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Our James Justin Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents –  Mike Justin (father) and Carol Justin (mother), Family Background, Sibling (a sister), etc.

More so, James Justin’s Girlfriend (Laurel Sheppard), his Lifestyle, Caribbean Family Origin, Personal Life, Religion, etc.

Not forgetting JJ’s Net Worth and Salary breakdown and how much monies he makes (every second) as a footballer.

In a nutshell, this memoir breaks down the Full History of James Justin. This is the story of a boy with an extraordinary desire to push and make his Dad proud.

Having waited very patiently for his chance, Ricardo Pereira’s misfortune opened a big door for him to show his worth in a Leicester shirt.

We’ll show cool facts about JJ, starting with the intro video below. Watch why he prefers the Premier League rather than the Champions League.

Why his Jamie Vardy ratings are lower Messi and CR7. Choosing Captain Morgan rather than Captain America. And why he loves Roasted food. 


LifeBogger’s version of James Justin’s Biography begins by telling you notable events of his Childhood days and Early Life.

Then, we’ll explain the role of his Dad in his upbringing and Early years (career). And finally, how he journeyed his way through Luton Town to become a successful footballer.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of James Justin Bio, we have made it necessary to show you this gallery.

Does it tell his story?… Oh Yes!! This photo gallery explains James Justin’s Life journey – from his childhood to that moment of fame.

The Biography of James Justin, the England professional footballer. From his Early Years, moments of youthful glory, and that Premier League Fame.
The Biography of James Justin, the England professional footballer. From his Early Years, moments of youthful glory, and that Premier League Fame.

Before getting called by Gareth Southgate to represent England, everyone knew him to be that tireless and versatile defender.

A Baller who once made Brendan Rogers feel like he had just made two new signings. He rose above the injury and personal setbacks which tried to truncate his England Journey.

Upon reviewing factual information on the internet available about the English professional footballer, we notice a gap.

LifeBogger found that not a good deal of Soccer lovers have read an in-depth Biography of James Justin. So, we have prepared his story – and without further ado, let’s begin.

James Justin Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, JJ is the footballer’s nickname. And his real names are James Michael Justin.

The English professional footballer was born on the 23rd day of February 1998 to his Mother, Carol Justin and Father, Mike Justin, in Luton, England.

James Justin came to the world as one among two children born to the blissful marital union between his Dad and Mum.

Now, let’s introduce you to one of James Justin’s parents. His lovely, ever-jovial Late Dad once had a contagious smile, a man who gave him the spirit of reverence.

Meet one of James Justin's Parents - his ever-jovial Dad, who is unfortunately late.
Meet one of James Justin’s Parents – his ever-jovial Dad, who is unfortunately late.


For James Justin, spending childhood with his best friend (Frankie Musonda) was truly an unforgettable time – full of touching stories.

You see these two?… They (since their childhood days) have never allowed each other to wander in the dark alone.

Frankie Musonda (left) and James Justin (right) were best of friends during their childhood.
Frankie Musonda (left) and James Justin (right) were best of friends during their childhood.

Research has it that the English Footballer wasn’t the only child of his parents – Mike and Carol.

In fact, James grew up alongside a female sibling, making his family four members. Information regarding James Justin’s sister is yet to be available in the public domain.

James Justin Early Life:

The childhood life of the Three Lions Defender was all about his Dad’s support and sacrifice. Mike, the foresighted late father of Justin, saw a future in his son and decided to harness it.

That future began by preparing the foundation for him to become a professional footballer.

James Justin Family Background:

To start with, the Defender hails from a sporting household. Research has it that one of James Justin’s parents (his Late Dad, Mike) was a former footballer.

Mick, was a decent sportsperson who once played football and successfully transferred the virus to his son.

Before his death in April 2021, Mick Justin was best described as a confident man, very kind, jovial and a loving Father.
Before his death in April 2021, Mick Justin was best described as a confident man, very kind, jovial and a loving Father.

Unfortunately, this ever-jovial man (Mike Justin) is no more. James Justin’s Father passed away in April 2021 after a tough battle with cancer.

Sadly, he made lots of sacrifices for his son but never got the chance to see him play for Gareth Southgate’s England team. 

James Justin Family Origin:

Yes, it is common knowledge to describe Michael (his middle name) as someone with British Nationality. However, there is more to where James Justin’s family comes from.

While James Justin’s Mother (Carol Justin) is British, his late Dad’s ancestry isn’t British.

James Justin’s family – from his late father’s side – is from Saint Lucia. This means that his grandparents (paternal) are pure natives of Saint Lucia, with African family roots.

As seen from the map gallery, where JJ comes from is a tiny Eastern Caribbean island country. 

James Justin's Family (through his Late Dad) is from Saint Lucia, the Caribbean nation.
James Justin’s Family (through his Late Dad) is from Saint Lucia, the Caribbean nation.

Saint Lucia, which is James Justin’s origin, is home to volcanic beaches, luxury resorts and fishing villages, etc.

Whenever you think of exploring nature’s beauty (tour of landmarks), romance and adventure, then, Saint Lucia is waiting for you, your partner and family.

Asides from one of James Justin’s parents (his Dad), there is a retired England player of Saint Lucia descent you might not know about.

This man is the United Legend, and his name is Rio Ferdinand. Unlike Rio’s Irish Mother, Janice Lavender, Julian Ferdinand (his Dad) is from Saint Lucia.

James Justin Ethnicity:

Have you heard of the British African-Caribbean cultural group in the United Kingdom? James Justin ties his ethnicity to this group.

Describing his family roots, James Justin is a British citizen of Caribbean descent whose paternal ancestry originated in Africa.

Education and Career Buildup:

When he approached the schooling age (at five), Mike and Carol Justin enrolled James at a school in Bedfordshire, England.

From that early schooling age, James Justin’s parents made out plans to see him start a soccer career at any good local academy where the family lived.

After some search within their neighbourhood, Mike Justin found Crawley Green FC. This is a small academy established in 1989 after a merger of three Sunday league football clubs – Stopsley Harriers and The Wyvern Ramridge Rangers. That (and not Luton Town FC) was James Justin’s first club.

James Justin Biography – Football Story:

At an early age, the youngster, through the help of his late father, was able to combine both schooling and playing for Crawley Green FC.

When James Justin’s Dad enrolled him at the academy, he noticed the academy’s away fixtures were against surrounding villages and towns.

Mick Justin (just like Bruno Guimarães‘ Dad, whom we have written a Biography about) was a good driver. The hardworking father did the needful in driving his son to every one of his away matches.

Mick Justin, before his death, vowed not to stop driving his son until he was 17, a time he approved James to own and drive his own car.

James Justin Luton Story:

At the age of seven, James Justin’s parents agreed to have their son change clubs. Luton, where the family lived, was home to Luton Town Football Club.

Young James Justin (in the year 2005) enrolled into the academy’s football roster after he had a successful trial.

The Luton-born Justin began his career there, as a defensive midfielder. Although, he was also capable of playing at the right-back position.

In his early years at Luton Town, James Justin and his childhood buddy (Frankie Musonda) were practically inseparable – even while at Luton.

You see these two?... They, through friendship, have both come a long way in life. JJ and Frankie are today, successful professional footballers - who play for their national teams.
You see these two?… They, through friendship, have both come a long way in life. JJ and Frankie are today, successful professional footballers – who play for their national teams.

Did you know?… the senior team of Luton Town FC suffered numerous setbacks at the time James Justin joined their academy.

One of those setbacks was the pains of being relegated to Non-League football. It kept Luton at a disadvantageous position, putting their academy to be under severe threats of being closed down.

James Justin Bio – The Road to Fame Story:

Despite the challenges of Luton Town Football Club, the son of Mike and Carol stood firm on his dreams. James Justin excelled through the club’s academy system in flying colours.

Did you know?… He was part of Luton’s under-11 team that beat Bayern Munich’s under-11 by 3–2.

With that unforgettable win, James Justin’s parents and entire family were proud to see him lift the 2009 Aarau Masters trophy.

Now, here is a photo of Luton Town U11s after being crowned Aarau Masters champions in 2009. Yes, we can!… but can you spot James Justin and Frankie, his best friend? 

Becoming the Aarau Masters champions is perhaps the greatest highlight of James Justin's Youth career.
Becoming the Aarau Masters champions is perhaps the greatest highlight of James Justin’s Youth career.

By beating a mighty Bayern Munich youth, James Justin and his academy teammates turned into national celebrities.

Did you know?… Jamal Lewis of Newcastle United and Max Aarons, the Norwich city right back, were among those 2009 winners of the Aarau Masters.

Did you know?… winning an international tournament which was viewed as a Children’s Champions League final made headlines across the UK and Germany.

Now, here is a 2009 news video of that hard-fought Luton under-11 victory against an almighty Bayern Munich. A moment that changed the childhood life of James Justin.

James Justin Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

After winning the Aarau Masters, the two childhood friends kept soaring higher. Both Lads successfully graduated from Luton Town academy in 2015.

In just a year of graduation, James and Frankie (of Zambian family origin) celebrated their first post-academy trophy.

The Youth Alliance Cup was Justin's first-ever trophy after graduating from Luton academy.
The Youth Alliance Cup was Justin’s first-ever trophy after graduating from Luton academy.

As a senior player, James Justin wasted no time in achieving a meteoric rise with the club. He became Luton Town’s young player of the season for two consecutive years (2016 and 2018–19).

More importantly, James helped the club rise again to win the EFL League One trophy.

The trophy that projected JJ into the hands of the Premier League giants.
The trophy that projected JJ into the hands of the Premier League giants.

After achieving three honours (EFL Young Player of November 2018, member of EFL Team of the Season and PFA Team of the Year), top England clubs began studying JJ.

To the joy of James Justin’s parents, the youngster signed for Leicester City on the 28th of June 2019.

Leicester City, after the mega sales of Riyad Mahrez and Harry Maguire, decided to invest in youngsters like James Justin. The Luton native, alongside Youri Tielemans, Ayoze Pérez and Dennis Praet, became Brendan Rogers‘s first signing at his first arrival at Leicester City.

The Foxes Rise:

Playing as a second right back behind Ricardo Pereira, Justin remained patient as he waited for his moment to shine.

Surprisingly, that moment came against his former club, Luton Town, at an EFL Cup. Justin scored this goal on his debut against the club that raised him.

Since after his Leicester debut, fans began to see James Justin as this versatile defender, in fact, someone who felt like two new signings.

JJ’s off-the-ball movement became one of his key assets until injury struck. Sadly, a damaged anterior cruciate ligament kept Justin away from football for a year.

The year 2021 was a terrible period for Leicester Defence. Jonny Evans suffered from a broken leg and dislocated ankle.

Later on, both Wesley Fofana and Timothy Castagne (Leicester new signings after the sale of Ben Chilwell) faced lengthy spells on the sidelines.

Before these later injuries plagued Leicester, the club had luckily gone all the way to win their first-ever FA Cup – beating Frank Lampard‘s Chelsea side by 1–0.

Justin, who was injured, wasn’t part of the Leicester team that won the 2021 FA Cup.

However, the son of Mike and Carol had his own share of lifting the trophy from the oldest football competition in the world.

The England Call:

James Justin’s journey to join the Three Lions began on the 1st day of June 2017, after he got his long-awaited call-up to the England U-19 team.

Thanks to his progress at the club level, he further received call-ups to join the England under-20 and under-21 teams.

A return from his long-term injury saw JJ pulling the strings again with Leicester. The ultimate reward for that came on the 24th day of May 2022.

The joy of James Justin’s family knew no bounds as he, alongside West Ham‘s Jarrod Bowen, gladly received their first calls to the England senior team.

With his England call, the country now has five fantastic right-backs. For a starting right-back place at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, JJ would definitely NOT BACK DOWN.

Back down in putting up a fight against the likes of Reece James, Trent Alexander Arnold, Kyle Walker, and Kieran Trippier.

The rest of James Justin’s Biography, as we say, is now history. Having told you JJ’s career story, we’ll use the next section of his Bio to reveal facts about Laurel Sheppard, the love of his life. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

About Laurel Sheppard – James Justin’s Girlfriend:

First thing first, she goes by the name Laurel Sheppard. From the look on James Justin’s face, you can tell he is deeply in love with her.

Laurel became James Justin’s girlfriend during his Luton playing days. They started as best of friends and turned into lovers. 

Meet Laurel Sheppard, she is James Justin's Girlfriend.
Meet Laurel Sheppard, she is James Justin’s Girlfriend.

Based on research, Laurel Sheppard is a super girlfriend with a selfless personality.

At the most difficult time of Justin’s life (injury days and moments of family grief over his Dad’s death), she has stood by him.

Jame Justin’s girlfriend was also there to celebrate his wins.

Laurel Sheppard has stood by her boyfriend in his moment of highs and lows.
Laurel Sheppard has stood by her boyfriend in his moment of highs and lows.

Personal Life:

Away from what he does on the football pitch, who is James Justin?

First, he is a very straightforward guy who seems very true in the choices he makes. Check out why JJ prefers Dani Alves rather than Cafu or Philipp Lahm.

For a hobby, why he dislikes Golf and loves Boxing. Why does JJ prefer The Undertaker over Rock or Stone Cold?

Here is a continuation video of JJ’s selections from very difficult choices.

Regarding his personality, James Justin is a perfect gentleman with a cool smile. The England right-back is someone who speaks very little of himself and loves the casual dress code – as seen in this photograph.

James Justin's Personality - EXPLAINED.
James Justin’s Personality – EXPLAINED.

Again, Justin can also become the kind of person who, despite his good manners, can confuse his people with his serious looks.

This happens when it is time for him to play a football match. According to JJ, this looks is a “Game Face” facial expression.

That serious look shows he loves his job as a footballer.
That serious look shows he loves his job as a footballer.

James Justin Lifestyle:

When the Baller goes with Laurel Sheppard (his girlfriend) on holidays, he maintains that casual dress code.

Like many players, JJ loves to explore the beauty of nature at the seaside. It is a perfect place for James and Laurel to profess their undying love for each other.

James Justin Car:

The Bedfordshire native, as of 2022, is yet to give fans a clue on what he drives. However, James Justin’s Leicester salary of €64,000 per week is sure capable of buying him the most expensive cars.

Even at that, JJ’s humble lifestyle could see him and Laurel stick to bicycles.

James Justin House:

The England right-back revealed what looked like the interior of his home on the 4th of November, 2017.

This was the day James Justin’s girlfriend (Laurel Sheppard) celebrated her birthday. Wow, this brings up a fact that James and Laurel have dated for over three years.

James Justin Family Life:

The members of his household mean everything to JJ, and every other thing (including his football) comes second. This section of his James Justin Biography tells more facts about his family. Let’s start with Mick, his late Dad. 

About James Justin’s Father:

Before his untimely death, Mick was a great example of how a Dad can guide his son from being a boy to transitioning into a man.

The Defender still talks about Dad in the present tense – with a voice that often cracks and bravery written all over his face.

For many Leicester City fans who knew Mike Justin, it was sad not to see him among the parents of other footballers – during Leicester’s 2021 FA Cup celebration.

Mike Justin’s untimely death happened in April 2021, a month before Leicester City won their first-ever FA Cup.

Now playing for England, James Justin now has this extra drive. This drive is no other than honouring the memory of his late father, a man that gave him everything he ever wished from a parent.

Before his battle with cancer and untimely death, Mick once struggled to keep his emotions in check.

It happened on September 24th 2019, the day his son scored his first Leicester goal. Lutton, the opponent, is a family club, and members of James Justins’ family enjoyed a good reception. 

About James Justin’s Mother:

Carol Justin is the example of a strong woman who has shown a mentally resolute to deal with the pains of losing her husband.

Witnessing Mike Justin’s death at such a young age was terrible. It denied them the chance to both see their son progress in his career.

Alongside her late husband, Carol Justin is extremely popular at Luton. Back in the day, James Justin’s parents both hardly missed a game he played – from youth childhood level all the way to the first team.

About James Justin’s Sister:

Although no documentation exists about her, one thing is, however sure. The fact that she is one of James’ biggest fans.

Life without Mick (her Dad) standing next to her and Carol on the sidelines would surely be a hard pill to swallow. We wish Justin’s sister a full recovery.

Untold Facts:

In this concluding section of James Justin’s Bio, we’ll discuss more about JJ. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Cause of James Justin’s Father’s death – a similar case to Brendan Rogers’ Dad and Mum:

Did you know?… The Northern Irish manager lost both his parents to cancer in 2010 and 2011.

Because of that, Brendan Rogers has once climbed Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania) to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care.

You see this simple and kind manager?… he played a huge role in helping Justin deal with the pains of losing a parent.

James Justin Salary Breakdown and Net Worth:

Making £2,840,964 per annum (as of 2022) with Leicester surely makes JJ a millionaire footballer.

To give you a better insight into James Justin’s earnings, find below a breakdown of what he makes – in both pounds and euros (after conversion).

TENURE/EARNINGSJames Justin Leicester City Salary in Pounds (£)James Justin Leicester City Salary in Euros (€)
What he makes EVERY YEAR:£2,840,964€3,333,225
What he makes EVERY MONTH:£236,747€277,768
What he makes EVERY WEEK:£54,550€64,002
What he makes EVERY DAY:£7,792€9,143
What he makes EVERY HOUR:£324€380
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:£5.4€6
What he makes EVERY SECOND:£0.09€0.1

To calculate how much the Athlete is worth, we’ll take his Leicester contract bonuses, salary, and endorsement deals into consideration. So, as of 2022, LifeBogger places James Justin’s Net Worth at approximately 4 million pounds. 

Comparing James Justin’s Salary to the Average British Citizen:

The average UK citizen who makes £38,600 a year would need almost a lifetime (86 years) to make Justin’s yearly salary with Leicester City FC. Now, here is another hot fact about the right-back’s earnings.

Since you began viewing James Justin’s Bio, this is what he has earned with Leicester.


James Justin’s Profile:

Have you noticed?… that JJ (at the age of 23) is highly underrated on FIFA. Truth be told, he deserves more blessings on his FIFA potential, just like other popular right-backs . For example, the likes of Aaron Wan Bissaka, Achraf Hakimi, Benjamin Pavard, Dani Carvajal ,etc.

James Justin’s Religion:

The England right-back bears a popular biblical first and middle name (James and Michael). This gives a likelihood that James Justin is a Christian.

However, the England right-back is not open to displaying matters of his religion like Trevoh Chalobah on social media.

WIKI Summary:

This table breaks down James Justin’s Biography Facts.

Full Name:James Michael Justin
Date of Birth:23rd of February 1998
Age:25 years and 7 months old.
Place of Birth:Luton, England
Parents:Mike Justin (father) and Carol Justin (mother)
Siblings:A sister
Girlfriend/Wife to be:Laurel Sheppard
Family Origin (Mother's side)England
Family Origin (Father's side)Saint Lucia
Ethnicity:British African-Caribbean cultural group
Zodiac:A Pisces
Height:6 feet 0 inches OR 1.83 meters
Annual Salary:£2,840,964 (2022 figures)
Net Worth:4 million pounds (2022 figures)
Playing position:Defender - Right-Back
Agent:ICM Stellar Sports


James Michael Justin (nicknamed JJ) was born on the 23rd day of February 1999 to his Mother, Carol Justin and Father, Mike Justin in Luton, England.

He spent his childhood days in Luton, a town in Bedfordshire, alongside a sibling who happens to be JJ’s sister.

The right-back has British nationality with Caribbean family roots. Regarding James Justin’s family origin, he (through his Dad) has Saint Lucia ancestry.

Also, regarding James Justin’s ethnicity, he identifies with the British African Caribbean cultural groups of the UK people.

James Justin’s Dad (Mike), who died of cancer in 2021, was instrumental in his Early Life and career upbringing. As a former footballer, Mike played the supportive role of driving his son to away matches while he was at Crawley Green FC. He did other great things for JJ.

Young Justin joined Luton Town in 2007. At the club, he bonded with his childhood best friend Frankie Musonda, who also became a professional.

Both Lads were instrumental in helping his club defeat Bayern Munich win (3 – 1) to win the 2009 Aarau Masters trophy.

As a senior player, Justin achieved a meteoric rise with Luton town, collecting honours and helping Luton win trophies. Accepting the need to further on, he became one of the first signings of Brendan Rogers’ Leicester city. Justin had a great early start with the Foxes.

Although his Leicester progress was held by injuries and his father’s death, JJ fought his way back.

Thanks to his Leicester meteoric rise, Gareth Southgate decided to reward him. To the joy of James Justin’s family, he was called up to the Three Lions in May 2022.

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