Kevin Schade Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Kevin Schade Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Kevin Schade’s Biography tells you details about his childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother (Mrs Schade) and Father (Mr Schade), Family Background, Origin, Siblings, Relatives – etc.

This record about Kevin Schade also details his Family Origin, Religion, Education, Ethnicity, Hometown, etc. Not overlooking the Premier League attacker’s personal Life and Lifestyle, Zodiac, Net Worth, and Salary.

In sum, we provide the complete memoir of Kevin Schade. Our biography gives an account of the young athlete who was initially never interested in football. As a matter of fact, he was a very good handball player with a bright future with a team in Germany. What made him change sports? You’ll get to find out as you read on.


Our account of Kevin Schade’s Biography begins by revealing epic moments about his boyhood days. Next, we unveil his family origins and highlights of his early career. Lastly, we will explain how the midfielder earned his praises and accolades.

Lifebogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read about Kevin Schade’s Biography. To achieve that, we have put together this photo gallery that sums up the left-winger’s life story.

Behold Kevin Schade's Biography- from early childhood to one of the fastest forwards in Bundesliga history.
Behold Kevin Schade’s Biography- from early childhood to one of the fastest forwards in Bundesliga history. Credit: babelsberg03

The German-born is one of the youngsters many coaches have regarded as a fast player. The Bundesliga athlete comes alive in the penalty area, making him impossible to mark down. Moreso, the Potsdam native has kept on making his team proud both at home and abroad.

However, despite our research, we have seen a gap. Only a limited number of football fans have the captivating life story of Kevin Schade. Without any further delay, let’s begin.

Kevin Schade Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his name is Kevin Schade. The forward was born on the 27th of November 2001 to his German mother and Nigerian father in Potsdam.

The footballer is among the three children in his parent’s marriage. Research discovers that there are two boys and a girl among his siblings. As eager as we are to show Kevin Schade’s parents, here is the image of his mom.

Meet Kevin Schade's mother, who is of German descent. Source: Instagram Kevinschade_
Meet Kevin Schade’s mother, who is of German descent. Source: Instagram/Kevinschade.

Growing- Up:

Kevin Schade grew up with his family in Potsdam, Germany, according to Bundesliga. Research reveals that the athlete has three siblings- two girls and a boy. Here is the childhood photo of the young footballer.

Behold Kevin playing with his siblings with a football. See how happy the three of them are in the photo. Source: MaxOnline.
Behold Kevin playing with his siblings with a football. See how happy the three of them are in the photo. Source: MaxOnline.

It is important to note that Kevin Schade’s father is a Nigerian. But his mother is German. Probably, his parents met when his dad left the shores of Africa or vice-versa. That means that the left winger grew up with different cultures.

Kevin Schade’s mother will smother him with German delicacies like the Auschnitt, a meal made with a range of cold cuts or deli meats. While the footballer’s father also introduced him to Nigerian varieties like garri and their native soups.

Kevin Schade’s siblings also joined him to enjoy the diverse culture in their home. Besides, no matter how different his mother and father were, it united them. After all, family is always made with roots from all parts of the world.

Kevin Schade’s Early Life:

Following the reports made by “Sport1”, instead of football, Kevin was really interested and even played handball. Now the question is how did the young lad change from a sport that deals with hands to the one that is played with legs?

According to Hendryk Lau, a retired manager at SV Babelsberg 03 U19 Schade was not into football. He said when he went for soccer pick up at the Waldstalt Elementary School to scout for young boys, the little boy (Kevin) was only watching instead of playing.

It was the persuasion of Hendryk that the German lad began playing football. Although Schade wasn’t a footballer, you could see his potential. LifeBogger can only imagine what might have happened at home as he went to meet his father to recount the tales in school.

In addition, Kevin Schade’s dad’s dream was to be a footballer. So, seeing one of his sons choosing football must have brought great joy to him. And that was how he began training the little lad to fulfil that lifelong desire.

Kevin Schade Family Background:

Starting off, Kevin Schade’s parents lived together in Potsdam, not far from the German capital Berlin. Like every other man, the speedy flank player’s father must have had a secular job.

Surely, Kevin Schade’s dad owned a personal business or was employed by someone else. Regardless of his occupation, he could care for his four children and his wife.

At the beginning of 2022, rbb24 filmed a report about the family and reported that Kevin Schade’s mother still lives in Potsdam. The same is said of his younger sister, while his older sister lives in Berlin.

It is vital to note that the DFB  didn’t come from a poor background. However, Kevin Schade’s family means a lot to him, as a statement in an interview shows: “I’m currently saving for a house for my mother.” Until this is achieved, she stays overnight in the guest room in Brentford with her daughter.

So, instead of thinking about how he can buy all the fast cars, the winger is eager to make life easier for his household.

Kevin Schade Family Origin:

Studies indicate that Kevin Schade’s mother comes from Germany, his father comes from Nigeria. The footballer’s father is from Nigeria, West Africa. Moreover, it is the same place players like Asisat Oshoala, Wilfred Ndidi and Odion Ighalo come from. The country is known for its major groups, the Igbos, Hausa and Yoruba culture.

The winger is particularly fond of the culinary delights from Nigeria: “I love Nigerian food. My best friend is also a Nigerian. Every time his family comes, they bring food from Nigeria.” And one of his best delicacies is the spicy jollof rice from his father’s country.

Not to forget that Nigeria is 7th most populated country on earth and home to over 200 million citizens. Also, there are three significant religions: Christians, Muslims and traditionalists. Lastly, Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood, is second to India’s Bollywood.

So, since his mother comes from Germany, this makes up Kevin Schade’s German nationality together with his Nigerian identity. See the map that explains the left winger’s family origin.

The map shows the places on earth the athlete comes from. Image: Google.
The map shows the places on earth the athlete comes from. Image: GoogleMap.

Kevin Schade’s Ethnicity:

His father and mother come from two different countries, and because of this, it makes the athlete biracial. It is the same for some footballers like Manuel Akanji, Noah OkaforJamal Musiala, and Luca Koleosho, who all have a Nigerian father and a mother from another continent.

We can describe Kevin to be an Afro-German. These are people who are citizens of Germany but with African ancestry.

Kevin Schade Education:

Reports reveal that the young lad attended the Waldstalt Elementary School for his primary education. However, later on, the winger left for the Lausitzer Sports School in Cottbus, where he continued his sports ambition.

The striker identified that it was in the academy that his childhood dreams came true. And even though he isn’t part of the Lausitzer school anymore, his statement is, “I have good memories of that time, and I’m still in touch with two or three friends that I see when I go home.”

Kevin Schade Biography- Football Story:

The little boy began his football journey at the age of seven after he left handball. Armed with the several trainings his father gave to him, Kevin joined the local team Babelsberg. It is an association football club in Germany, Potsdam-Babelsberg, on the outskirts of Berlin.

The striker was part of the D junior teams in the state indoor championship games against Rathenow. The U- 13 squad gave their best and ended up winning a bronze medal at the 2014 competition. Here is the image celebrating their efforts together. Can you point out the young Kevin?

The German boy is with his fellow teammates celebrating after a competition. Credit: babelsberg03
The German boy is with his fellow teammates celebrating after a competition. Credit: babelsberg03

Schade stayed with the club until his early teens before going for the Energie Cottbus with impressive displays with 23 appearances and seven goals. This spectacular act caught the eye of the Sc-Freighburg youth team.

In the 2018 season, the young lad moved to northeastern Germany. In the black forest, the left winger never stopped giving impressive performances. Kevin registered nine assists and 11 goals in 43 games.

Kevin Schade Bio – Road to Fame Story:

After graduating from his youth team, the German went for his first team debut on the 21st of August 2021. At the 71st minute substitution, Kevin gave a victory goal to his club. And the lad’s senior-level performance had 21 league appearances with a net score.

Of course, we consider that before all this triumph, the midfielder faced some challenges. At one point, Schade had an abdominal injury and had to lose some pitch actions for a while. But that didn’t make any dent in his performances. Instead, victory showed its head.

Apart from the physical injury, we also consider the emotional times for the former SV Babelsberg athlete. All the times he wished to have scored a goal. Or even the moments he thought he wouldn’t have a contract. What was the result of preserving? Let’s continue to the following section.

Kevin Schade Bio-Rise to Fame:

On the 4th of January 2023, the nimble forward signed a loan deal for the Premier League club Brentford. And it would last until the end of the 2022/23 season. Upon his arrival, central midfielder Christian Eriksen was leaving for Manchester United.

A few months later, Brentford made a permanent deal for a five-year contract with a fee of around £20 million. That’s not all. Due to his dual citizenship, Kevin was eligible to play for Nigeria and Germany.

However, Schade represented his birth country for reasons best known to him. On the 17th of March, 2023, the midfielder got his first call to Germany’s senior team. And he made his debut in the game against Peru, substituting for Serge Gnabry.

At the time of writing Kevin Schade’s Biography, his playing style is likened to that of Michael Owens. What’s more? Squawka reports says that the German winger has the potential to be among the Premier League’s world beaters in football. And the rest is history, they said.

Kevin Schade LoveLife:

WetBasis confirms that there is indeed someone who is the love of Kevin’s life. According to his statement, Kevin Schade’s girlfriend is a resident of Stuttgart. So it gives it suggests that the pair must have met during the striker’s time in s time at SC Freiburg.

And occasionally, she visits her boyfriend, who stays at the Ealing that shares the neighbourhood with Brentford. Although LifeBogger would love to show the face of the one that makes the forward rejoice, there is no further information concerning Kevin’s girlfriend.

And, of course, it isn’t out of place that the Afro-German footballer loves to keep his private life out of the reach of social media. It is his subtle way to constantly assure his loved ones of their safety.

Personal Life:

When you look at the athlete’s private life, he is calm and laid-back. Nonetheless, his fans are still interested in his activities during his spare time.

Who is Kevin Schade when he isn’t on the football pitch? When you stroll down his Instagram page, You notice he is like every young lad in his early 20s. Which means he loves to enjoy his life to the fullest.

Kevin Schade’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. In fact, football celebrities like Rasheedat Ajibade, Jeremie Frimpong and Eddie Howe share this sun sign together. This makes the athlete endearing to his friends, so they always hang out often. In addition, the Brentford teammate also loves to chill by the poolside.

Kevin spends his spare time by the pool and with his friends. Photo: Instagram kevinschade_, instagram kevinschade_.
Kevin spends his spare time by the pool and with his friends. Photo: Instagram/kevinschade.


Lifebogger assumes that Kevin Schade’s family taught him the need to be humble. And this quality of his stuck with him to his adulthood. It is evident in the kind of life he lives. Moreso, the Potsdam-born player is focused on his excellent taste for good outfits.

Schade has a unique sense of dressing. Image Credit: Instagram kevinschade_, Instagram kevinschade_.
Schade has a unique sense of dressing. Image Credit: Instagram/kevinschade_,

Like Tobias Lauritsen, the former SC Freiburg II forward does not have any photos of his apartment or vehicles. Despite his vast contract with his current club, it is surprising that he doesn’t go like most men his age would.

Kevin Schade Family Life:

Without a family, an individual’s identity is lost. Hence, this biracial athlete would not have made it far without his household’s constant support.

Kevin Schade’s family’s faith in his ability and continual encouragement helped strengthen his self-esteem. Moreover, the support went beyond emotions, covering practical assistance and a holistic approach to his development as an athlete.

About Kevin Schades’ Father:

Reports show that he is a Nigerian who must have moved to the greener pastures for his family. In that immigration process, he fell in love with a German woman. And together, they brought forth their boy in the world.

Although there is no personal info about Kevin Schade’s father, we see the seed he planted in his son’s heart. We would not have him on the field today without the little training he gave to the left winger.

It goes a long way to highlight the sacrifices parents make for their children. Every father and mother owes it to their child to plant the seed of success in them. Kevin Schade’s father lives to see the evidence of how far his son has gone in sports.

About Kevin Schades’ Mother:

The breakout star’s mom is a German-born woman. Falling in love with someone from an entirely different continent is mainly scary. And what’s more? To have a family and bear children regardless of race difference takes a lot of courage.

And so far, the marriage is blessed with a child taking the family across shores. Here, Kevin Schade’s mother looks admiring as her son signs his contract. You can see the proud smile on her face as he embraces his future.

The Winger's German mom is present with her son as he seals a deal. Photo Credit: Instagram kevinschade_
The Winger’s German mom is present with her son as he seals a deal. Photo Credit: Instagram kevinschade_

No doubt, so many challenges must have presented themselves with their marriage. But Kevin Schade’s mother never gave up. In doing so, she showed her resilience, which is present in her son.

About Kevin Schade’s Brother:

According to studies, the older male sibling of the left winger is also a footballer. However, it is no doubt not on a full scale like Kevin. From their early childhood, their father must have taught both of them the skills of playing.

Fast forward to today, there is no information about what Kevin Schade’s brother is doing now. However, we are sure he is proud of his younger ones’ achievements.

About Kevin Schades’ Sisters:

Research from Bundesliga shows that the Brentford teammate has two sisters. One is older, and the other is younger. But we can’t describe his love for these two women in his life.

Since there is no Romantic partner in his life, we are sure that the Kevin Schade sisters are occupying the position in his heart. After all, what is a sibling without the love they share?

Untold Facts:

Germany is recorded to be the only nation to win both the men’s and women’s World Cup and the European Championship. Players like Leroy Sane, Lea Schuller, Mesut Ozil and Julian Draxler have made the team unstoppable.

This Afro-German footballer is joining the league to be an additional unit force. As we conclude Kevin Schade’s Biography, we will reveal appealing details you might not have known. So, without wasting time, let’s begin.

Kevin Schade’s Net Worth/ Salary:

The left-sided attacker’s primary source of income is his football career. Kevin’s play area as a forward and winger for the Brentford club dictates his salary.

However, it is essential to note that the German star is also a Puma agent. This means that this is an additional avenue of money to his salary. Schade signed a huge deal on the 12th of June of around £22 million.

However, there are several speculations on his net worth. But SoccerSouls stated that Kevin is worth over 6 million dollars. At the time of this Bio, his weekly wage is $10,000.

Undoubtedly, the 21-year-old would soon have the pay David Raya, his teammate, currently enjoys. With a market value of €25.00m as per transfermarkt, the salary would get a significant shift from the usual.

Kevin Schades’ Religion:

According to Kidspaw, Kevin is a Christian Gaelic name for boys, meaning to be fair and gentle. In addition, the 2023 religion survey in Germany found that 24 per cent of its residents are Protestants/Evangelical.

The figure provided by Wiki announces the country Germany as a Christian country. Although since the wunderkid has yet to make a public declaration of his faith, we call him a Christian.

Kevin Schade’s FIFA Profile:

As of 2023, the former Energie Cottbus player rating is 71. In the game as a left winger, one of his special abilities is being a speedster. All notice spectators notice the fastness of the young lad.

FIFA's evaluation of the player. Source: Sofifa.
FIFA’s evaluation of the player. Source: Sofifa.

Wiki Summary:

The table breaks down all the facts about Kevin Schade’s Biography.

Full Name:Kevin Schade.
Date of Birth:27th of November 2001
Age:(21 years and 10 months)
Place of Birth:Potsdam Germany
Mother:A german mom
Father:A Nigerian Father
Siblings:Three siblings (Two girls and a brother)
Nationality:German/ Nigerian
Ethnicity:Afro- German
Social Media:kevinschade_


Kevin Schade was born on the 27th of November 2001 to his German mother and Nigerian father in Potsdam.

Also the Brentford athlete is among the three children in his parent’s marriage. Research shows two boys and a girl among his siblings. And Kevin Schade grew up with his family in Potsdam, Germany, according to Bundesliga.

It is important to note that Kevin Schade’s father is a Nigerian. But his mother is German. So, that means the left-winger grew up in a culturally diverse family background. At the same time, he tasted the different meals from both his parents’ races.

Kevin Schade has three siblings, as per Bundesliga reports: two sisters and a brother. And his Nigerian father was the one who put the little boy on the football paths. We can imagine his other children joining in the training, too.

So, by age seven, Schade went for his first team in Babelsberg. It is one of his local clubs on the outskirts of Berlin. From there, he progressed to Energie Cottbus with a record of seven goals in 23 appearances. Besides, the new athlete became unstoppable on the pitch.

With his spectacular performance, the Sc- Freiburg youth team gave him an offer in the 2018 season. When writing Kevin Schade’ Biography, he is a part of the Brentford Premier League.


Lifebogger takes into great gratitude for reading our version of Kevin Schade’s Biography. Your undying engagement and interest mean a lot to us. Besides, we appreciate that you find unwavering value in our delivery of German football stories.

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