Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts by LB

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius who is best known by the nickname “The Bandit of Bilbao“. Our Javi Martinez Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts bring to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date. The analysis involves his early life, family background, life story before fame, rise to fame story, relationship and personal life etc.

Yes, everyone knows about his enormous strength, impressive physique and physical attributes. However, only a few consider Javi Martinez’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Early Life and Family Background

Starting off, his full names are Javier Martínez Aginaga. Javi, as he is often called, was born on the 2nd day of September 1988 to his mother, Fortuna Aginaga and father, Víctor Martínez in the town of Estella-Lizarra, Northern Spain. Both parents pictured below once operated a middle-class family household before football paid off for their beloved son.

Javi Martinez's Parents

Family Origin:

Javi Martinez’s family is from the Basques ethnic group of Spain which covers north-central Spain and south-western France.

Javi Martinez's Origin

This ethnic group has the oldest people in Europe with their language, “Euskera” bearing no clear relationship to any other language in the world.

Early Life:

Javi the second son and child of the Martinez family grew up in Ayegui, a small mountain town in Navarre, in the northern part of Spain. Martinez grew up being closer to his two sisters namely; Mariola Martínez and Cristina Martínez.

Javi Martinez Childhood Story- Growing up years

Javi also has his older brother who goes by the name Álvaro Martínez Aginaga pictured below with him. Alvaro who looks a little younger but is actually 9 years older than Javi.

Javi Martinez's Brother- Álvaro Martínez Aginaga

Javi wasn’t close to his brother during his early childhood days. This was because Alvaro wasn’t available at home due to his young footballing career which saw him leaving home for a distant club as a child.

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Career Buildup

Just like most kids in his Ayegui municipality of Spain, Javi grew up playing football with his friends in the township sports center, not far from the town church. Sometimes, he would go watch matches with his dad. He also had few moments he was selected as mascot for local clubs in his area.

Javi Martinez's Childhood Story- Early Football Years

While his dad, Víctor was okay with his son participating in football, Javi’s mum Fortuna wasn’t as she wanted young him to focus on his studies like the rest of his classmates as seen below. A trick had to be played in other to have his way with football.

Javi Martinez Early Life Story

As Javi once said in ThePlayersTribune,… “My mum was very serious about education. She would want me to stay inside doing my homework or chores all the time. So I used to have a little trick which I pulled on her. So I would say, ‘Ohh mum, I have some activities in school today, very important activity. When she allows me, I’d go on to play football with my friends for the rest of the day.”

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Early Career Life

After holding several talks with his mum, Javi was later allowed to take football seriously. This brought unspeakable joy to the young Spaniard.

Javi Martinez- Happy to have a young career At the age of 5, both parents decided to take their son to C.D Berceo, a where his elder brother had started his football education. The decision to take Javi to Berceo came after his parents were satisfied with Álvaro’s progress with the club. Hence, Javi should also try.

They could only see a Tall Runner:

On his first day of training, everyone saw Javi being best at only running with the ball with no technical and tactical skill. According to the Spaniard;

“Everyone said that I just ran all over and had really long and skinny legs. Even my dad would say I had ‘two sticks hanging out of my backside’.”

In a bid to improve and get experience, Javi had to try out other youth clubs. Between 1995 to 2000, he played for Logroñés, Arenas and Izarra.

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Road to Fame

At the age of 10, Javi had a trial with Osasuna which has one of the best youth systems in Spain. Luckily, he was picked for the team and ended up playing there for seven years.

Javi Martinez's Road to Fame- Osasuna Story

At the club, Javi met many top-level players such as Raúl García, Cesar Azpilicueta, Nacho Monreal and Mikel Merino. As soon as he turned 17, Athletic Bilbao showed interest in him.

Moving to Bilbao was a crucial step for in his youth career development. The club was desperate and wanted Javi into their first team at a €6 million release clause and despite him being only 17. Finally, Athletic Bilbao signed Javi in the summer of 2006 under a negotiation condition that his older brother must join him. Speaking about this brotherly support, Javi once said…

“Going to Athletic Bilbao means me living so far away from home. I needed that support — someone who could act like my mother, father and a bit of everything. At the time, it was a big sacrifice for my brother because he was playing in Catalunya, at Figueras in the Third Division.”

How Javi Relied on his Brother

A very caring Alvaro decided to leave his career in other to join his little brother. As a way of continuing football, he signed for a team near Bilbao. Javi relied on his brother, Alvaro, especially during tough times. Speaking about the experience, he once said;

“Alvaro cooked for me in the beginning when I had no clue.- It was a time I didn’t even know how to fry an egg. Honestly, without Alvaro’s help and support, I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today.”

During his six years spell at Bilbao, Javi was this humble and withdrawn boy whose ability to deal with fame was directly proportional to his ability to handle the ball. He became the mid-field engine for the club throughout those years. Javi was instrumental in Bilbao to two consecutive Copa del Rey and the Europa League Final. Unfortunately, his team lost all finals.

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Rise to Fame

Being the engine room which Led his team to three cup final came with the dividend of a place in the Spanish senior team. On 20 May 2010, Javi was named in the senior side’s list of 23 for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. His Spanish team became victorious in the tournament.

Javi Martinez's World Cup Story

After the World Cup victory, a 22-year-old Javi became what football fans would call “a national title collector“. Javi returned to the Spanish under-21 setup to participate for the 2011 European Championships in Denmark. He captained his nation to his second national title.

Javi Martinez's 2011 European Championship

The Bayern Call:

After six good years at Athletic and winning titles for his country, Bayern Munich came calling. Javi knew that he had a unique opportunity to move on to the biggest step in his club career.

Next Phase in Career Development

On 29 August 2012, Bayern Munich broke a 50-year Bundesliga transfer record in their €40 transfer for Javi who started delivering for the club from his first season.

In that memorable first season with Bayern Munich, Javi assisted his team in lifting the almighty UEFA Champions League trophy.

Javi Martinez's Rise to Fame

Javi during the Champions League final was lauded by many pundits for his all-around display especially being the key man in breaking up the tiki-taka football of national teammates Xavi and Andrés Iniesta.

Since his Champions League victory till this date of writing, Javi has been decorated with 6 Bundesliga titles in his six years at Bayern.

Javi Martinez's Trophy Collections

The boy who once said “Don’t tell my mother, I’m going out to play football” is now a legend in the Allianz Arena. The rest, as they say is history.

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Relationship Life

Behind every great man, there’s a woman, or so the saying goes. And behind almost every successful Spanish footballer, there’s a glamorous WAG. Without a doubt, Javi had a great taste for beautiful women. He was once in a relationship with Maria Imizcoz, a model and graduate of international management.

Javi Martinez Love Story- Relationship with Ex- Maria Imizcoz

The beautiful Iberian is a successful model who knows how to keep her perfect body in shape. She was voted in a 2013 survey run by ‘Bild’ as the hottest WAG in the Bundesliga.

Both Javi and Maria had a perfect start to their relationship before their breakup. They met in 2010 at a shooting for an underwear brand. Javi asked María out after the shooting and they started their relationship shortly after.

Javi Martinez's Relationship Life- Early Love Story

What led to their Breakup:

In the summer of 2012, Maria moved to Munich with her boyfriend but decided not to live with him for reasons unknown. Javi stayed in an apartment with his brother Alvaro, while Maria lived with a German family in Munich. They secretly broke up after an argument at the eve of St. Valentine day of February 2014. After their breakup, both lovers later began seeing each other. This led to Maria getting pregnant for their son.

Javi currently has a son who goes by the name Luca Martinez and whom he dedicates most of his goal to.

5 Signs that Javi is a good father

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Personal Life

Getting to know Javi Martinez personal life away from football would help get a complete picture of him.

First of all, he is someone who makes his peers laugh despite the fact that being funny isn’t his day to day job. Javi once expressed humor as he decided to cut the hair of his friend who lost a bet to him.

Javi Martinez’s love for Shrimp runs deep. This is apparent in his Instagram as he has once posted a photo of him gazing at a mighty Shrimp before being eaten.

Javi Martinez Best Food

Away from football, Javi A models for Hawkers, a Spanish brand based in Elche which sells sunglasses using the Internet as its distribution channel. Javi Martinez- A Model

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Family Life

Javi Martinez comes from a humble family background, one whose members doesn’t see football as a business. Although not financially sound with 4 children (Alvaro, Javi, Christiana and Mariola), Victor and Fortuna still managed to get the best out of their children.

Javi Martinez's Parents

Javi Martínez’s older brother, Álvaro is credited to the reason for the Martinez family success in football. He was one who not only showed his brother the way to soccer but sacrificed his own football career for that of his kid brother.

Facts about Javi Martinez's Brother

“I remember wanting to become just like him. Alvaro would forever remain my role model, my motivation and my idol. I didn’t have any star players as idols, except my brother, even though I really liked players like Zinedine Zidane and Patrick Vieira.” said Javi who once acknowledged his brother in an interview.

Javi Martinez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Untold Facts

The German Language Barrier:

Javi’s early days with Bayern Munich was affected with a German language barrier. He didn’t know how to speak German simply because there was no German movie with subtitles during his childhood days. At that time, Javi was only good at speaking English which he had learned as a kid from American movies with subtitles.

Speaking about an experience, Javi once said;

I kind of panicked for weeks saying to myself.., Javi What have you done? I didn’t know any German. I had no idea what was said by people, even some teammates. (TPT report)

Javi Martinez's Early Days with Bayern Munich

It was the Latin players (Claudio Pizarro, Dante and Luis Gustavo) in the Bayern dressing room that helped Javi adapt.

The Bayern Munich Rush:

Because Javi’s transfer Bayern Munich was only finalized in a late August (end of the transfer window), The bandit of Bilbao had no time to say goodbye to teammates. He couldn’t even collect my belongings from the Athletic training ground. Javi left his boots, laptop and clothes in his Athletic Bilbao locker.

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