Една опасност детска приказна Плус Неоптоварени биографија факти

Една опасност детска приказна Плус Неоптоварени биографија факти

Our Eden Hazard Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Wife, Children, Cars, Net worth, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

Simply put, we’ve put together a complete analysis of his Life Story, right from his early days, to when he became famous. Before we begin, here is a progression of his early life and rise- a perfect summary of his Bio.

Yes, you and I know Eden is a global superstar, one of the most exciting wingers world football has ever seen. Asides these accolades, we realize that just a few football fans have read an in-depth Biography of Eden Hazard. We’ve taken time to prepared- just for you. Now without further ado, let’s begin with the story of his youth.

Eden Hazard Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his full names are Eden Michael Hazard. Eden was born on the 7th day of January 1991 to his mother, Carine Hazard and father, Thierry Hazard, in the city of La Louvière, Belgium.

The Belgian was born as the first son and child out of the successful union between his parents. Eden Hazard has no sister but grew up alongside his brothers who go by their names Thorgan, Kylian and Ethan. We have here, a rare portrait of Eden Hazard family, at a time he was probably eleven years old.

The picture above, no doubt, tells a great story about his household. It sure makes you realize the adage that says; Time flies and waits for no one.

Eden Hazard Early Life:

As a child, he was quick to develop a sense of responsibility for his younger brothers. In the opinion of his mum and dad, (Eden) playing that big brother role became the building block for the future.

Owing to the little gap in their ages, it was easy for Eden, Thorgan and Kylian to bond. Also, the three brothers took likeness on similar things which we’ll update you next.

Early on, Eden and his brothers would demand that their parents buy them the French No 10 jersey. Now the question is; Why wearing only the French No10 jersey as kids?…

If you can recall, 1998 was when Зинедин Зидан won the FIFA World Player of the Year. Back in the days, Little Eden and his kid brothers took likeness to the Real Madrid legend and would go on to watch him on TV for hours. Are you aware?… the same Зидан is the sole reason why all Hazard brothers are attacking midfielders.

Eden Hazard Family Background:

First and foremost, the Belgian comes from a football-mad household. In more logical terms, we can say that Eden’s nuclear family is the most prominent footballing household on the planet.

Did you know?… every member of Eden Hazard family are footballers. The list includes all his brothers, the mum and dad, who are retired. Hence, it’s not surprising to see the colossal likeness for the game at a very young age.

From the onset, both of Eden Hazard’s parents took care of their middle-class family through the proceeds from their football careers. Thierry Hazard, his dad, was a defensive midfielder while his Carine Hazard, Eden’s mum used to be a striker. Hmmm….. You can see the entire household can form a small football team.

Eden Hazard Family Origin:

Perhaps, you’re aware the Chelsea Legend hails from Belgium. However, what you probably DON’T KNOW is Eden Hazard’s Family origin. Results from our study indicate that the Footballer is from the French-speaking southern part of Belgium.

From ethnicity perspective, he is of the Belgian White Ethnic group. Again as regards Eden Hazard family roots, his Belgian’s grandparents belong to the country’s Wallonia lineage. People from this part of Belgium have their ancestry from France and constitute around 31.7% of the country’s population.

Eden Hazard Growing-Up Years:

There was a clear-cut plan for the future of their kids right before they were born. Are you aware?… Eden Hazard parents devices a strategy to see their children continue living their dreams. It wasn’t about forcing their careers on them, but ensuring the boys had whatever they need to excel.

The Hazard brothers, nicknamed ‘The Tripod’ all maintained a similar style of bonding together during their childhood days. Asides wearing similar jerseys, they all did drive bikes together. Even as adults, they joined the same club- Chelsea FC.- as contained in later parts of this Bio.

Eden Hazard Education:

The Footballer grew up in Braine-le-Comte, Belgium, where his family home was no more than three hundred metres from a local football ground. Early on, both Eden, his cousins and brother (Thorgan) ventured onto the training pitch to hone and develop their skills. That was his earliest form of education.

Како и многумина Association Football Families, it was hard for Eden Hazard’s parents to deal with retirement from the game. His dad, Thierry, retired from his position in 2009- so he would devote time to building up his children’s careers. On the other hand, Eden Hazard’s mum retired at the time she was three months pregnant with him.

Eden Hazard Youth Story- Early Career :

Are you aware?… His football-loving parents couldn’t wait to enrol him in an academy even thou the entry age was six. The truth is, Eden was four years old at the time joined his first-ever academy- Royal Stade Brainois. During his stay, one of his youth coaches described the Belgian as follows;

Eden his a gifted player. I had nothing to teach him just because he knew everything.

Eden played at the academy from 1995 to 2003 (eight years) before his parents worked his transfer to A.F.C. Tubize, a Belgian football academy. There, Eden got spotted by a Scout from Lille OSC while in grazing a local competition.

The scout’s subsequent report about his performance prompted the French club officials to meet Eden Hazard’s parents in other to make a plea for their son’s signature. Luckily for them, the youngster’s mum and dad accepted after confirming their training facilities were better.

Eden Hazard Road to Fame Biography:

Two years after he joined Lille OSC, his younger brother (Thorgan) also left to France for French club RC Lens. Back then, Eden Hazard’s parents employed the “boarding school visiting day approach" to see their kids.

On regular occasion, they would travel to France, first to see Thorgan at Lens before travelling again to visit Eden at Lille. At the age of 16, Eden Hazard got promoted to the club’s reserve team.

A year later, he got his senior debut season after Lille’s coach called him upon seeing his players going on international duties. Eden took this rare opportunity which did change his destiny.

The Lille OSC Story:

Striving not to disappoint his manager, Eden Hazard went on to become the youngest goalscorer in the club’s history. It didn’t just end there- he was also nominated for the Ligue 1 Player of the season award.

Eden became the first person to win it twice since 1994. Find below, a collection of his monumental impact for the club. Kindly recall that Lille OSC was so famous those years because of Hazard?

Eden Hazard Success Story:

Owing to the way he dominated his teammates and the French League, Billionaire club owner Роман Абрамович was among those who couldn’t resist having him. Hence, there was constant media speculation about his transfer.

Even at that time, his childhood hero, Zinedine Zidane (then Los Blancos youth coach) personally recommended him to Real Madrid. Following Chelsea’s 2012 Champions League victory, Роман Абрамович decided to press his financial buttons for bigger stars in the club.

On the 4th day of June 2012, the club did acquire the Belgian for £32 million. At Chelsea, Hazard saw himself maturing into a world-class star, known for his speed, dribbling and finishing abilities. His efforts led the club to several post-champions league successes including honours for his country.

Having achieved all these, Eden in June 2019 decided to open a new chapter- in a quest to project himself into the pinnacle of his career. As at the time of writing, he now rests in the bosom of his childhood hero- Зинедин Зидан at Real Madrid.

Without a doubt, memories of the Chelsea Legend won’t just fade. Eden would forever be remembered as one of the pioneers of Belgium’s golden generation- a country once lost in football. The rest, as we always say, is now history.

About Eden Hazard’s Wife:

While at Academy club Tubize, the future Galactico didn’t just achieve success by excelling at local tournaments. He also got an emotional honour as he found the love of his life, Natacha Van Honacker. In this section, we’ll tell you about Eden Hazard’s wife.

How They Met:

Eden Hazard’s love life goes way back to his childhood, precisely when he was age 14. It was at this age that he met his future wife, Natacha Van Honacker. Sadly, both lovers got separated by distance shortly after they began dating.

It was a time Eden left his local academy to join Lille in France. His girlfriend couldn’t join him because of school, and also, she was too young to leave her family. A year after joining Lille’s youth, Eden made it possible for both him and Natacha to re-unite. This happened after she had left school at the age of 18. The excited girlfriend, without wasting time after graduation, joined her boyfriend in France.

Eden Hazard’s Marriage:

The romance got thicker after both lovers began living together in Lille. In no time, Hazard got married to Natacha Van Honacker in 2012.

Before their wedding, both lovers had a baby boy named ‘Yannis’ who was born on the 19th day of December 2010. In February 2013, both became blessed with a second son, Leo. Eden and Natacha’s third son, Samy, came in September 2015.

Eden Hazard Personal Life Facts:

Honestly, Eden Hazard very rarely speaks in public about anything except football-related matters. He and his family keep a shallow profile about politics, religion, all that kind of thing.

Eden Hazard understands that spending quality time with his children is extremely important for their development and happiness. He also makes it a duty to his kids to bond with those of his brother, Thorgan. The picture below sums it, the fact that he puts family first before football.

Eden Hazard Basketball Hobby:

As an NBA fanatic, the Footballer enjoys watching Basketball. Eden admits that while his favourite team is New York Knicks and his favourite star is Лука Дончиќ. Below is the 6ft 7in basketballer as he towers over the 5ft 9in Footballer- making Eden look like a dwarf.

Eden Hazard Dancing Hobby:

Asides football, he enjoys dancing. Eden once got up on stage for an impromptu display during a performance from Christina Milian at a function for Didier Drogba’s foundation. The footage of his dance moves is seen below.

Eden Hazard Lifestyle:

On his life outside football, the Belgian, even thou has a lively personality, tries his best to avoid the glossy magazines. Did you know?… Hazard and his one-time bride-to-be (Natacha) did their wedding in a secret at a registry office. This came after giving the media a false date for their big day.

Even till date, Eden Hazard’s parents are responsible for his anti-flash attitude. For example, he once turned up in an expensive new car to visit his home town of Braine-le-Comte. Shockingly, his dad Thierry told him to ditch it.

According to SunSport, Thierry (Eden’s dad) told him to leave his new car in Lille and use the family car in Braine, the Belgian municipality where Eden’s family stays. So Eden does leave his flashy cars behind when he visits his parents.

Despite his vast net worth; you won’t find Eden out at nightclubs with models like other football stars. No doubt, he keeps a much lower lifestyle than the Пол Pogba or CR7 типови.

Eden Hazard Cars:

Forget the humble lifestyle; the Belgian as you must have observed is known to use his monies in acquiring the best of cars. According to Сонцето, Eden Hazard has a cool car collection worth over £500,000.

Семејство Едем Хазард:

In getting awareness about his household, it is important to tell you that all of its members are present or one-time footballers. Hence it is a football family with a team of 7 players- including his mum and dad.

Again, we can say that Eden Hazard’s family has an extraterrestrial football pedigree. In this section, we tell you more about the members of his brood.

About Eden Hazard’s Father:

First and foremost, Thierry is a retired footballer who once played at a semi-professional level with La Louviere, in the Belgian second division. Eden Hazard’s father was a defensive midfield position during his active days. Pictured below (left) is how he looked like just before retirement.

The second thing to note about the Eden Hazard’s dad is his disciplined nature to life and the sport. Till date, Thierry gives back to football for what it has done for his sons.

As a way of showing his philanthropic personality, he spends most of his time maintaining the field of La Louviere where his sons began playing their football. Eden Hazard’s dad does this without expecting anything in return.

At the time of putting up his son’s Bio, the father of four now has a FIFA license. Thierry is presently an agent to his sons, and he does look after their future. He is not like many Dads of footballers who are meddlesome, quarrelsome and always lurking in the background blaming coaches and club for dents in their sons’ careers.

About Eden Hazard Mother:

The World’s greatest mother of successful footballing sons Carine, gave up playing the game months after she became pregnant with Eden. Back then, she was featured for Belgian women’s league side when she took in for her first son. Eden once told the Independent;

“I was in my mum’s stomach when she was playing football. She was three months pregnant with me and was a top-flight forward for six years. As a player, I take after my mum”

Did you know?… among Eden Hazard’s parents, his mum Carine, is regarded as the most committed when it comes to making their sons becoming professionals. However, both she and Thierry didn’t force careers on these little boys.

How Eden Hazard’s Parents Met:

Not to forget, his mother met her husband at a football match when he came to watch the girls graze the game. That visit led to the date of destiny as they fell in love and produced the great sons we know today. After marriage and being pregnant with Hazard, Carine stopped playing but Eden’s dad, Thierry Hazard continued his career.

About Eden Hazard Brothers:

The Football Legend has three younger siblings who are all footballers (no sister). The relationship between the pair is as close as observed from the start of this Bio.

Among Eden Hazard’s brothers, he, the eldest, is the family’s breadwinner. He does have doubt set an excellent example for both Thorgan, Kylian and Ethan to follow. The three brothers below, including Kylian, have all played for Chelsea.

Among his brothers in arms, Eden believes his immediate younger Thorgan deserves more praise because it is harder for him following his footsteps. Only two of the four brothers (Eden and Thorgan) are making waves in the football world at the time of writing this Bio.

Did you know?… Thorgan is sometimes touted as even better than Eden. On a funny note, they both agreed that any one of them with the lowest goal plus assist tally every season would take the other brothers to dinner.

Finally, on the armed Football Brothers, the last born or baby of the Hazard house- Ethan was born in 2004. Like the rest of his brothers, the last born is also a footballer and appears very close to Thorgan.

Eden Hazard Untold Facts:

Факт # 1: The Ball Boy Encounter:

On the 23rd day of October 2013, Eden Hazard received a red card in Capital One Cup semi-final after kicking a Swansea ballboy Charlie Morgan, 17, in the ribs. This came as he tried to retrieve the ball. First blaming the boy for timewasting, Eden later apologized.

Shockingly, the incident saw another twisted after an investigation on ballboy revealed shocking evidence of his plan to frustrate Chelsea players deliberately. Could you imagine?… Charlie Morgan did post on his twitter just before the game.

Did you know?… ballboy Charlie became popular on twitter after the incident as his account even got verified with lots of followers. Note: this fame came before the tweet of his plan got discovered by investigators of the incident.

Факт # 2- Real Madrid Salary Breakdown:

Here, we’ve broken down what he collects at the club. Eden Hazard’s Real Madrid salary of £400,000-a-week reveals how much he gets up till the second.

Tenure/SalaryЗаработки во евра (€)Заработки во фунти (£)Заработки во долари ($)
Годишно€ 20,832,000£ 18,683,908$ 23,172,163
Месечно€ 1,736,000£ 1,556,992$ 1,931,014
Неделно€ 400,000£ 358,754$ 444,934
Дневно€ 57,143£ 51,251$ 63,562
На час€ 2,381£ 2,135$ 2,648
На минута€ 40£ 36$ 44
Во секунда€ 0.7£ 0.6$ 0.7

This is what Eden Hazard has earned since you began viewing his Bio.

€ 0

Факт #3 – FIFA Facts:

Jumping, Strength and aggression are his only problems on FIFA. Eden has near similar stats like Нејмар Јуниор и M Salah.

Факт # 4: Eden Hazard Religion:

Michael, his middle name is from the Bible, and it means “who is like God”. Since Eden Hazard was old enough to read the Bible, he has never doubted that the Garden of Eden named after him. He once said that Adam and Eve are his sworn enemies for eating his fruit without asking his permission first.


Eden Hazard is a real competitor, not a cheat, nor a moaner because fans don’t hear him complaining when he gets fouled. We translate this attribute to his personality, which came from his parents. No doubt, Eden and his brothers hold the record of having the largest (6 members including their mother and father) and most successful football family on planet earth.

At this stage, we thank you for reaching this fascinating Biography of Eden Hazard. We hope you’ve learnt some moral lessons from his childhood story. Kindly contact us on the comment section if you observe anything that doesn’t look right in our Bio of Hazard.

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