s Biography – Road To Fame Story:

It was only a matter of time before Slavia Prague began sending Soucek on loan to other clubs. The first was Viktoria Žižkov where the young player didn’t make an impact before returning to his parent club.

In the 2016–17 season, Soucek lost his position with Slavia Prague’s first team and went on loan to Slovan Liberec during the winter transfer window. Although the stopper returned back his parent club on completion of the loan, the last was yet to be heard of his loan spells.

Tomas Soucek’s Biography – Rise To Fame Story:

When Soucek joined relegation battling Premier League side West Ham on an initial loan deal in January 2020, his career suddenly began taking progressive leaps. Although the contract was Soucek’s first outside Czech republic, he was quick to adapt to English football and made a big impact in east London.

काही वेळात तो चाहता आवडता बनला आणि बर्‍यापैकी की टॅकेल्स खेचून काढून त्याच्या बाजूने रिलेशन झोनपासून दूर रहायला मदत केली. लेखनाच्या वेळेस वेगवान, टॉमस अनेक चाहत्यांनी नवीन म्हणून पाहिले पावेल नेवेद.

Football lovers can’t wait to have the defensive midfielder signed permanently to West Ham in view of the numerous times which he has given the club hopes of survival a major boost. The rest, as they say, is history.

About Tomas Soucek’s Girlfriend and kids:

Soucek is in a happy marital relationship with his girlfriend Natalia. Not much is known about when the lovebirds began dating. However, they have sure been together for many years before the defensive midfielder’s move to West Ham.

टोम सौकेकची पत्नी आणि मुलगी भेट
Meet Tomáš Souček’s Family- His Wife and Daughter. 📷: Instagram

The lovebirds have a daughter together. Her name is Terezka. Soucek’s loves his girlfriend and daughter very much. As such, he does his best to put their interests into consideration whenever he makes key career decisions.

Tomas Soucek’s family life:

Like most stopper’s Soucek is blessed to have a supportive family. Here, we give you facts about Tomas Soucek’s parents, siblings and relatives.

टॉमे सौएकच्या कुटूंबाला भेटा
Meet Tomáš Souček’s Family. 📷: Picuki

About Tomas Soucek’s Father and Mother:

Soucek has little known parents. Nonetheless, we do know that his mom had a rich history in athletics as a professional marathon runner.  On the other hand, his dad has coaching interests in football. He credits both parents for taking turns to drive him for trainings. Little wonder the footballer takes them to every big match. He does also strive hard to live up to their expectations.

About Tomas Soucek’s Siblings and Relatives:

Soucek is yet to mention having a brother or sister whenever he gives a recap of his life story during interviews. As such, there is a likelihood that he is the only child born to his parents. Regarding the player’s ancestry and relatives, not much is known about his grandparents.  Similarly, his aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and cousins are yet unknown,

Tomas Soucek’s Personal Life:

Away from Tomas Soucek’s on-pitch penchant for being an awesome defender and goal threat, the facts and opinions regarding his off-pitch persona are both unanimous and likeable. Fans and teammates confess to the fact that he is emotionally driven, humble and creative.

प्रभावी मिडफिल्डर ज्याची राशिचक्र साइन मीन आहे तो नियमितपणे काही क्रियाकलाप करतो ज्या त्याच्या आवडी आणि छंदसाठी पास असतात. त्यामध्ये संगीत ऐकणे, पोहणे, माकडे पाहण्यासाठी प्रवास करणे (खाली पहा) आणि कुटुंब आणि मित्रांसह चांगला वेळ घालवणे समाविष्ट आहे.

टॉम सौकेक वैयक्तिक जीवनाची तथ्ये
Tomáš Souček Personal Life Facts. 📷: Instagram.

Tomas Soucek’s Lifestyle:

टॉमस सौसेक आपले पैसे कसे कमावतात आणि कसे खर्च करतात या संदर्भात, जुलै २०२० पर्यंत त्याची एकूण मालमत्ता पुनरावलोकनेवर आहे. तथापि, टॉप-फ्लाइट फुटबॉल खेळण्यापासून त्याला महत्त्वपूर्ण वेतन आणि पगार मिळतात हे तथ्य नाकारता येत नाही.

याव्यतिरिक्त, बचावात्मक मिडफिल्डर अँडोर्समेंट्समधून एक हेवा उत्पन्न मिळवून देतो आणि त्यांच्या घर आणि अपार्टमेंटच्या गॅरेजमध्ये सुपर महागड्या कार असलेल्या फुटबॉलर्सची आरामदायक जीवनशैली जगण्यात कोणतीही अडचण येणार नाही.

Tomas Soucek’s Facts:

To wrap up our Tomas Soucek’s childhood story and biography facts here are lesser-known or untold facts about the defensive midfielder.

तथ्य # 1- टॉमास सौसेक वेतन:

टेन्चर / सॅलरीयुरोमधील कमाई (€)डॉलर्समधील कमाई ($)पाउंड मध्ये कमाई £ £⟩झेक कोरुना (CZK) मध्ये कमाई
दर वर्षी€ 3,585,360$ 4,097,529£ 3,260,28195,508,066 सीझेडके
दर महिन्याला€ 321,530$ 341,461£ 271,6907,958,755 सीझेडके
प्रति आठवडा€ 74,000$ 78,678£ 62,5291,788,484 सीझेडके
प्रती दिन€ 10,571$ 11,240£ 8,932255,497 सीझेडके
प्रती तास€ 440$ 468£ 37210,654 सीझेडके
प्रति मिनिट€ 7.34$ 7.8£ 6.2177 सीझेडके
प्रति सेकंद€ 0.12$ 0.13£ 0.102.9 सीझेडके

हे काय आहे आपण हे पृष्ठ पाहणे प्रारंभ केल्यापासून टॉमस सौसेकने कमावले.

€ 0

Fact #2- Tomas Soucek’s FIFA ratings:

जुलै पर्यंत सॉसेकचे फिफा २०२० चे एकूण रेटिंग points१ गुण होते. हे असे म्हणायला हरकत नाही की त्याच्या रेटिंग्जने केसर अझपिलिकुइटा आणि विल्फ्रेड एनडीडी जे दोघांनाही 2020 81 रेटिंग दिले आहे.

तथ्य # 3- टॉमास सौसेक कोणता धर्म सराव करतो?

बचावात्मक मिडफिल्डर अद्याप सोशल मीडिया, मुलाखती आणि खेळाच्या क्षेत्रातील त्याच्या धार्मिक श्रद्धेबद्दल संकेत देऊ शकलेला नाही. तथापि, शक्यता त्याला ख्रिस्ती असल्याच्या बाजूने मोठ्या प्रमाणात आहेत.

तथ्य # 4- ट्रिव्हीया:

Do you know that Soucek’s birth year – 1995 is significant for a number of key technological advancement and entertaining events? it was the year which DVD optical disc storage media format was announced. On the entertainment scene, 1995 was the year which films like Pocahontas and Batman hit cinemas.

तथ्य # 5- विकी:

चरित्र चौकशीविकी डेटा
पूर्ण नावटॉमस सॉसेक
जन्म तारीखफेब्रुवारी 27 चा 1995 वा दिवस
जन्मस्थानझेक प्रजासत्ताक मध्ये हव्लेकेव्ह ब्रोड
स्थान पध्दतबचावात्मक मिडफिल्डर
पालकN / A
भावंडN / A
मुलेतेरेस्क (मुलगी)
नेट वर्थ N / A
उंची6 फूट, 4 इंच.


Thank you for reading this insightful article on Tomas Soucek’s biography. We do hope that the writeup convinces you of the fact that he deserves due attention for the strides he has made in football.

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